([]====Galactic Empire Citizenry Record====[])
Birthname: Corana Traln
Gender: Male
Age (Standard Years): 23
Species: Human [Corellian]
National Planet: Corellia

([]============EMPLOYMENT HISTORY==========[])
Current Employment: Ensign in the Imperial Navy
Past Employment: Freighter pilot for Rimworld Transit

([]=========PERSONAL HISTORICAL DATA=======[])
Corana Traln was born in the last weeks of the Sith Wars. His father was killed
in the line of duty fighting for the Corellian Rangers While he never knew war
personally, he grew up in a galaxy trying to heal from the terrible
after-effects. Corana grew up idolizing the Corellian Rangers and other heroes
of the Sith Wars, knowing he would someday join them. When he turned 18, he
eagerly signed up for the Imperial Navy, where he now serves as an ensign.


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