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Syntax: emote <string>
Syntax: emote s <string>

The EMOTE command is a powerful tool used to describe actions taken by your
character. While SOCIALS are used to invoke pre-established messages that can
be targetted to a person, EMOTE can be used to create anything you can imagine
(within probable limits and rules). The string you supply will come after your
name, and the same message is sent to everyone in the room.

LotJ features several unique add-ons to the stock EMOTE command to enhance the
roleplay experience. An emote can be possessive by including s as the first
letter (emote s lumbago is acting up = Walldo's lumbago is acting up.) Says can
also be embedded within emotes. Simply enclose what you want to say within
" symbols, and you will have language and textcolor support. Be aware, however,
that improper use of " symbols will garble your emote! There are a number of
tokens that can be embedded in your emote. They are:

$n - This represents you. You can place $n in an emote and your name will not
appear at the very start, but where $n is. The $n token can be put anywhere in
the string as many times as desired. If it is not present, however, the emote
will be sent out as normal, with the user's name starting off the emote message.

@<player/mob> - This token is used to target other players/mobs in your emotes.
The final message is relative based on how you know said person. In other
words, it will display the dub/greet/restring/etc. instead of their actual

#<object> - This token allows a player to target any item that they are
wearing, that is in their inventory, or is on the ground.

*<ship/structure> - This token targets ship/structures.

An example of all these working together:
emote As the sun peaks over the *hotel, $n's hand falls to #object at his side.
His eyes narrow as @bothan steps out of the alleyway. "What are you doing

As the sun peaks over the Coruscant Regent Hotel, Walldo's hand falls to the
pristine white holster at his side. His eyes narrow as a Bothan male steps out
of the alleyway. "What are you doing here?"


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