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      March 29, 2019 at 9:52 am #31594

      For Daily Autologging in MUSHclient

      1. Open the Logging menu in Game > Configure (Alt-3)
      2. In the long thin box roughly in the center, labeled ‘Automatically log to this file:’ type something along the lines of C:\Path\To\MUSHclient_4.94\MUSHclient\logs\lotj_log_%Y_%m_%d_%H%M.txt where the folder is your MUSHclient logging folder and a filename is specified, containing date/time tokens. (The full list of usable tokens can be found at )Example image of log file name
      3. Close the Logging menu and open Game > Configure > Timers (Shift-Ctrl-0)
      4. Copy the following to your clipboard:
          <timer enabled="y" second="1.00" offset_second="0.00"    send_to="12"
        at_time="y" >
      5. Press the ‘Paste’ button in the Timers menu, a new timer should be added, firing a second after midnight, to save the current logfile and start a new one. You can change the time it fires at by editing the bottom-most set of time input boxes in the top portion of the screen, labeled ‘At the time:’
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