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Syntax: Syntax listings:
Calculate (system) (x) (y) (z) - Takes you to the specified system.
Calculate (system) - Same as above, but you exit at random co-ordinates.
Calculate LOCAL (x) (y) (z) - Makes the jump in-system automatically.
Calculate '(x) (y)' (x) (y) (z) - Locates the system by its coords.
Calculate - With no argument, displays distances and times of all systems.

The navigation skills enables a pilot to calculate a hyperjump to another

The CALCULATE Command must be used before engaging the hyperdrive onboard a
ship. With a good hyperdrive, you can get nearly anywhere very rapidly.

As a recent addition, LotJ added 'virtual systems', systems that don't
normally show up on the starsystem list. Finding these systems requires a
little bit of guess work. Use the Calculate '(x) (y)' (x) (y) (z) to jump
into a possibly empty system. Every one out of three of these systems will
be infested with 'Pirate' vessels. This is a good way to gain combat
experience, but be warned: Pirate ships are extremely tricky. They're much
stronger than they look.

When used to determine system jump choices, each system will be displayed with
a column for distance and a column for time it takes to reach the system.
Systems that are out of reach will have an OOR instead of a time listed, to
signify OUT OF RANGE.

Note: There are two ways to format the system name: (1) the full name in
quotes, like this: calculate 'corusca system' 500 0 0 or (2) the first word of
the system name, like this: calculate corusca 500 0 0. Otherwise, you will
likely end up in the right system but at the wrong coordinates.

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