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    • Honesty Participant
      December 12, 2019 at 2:12 pm #31840

      Compared to our current system, we can see the players skin tone and gender. As well as two separate adjectives that respond to the CHA and STR stats.
      IE: 14 CHA gives "pretty" | 5 STR gives "weak".

      I would like to suggest complete removal of the current Stat Adjectives System. Preferring, instead, for something more simplified, recognizable and customizable. I would like to incorporate the addition of Player Chosen Adjectives to the game, this also simplifying what I believe are varying aspects. While I don’t see this as a game-breaking change, I can say that I appreciate playing with this implement on other Muds. I’d like to see that here, on LotJ, very muchly.

      As I’ve played LotJ, I don’t see much reason to show adjectives that reflect the PC’s stats. They appear long, clunky, and make it difficult to identify. Whats more, most mobs and even some NPCs don’t follow it. I’ve seen instances where I had encounters with humans that all seem to look alike. The only difference was male, or female. When a player exits and enters a room, we are only seeing the race and gender. When I try to describe what that human looked like at a glance, the short-descs never allowed me to.

      With a Chosen Adjective, instead of being befuddled when I speak to an authority figure, I can at least describe that PC as their adjective. That the human I saw walking by, or leaving a ship wasn’t just a human male. But was a lanky human male. A willowy human female. Or a swarthy human male. A toned female human. We can keep skin color, just keep the color code instead of the text. Simple and customizable.

      [:: Legends of the Jedi ::]
      Adjective Adj
      Required by level 30
      Usage: adjective tone; OR adjective list
      This allows you to create a short description, or adjective. Much like
      History and Descriptions. Very handy for roleplay purposes.
      For more info, type adjective.
      A buff zabrak male leaves south.
      A slender dug female opens the hatch.
      A boxum falleen female enters Lambda-Class T-4a Shuttle '23STARCOURIER'
      A chubby male jawa is here.
      A towering wookie male is sleeping here.
      A lofty female rodian is wielding a 711 carbine blaster.


      My suggestion is that an adjective would be required as much as description and history. Before level 30, if possible. We could either choose our adjectives from a created list, as we do through “tone”. Or we can create our own Adjective. But it would be required before level 30. The Adjective would permanent, or changeable about two times, and only adjustable by an Imm or Administrator.

      We could also select+target adjectives, which would be incredibly useful when there are multiple humans in one room. There would be five humans, but each one has a different adjective to sayto, or @target in your emotes. I wouldn’t have to lose memory, or dub everyone I see, or introduce myself to everyone to set myself apart.

      Another thing to note. When we learn a PC’s name, or dub them, their race is completely useable afterward. Instead of removing that, could we possibly make it so we also see the race even after dubbing, while also working with public titles? OR allow that to be a toggle-able option through configuration.

      Tiff Tongwabble (rodian) is standing here.

      In light of this suggestion, I do understand that if our NPCs are following the adjective set, it might require more work to implement.

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    • Zakattack Participant
      December 15, 2019 at 9:23 pm #31849

      First I’d like to just suggest that you should definitely get into the habit of dubbing everyone, even if it’s just as HumanMale001. If you find out their name later you can always use mem HumanMale001 write which will open up a writing buffer that can then be viewed with mem HumanMale001 view. I do wish here was a way to rename dubs without the target being present.

      Second, you can glance at someone to see their race without getting spammed with their description and visible equipment.

      Past all that, I do like the idea of customizing the adjectives, although it’d most definitely have to be chosen from a list to avoid abuse. However I remember suggesting a while ago customizable room-exit/enter messages such as “A human male limps in from the west” or “A twi’lek female prances in from above.”. I know the code is already there since we have hutts slithering and Geonosians floating, but got a pretty straight “We have no intention of ever implementing such a mechanic” from the imms. Hopefully you’re idea can get more traction.

    • Knightfall Participant
      December 16, 2019 at 10:39 am #31850

      It’s unfortunate it’s an outright no by the imms seeing as it is basic RPI-MUD mechanics. You get short descs you can write, custom move descriptions, moving speeds, etc.

      This can really work in LotJ! Hope your ideas get more traction.

    • Valens Participant
      December 18, 2019 at 2:01 am #31853

      Well. While I do really enjoy this idea. I think it’d be better if there were a list of options to choose from. The big thing is LOTJ utilizes this base structure in other factors, as well. They’d have to rewrite the Disguise code to accommodate this, as well as a few other big things. But LOTJ isn’t 100% RP Focused. It’s also got a very large PVP Environment that requires a close attention to Meta, as some players will go very intense into abuse if they have the ability to. So things like this have to be addressed and approached delicately. This isn’t a bad idea at all. It’s just something that isn’t likely to be incorporated in LOTJ

    • Honesty Participant
      December 20, 2019 at 5:05 pm #31868

      I sincerely speak from personal experience(s), Zakattack. Also, there is no constant dubbing for every character that I meet, because I really shouldn’t have to make that a habit. So many days can pass before my character memorycheck forgets them. So, I 100% disagree with that implication as a solution. No offense, but I don’t see that as a sensible solution to what I’ve suggested. Not to mention that players just run around very quickly before you have time to dub.

      I will say that I don’t believe this is suggesting anything out of the realm of code, or what LotJ is capable of.

      While I do wish an Imm might discuss this at length, and share this with other Imms, this isn’t a suggestion for making custom movement text. No custom movement, or movement speeds. Nothing so complex. I’m addressing a somewhat small problem I’ve had that affects my RP and IC interactions. As I mentioned before. I’ve experienced players running around as the same race, with little modifiers to identify them at a glance.

      Say we see someone fooling around with someone’s ship, or beating up someone, and then they run away? There isn’t much we can do to identify them. Again, at a glance. How would I dub them in quick session? IF I go to an authority figure, or the person who owns that ship, what does the human mugger I witnessed look like?

      “They’re human and male, and thats all I know, buddy”

      is all we can say…and thats the truth.
      What I’m doing is addressing an issue I’ve had on multiple occasions with a solution. I’m suggestion we be allowed to choose our short-desc, or rather, our adjectives. That we have this istead of the “Str, Cha, Race, Color” adjectives. A single permanent adjective that sticks with our PC, and is required as much as our biographies and physical description. This while ALSO subjecting our NPCs who share the current system to the same adjective.

      Also, seeing Valen’s comment, lets make these adjectives selectable from a very diverse list.

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    • Madelyn Blocked
      December 24, 2019 at 7:28 am #31876

      I absolutely disagree with your total shutdown of dub. You SHOULD dub everyone you encounter. In fact, I’ve submitted Dev logs and got emails from imms chastising (jokingly, I’m sure) my lack of dubbing. Dubs are so important, disguise just got a complete overhaul to accommodate dubs. AT BEST I could see a change that you could select which adjectives are visible from the str, con, dex, etc, but I absolute would not support this change. This change provides an entirely new META that is going to happen if this is implemented. If you want people to see you with a different adjective in the room, then you can use the ACTION command. If you’re not moving as quickly as you can to get more information than “They’re human and male” then that is very much your own fault. What color is their skin (this is important for race)? Which way did they go? What ship did they get in and out of and did you attempt to locate it or ask a clanmember/friend to do so? Did you attempt to follow them?

      “Also, seeing Valen’s comment, lets make these adjectives selectable from a very diverse list.”

      The more diverse the list, the more META the habits will become. I understand that you’ve addressed this issue on multiple occasions, but considering the many of us have already found a solution (dubbing quickly, triggers to dub automatically, mem write, etc), maybe you should give these options a real chance.

      Additionally, the recent restring change already provides further ability to customize your character, furthering the META of being able to identify people based on quick descriptions of them. Further, if you’re having an issue identifying people after seeing their written description it’s either because you’re not reading it and just skimming, or because their description is lackluster.

      Overall, I greatly despise this idea and if it becomes a requirement, I’ll probably only use something that would currently be used, such as str/cha descriptors.

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