Wanted System Updates


This post covers all of the changes to the wanted system

This one took a while, so thank you for bearing with us!

-All worlds currently represented by The New Republic/A Neutral Government now have NPCs that will allow you to clear your wanted status...for a price. Currently, the fine payable for each crime is the same across all planets, though this may be subject to change.
-To find these NPCs, look around the various government buildings, police stations, jailhouses and such of the Galaxy. Be warned, not every society will make you only pay a fine for more serious crimes...
-Police/Citizens should no longer spawn on any black market platforms.
-Police/Citizens should no longer spawn in, or follow you to, jail cells. Please let me know if this still happens anywhere.
-Several planets have had their jails/police stations made more accessible to accomodate this change.

Next on the agenda!:
-A system is in the works that will allow you to post bail for anyone jailed on a neutral planet, pay that bail yourself from jail, or serve out a timed sentence rather than being stuck.
-A review of any further code changes needed (yes yes I know, shooting public ships shouldn't make you wanted!)


[Updated 03/07/2022] We're aware of a current issue with multiple-word crimes ("breaking and entering", "carrying weapons", etc) not working correctly when attempting to clear them. This is fixed on Coruscant, and
will be fixed across every other planet within the next day or two. Apologies for the inconvenience.

[Updated 10/07/2022] System now fixed and working fully as intended.
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