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Syntax: datamem write new
datamem write <#>
datamem write <#> subject <subject>
datamem write <#> to <to>
datamem write <#> from <from>
datamem view <#>
datamem copy <#> <amount or 1 if blank>
datamem receive
datamem send <#>
datamem eject <#>
datamem load <keyword, disk from inventory>
datamem delete <#>
datamem download <#>

As one can imagine, this command allows the user of the datapad to store, write
edit, save, eject, share, and otherwise affect message disks. Most of it is
self explanatory, but there are a few that are not so easy.

Receive sets a mode on your datapad which you can toggle that will wait for any
inbound signals to download data for a disk. This is also known as `sharing`. A
group of people can set their datapads to receive, and one person can send,
giving each person a copy of the information.

Datapads also give upgraded tracking abilities because you can set the FROM
field, unlike any other form of editing disks. To get a disk from the datapad
to a message terminal, or mail terminal, simply eject the disk and do it as

For a more in-depth tutorial read DATAMEM_GUIDE.


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