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    • Xavious Participant
      January 13, 2018 at 2:38 pm #30699

      I’ve been campaigning for looser docking restrictions for awhile now. Currently the system is set up to where you can only dock with a ship of the same “shipsize” or greater. I think this is very stringent and that opening up the restrictions could create some interesting game play choices. Here are a few ways this could impact various ship docking scenarios:

      1. 1. One of the more obvious impacts is that it would allow for more convenient rescue mechanics when assisting marooned players that are disabled and out of fuel (a passing cargo freighter docking with transport/fighter, both common personal ships that end up disabled).
      2. 2. Easier battlegroup management when outfitting fleets by allowing bigger ships to dock with the smaller fleet vessels. (Battleship docking with cruisers/frigates, etc)
      3. 3. My personal favorite, more opportunity in PvP to board a target ship, already an extremely dangerous scenario and not for the fainthearted. Pirates could actually harass freighters/transports and initiate docks with a gunship or corvette. Meanwhile smaller patrol capitals like frigates would also be able to dock with corvettes and gunboats rather than destroy them, if that appeals to them. Even in bigger major clan scaled battles, opportunities could arise for boarding action within a particular engagement.

      Note that currently docking is only possible by knowing the docking codes, or by disabling a target ship. Both of these already create a reasonable barrier between unwanted docking. However, lowering the restrictions would open up more avenues for ship to ship encounters. I’ve thought about handling this change in many ways like letting all smaller ships dock with other smaller ships or larger, medium ships with other medium ships and larger, etc. However, I think a more elegant solution would be to permit docking with any ship that is within 20 shipsize of the ship you are trying to dock with.

      I wrote a script to generate this scenario and charted it alongside the current docking restrictions to give everyone an overview of just how this would impact the current docking system. The chart displays 2 columns. The left hand column shows how the docking restrictions currently operate and the right hand column shows the new docking restrictions with my proposed solution.


      I’m really excited by the prospect of this change, but I’d love to hear everyone else’s feedback. The best part is that this would be, presumably, a very simple modification to the code and doesn’t require any intensive rewrite to the current systems.

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    • snowscoran Participant
      January 13, 2018 at 3:27 pm #30702

      imms told me docking is cancer but I still support this

    • rakun Participant
      January 14, 2018 at 2:37 pm #30704


      Since yeah, rescuing people in starfighters is a pain.

      And so is docking to other ships if you’ve got a flagship of different size.

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