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This is the datamem tutorial. Please sub out anything within <>'s as being a
variable that you enter. You can carry a number of disks on your datapad, the
number depending on what your modulation is. As such, it becomes necessary
to make referance to each disk by its corresponding number.

Step 1: Make a new disk
Command: `datamem write new` - This will begin a new disk and put you into a
writing buffer editing the body of the message. Write whatever you would like
to, and hit `/s` when finished.

Step 2: Set the subject field
Command: `datamem write <#> subject <topic>` - subbing out the # and <topic>,
we fill out the command line with the disk number and a topic of relevance.

Step 3: Decide who it's going to
Command: `datamem write <#> to <name>` - This will put the name you specify
in the `to` field of the disk. Feel free to use any name to describe the
organization, group or person to whom the message is addressed.

step 4: Where is it coming from?
Command: `datamem write <#> from <name>` - This allows the creator of the
message to identify himself, his organization or an alias as the sender. If
it is left blank, the real name of the poster will be used.

Step 5: Review
Command: `datamem` - This will list your datapad's inventory of disks. This
is a good way to figure out what number to replace <#> with.

Step 6: Ejecting
Command: `datamem eject <#>` - Self explanatory, eject the single disk

Step 7: Loading
Command: `datamem load <keyword>` - Put a disk into the datapad from your
inventory, allowing you to see it in `datamem`.

Step 8: Copying
Command: `datamem copy <#>` or `datamem copy <#> <amount of copies>` - This
will duplicate the message, useful for if you intend to send it to multiple
recipients. All duplicate disks will be in your datapad.

Step 9: Posting
Command: `note post` or `mail post` - After ejecting, the disk is ready to
upload to either a mail or message terminal. The disk must be held.

Step 10: Downloading
Command: `datamem download <#>` - Will make a link to the mail/message terminal
briefly, creating a copy of the information in a new disk in your datapad. This
of course requires that you are in the same room as a mail/message terminal.
Use `note list` to see the list of notes on the terminal.

Step 11: Editing
Command: `datamem write <#>` - Enter a writing buffer to edit the body of the
specified message.

Step 12: Viewing
Command: `datamem view <#>` - Read message on specified disk. Do remember to
see the number with `datamem`.

Step 13: Sharing
Command: `datamem send <#>` - This command makes use of the datapads ability
to send or receive data in a limited range (the room). Anyone using a datapad
that has been put in RECIEVE mode will receive a copy of the message.

Step 14: Receive mode
Command: `datamem receive` - Toggle the receive mode of your datapad. This will
stay on until a message is received.

To recharge a datapad: Energize <Battery>

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