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There are several means of communications for the player available on LotJ.
Below is a list of channels and a short description.

Syntax: <channel name> <message>
Example: say The Imperials have landed on Coruscant!

OOC - A general purpose channel that can be used for discussing virtually
anything not related to in-game content.
Talk - The primary in-game channel. See help talk for more information
Clan - Another in-game channel, seen only by those who are in your same clan.
Immchat - This channel is used for communicating with the Immortal staff.
RPC - This channel is used for talking to the RPC (help RPC).
Tell - A private means of talking with another player, this channel is strictly
OOC and is not to be used for discussing IC events.
Beep - Using this will cause the target's mud client to emit a noise. Abuse of
beeps will result in punishment.
Say - This channel is how you communicate ICly with players in the same room with
you. All players in the room will be able to hear you speaking.
Osay - This channel is similar to OOC, however it is only seen by other people
in the same room as you.
Whisper -When standing near another player, you can whisper something to them,
and only they can hear you. This is an IC channel. (See HELP APPROACH)

If you wish to disable a particular channel, use the channel command.
channel -ooc (disables the OOC channel, meaning you cannot use or hear it)
channel +ooc (re-enables the OOC channel)

Spamming channels on LOTJ will get you silenced.

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