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      Feel free to post about all of your characters, experiences, etc from the 2017 – 2019 Timeline.

      This thread is closed until after the EoT event. Just reserving the link url.

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      Furyk Flinn, Era 1
      Balosar Combat Jedi Consular
      The (Old) Republic

      I hated Furyk. I didn’t like that he was immediately at odds with the Republic who, depending on what time of day it was, either wanted the Jedi to fuck off, or wanted them to be their generals. I didn’t like what he had to become in order to move the story along. I didn’t like a lot of the choices I made with him.

      Furyk was apped to basically be the non-leader master (second in command) of the Jedi Order. I’m not comfortable yet as a PKer, much less a Jedi pker, and was hoping to be under the tutledge of someone that had skills and could teach me more of how to fight OOCly. Instead, I ended up being the grand master.

      To make it more of an RP role, I decided to make it a little less stale and bring Ashla/Bogan into play rather than “the Force” – which was met with mixxed results, but made me laugh at a lot of the little things. The rest of the initial Jedi were pretty good about using the terms, and the Sith only referred to theirs as ‘magick’. So when people would bring up “the Force” on comm 0, it was pretty fun to be like “What is that? Where did you hear it? How are you studied in this Jedi way that even the grand master hasn’t heard of?” It died out pretty quickly, and taught me the lesson that even though you have a lot going for your vision of how something can be, people will always just ignore it and go with what they think.

      There wasn’t much for us to do, so I mainly spent my time either training Padawans or being a general nuisance. When things were super stagnating, I made the mistake of “adapting” (read: changing) his base character to help move and shake. Rather than being pretty chill and magnanimous, he became more of a zealot than he should have been, and started being pretty aggressive towards the Sith in his comments and actions. I was pretty well trapped on Alderaan at the start of the war with about 5-6 Sith members on the ground, but saw a chance to hopefully escape orbit in the confusion of the battle going on overhead. I slapped on a disguise, was sneaking, was force masked, and got into a taxi where I changed disguise and was also smuggler hidden, but still was immediately shot down without a hail or anything.

      After restore, I hid him during the peace talks and such and really only came back when the second war with the Morgukai coalition kicked off. I took him pretty recklessly into Korriban with Kaaton and a few others. We got trapped in the Sith elevator then grenade-bagged to oblivion. I was blowing through force and medpac heals and managed to survive it. I then healed up our slicer, then Kaaton, then one other. We lost a couple of people to grabbing and shuttle-perming during that, but managed to still get in and capture/kill some until we finally found Julius. I then tracked down a slicer in one of the apartments and captured her, but then got too cocky and tried to grenade someone inside another apartment. Ended up biffing the grenade bag and had it my hands when I went into the elevator.

      Really a kickass moment where Furyk was clutch in saving the raid on the Sith Temple, followed by a moment of extreme stupidity. Such is LotJ.


      Vax’sx, Eras 1-2
      Verpine Engineer
      Unclanned “Slayn & Korpil”

      Vax’sx has been one of my all-time favorite characters on LotJ to date. It proved that you don’t need to be clanned and have developments or blueprints to be wildly successful as an engineer. I spent a lot of time on Excel, tracking expenses versus profits and managing store stock and purchasing. For someone who manages an Operations department IRL, this character was actually a lot of fun and hugely rewarding for me.

      Slayn & Korpil was widely recognized, operated full stock on every planet in the game, and I saw its products in use even until the very end of era 3. I capped out my 52M personal credit limit several times, only going below when I needed to buy brand new stock for blasters and such at the beginning of a new era. Vax’sx was killed and restored twice by competitors that jumped the gun and didn’t have any real intel or logical cause against it

      Its character sheet was essentially an outwardly-humble, good Verpine – but was inwardly a petty credit-grubber. I initially was angling it for a clan in era 2, but decided that I couldn’t devote the time I wanted for that. So I let it roll on and was thinking about an era 3 run. However, in era 2, a really big feud popped up that its character sheet was really built for. Despite Harrin’s employee bungling killing Vax’sx, it tried to be chill about it – while constantly asking questions, gathering information, and propositioning killers to off Harrin’s leadership. By the time I found someone, Vyktor was already dead – but Viphe was still alive and prime to go after.

      My biggest slipup in the ordeal was when Vax’sx met with Viphe and I tried to help the killer, who ended up basically failing. So I had to backpedal out of that after the fact, which seemed accepted? Vax’sx didn’t really seem to be universally blamed after Viphe was killed, but after a few weeks I lost the drive to really play anything on LotJ. I kept it around but really couldn’t get back into its character, so I decided to slip information to the Jedi and ORA that Vax’sx had Viphe killed via the Black Sun. I kept Vax’sx around for awhile to see if the good guy clan would do anything about it (lol they didn’t) and then suicided it like a month later.

      I have attached Vax’sx’s history and character sheet to help understand it a little bit more. =)
      | |
      | Roche |
      | Official Database |
      |\__________________________ Basic Information __________________________/|
      | |
      | Name: Vax’sx |
      | Race: Verpine |
      | Origin of Birth: Nickel One, Roche Asteroid Belt |
      | Age: 31 |
      | Occupation: Inventor/Engineer/Doctor |
      |\______________________________ Education ______________________________/|
      | |
      | – Slayn & Korpil Introductory Academy |
      | – Roche G42 Academy of the Sciences |
      | – Nickel One School of Medicine |
      |\___________________________ Criminal Record ___________________________/|
      | |
      | – None recorded |
      |\__________________________ Employment Record __________________________/|
      | |
      | – President & CEO, Slayn & Korpil |
      | – President, VerpiTech Outlet |
      | – Chief Engineer, Slayn & Korpil |
      |\______________________________ Biography ______________________________/|
      | |
      | Living a dull, quiet life on Nickel One in the Roche Asteroid Belt, |
      | Vax’sx was recognized as the spawn of Tir’hin. His father was known as |
      | half-brilliant and half-insane, and his protege seems to follow in this |
      | tradition. Primarily a crafter of sorts, he seems to have the ability |
      | to figure out how most technological things work, and then reconfigure |
      | them to work to his benefit. While not much is known of his formative |
      | years, what records that are available outside of the Hive show that |
      | Vax’sx is somewhat independent for a Verpine, but is content with the |
      | typical hum-drum tasks of a Hive-mind society member despite such. |
      | |
      | After formal education, he joined Slayn & Korpil to try and settle |
      | into corporate life, but soon found that working at the behest of |
      | another was not to his liking – another deviance contributed to his |
      | slight independence streak. Despite his working up through the ranks to |
      | the position of Chief Engineer, Vax’sx shortly after left the renowned |
      | Verpine manufacturing company to form his own brand of store, which was |
      | doing quite well on Corellia. However, when the Mandalorians destroyed |
      | Lorrd, they also wiped out the colony leadership for Slayn & Korpil, |
      | who were on the Republic planet for a potential investors meeting. |
      | |
      | Upon receiving this information, Vax’sx acted quickly before the |
      | news broke galaxy-wide, purchasing massive stakes in the company to |
      | combine with the amount he already had invested as a former employee. |
      | After the Lorrdian catastrophe hit the markets, Slayn & Korpil took a |
      | nose-dive, and several investors tried a run at the stock while it was |
      | extremely low. Only one was able to purchase enough to combine with the |
      | amount he already had in order to control a majority share in the |
      | well-regarded engineering company: Vax’sx. |
      | |
      | Record Closed |
      | Access Terminated |

      Your Thoughts:
      [#] {DATE } Thought
      [1] { Wed Aug 16 16:31:02 2017
      } Character Name: Vax’sx
      [2] { Wed Aug 16 16:31:09 2017
      } Character Motives: Vax’sx is alright with a hum-drum life the majority of the time. Proving himself by his craft is what this Verpine lives for. His goals at any one time are typically fluid as he calculates which courses of action will allow his continued existance and ensure increased profitability.
      [3] { Wed Aug 16 16:31:18 2017
      } Character Strengths: Vax’sx is a loyal being – loyal to credits. He will do just about anything to amass wealth – well, almost anything. While he is rather cunning, he portends to be humble and less than he really is in public with the intention of being underestimated by corporate opponents or customers. For this Verpine, no depth is too low to crawl to in order to ascend to the highest of reaches.
      [4] { Wed Aug 16 16:31:35 2017
      } Character Downfalls: Vax’sx despises competition – especially if that competition is better than he is (not likely). He will focus solely upon shutting it down, which can lead to the ruination of his own progress due to neglect. His loyalty to credits can also be used against him to do things he might not normally consider doing – or to trap his own loyalty to the payer.
      [5] { Wed Aug 16 16:31:46 2017
      } Character Quirks and Other Miscellaneous Information: Vax’sx considers himself superior to most other beings, which can come to light in certain ways that he may speak. While he displays an ego bordering on narcissism, he personally feels inferior in most situations and may exude a harsh, abrupt, and awkward exterior to reflect this. He does not condone stimulants or alcohol, even in social situations.
      [6] { Thu Sep 7 18:28:17 2017
      } We are somewhat irritated by our competitor – Grimes. His announcements are often and annoying, and he has the backing of his engineering firm, Aratech. We are unable to compete with such a vast credit intake and loud mouth.
      [7] { Thu Sep 7 18:29:09 2017
      } He also stipulated in his agreement to teach us the method of bowcasters that we must name them as “bowrifles”. This is not an ideal situation and causes confusion. However, contracts such as that will not persist past death in any court of law that we are aware of.
      [8] { Fri Sep 15 16:31:12 2017
      } We have met a curious Balosar being called ‘Taz’. He will craft our cutters for 25,000 per for the first 250, then 35,000 per after that. Our contact channel is 9888, 2333.
      [9] { Thu Sep 28 15:56:35 2017
      } Today, Grimes has attacked us verbally on CommNet 0. He has stated that our products are shoddy and that we are charging high prices for no reason.
      [10] { Thu Sep 28 15:57:27 2017
      } Coupled with the previous irritants, we are not best pleased by this development. He tried to push in different ways to verbally attack us, but we fended each off.
      [11] { Thu Jan 11 18:59:08 2018
      } A Devaronian female was disparaging our products yesterday, and made the slip mention of assisting a customer on Coruscant on HTO’s commchannel. When we contacted HTO to discuss this, a Gotal female spoke up saying that there was no Devaronian in their ranks. We are irritated by what we believe to be an obvious lie. Business must be conducted cleanly.
      [12] { Mon Feb 5 14:45:27 2018
      } Taz’s new channel is 206 36408
      [13] { Wed Feb 7 15:34:13 2018
      } Several days after the Devaronian’s commentary, we were blown up within our vessel and sent to the hospital for a lengthy stay. We have no concept of who may or may not have done this, and have played it off publicly to assume a magnanimous air, calling for cooperation between firms rather than destruction as used to be the norm.
      [14] { Wed Feb 7 15:35:31 2018
      } Our first consideration was Herk, yet we received a message from him before the incident requesting that we work for him. While he has been notorious in the past for such things, he has never been that way towards us. Our only consideration is that it may have been a competitor – or a major firm.
      [15] { Wed Feb 7 15:36:40 2018
      } In line with the Devaronian woman’s disparaging was also the Quarren bodyguard man that is with Viphe at all times. We are uncertain whether or not he is actually an employee of Harrin, but we do know that he is there and around her often. He also made commentary about our stores and how we lack fashion sense. Are they using their employees to attempt to discredit us? This will not do. Sales have been down from what they should, and this muckery cuts into our bottom line.
      [16] { Wed Feb 7 15:39:03 2018
      } We have heard that Behemoth was rounded up by the Morgukai. Meeting with Rothmar, his arm had been loped off – which is somewhat discouraging after the friendship we have shared with the Morgukai. Why would they do such a thing to an engineer? They are all quiet on what took place and why.
      [17] { Wed Feb 7 15:40:10 2018
      } We concluded a minor business deal with Behemoth, and have much more that can be done, we believe. They seem genuinely appreciative of us and our drive, but we have been deceived before. We will work our way through to see what true intentions there are.
      [18] { Wed Feb 7 15:41:30 2018
      } A notice appeared on the public board two days ago of an accounting of how Harrin Trade Outfitters was behind my hospital visit – specifically the Gotal named Vedin, but that it was done at the behest of the higher-ups, Vyktor and Viphe.
      [19] { Wed Feb 7 15:46:14 2018
      } While we considered Vyktor a friend of industry, this is not something we expected – even if they were wanting to push us out of business. But this simply continues to confirm my suspicions regarding Harrin. We have been treated like this before, however, and know how to handle business ruthlessly, if need be. We will begin exploring options to replace the leadership of Harrin for their attempted murder of us.
      [20] { Wed Feb 7 15:47:37 2018
      } Pesh of the Morgukai informed us that the Morgukai are beginning an investigation into the matter. We will check in with them to see what comes of it, but there remains little doubt within my mind. They likely will keep it going for some time in order to assert dominance where it does not belong, as usual. However, this will likely align with my goals as well.
      [21] { Wed Feb 7 15:50:13 2018
      } Viphe has attempted to play the innocent card, and has gone on and on about how our services are so wonderful. It is disgusting to witness. Vyktor is playing the “but we are friends, how can you believe an unsigned letter?” game. Simply because something sketchy-looking is discarded on the ground, unowned, does not make it less valuable. We have found ugly jewelry in trash compactors that we have resold for profit at pawn shops.
      [22] { Wed Feb 7 15:50:57 2018
      } Our priority, however, should be to attempt to find whoever wrote the note. We believe we may know the method as well, as we were mailed before the incident for details about our ship’s destruction.
      [23] { Wed Feb 7 19:20:49 2018
      } We had a productive meeting with the KSF today. Dylin has verified that this Vedin being is the one who indeed mined our vessels. This indeed makes the story much more likely to us. Why would some rogue being we have never met want to destroy us without orders to do so?
      [24] { Wed Feb 7 19:22:16 2018
      } Dylin was apprehensive about us speaking publicly about this fact, however, as they need to maintain some semblance of relations with Harrin. We will do what we need to to protect this source, but there is little doubt left to me that this is the correct path.
      [25] { Wed Feb 7 19:22:37 2018
      } It is not our intention that an entire organization should suffer for the actions of a few greedy, unthinking beings at the top of the ladder. So we shall need to plan this meticulously.
      [26] { Thu Feb 8 01:37:20 2018
      } The Black Sun channel is 2923/92
      [27] { Fri Feb 9 03:34:31 2018
      } We have contacted Black Sun and arranged for the deaths of Vyktor and Viphe at the steep price of 10 million credits. This is adequate for the job, and was placed up-front to ensure that should they assassinate us, we will still have others waiting for them for our revenge beyond the grave.
      [28] { Fri Feb 9 03:40:28 2018
      } Heavy burdens are considered by us in this decision, but we feel justified. The attempt by their employee confirmed, the hate-mongering by their employees and contracted bodyguard towards Slayn & Korpil previously, Vyktor’s distance and shortness with us since his elevation to corporate status, as well as their lies to KSF on the matter. When we spoke with them briefly on comms, we were shunned as being harsh for wanting to keep ourselves safe. Later, we have come to find that Harrin was approaching different organizations and peoples to get them to speak positively of Harrin. Meeting with Viphe, it was evident that she only wanted to talk of saving her own carapace.
      [29] { Fri Feb 9 03:41:22 2018
      } We have ‘made amends’ publicly in order to distance ourselves from what will occur. But this is not our heart. It is maneuvering. We are not fond of such tactics, but we must ensure our model and our brand.
      [30] { Sun Mar 4 03:12:43 2018
      } We went to meet with Viphe tonight, and a sniper bolt shot into the room at us! We’re not certain who was fired at at first, but the being came in and attacked Viphe. Is this.. a ruse? Or Black Sun attempting to kill our competitor while we were there? We are uncertain. But we must get her out of commission as soon as possible.


      Wrrlmapia, Era 2
      Wookiee Espionage Jedi Guardian

      Wrrlmapia was basically purchased and rolled to help out the Jedi in era 2 when it seemed like they were struggling. really wasn’t a need as several others came out of the woodwork around the same time. Outside of his training, he took part in the debacle with Halo on Corellia, and ended up being pretty disgusted that his fellow Jedi just attacked the unarmed droid that came down under a truce flag and were going to murder him. After that, Wrrlmapia kinda split ways with the Jedi and I just didn’t log him on very much. A few hours before era 2’s EoE, I decided to suicide him since the Jedi Order was so strong and numerous and I didn’t want him affecting the Jedi count for era 3 calculations. Probably should’ve waited until after the EoE concluded…


      Osktwentythree, Era 2
      Scout_Droid Pilot
      The Morgukai Empire

      This droid was basically rolled to help the Morgukai navy out when it appeared that ORA might just roll them over. He led a battlegroup in the battle over Coruscant which sent the ORA navy running with their tails between their legs. Had a few blockade actions and such. Then finally, when Herk and his boi stole the Death Star, Osk23 delivered our two-man strike team to Dac and just barely managed to dock with the Death Star. The two guys managed to board like SECONDS before Osk’s flagship was destroyed by the superlaser. And only lasted that long because of furious recharging and knowing that if I didn’t dock and get them over, their rampage likely would have kept on going. #UnsungHeroThatSingsAboutHimself


      Demo, Era 2
      War_Droid Combat
      The Morgukai Empire

      Demo, or D-3M0, was a fully kitted-out War Droid that I shelved from early on in the era. I decided to trot him out during the war with ORA to see if I could help. His main character quirk was that he was true to the vision of Kaaton: that droids were preeminent. Almost immediately ran into one of the Morgukai forcers that decided to be a shit about it and just attacked Demo for asking why the majority of the Morgukai’s leaders were not droids. Feeling that this was rather stupid of him to do while they were in a war (and really explains how twisted the priorities of the Morgukai were), I ran out to the workshop, compacted all of my upgraded carapace, tomb gear, etc, etc, then suicided.


      Zlol “Zee”, Era 3
      Toydarian Espionage
      The New Republic

      Zlol was rocky AF to play. A combination of only speaking Toydarian/Jawa, heavily fucked accent, being heavily egotistical, pointing out shit that was shady, and using dark blue text made a lot of people either not want to talk to him or get easily irritated. I started him in era 2 and he joined the Morgukai for a brief period before I just lost interest. I brought him back in era 3 to help the NR out as a sort of naysmith, or voice of reason. However, things were very rocky towards the beginning.

      Unfortunately, the day before I was going to apply to the Republic, one of the Republic characters boarded his freighter, acted like an ass and lied about half the encounter to the Republic, and so I wasn’t immediately believed. After a few days, things calmed down and I joined to help out. However, between the original lying character, another character that was petting knocked out prisoners, and the leadership that didn’t seem (in Zee’s eyes) to care, he decided to leave right before the Rakghoul event. In the Rakghoul event, anytime another player wasn’t around to fly the Mercy, Zee did it.

      After a few months, he again joined the Republic after finding that most of the troublemakers were gone. Only to meet up with Slip – who he felt was too stupid to take the advice that Zee was giving him to save his own skin (like “If everything thinks you are partial to Utmian, you should stop dealing with them and let another Senator”). This also was around the time that Brevard lost two wingships to a frigate and Tyral accidentally murdered two trainees in a navy exercise. Fed up with incompetence and the politics, I put Zee on a break.

      I brought him back for the war with the CSA. Took several shifts between moving the fleet to balk their commander back to Wroona, and then ran the MC80 fleet in the battle over Tatooine. Suicided him shortly after the end of the war because I felt his time had run its course.


      Dosij of Clan Cryrn, Era 3
      Mandalorian Diplomat
      The New Republic

      With a lack of apps coming in, and the Republic in a spiraling shitfest, I decided to app for Dosij as abit of an oddball – a Mandalorian that would talk before fighting. He was fun to play for a time, but the OOC rumor mill got way too out of control to the point where people were blatantly talking about me as him on Discord or immchatting up about it and I decided to suicide him.

      He helped to vote Slip out when the evidence was stacked, and was pretty much was the voice of the NR during the war with the CSA. I started by clanmessaging them anything I could think of to stall out the war until we had a full navy ready. Then once we were going, I moved him between Alderaan and Ryloth a few times each day to hole up with citizens if we were blockaded.

    • Ilyena Participant
      January 26, 2019 at 10:23 pm #31426
        Zuleni the Omwati

      My Omwati leadership engineer from Era 1. She was in Arakyd, Behemoth and the Republic. She was mostly a very boring character that I just used to bot and be management/leadership.

        Shabu the Mirialan (Nenta)

      She was rolled just for fun to get back into the game and RP with someone else. It turned out she had the Force! She was trained just as the Republic died and was in hiding most of her life (that was not fun). She joined Arakyd at the end of Era 1 and then Behemoth Industries at the end of Era 2 just to hide. She was the reason why Behemoth Industries got raided by the Morgukai. She died in the two minute timer incident and had her face on the mountain top in the plaza on Coruscant.

        Imara the Mirialan

      She was a replacement for Shabu when she was killed in a lame mined ship near the beginning of Era 2. I only ended up playing her much in Era 3 and she was the intelligence leader for The New Republic. I suicided her when the Rakghoul Plague happened and she got infected. That was a big nope for me. I enjoyed playing her though.

        Qumiliarilian the Offshoot (Qumi)

      Just someone I made to be happy and perky and to have a weird name. I loved people’s reactions to her name.

        Aakka (Wookiee Sith)

      I had lots of points and just went eh. Fine. I rolled the wookiee with the Force and she ended up with 100 Force. That went up to 105 after training. The Sith that she was a part of were a bit underwhelming but I am definitely not very good at evil. I was trying to be an evil character but the RP was pushing me away from it.

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    • Ainm Participant
      January 26, 2019 at 10:42 pm #31429

      Arthur (Sith Espionage)

      I loved Arthur. Even if he had a stupid name because I was still trying to figure things out and accidentally named a Sith Arthur. I fumbled my way through a background and had a lot of fun playing him out. I had a blast playing in the Sith Empire and wish it could have lasted longer.

      Danzer (Morgukai Diplomat)

      On the flip side, after Arthur’s death, I felt pretty meh about Danzer. Work was getting crazy and I didn’t have time to devote to him, so his character development suffered dramatically. He did go out with a bang though, so that was pretty cool.

      Brevard (Republican/KSF/ORA/NR Pilot)

      As would be blatantly obvious, Brevard was my first attempt at being a pilot. He’s also the first character I’ve ever had that lasted all three Eras, so that was pretty cool. Brevard had some highs and some lows (like discovering trying to fly a fleet while kinda drunk OOC will get you to lose two wing-ships to a frigate) but I had a blast playing with all kinds of others in the different clans he was in. By far one of my favorite characters I’ve ever played. Also shout out Rem, wherever you are. You should have killed Brevard ages long ago. Roleplaying with the Queen and her Handmaiden, Dylin, Khenla, Magrinn, LUIS, were the highlights for sure, but there were so many others as well. Brevard had a bumpy right, but I had fun.

    • RussM Participant
      January 26, 2019 at 11:13 pm #31430

      Someday I’ll be as awesome as Xerakon’s disclosures.
      In the meantime!
      Era 1:
      -Pah, Nautalon
      Pah was my first combatant this TL, with my primary goal being improving my ground PvP game. I know a lot. I understand a lot. But I need to turn it to muscle memory and instant reflexes. So I rolled her to be a peon. Instead she ended up being the general or something for a bit. Because I was active, and making things happen. So let this be your lesson, be active, do things, your be put in charge. So charge forth! My biggest regret is right after Alderaan with the Sith I got pulled for duty because of the hurricanes.
      -Lucius, Besalisk
      I rolled Lucius to waste time. Run cargo, man a mid/outer in combat. Instead he wound up the de-facto leader of the navy while Pah was leader of the army. The only reason he was never actually the leader/admiral is because I point blank refused, and oocly refused. Everyone looked to him because he was around and I was willing to help train people up to get them started with using battlegroups and let them go forth and learn.

      Era 2:
      -Skorros, Cerean
      Everyone’s favorite not-evil enough scientist! I meant him to be fairly evil, like doesn’t care about using living people to experiment on. Instead I wound up more neutral due to the enviroment and I feel I could’ve put my foot down and push the evil thing more. As it is I did get to learn a lot about developing interceptors. And get to add another feather to my clan leads.
      -Scout Droid whose name escapes me.
      So, this was rolled up to be a ground peon. And I learned! I improved. I again ended up as the leader of the army which was a cursed position because no army leader lasted more than a few months. I threw him away against a jedi just to practice against and watch the weapon switch meta to work on my own skills to counter it in the future. Sorry I got some folks killed in that, but I was hoping it would result in the rest of the Morgukai going stompy stompy on the good guys forcing conflict.
      -Clog, War Droid
      I rolled Clog to help with the ground combat because when we started we basically had no ground pounders at the end of the Era. I used Clog to try and keep morale up and to train combatants. My ideal death for him always involved standing at the entrance of the Citadal, three soldier NPCs fully armed and kitted with imbued lances fortified to fend off the assault on the Morgukai. Due to the fucking crashes after the ORA hyperspaced in, I had partially kitted out soldier NPCs, a newbie that was going to drop off a bunch of canisters, and ended up engaged in front of the turbolift. So I popped all the canisters and went to work from a terrible position that still caused a fair delay.
      Famous Last Words: “Fuck”
      Era 3:
      -Fixer, Protocol Droid
      Everyone’s favorite protocol droid(I hope!) Fixer was a mess, but a great engineer. I hope everyone enjoyed my RP with him. It was great fun!
      -Gida, Twi’lek
      I rolled Gida to do BH stuff, and further work on my ground pvp. It came in use a few times but she really ended up just a glorified PvE hunter that I basically ignored outside of events because Fixer was more fun for me. On the other hand, the couple of people I tried to hunt ended up just bunking for most the rest of the Era so yay?

      Be evil people, don’t be neutral, be evil please.

      Death Star Fiasco. Warning, Rambling involved.
      So this event went wrong a few ways. My biggest problem was poor communication. I don’t think anyone had super clear lines of what could and couldn’t happen on the player side. I understand the need to not tell us players /everything/ but some of us need enough to know enough to help keep things on the rails. Trust is of course a huge issue here I understand.

      The problems the night of: So on the Death Star was just Skorros. ‘Halo’ was technically a PC on the bridge just because that’s how ships work in the code for him to operate it. A prog was on the bridge door that ideally would keep people out of it so you in theory couldn’t kill Halo, but a group of jedi could probably break through that prog. At which point congrats! Spend how ever long circle jerking your victory because nothing else was really going to happen. The 2 minute timer was also a bad, knee-jerk reaction which ruined it on the opposites end of the spectrum. It sounds like the invading group had no idea what they needed to do and so zerged the bridged. With no one to oppose them on the station, I’ll be honest I’d probably have set the Self-destruct to with the lack of information on the station Halo had. I had a little more, but only because I ran through it during the run-away death star event the few days prior. While I feel the event didn’t pan out at all across the board because of the lack of ability to take part and instruction I do feel the death of everyone on the station was probably the best outcome of shitty possible outcomes. They did a thing, saviors, yay, the statue was stupid. The only other way it ended was like I mentioned, circle jerk for how ever long and then ride into the sunset heroically. Which may have been the better ending for the seven-eight invading but the event would’ve just as bad and boring.

      Now of course I could be wrong, but I’m all for anything that helps move the story and gives people a chance to take part. This event moved a story, but it didn’t give a chance for many to take part. It also ended poorly. The invading force getting away would’ve been a huge boon to Era 3 start. But they didn’t, and it’s entirely possible in the event that even doing the puzzle on the ship they may not have made it out. Or that they may have been blown up with the station when we tried to blow up Naboo, or overloaded trying to wreck Korriban. Hindsight tells us we could’ve done a lot of things better, but instead lets focus on doing things better in the future.

    • Apophis Participant
      January 27, 2019 at 12:21 am #31432

      I didn’t really play that much this timeline. The only characters I had of any kind of note were in E2 and E3.


      Markus – Alderaanian Science Teacher – Just there in HTO to teach people sciences. Suicided when I took a break from the mud.
      Espee (SP-01) – Astromech Engineer – Ship and Armor botter in HTO. Suicided when I took a break from the mud.


      S’tana Vyle – Dathomiri Combatant – Originally rolled Stana in E2. Didn’t suicide her with the rest of my characters by virtue of having been one of the last Dathomiri that would ever be made, though it took some convincing from a friend. Unknowingly logged in just in time to escape Dac before it was destroyed. Joined CSA in E3 and bolted through the ranks even though I was mostly inactive. Almost died on the Mandalore event due to shitty spam preventing me from reacting, but everyone who died there because of that was restored. Took over CSA security after Dilug and Zaela died in the first war with the Republic eventually becoming Number Two of CSA. Generally a smartass and didn’t have any patience for bullshit from other people. Spent a lot of time in the second war with the Republic putting out fires and chasing down Nirrus on Bespin. Came within one room of having to fight Thuvo with Melany, but Thuvo backed off for whatever reason that doesn’t really matter. After the war was won, I spent a lot more time inactive because of life. Took all the restraint I had along with some retraint from Pfon not to go breaking down the Syndicate doors when they started being sexist, fuckwad dicks toward the CSA for whatever lame reason. In an annoyingly familiar scenario, she died in EOT getting spammed out by the shitty progs on Naboo.

      Note about Stana: It was mentioned ad nauseam both to and about Stana that people were “so surprised” that a Dathomiri had no Force potential whatsoever. I eventually got fed up and mentioned something about it in Immchat where Gathorn said it was rather odd. He wondered if I didn’t roll Stana during a time when all Force was “accidentally” set to 0 for new characters or something. The conversation was awhile ago, but there’s the explanation for all you Forcers who couldn’t keep your nose out of anyone else’s business for two seconds.

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    • Calladin Participant
      January 27, 2019 at 2:26 am #31436

      Therin. Morgukai Fleet Marshal.

      Grev. Republican Senator, briefly.

    • dacen Participant
      January 27, 2019 at 4:31 am #31437

      Era 1-2: Liam Solaire (Corellian spy, smuggler)

      &cStanding in front of you there is a handsome tall human male with black hair
      and deep &Cblue eyes&c, the harmony of his face is just interrupted by &wa small scar&c
      at the side of his left eye, but is not very new and the pass of time made it
      barely visible at first sight. He is dressed in confortable way, with &bblue navy
      pants&c, &Wa white shirt&c and a &Othin leather jacket&c. This casual wear is completed
      with an inquisitive sight and the half of a smile that is always in his lips.

      &w([] &RC&Wor&RS&Wec &WCitizen Dossier&w [])
      &RBirthname: &WLiam Solaire
      &RGender: &WMale
      &RAge (Standard Years): &W29
      &RSpecies: &WHuman
      &RNational Planet: &WCorellia

      &w([]== &WEMPLOYMENT HISTORY&w ==[])
      &RCurrent Employment:&R&W –
      &RPrevious Employments:
      &R- &WGalactic Republic
      &R- &WIntelligence division at CorSec

      &w([]== &WINTELLIGENCE REPORT&w ==[])

      &YRECORD FROM CORSEC INSPECTOR VASMA SETT: &g”Son of a single mother from the
      lowerclass of Coronet city, he was noted by CorSec recruiters when he
      was found responsible of a massive hack of government network where he changed
      some of the government announces with holos of the members of the government
      having sex with pigs. “It was for fun” he declared to the officers who
      interrogatedhim at the moment. Being minor, he had luck because at the moment
      there was aspolicy trying to get new talents. He was forced to choose: going
      to jail or join the intelligence school of CorSec. He went for the second
      option and he quick ly became an advanced student. He graduated with honours
      and got his first(and last) assignment: he was commissioned to infiltrate an
      anarchist groupthat was considered a danger by CorSec. With his antecedents,
      he was accepted immediately. Things didn’t went well for him: He fell in love
      with one of the leaders and her (Leda Montag see appropriate file) corresponded
      so he started to doubt about his compromise and became closer and closer to share
      the ideals of the group. At its moment, CorSec decided a fast intervention and
      send a combat unit to take care of the danger, causing the the dead of most of the
      group (her girlfriend included). He survived and was prosecuted as accomplice
      and again luck came from his side and he was found not-guilty of charge because
      of a technical error (is unclear if he manipulated the profs in some way),
      but anyway he was fired from CorSec. His tracks are lost some days after the
      end of the trial.”

      &YRECORD FROM REPUBLIC OFFICER ROSH DARSTEN: &w”He was seen hanging at the
      Outlander with very well known underworld scum. While nothing was proved, he
      was suspected of trafficking and we put some eyes on it but all this activities
      seems to have stop since some time, even if he still spends a lot of time in
      bars talking with locals.”

      &YRECORD FROM CORSEC INSPECTOR VASMA SETT: &g”I saw him in the lower sectors of
      Coronet city, hanging with known criminals of the zone. He was a bit lost, at
      least that was I thought when I saw him. He was drinking more than enough and
      he was not paying attention to his surrondings, an attitude completely contrary
      to his training and conditions. So I suspected something weird, that’s why I
      looked at his record and I found that he left Republic Government right after
      Philip’s suicide. There were several defections that time… almost all of
      those who were loyal to him resigned their government assignments. But I feel
      there was something more.”


      Character Motives:
      He wants to believe he wants to earn money to gain freedom. And he wants to
      believe that’s his only motivation, but deep inside (and even not so deep
      inside) he is, in fact, a freedom ideallist, anarchist style. This radical
      ideology was cimented during his time with Leda and her father but their
      violent death made him think on less direct ways of act. He will rebel against
      any kind of authoritarian imposition (or anything he believes authoritarian).
      From his relationship with Aries, he learned to help others. Still, Philip’s
      suicide was a lot more shocking for him that he wants.
      He will do anything to not let down his friends and lovers.

      Character Strengths:
      He is extremely loyal. He will never betray his friends.

      Character Downfalls:
      This loyalty can be easily used to manipulate him. He can follow people
      he trust to do things he does not believes or agrees.

      Liam was my attempt to do a “good guy with bad choices”, and I was kind of successful at it. Enrolled the (old)republic “just because”, had some friends and a crush with an Arkanian there, Aries Polani. When Philip suicided and Aries left the republic he left too, not finding any reason to stay.
      When Aries joined an engineering firm and married another guy (Nat Polani) he fell down and started to drink and consume a lot of spice. He then started to stole ships, refine spice and produce cutters to sell (to Vax’sx of Slayn and Korpil, under the disguise of Taz, a Balosar).
      I think he stole half of the stolen ships of that Era, and never got into the radar 😛
      For when Era 2 started, he was well stablished as a smuggler with the cover of a cargo pilot. Still following his characteristic of taking bad choices, he joined the Crucible, and made intelligence of the Core for them.
      But then the creche died and I was bored, so I started the “Wanderers Society of Explorers”, as a cover to allow me visit any place. I kind of explored half of the galaxy in my idle times. Of course, people use to came to me asking for information and I shared some… not the most important. Also people asked a lot for the crucible base which of course I wasn’t able to share even if I would want.

      As a char to learn espionage and smuggling, it was ok… but frankly underexploited.
      Anyway, killed the guy at end of Era 2 because I didn’t have the time to play (or so I thought).

      Era 3: Doctor Kiro Lam (Kaminoan engineer/doctor)
      Came back trying to play a char that allowed me to do a lot of botting (since I play mainly at work) 🙂
      Not much to say about Kiro. He was made in the style of “Mordin” of Mass Effect, but I’m not sure how well I played it.
      Anyway he discovered the recipe to make ultra-good medpacs, designed the nano gloves and not much more.
      But as RP, it was good… until I get bored.

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    • Odari Participant
      January 27, 2019 at 5:10 am #31438

      I had too many characters soooo I’ll limit myself to the ones worth mentioning.

      Ayana (Era 1, Alderaanian Smuggler, 35), Sessler (Era 2, Sluissi Smuggler, 34), Rikreek (Era 3, Kubaz Espy, 15), Tteel (Era 3, Jawa Espy, 76)
      Hi. Did you have a ship stripped this TL? Odds are, it was one of the above characters. Sorry (no I’m not). The numbers are how many they stripped. Of particular note, Sessler stripped 15 ships on Coruscant a dozen of which were in the middle of the afternoon and Tteel could break Delta-7 and only couldn’t break Echo-0 due to coprocs being removed.

      Galatea (Era 3, Mirialan Combatant)
      Did not like this character at all. But she killed a mandalorian PC during the Mandalore event before being killed by the second. So she’ll always hold a special place in my heart for that.

      Leona (Era 1/2, Wroonian Engineer Jedi Guardian)
      This was the very first character I rolled for the TL. Coming off the previous TL’s EoT war I just wanted to go back to doing engineer things for a while. The RNG had other ideas apparently. Kinda waffled on getting awakened for a while but after the first Republic/Sith war I decided I definitely wanted to be more involved if more fighting broke out. Was glad for the experiences on this character but ended up not liking the clans she got dragged into, particularly the ORA in Era 2. Most fun I had with her was definitely EoE 1 on Corellia and especially a few days later on Coruscant. Less so getting involved in giant ganksquads. She was eventually killed in a frigate by the Death Star. I went in figuring I was going to get fired at by turbolasers that’d effortlessly dodge until I could distance myself to jump away, cue superlaser spam instead. Took four shots to finally end her because she survived one hit and dodged two.

      Renwa (Era 2, Nautolan Combatant Jedi Consular)
      Rolled this character as a combat main to pick fights with the Morgukai so I could learn pvp more on a normy because I was worried with my fights on Leona being basically my only PVP experiences I wouldn’t know what to do when I’m not playing a forcer. So of course she rolled force. Still went on to pick fights with the Morgukai. Kinda regret the perms on Corellia a bit in retrospect, but enjoyed messing with the Morgukai on Coruscant during the war. Was pretty much the complete opposite of Leona in terms of temperament which made her the perfect character to take to Coruscant when I got fed up with the navy’s inaction and wanted to bring the fight to the Morgs. She was pretty ridiculous though and maybe even OP. 90 levels of force but she never died. Even at the end where she fought 3 normies and a forcer while locked in a room with them I’m sure there were ways I could have still won or at least taken a few out with me. Granted that’s also because the normies weren’t using stims. She ended up being good pvp practice regardless.

      Dyna (Hapan Engineer, Era 1/2/3)
      Rolled on a whim near the end of era 1 with the intention of rolling her into an engineering clan in era 2. That part happened and lasted maybe a week or so before she resigned so Leona could join the hidden jedi clan. Shelved her for a while, brought her back when Viphe took over Harrin because I figured she’d have ample reason not to rejoin at that point due to a conversation between her and Vyktor about how Viphe didn’t like Dyna having a shop selling explosives. Morgukai had outlawed them and she was worried a Harrin employee selling them would cause trouble for the clan. Kept selling explosives throughout the era, even while shelved. Helped that the name kinda fit. Was planning to app for an engineering clan with her, but was inspired by a line from the era 3 app call to try for a minor government instead. Specifically the line about an engineering autocracy seizing the day. CSA was meant to be a government that’d side with/provide military aid to engineering firms as a response to engineering firms seemingly being stomped on up to that point while also having a police force that’d be tough on crime. I basically pictured the CSA’s police being like America’s, heh. That part didn’t quite play out like I had wanted sadly. Eventually stepped down after the first Republic/CSA war as the whole thing got too stressful for me. I liked this character though. Had a bit of an edge to her and ended up with a reputation as a badass in spite of being an engineer with 85 combat levels.

      Hanica (Offshoot Espionage, Era 3)
      Ended up enjoying this character more than I expected. She was basically just a cargo runner for most of the era for the CSA but also fought in the Republic/Syndicate/CSA war. Fought on the ground a bit at Bespin and piloted the one frigate in the final naval battle that basically tanked the entire enemy fleet. Bailed when the frigate only had 2% fuel left but the frigate apparently survived and Hanica… didn’t. Had fun though. All hail frigates.

      Melany (Lorrdian Combatant, Era 3)
      My second CSA combatant. Never took her armor off and got a few kills during the second war. Died in a kinda lame way in the EoT event when I hitalled and berserked against one of the friendly soldiers who then refused to die. It was a slow and painful death to sit through as I tried to survive/wait out the berserk but eventually just got killed by the forcers and friends ganksquad. Was apparently the only person to manage to escape D2’s magnaguard and her droideka companion after getting boxed in. Wish I got to do more fighting as her but oh well.

    • Desmond Participant
      January 27, 2019 at 7:54 am #31440

      Era 1:


      Philip was, briefly, the Vice Chancellor of the Republic at the start of the TL. I was pretty excited that the IMMs had approved the app because it just wasn’t something that I was expecting. His background was pretty conservative. He believed in the free market, was against trade permits, was a military/Republic first character that had served during the war and had minor of PTSD.

      I have to say that I wasn’t very good at playing a Senator, I was still too new a player and I struggled with it. There were good times, with Laurie and some others because we had little party meetings in his home on Corellia and made plans and there were some not too good times, his anti-Jedi attitude didn’t come across well and when efforts were made to repair the relationship he was rebuffed.

      I don’t remember a great deal but I think the proverbial straw came when Auros told Philip to go fuck himself and Philip responded in kind, the Huncellor didn’t like that and demoted Philip from Vice Chancellor. It was a fun learning experience, even if he is probably my least favourite alt of the TL.


      After Philip I had a… Zabrak? Maybe? Someone in the Sith Empire who ended up getting got, so I eventually rolled a Wookiee called Shanarr who was pretty fun. Went to the Sith Empire which was a really fun clan eventually they lost the war and he ended up in Arakyd and from Arakyd he went to Behemoth Industries. There’s not really much to say on him because it was a long time ago and I don’t remember a lot of the details. I believe he got whacked over Coruscant by the Morgukai because the ORA fed them some dodgy intel (By that time Shanarr, Koozat and others were pretty ready to roll onto the ORA for harbouring and helping Herk – Who had murdered their friend, Jayden.)

      Around this time I also had an alt called Tara. She was sort of fun but I don’t remember enough to really make any comments on her.


      After Shanarr I somehow ended up rolling Gilay and joining those murdering filth, the ORA. Gilay was… An iktotch-twi’le-something race who managed to fail upwards and become a Vice Admiral or Captain or something senior in the ORA military for a while. I had the distinct pleasure of playing alongside Ocerion who was kind enough to give me a lot of pointers and help me get my space game up to something above car crash but below responsible driving.

      It was a lot of fun. Gilay was pretty dedicated to the cause of freedom and democracy until he had a fallen out with the Naboo Queen alt person thing. Gilay ended up getting outcast, rehired and outcast again a few days later which was… A little bizarre and didn’t make a whole lot of sense to me but eventually he was grenaded by… A Bando alt… I dunno the name in what was a bit of a strange twist for the good guys. The plan had been to take him over to Ithor and join Behemoth and continue to fight the fight. So when pirating a ship on Ryloth, Bando lobbed in a grenade and boom goes the dynamite. Gilay was gone.

      Funny thing: I ended up getting a weeks ban for spyapp because… Apparently if you get outcast from a clan, don’t have lookup and steal a ship that’s owned by a former clan mate? Still a breach and stuff (but that was on the back of a few run ins over spyapp that I’m not going to dredge back up again)

      Era 3:


      I mean, come on? Who didn’t love Elunarr. The guy freed the galaxy of Paze (Sorry SP) but more on that later.

      Elunarr was bound to Arturius via a life debt and served in the Republic. The character was pretty fun, most of the time. Participating in the whole Rakghoul event that Xerakon put together was a lot of fun for me because with timezones I don’t often get to really take part in that sort of thing but he got a few DNA samples, he helped take down Almina and I applaud and thank the staff for making the entire event so accessible for the whole playerbase.

      I don’t have a lot to really say about Elunarr but I was a bit of a dick by the time I was sick of playing him. There were constant rumours of Paze spreading anti-Republic propaganda and she was perceived to be frenemy that a few of us just didn’t like anymore (and I really liked Paze at one point) so yeah. When I knew I was pretty much done with Elunarr I figured he had ample perm justification. I don’t really play around with PvP or perming so I decided to go at Paze just for a bit of fun. If it worked then that’s great, if it doesn’t then who cares?

      It sort of worked because he did perm her but she was able to ID him via comlink when I revived them for some RP before perming in deep space. Unfortunately I hadn’t realised that when you drop someone, they keep their carapace and stuff on them – So she still had comlinks on her. Elunarr went back to the Republic, tried to front it out and even asked Aakka if the CSA would take him in . To cut it short, he entered the Republics interrogation chamber of secrets and did not leave it. Though, that’s not before he made a very valiant attempt at running for freedom and getting close to perming Arturius and Tyral on a gunship. I buggered that up by forgetting to turn the autopilot on after enabling the self destruct. By the time I remembered and went back to turn it on, Arturius had already aborted the launch sequence and they were able to overwhelm him (he was at this point without much in terms of armour, weapons etc.)

      Sorry SP 🙂


      Without a doubt my favourite alt of the era and for none of the reasons I expected when apping for a Forcer. Emit was a hot head, a blowhard and could talk the back legs off of a donkey once he got going but he was very firmly a good guy. A lot of his antagonising behaviour came from a) him being so firmly anti-dark side b) trying to push stuff to happen in a pretty sedate era.

      What I found rather amusing with Emit was the number of times people came to him from the Senate and discussed coups with him. Slip was the most blunt and basically said ‘We’re going to regime change, if Arturius refuses to step down then we’re going to use the military… Will you back us or arrest us if we use the military to remove Arturius?’ but I think that came down to the nature of the Republic. Arturius was a darn effective leader but his very existence seemed to have the rest of the galaxy crying dictator and unpredictable Senate activity pretty much allowed him to run the show as he saw fit but when Slip and people came along the writing for Arturius was on the wall. Emit was always pretty honest and made it very clear to everyone ‘I’ll back the rule of law. You remove the sitting Chancellor legally and they refuse to go? I’ll arrest them for you. If you miss a dot from the paperwork and the law is on their side, me and the Jedi will stand against you’.

      It was the same with Lazy. Emit was probably the one who really pushed for the Jedi to stand independent of the Republic and stand up for what was right. Some may disagree with what we did re: broadcasting against the wishes of the Senate etc and people often said that it was a spyapp breach but we always tried to make it clear that we were speaking as a faction within the Republic, not as the Republic itself to mitigate any negativity thrown directly at the Senate etc. Personally? The guy was standing up against murder and if a Jedi isn’t going to do that then nobody is.

      Which was pretty much his entire mantra. Right was right and wrong was wrong. Even when Slip was found to be a traitor, Emit was one of the voices urging the Senate not to execute him. To build a galaxy on something better than legalised murder.

      I cannot thank the staff enough for letting me give a forcer a go because a lot of the RP dynamic was great and a huge thanks to Athrun because Luis was a great mentor for someone trying something new. Also a huge hug to Madelyn because she ended up naturally rolling a Forcer who became Emits apprentice and when our scheduales matched, I had some of the best RP I have ever had in this game. Below is a link to a Google doc that shows the log of her being awakened and if you’re interested, it’s a fun read (imho).


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    • rakun Participant
      January 27, 2019 at 12:19 pm #31443

      Ezalor – Devaronian pilot – New Republic commodore
      Gomez – aratech/black sun alderaanian engineer
      Jaril – old republic grand moff/admiral
      Lanius – alderaanian smuggler
      Laske – khommite pilot
      Orma – echani dark jedi
      Sero – human pilot
      Wendo – toydarian smuggler
      Zeron – falleen pilot
      Zoel – alderaanian slicer

    • statesman Participant
      January 27, 2019 at 12:33 pm #31444

      I had many characters, but here are some noteable ones!

      Yithria (Era 1, Aratech, Quermian Engineer)
      Feats: navigator, droid crafting, shipbuilding
      45% engineer, 35% developer, 10% cargo runner, 5% PvE
      My first real main character. She learned about
      engineering from Nac and development from Grimes. Loved my friends there, loved the social and dev RP. In hindsight, she feels naive for not realizing Herk was evil. Died in Kashyyyk lower shadowlands, kinda stupidly.

      This tall, slender creature stands between nine and ten feet tall! Compared
      with other mammalian humanoids, most of her additional height comes from her
      impossibly long neck–identifying her as a Quermian or Xexto. Her skin is very
      white, and her intelligent eyes sparkle with curiosity. Her pupils are a pale
      red, a tall, pointed oval reminiscent of a marquise-cut jewel.
      Usually, only two arms are visible. But when she is in her workshop, her full
      four arms are evident, operating with coordination and precision. When she is
      not working, she becomes still and observant, her head swaying gently back and
      forth atop her long neck, like a child’s swing in a soft breeze.

      Gishne (Era 1, Aratech/Unaffiliated, Mon Calamari Leader/Science)
      100% science teacher
      Feats: navigator, communicator, quick learner
      Trained under Herk. Realized he was evil. Waited a few weeks in hopes Herk wouldn’t remember his face, and then offered lessons at a lower price in concealing armor for a while.

      Alekha (Era 1, Morgukai, Wroonian Engineer)
      Feats: armor crafting, communicator, quick learner
      50% social, 50% engineer
      I liked being an engineer and was drawn to the Morgukai as a third option between Sith and Republic. Alekha helped make supplies and became in charge of Wroona, which led to a fun discussion with Vyktor about developing the planet more… shortly thereafter, I OOCly finished Blackrock Cove and he launched Harrin. So that was fun!

      Ashattaa (Era 1-2, Morgukai, Togruta Leader/Combat)
      80% combat teacher, 15% PvE, 5% PvP
      Ashattaa was a lot of fun to play–I tried to RP her as kind but also dedicated to the Morgukai. Did some diplomatic work, and lots of combat training. I was never a skilled PvPer myself, and eventually I was taken down by a Black Sun agent on Kashyyyk–in three rounds, during which I was lagged! Gah. On the Imm side, I learned he intended to take me prisoner but in dragging me to the base….
      Ashattaa was killed by a Kouroura at <room number!
      It was good for the story for her to die, though. Gave the Morgukai something to be mad about, as an excuse to declare war.

      Halo set her as #2 posthumously to troll everyone. But she was totally dead.

      Psi (Era 3, Unaffiliated, War Droid Leader/Diplomacy)
      80% social, 20% PvP
      I wanted to play a religious droid as an opposite to the Creche–a faithful devotee of the Silicon God. Ended up being a fun way to show the effects of the virus, as it abandoned its religion completely and ran around murdering citizens until Rannikk killed it on Ithor. Had brief but fun RP with several people, before and after infection.

      Pfon (Era 2-3, Harrin/CSA, Khommite Engineer)
      Feats: armor crafting, communicator, cybernetics expert
      40% social, 30% developer, 20% surgeon, 10% engineer
      Ah, Pfon. How do I love thee? Let me count the ways. I rolled him up as a cybernetics expert, intending to do some upgrades at the beginning of Era 3, suicide, and buy a forcer. Invented a backstory about being created and experimented on by Arkanian scientists, leaving him with extensive scars and experimental cybers. I joined Harrin as a paranoid guy who wanted to hide from the Arkanians.

      Then he met a cute, sweet Arkanian girl (Liz/Twoie’s nonevil side) and found himself developing feelings for her and losing much of his paranoia. When they were ready to admit they liked each other, Liz and Pfon both independently decided to give each other a rose… at the same meeting. Pfon learned her secrets and spent a lot of time befriending forcers of all stripes so he could talk intelligently with her about the Force and be supportive. The player never liked conflict and had to work crazy hours at the end of the Era, but she tried to be a good leader of the Sith anyway after Nathan suicided. She taught me everything I know about espionage and slicing.

      Pfon’s partnership with Dyna kept me playing him until the end, too. We led our science team to completing seven developments (rebreathers, cruisers, fighters, heavy cruisers, spectral cybers, grenade chemicals, and the Golan defense platform “Sapphire”). We both spent time as the other’s right hand in the CSA, and I helped a little with running the CSA general stores. Lots of roleplay over the course of an Era! She also was the first person to show me the practical side of PvP: blocking, shoving, fleeing, healing up, etc. 5/5 stars. Would play with again. 😛

      That’s to say nothing of Pfon’s friendships and RP with Halkon, Rendal, Paze, Amos, Ferral, Vei, Nathan, Aakka, Terrallia, Razzak/Red, Antien, Slip, Jiik, Xet, and wayyy too many other people to mention them all!

      Now, maybe I’ll buy that forcer. Hahaha.

      My other chars included Balos (Aratech slicer), Kyuseven (Morgukai astromech espi main I had no idea how to play except making cutters), Kaa (Defel hunter), Eisa (CSA SpecOps), Kleeb (CSA Gand Slicer), and Aerel (CSA Pilot).

    • Corey Participant
      January 27, 2019 at 1:57 pm #31445

      Era 1 – Enzo – Echani Smuggler Consular (If you’re thinking about trying it, don’t, its not worth it) – Joined the Jedi but due to the Jedi basically spending the whole Era staring at walls, I stopped playing him.

      Era 2 & 3 – Arkelan – Chiss Smuggler Juggernaut – Bought the character to roll a cliche pilot/smuggler type of character, turns out to have Force. Picked up by the Morgukai and basically developed a hatred for all things droids. Eventually joined up with the CSA in Era 3.

      Era 2&3 – Izzy – Balosar Engineer – A character purely designed as comic relief for myself. Ended up joining Telgorn to build ships and just be a fun character to play. I used the Paze/Lazy spat as an out to start playing Arkelan again.

    • Domovoi Participant
      January 27, 2019 at 2:03 pm #31446

      So I had three main characters I played

      1 – Emperor Azinimas, Dark Lord of the Sith

      Azinimas’s app was not for the Emperor. He was actually designed to be more of a Sith Alchemist that was the head of the Imperial Research. Most of my developments would have been equipment but I wanted to develop some sort of Sith monster that would be a terror in the middle of the era.

      Azinimas was also a “bide your time” Sith. There were times where the Republic and Furyk would poke at him, trying to get a rise but he was not one to respond, so I let all the slights build up until I figured there had been enough and launched a massive surprise attack on the Republic. I wanted to neuter all of their planets night one and basically slam dunk it, then call it off and say “This is what you get. Be nice.” It almost didn’t work that way and almost undid us until we got the upper hand. I called it back as planned.

      This upset my Admiral who then spyapped to betray me. I went on to work with Omega to help them beat the Republic while I was actually sending messages back to Noctis trying to help the Sith to ally or beat the Morgukai. Eventually they lost and the RP was that Azinimas went all in on Omega, even teaching him lightsaber tactics, which is how there was a Droidperor.

      I mothballed him because spirits don’t get to use comlinks or stay connected beyond the people they talk to so it became hard to give relevant information, so I rolled up Mallus.

      2 – Doctor Mallus Barca, Morgukai Research and Development

      Mallus was the developer for the Morgukai from about halfway through Era 1 to halfway through Era 2. He was a perfectionist Arkanian who would tolerate nothing less than 100%. Eventually the pressure for being the only developer for Omega and Halo got overwhelming so I bailed for a couple of months.

      3 – Telgorn Chief of Manufacturing ER-60 aka “Ergo”

      Probably my favorite character this timeline. Ergo was a prototype protocol droid designed by Adascorp (which was a running theme with all PC droids in Telgorn). Basically a hybrid droid between a Science and Research Droid and a BLX model droid in appearance, he had all kinds of gadgets that I could come up with to help development. Jiik eventually wanted a leader/engi more than just an engineer so he became a leader and I helped with the RP for developments rather than the actual clans.

      The hardest part of playing Ergo was hiding the fact that I’m a human IRL. So I made sure that I never used phrases like “I forgot” or “Let me think”. It was usually something about databanks if I had to think, but if I could recall off the top of my head, it was in “cached memory”. And the fact that I have several things about engineering scripted helped to sell the illusion massively as well.

      Ergo was fearless. He had very little sense of self preservation so I was always going into situations where he could ostensibly get killed and just played him as oblivious. I consider Ergo’s finest hour was when he flew the Mercy during the end of the Rakghoul event.

      Eventually when the droid EoT began, Xerakon asked if I was interested in helping out and I agreed without hesitation. Having a glorious fiery end for Ergo was the best I could have hoped for. Otherwise it would have been a post EoT suicide.

      Ergo’s directives I had in my think logs:
      Primary Directives: 1: Assist owning company by utilizing hardware and creative matrix software to provide service and value. 2: Operate with minimal Adascorp involvement. ER-60 is free from restrictions of Adascorp, and has been granted the highest permission levels to Adascorp networks outside of Adasca-level control.

      Secondary Directives: 1: Protect owning company from dissolution or outside danger where ER-60 is not in immediate danger of being destroyed, or being put in a situation where ER-60 cannot assist, such as combat. 2: Be as helpful as possible to all beings in as many ways as possible.

      4 – Clarence Pepperbottom

      I only brought Clarence in for a short time in the ORA but mostly played him in Telgorn getting him ready for losing Ergo so I could still do engineering. He was the best British stereotype that this American could come up with and that was his whole shtick. His basis was on this one artistic rendition of Star Wars characters in a western setting, Clarence Peppero, which is supposed to be C-3PO.

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