Various Changes


A small set of code changes on 5/16/2022

- Force drain is now capped at 2000 damage. (Sorry, dark-side forcers were not intended to be able to trivially solo top-tier PVE content.)

- Researching a language now brings it to 100% instead of 90%.

- The Ithorian language can now be researched.

- Having a skill between 80-89% will no longer block you from researching it up to 90%.

- The view256color command now works when you're required to enter a history or description.

- Mob textcolors can now be set to the new 256-color options.

- Current tone and textcolor now shown in the mstat builder command.

- Your current tone and text color are now shown when using the textcolor and tone commands without an argument.

- When boarding a docked ship, your followers will now come with you automatically.

- When a ship is docked, the docking entrance room will now show a status message indicating that. In addition, the room you board from and the room you board back into will always be the same. For some ships, these were different rooms, meaning you'd enter into a room without a hatch to get back out. Manual adjustments will be made to these ships after this change.
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