Twi'leks are a Near-Human species native to the hostile planet of Ryloth,
recognizable by their colorful skin and lekku (head-tails). Lekku contain part
of the Twi'lek brain, are used in their language, and are extremely sensitive.
The rarest Twi'lek skin colors are turquoise (Rutians) and red (Lethans).
Twi'leks are known for their calculating and charismatic natures, often
becoming talented merchants, diplomats, dancers, or criminals.

Famous Twi'leks
*Aayla Secura, Jedi Knight and Clone Wars-era General killed during Order 66.
*Bib Fortuna, Major Domo of Jabba The Hutt and weak-minded fool.

Recent In-Game News

Doctor Selucius Randell Notes New Aquatic Discovery
A middle-aged man with unkempt hair approaches a podium at the Lorrd Academy for Aquatic Studies. "We've only now begun to see some of the effects of Emperor Rocik's firing of that massive superweapon three years ago. At first we only believed it affected hyperlanes and things of that nature, but we're beginning to see evidence that it also caused planetary damage on some worlds. Some colleagues of mine have noted the appearance of a trench on Mandalore that was once connected to the waterways of the planet but became closed off due to erosion and plate tectonics. The early results of their research indicates that there may be some ancient aquatic life that has long been sequestered away from the rest of the planet!" The doctor stated that he would brief us with more news as it arrived but urged caution to would-be explorers who are tempted to head to Mandalore. "Look, no one has seen what lies in these trenches for thousands, perhaps millions of years! We don't know what's down there so if you're planning any trips soon, I urge extreme caution."

Imperial Splinters Secure Korriban, Council of Lords Support True Imperium
The sole remaining members of Korriban's Sith Council of Lords stand together before the gates of Dreshdae. Lord Kodank's arms are crossed over his chest, a disapproving scowl upon his lips. Lady Althe appears quite smug, however, as she smiles to those gathered, "Greetings. This.. trial for the Sith people has not been without its issues. Official thanks are due to both these Imperial splinter factions, these.. heirs of the Lord Maldiv Rocik for assisting us in eradicating this unexpected threat." She pauses. For quite awhile. Finally, she elbows the Lord Kodank in his ribs, who gives a glare as violence fills his features for a moment. He takes a moment before looking to the camera. "Fine. The True Imperium killed their enemy quicker and damaged their base more. So, the Council is offering Korriban as a vassal to The True Imperium." The Lady scowls and attempts to smooth it over, "This is correct. We will be paying a purse to both governments, but Korriban is prepared to recognize the Imperium and Darth Zayn as the True heir, and offer our fealty. Negotiations for this process will begin soon." As Lord Kodank's features screw up with hatred, Lady Althe coughs, "And as a reminder, the ancient Sith fleet under the Galactic Peacekeeping Force's watchful eye will continue to maintain security for a time to honor our promise of safe passage. Also, we expect Korriban to re-open to the public in a few hours after we have... disposed of the carnage. Thank you."

Recent Changes

Bug fixes and quality of life improvements
Miros + Gathorn fixed some bugs and made some minor changes. Haircolor and styles now match properly. note remove has been renamed to note delete When a droids owner changes, they automatically follow/group with the new owner now. We added some clarification messages for make armor: Now properly tells the player they are making HEAD or BODY when first assembling the piece. Now properly tells the player specifically what is missing: Underlay, coating or both. Shop lists now show whether something is clothing or not. Mpdamage (special way of damaging people in progs) no longer automatically durabreaks equipment. In fact, it doesn't break equipment at all anymore. You still suffer wear and tear from melee rounds, however.

AA-9 Escape Pods Fix
They are now in a room players can actually get into.

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