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Syntax: buy <object>
Syntax: buy <# to buy> <object>
Syntax: buy #<# on list>
Syntax: list
Syntax: list <object> examine
Syntax: list #<#on list> examine
Syntax: sell <object>
Syntax: value <object>

Typing 'buy' purchases an object from a shop vendor. 'buy <# to buy> <object>'
will allow you to buy up to twenty of a store item at once. (This does not
apply for blueprints - you may only purchase them one at a time) By typing
'buy #<# on list>' will purchase the object that matches up to the number
on the list.

Typing 'list' shows all objects that a shop vendor can sell to you. Typing
'list <object>' lists all objects by that name. Typing 'list #<# on list>
examine' or 'list <object> examine' will allow you to see various stats of the
object in question and anything inside if it is a container.

Typing 'sell <object>' will transfer the specified item to a shop vendor
and give you the value of the item in credits.

Typing 'value <object>' asks how much the shop vendor will pay for the item.

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