Places that are designated safe to log out will be marked with a [HOTEL]
flag. Here, players can safely use the quit command. Players who disconnect
instead of quitting out are considered link-dead; we encourage you to log out
properly to prevent bugs, crashes, and other nasty things. Use hail hotel to
quickly find one.

Players who disconnect without using the quit command are considered to be
"linkdead" - a state that leaves your character vulnerable to bugs and crashes.
We highly suggest avoiding going linkdead.

Rules around when and where you can log out:
* If you are in PK or being hunted/tracked by another player, you must wait 3
minutes after reaching a hotel flag to log out, go link-dead, or go AFK. If
pursuers reach you before three minutes is up, the option to log out of that
room is lost. Players who violate this rule will likely find themselves turned
over to the player pursuing them.

* You must stay logged out for 30 minutes before switching alts in a
time-sensitive situation. This includes clan actions like attacks and
investigations, people calling for your alt on commnets, and moments right
after your clan alt is permed.

* You cannot log out inside another clan's base.

* You cannot log out inside another person's ship or home without permission.

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