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    • Xerakon Moderator
      May 17, 2017 at 2:13 pm #30046

      There was a discussion on discord today about buildstructure. How some imms are for or against and the reasons for not wanting it to be a thing and such. I like the idea of crafting your living space – with limitations. My proposed change for buildstructure is to allow them into the game, but they are similar to pre-fabricated buildings in that they are set in what they can be, and they can only be placed in certain flagged areas.

      So, how would this work? I’m glad you asked!

      syntax: buildstructure (structure)

      medical (bacta tanks, surgical center, cloning bay)
      garage (ship building, parts vendor)
      workshop (standard workshop, grenade workshop, compactors)
      ship hangar (standard hangar for a clan)
      services (banking, mail, lockers)
      headquarters (conference room, holoprojector, vault, bulletin board, hotel?)
      mall (vendors)
      … your imagination can run wild!

      Clans start off with a blank canvas compound. For example – make a secured entry area like most clans already have. Once you’re in, however, you’re presented with maybe a 2×2 grid of rooms – and each room is flagged to be able to accept a structure. Clans can either be given their initial structures, or have to craft them. And crafting them requires different materials – for example, for a medical building, you may need x durasteel, y medpacs, etc.

      Once you have the components, you build it in the room you want it in. The structure contains the above features in it. And the imms can limit how much space a clan can have to put down structures – but clans can put down whatever they want (or have imm limits). However, if they only have 4 structure rooms, they have to do a little planning to determine exactly what structures they want to place.

      I think this allows some versatility with structures, and makes buildstructure viably possible. There will need to be some think-throughs – such as whether structures can be torn down or not. But it allows a little customization, forces clans to think through what they really need, and gives life to a skill.

    • Kirash Participant
      May 21, 2017 at 12:42 pm #30056

      I think this was the original intention behind survey and buildstructure to begin with (along with building various miscellaneous structures like apartment buildings, hospitals, garages, etc). Personally, I would welcome structure building, but some people may complain that, like botting buildship, it takes people away from the rest of the game and less RP yada yada yada. To be honest, I think it would be kind of cool if clans would buildstructure their own bases and stuff along with having the possibility of construction contracting clans. Granted, there would have to be some kind of regulation so clans can’t just go buildstructure bases wherever they please or on every planet whatsoever. Also, for clans that keep hidden bases like crime clans or terrorist clans, they would likely need some kind of Imm help to build their bases if by some godly miracle they don’t want to go with the tired cliche of hanging out in a hidden sector.

    • ironhenge Participant
      December 9, 2019 at 1:55 am #31833

      what about the construction of orbital shipyards able to be created in space? or orbital refineries/smelter stations? you could also do orbital outposts able to hold military garrisons in order to protect a area in space? could these be made to be captures like planets? and make it a sorta ingame “domination game”? like in order to capture a orbital space platform squads of soldiers must first capture airlocks or perhaps the engine rooms/power room first before they can capture some sort of “HQ” room? 3 capture points. 2 of said capture points must be captured before the HQ room can even be attempted to capture. once the HQ room is captured the station or ship is captured by the hostiles. erm…….perhaps this is a bit complicated but i think it would make squads and follower tactics more exciting….

    • Spet Participant
      December 10, 2019 at 8:18 am #31836

      This is essentially what I’ve seen other Muds do. It has been years since I’ve watched people or I’ve played the other star wars mud. But, if I recall, they had this as a capabilitiy but rather then requiring some simple material that could be bought at the store for cheap (duraplast and such) they required a substantial amount of credits, as well as specialty items for what you are requesting. Example, it would be easy to build a room, or a room with a lock on it. But after you’ve built such room, you’ll need to find a certain item (Could be a drop off a mob, could be a hidden item on a world, who knows.) to place a Library/workshop/bacta tag on the room. Also, when you go to place the room you are prompted with a description window to fill out before you can actually make it official. Same thing could work for building independent space stations, maybe make it to where you have to find a pirate king and get an item drop that you tractor beam into your ship from him? make it a 5% drop rate, and really hard to find so that people have something they search for and are struggling for.

      All sorts of options are here and I’ve always been an avid supporter of this idea.

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