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      July 11, 2018 at 7:05 pm #31116

      (OOC) *Squee: Do NPC’s that teach feats say anything that might give away that they teach, or anything like that? :s

      (OOC) *Shraik: no, not really

      (OOC) *Seryb: Some of them

      (OOC) *Shraik: I mean they kinda do but it’s vague

      (OOC) *RussM: Some of them allude to something, but not all of them.

      (OOC) *Squee: Is there any other way except just going to every npc that might be tangibly related and saying ‘prac x’?

      (OOC) *Shraik: that’s really the best option unfortunately

      (OOC) *Seryb: Would be a good way to narrow it down

      (OOC) *Shraik: I’d say help explore but that’s rude af

      (OOC) *RussM: That’s really the best way I’m afraid.

      (OOC) *Squee: That’s really irritating. lol.

      (OOC) *RussM: Eeeh, feats is kinda half help explore, half super vague even if you know. I can think of at least four feats off the top of my head that you’d never know where taught by their instructor without just trying.

      (OOC) *RussM: Even worse, one of those feats was probably supposed to be moved to a different mob but never was.

      (OOC) *Squee: Yea, the one feat i learned the guy didn’t say anything related, that’s why i was suspicious they were all like that… this is gonna take a while!

      It should not be some guy tucked away in the corner of the galaxy eating spaghetti in a booth. It should be someone very skilled in that particular area, who might have a quest for you, or is just reasonably apparent in their relation to that feat in a way that’s friendly to player time investment.

      If the imms would like I can write some quests or encounters examples for each feat.

      By the way, player time should always be valued and considered when weighing against development time that went into played areas (Help explore).

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