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      January 3, 2020 at 4:20 pm #31889

      I believe the Kel Dor race is an important race in the star wars universe. There have been many members of the race in the star wars lore most notable being Plo Koon, the Jedi Master. They have a very nicely fleshed out amount of lore regarding their people with some of it even translating over well for gamification such as a description of their physical and mental prowess as well as their shortcomings. It is my opinion that this race would fit nicely into the selection perhaps as a somewhat expensive race or app only spot as their people are naturally more knowledgeable and experienced with the force. They would most likely require a bit more advanced knowledge to role play correctly. I also think they would be a nice rival to the Sith race as Sith pure-bloods of lore were often times force sensitive. Personally I would balance them mainly around combat as most of the known characters were force sensitives and only other one being a casino chief of security. The fun role play aspect of the Kel Dor in my eyes is there black and white view of justice and harsh punishment while on the other hand having impeccable hospitality. Attempting to balance a cold and aggressive stance toward crime and a kind and reverent stance of kindness and hospitality, dabbling into both extremes of the alignment gauge.

      v v v Suggestions v v v

      Skin colors: Peach – Crimson Red
      Eye color Black (normal) or Silver (Sign of Force sensitivity)
      For stats perhaps give them increased DEX by about +3, reduced CON -2, raise wisdom +2, and STR -1 INT +1.

      v Skills v

      Combat at about (90) Base for most classes outside Combat with max of 150
      Low bounty (17) hunting highest at about 130 .
      Piloting based at about 50 main profession 150.
      Engineering main maxed at 100-ish and 50 for anything else.
      Leadership at like 70 in combat and 50 for the rest and 135 for main.
      Low Slicing outside the main profession at 60 and a 130 for the main.
      Medicine at about 45 and maxed at 75.
      Science at 100 over all with boosts for Engineering (115) and Science class (150).

      This is just a Idea I feel would be a fun addition to the cast of LOTJ races, even if you roll a force deaf one.

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      January 3, 2020 at 6:42 pm #31891

      (R)ace: Kel_dor
      Str Plus: 1 Dex Plus: 2 Wis Plus: 4 Int Plus: 1
      Con Plus: 1 Cha Plus: 1 Lck Plus: 0
      Hit Pts: 1050 AC Mod: 0 Frc Plus: 1
      Price: 1000 Deposit: 3000 App Only: No
      (P)layers of this race can choose any ability as their main.
      (D)efault Language: kel dor
      (P)ossible Skincolors:
      (31) pink (32) red
      (33) dark red

      Force Affinity – This race possesses an innate affinity for the Force.
      Rebreather – This race has a rebreather to survive in normal atmospheres.

      (L)evel approximations for Kel_dor by class:
      combat 150 084 062 051 001 136 040 047 091 138
      piloting 092 150 082 046 006 111 025 072 106 138
      engineering 092 109 150 046 011 111 025 067 116 150
      bounty hunting 127 084 062 141 001 111 025 047 091 138
      smuggling 092 124 062 046 086 111 025 047 091 138
      leadership 092 084 062 046 001 150 025 047 091 138
      espionage 077 114 077 001 061 056 115 107 091 138
      slicer 092 084 082 046 001 111 055 142 091 138
      medical 092 084 062 046 001 121 025 047 150 138
      science 092 084 102 046 001 111 025 047 091 150

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      January 3, 2020 at 6:42 pm #31893

      help kel_dor
      Kel Dor (or Kel Dorians) are a species native to the high-technology planet
      Dorin. Oxygen is toxic to them, so they wear rebreathers on most planets. They
      are tall and muscular, with peach to crimson skin, and dark black eyes
      (occasionally with silver irises). Kel Dor tend to have a very strong sense of
      morality, as well as quick reflexes and, often, a connection to the Force. The
      Baran Do Sages are a Kel Dor Force tradition.

      Famous Kel Dor
      *Plo Koon, Jedi Master

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      January 3, 2020 at 11:19 pm #31895

      So…wait. Was i just missing the _ in the middle betwixt the two words and a good pair of eyes? Well, this was fun to make anyways. I’ll chalk it up to good practice and curb my embarrassment. I have a bit of a difficult time reading the Blue in the game, so sorry about all that, hahah.

    • Klor Participant
      February 27, 2020 at 12:16 pm #31959

      You can change the blue in mushclient to an easier to see color. Hold alt, press 6.

      Click the box next to the blue you’re having problems seeing and change it on the gradient scale to something easier for your eyes.

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