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    • Xaleron Participant
      April 11, 2018 at 3:02 pm #30862

      So, as we all know, leadership mains are pretty niche currently. Unless your race has a really high bonus to the chosen subclass you’ll be lucky to hit ~130 in the subclass.

      What if your leadership level changed the bonus? +1 per level of Leadership over 100 is what I would propose. This may need some adjustments to racial bonuses to leadership so that fewer leader mains would hit 150 leadership, but I think overall it would work. Races known to be natural leaders would hit 150 and therefore get +50 to their subclass instead of the standard +30, whereas races less suited to leadership may hit 120-140 in leadership, still giving them a decent bonus to their subclass.

      This would open up things like Human leader-combat, if humans retained their racial bonus to leadership, and make some combinations less powerful where it doesn’t make sense for them to be such strong leaders. It would still be a big compromise to choose leadership over taking the subclass as your main class, but this could make it less painful. Races that already have decent levels in their chosen subclass would probably be just fine because even if they only get 120 leadership, they can still hit a high level in their subclass.

      Now, most of these numbers aren’t entirely thought-out and need refinement but that’s what forums are for afterall. I know this isn’t a perfect solution but IMO it would be an improvement.

    • Zeromus Participant
      April 15, 2018 at 7:07 pm #30870

      Can somebody explain to me why people think leader mains are broken because they don’t hit 150 in their subclass?

    • Xaleron Participant
      April 16, 2018 at 11:45 am #30873

      Zero, it’s not that I think Leadership mains are broken. Maybe I worded the title of the thread badly. In my opinion, which may not be the consensus, a race/main’s viability comes from a comparison of other races with that main. So the end result means that only a couple of races make really good leadership mains in certain subclasses, outstripping any other option by comparison by a long shot, due to their strong racial bonuses to the subclass.

      If you refer to this thread I made the suggestion they shouldn’t hit 150 at all. I got disagreement with that. Further on, after the changes were implemented, more people were complaining about getting too low of a level in their subclass.

      My idea in this thread is to give a bonus to a chosen subclass based on that race’s leadership ability instead of a flat +30. This would make races that are supposed to be really strong leaders (e.g., Hutts, Pau’an, Chiss, Alderaanians, Naboo, etc.) more viable by comparison to a race that just gets a huge natural bonus to the subclass.

      As it currently stands, I can think of one race that hits 150 combat as a leader-combat, one race that may hit 150 slicer as a leader-slicer, and maybe one more that could hit 150 engineering as a leader-engineer. So making any other race with that same combination makes less sense, by comparison. Maybe I haven’t played enough of the high-cost races to know if there are more that hit 150 in their subclass, I’m not sure.

      The suggestion in this thread would still make it relatively rare to hit 150 in your subclass, but add incentive to make leadership mains of races who have a high racial bonus to leadership. Currently there isn’t much of a point to a Pau’an leader-anything, a Hutt leader-anything, or so on. But these races are the ones who should, in my opinion, be strong leaders. I think it would be well-reflected in a scaling bonus to your subclass that comes from being a race with high leadership.

      Please give me some reasons why you disagree with this idea, besides that you like the leadership bonus just fine as it is. I’m not saying I hate the current system. I just think it could be massively improved with this idea.

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