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    • Madelyn Participant
      July 2, 2018 at 11:46 am #31055

      What do you all think about custom biotemplates? I know it’s easier just to copy and paste – but I love to see custom ideas. My last three or so characters have been customized. Some are just mediocre, but some are better than any other I’ve seen. Though I’m a bit biased.

      Share your custom biotemplates to inspire people to use them or create their own!

    • Walldo Keymaster
      July 2, 2018 at 3:17 pm #31056

      I made myself a quick and dirty one for this era’s start. CorpSec, feel free to use it as your official clan template!

      Personally, I like to cut down on excess lines (do we really need 4 lines dedicated to parents AND siblings AND spouse AND offspring?) and focus the meet of my history on telling a little backstory. I think a good backstory helps you understand their character and their motivation so you can tell a better story and have more fun roleplaying.

      &W// &RC&rorporate &RS&rector &RA&ruthority &RI&rdentification &RF&rile &W\\

      &cSubject Birth Name:
      &cSubject Race:
      &cSubject Age:
      &cSubject Place of Birth:

      &W// &GPersonal Account &W\\

      &W// &GEmployment Record &W\\

      &W// &GOther Notes &W\\

    • Madelyn Participant
      July 2, 2018 at 4:04 pm #31058

      &cAccessing Datanet File &C##########&O…
      &cAuthentication complete&O…
      &cDisplaying File&O……
      &O+|&cSubject Name:&C (Name) &O|+
      &O+|&cSubject Age:&C &O|+
      &O+|&cSubject Race:&C &O|+
      &O+|&cEmployment: &C &O |+
      &O+|&cEducation:&C &O |+
      &O+|&cCertifications:&C &O |+
      &O+|&cConvictions: &C &O |+
      &O+(&c==============&O)&CPersonal History&O(&c===============&O)+
      &O+| &C &O|+
      &O+|&C &O|+
      &O+|&C &O |+
      &O+|&C &O|+
      &O+|&C &O|+
      &O+|&C &O|+

      For a sample look:

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