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Syntax: showrace
Syntax: showrace <race name>

Lets you see the stats for a specific race. Not specifying a race lets you see
a list of all races by point cost. You can see the stats for a race by
specifying the race's name.

The deposit and price fields tell you how much a race will cost. Price is how
many points you must pay to use that race, and deposit is how many points you
pay but will receive back upon your character's death (unless you abuse your
race and have it removed).

Note: Levels shown are normal levels after stat training but before cybernetics
and levelup gains. Luck is more random than other stats, so levels in
smuggling, slicer, and espionage are also somewhat random. However, it is
illegal to "roll for luck" by making new characters repeatedly in search of
better luck.

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