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Syntax: IMMCHAT <message>

Immchat is a channel directly between you and the immortal staff. Mortchat is
how immortals respond directly to you.

(If someone tells you to read help immchat, it's probably because of this next
bit) When using Immchat, you'll get answers a lot faster if you provide as much
information as possible. Instead of `is this working?` try `is the Madam Rose
diplomacy quest working?` Instead of `hello?` try `I was told to contact imms
about my application that got approved` and so on.

If you are reporting a bug or an area-specific request, please be at the
location when you make the request. If you are on-site immortals can transfer
directly to you and fix the problem quickly.

If you find yourself not being answered on immchat, please don't be offended!
The staff are all volunteers, so they might not be looking at this window or
might be helping someone else already. Try sending another immchat later, or
send an email (see HELP CONTACT).

Note: Immchat will only show your character name to the imms, but don't worry.
They can easily look up your account name.

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