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Syntax: SLIST [ability name/ALL] [min level] [max level]
Syntax: SLIST FEATS [ability name/ALL] [min level] [max level]
Syntax: FLIST [min level] [max level]

SLIST ALL without any other arguments provides a complete list of skills
available and their levels. SLIST FEATS ALL similarly will provide a listing
of every feat available to characters.

The lists can also be fine-tuned to provide information within a certain range,
such as SLIST COMBAT 1 100 will provide only a list of skills for combat that
fall between 1 and 100. If only the skills between 50 and 100 are desired, the
syntax would be SLIST COMBAT 50 100. If the class has two words, it must be
enclosed in single quotes: SLIST 'BOUNTY HUNTING'.

A similar command exists for Force skills and spells. FLIST by itself provides
the entire list and FLIST [min level] [max level] allows what abilities are
presented to be fine-tuned.


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