Fealty of Forcers


The demands of the Emperor for the loyalty of all Force Users.

The Imperial Cog spins onto a black screen as a fanfare of trumpets play in the background, before both the screen and the music fade away to the interior of the Imperial Throne room. Imperial Royal Guards stand on either side of the entrance to the room, and forming two lines in front of the towering staircase that leads to the Throne are hooded robed figures wearing lightsaber hilts. "The Empire is the first line of defense against criminals and terrorists that would throw the galaxy into chaos," a male voice echoes around the large expanse, and the holo-cam pans up to show a human male with a silver crown and robes seated upon the Throne. "While there may have been issues with the ancient Sith, it remains the only discipline capable of keeping the galaxy's lawless elements in check. But other disciplines remain outside of our control, and thus are dangerous. Jedi, Ex-Jedi, Disciples, they roam free and lack the restraint of a properly trained Sith. Running with criminals and attacking members of the Empire, or encouraging others to stand against us. From this day forward," he says as he gestures to the camera. "The Sith will hold all these wayward force users accountable. I hereby proclaim that ALL force users shall come to Coruscant and bend the knee, swear their allegiance to me from outside the Empire, and acknowledge my Sith as the one true order. Those who refuse to, I have no choice but to exile them from Imperial worlds, and any worlds we deem to be under our jurisdiction." At his words, the robed figures turn their heads to look towards the camera as well. "No matter what name they call themselves, they will be held accountable.
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