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Capital rules govern inter-clan space battles and capturing planets.

An UNMANNED capital ship in orbit of a planet in a friendly sector can only be
attacked (including it being targeted, fake signaled, grenaded, tractored or
sabotaged) by WARRING clans when popular support is below 0 and the planet is
flagged UFG. Any unmanned ship that is destroyed before support is below 0
or when the planet is not UFG, in a wartime situation will result in the
restoration of the ship and a second ship gifted to the clan. An unmanned ship
out of orbit of a planet can be attacked. MANNED vessels are free game.

Safe vs. Friendly Sectors and UFG Sectors
Safe sector: Major clans' capital sectors are designated as 'safe sectors'.
These cannot be captured without immortal approval.
Friendly sector: Any sector controlled by the clan in question. These include
safe sectors.
Up For Grabs (UFG): Any sector that shows as (UFG) on the PLANETS list. A
sector with this flag means it is vulnerable to capture, and its orbital is
vulnerable to destruction should the planet fall below -1 support. The lack
of an UFG flag does not mean a planet cannot be blockaded, or have its
popular support attacked in some form or fashion.

The major difference between safe and friendly sectors is that if a safe
sector's planetary popular support goes into the negative range while
flagged UFG, you may not destroy any vessels in orbit. However, if they
are out of orbit, or if they are a part of a battlegroup in which the flagship
is manned, or if the staff removes the safe sector flag while the popular
support and UFG conditions are met - they are fair game.
and UFG conditions are met - they are fair game.

Specific Distinctions
- If a Flagship is MANNED, any battlegrouped ships in the same system are
considered manned.
- Logging out, going link-dead, or escaping the capital ship in anyway after
your ship(s) have been targeted will not negate your ship's manned status.
- Usage of any bug to cause a capital ship to target your ship and thereby
attack and destroy a ship defined as safe (Unmanned in orbit of a planet in a
safe sector) will result in the restoration of the destroyed ship, a gift of
another of the same type and the destruction of the offending ship.
- Neutral Government orbital ships are covered by these rules. Do not perform
an aggressive action (described above) against them unless support is below 0
and the planet is flagged UFG.

Refueling in Space
If a clan's capital vessel is stationed in a friendly sector where support
is 40 or higher, it will be refueled automatically if it is not in combat.

We know that from time to time, loopholes can be found and exploited. The staff
reserves the right to judge any capitalrule situation and take appropriate
measures to rectify exploits.


Recent In-Game News

Situations in Uncharted Space
In recent days, situations have developed in uncharted sectors of space nearby two planets: [Large asteroid cluster detected near Lorrd] Astronomers at the Rimworld Institute For Deep Space Observation have reporting gravitational anomalies near Lorrd that bear all the signs of a deep-space asteroid cluster. Their readings indicate strong mining potential. They advise would-be explorers to head between -30, 30 and -20, 40. [Defective Ships Stranded in Deep Space] Multiple reports are coming in about an older model of transport popular with budget travelers which have been breaking down mid-hyperjump. Port authorities on Nim Drovis report that many such ships recently departed for Wroona and haven't yet been seen there. Several long-range calls for assistance have been detected to the galactic East of the Meridian system, between coordinates -20, -10 and 0, -20. Skilled astronomers have reason to believe that both will persist for some time.

Trade Federation Emerges
With the Outer Rim left to pick up the pieces after suffering the initial onslaught of the Sith forces, a group of traders, bankers and other citizens of means came together to form their own government that would look out for the needs of the Outer Rim. After some negotiations and concessions, the group came together to form: The Trade Federation. While not a government in the traditional sense, the Trade Federation is headed by Viceroy Niarem Zevon who has led the recovery of the Outer Rim with a steady hand and firm governance that has seen the profits and quality of life dramatically improve to levels that rival those under the Republic's rule. The question now remains, where does the Trade Federation go from here now that peace has been achieved?

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All app positions are closed
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Corellia's Senator apps closed
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