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Syntax: config +/-<option>
Example: config +noprox

This command allows you to configure some of your character's automated
behaviour. Typing 'CONFIG' by itself shows you your current settings. Placing a
'+' or '-' next to an option will turn it on or off, respectively.

The options are:

[ Keyword ] Option
[ norecall ] Try to recall if attacked or linkdead. [NOT FUNCTIONAL]
[ autodraw ] Automatically draw weapons in combat.
[ autoexit ] Automatically view the exits of a room upon entering.
[ autoloot ] Automatically take items and credits from corpses.
[ commprompt ] Only see the prompt when a command is entered.
[ screenreader] Enables screenreader mode.
[ autosac ] Automatically sacrifice corpses. [NOT FUNCTIONAL]
[ autocred ] Automatically split credits from kills in groups.
[ gag ] Reduces battle text output.
[ pager ] Split output into page-lengths.
[ blank ] Output a blank line before your prompt.
[ brief ] Reduce the length of room descriptions.
[ combine ] Combine object lists for shops and inventory.
[ nointro ] You see the ASCII intro screen on login.
[ prompt ] Display a prompt.
[ telnetga ] Receive a telnet GA sequence.
[ ANSI ] Receive ANSI color sequences.
[ sound ] Receive MSP support for sounds.
[ censor ] Filter profanity from all channels.
[ compact ] Reduce the length of your character score.
[ nofight ] Enable or disable all offensive attacks in combat.
[ shovedrag ] Allow yourself to be shoved/dragged around.
[ autoafk ] Automatically go AFK after being idle for 10 minutes.
[ noprox ] Disable proximity messages in space.
[ highband ] Optimize communication for high-bandwidth connections.

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