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Syntax: history (opens a prompt)
history Display (shows your history)
Required by level 30

This command allows a player to edit his or her history file. History files
reflect a few basic facts about your character, including your name, age,
species, homeworld and backstory. To this end, LOTJ provides a few different
premade layouts in HELP BIOTEMPLATE, although you are free to do your own
thing. Check out help history_example for the type of information we are
looking for. Your history file's name must include your character's actual
name. One player can look up another's history file using the lookup skill.

So what makes a good history file?

A history file should be more than just copying your name and race from your
score sheet and punching in your home planet and age. Like help history_example
shows, your file should include a backstory.

"Who are you?"
-Maz Kanata

Your history file is a great opportunity to flesh out your character, give them
personality, and help you figure out their roleplay attitude. How did your
character become who they are? Are you a Lorrdian freedom fighter? A holonet
movie star turned Moff? An exiled mad Khommite scientist? A Mandalorian looking
for answers?

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