Holosim Arena Opens


The holosimulator arena for pilots makes its debut on Arkania.

Breaking Press Release: [SHI PR Newsroom] After months of construction, Space Holosimulators Incorporated, the leading provider of ship simulator solutions, announced today that the Holosimulator Arena is now open in their flagship location on Arkania.

The arena is equipped with an unlimited number of holosimulator pods and supports vessels of nearly any type, ranging from starfighters to battleships. Participants can arrange matches or practice using whichever rules they see fit. The arena is, as with all other holosimulator pods, equipped with a full 3-dimensional projection of the intense action inside the simulation.

Hotshot starfighter matches? Opposing fleets of 3 battleships each? The possibilities are nearly limitless! Entry fees have been prepaid by the government of Adascopolis in an ongoing subsidy to support tourism.
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