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A small set of code changes on 3/3/2022

- Damage-over-time or environmental effects will no longer kill you as long as you have a PVP timer active. This gives attackers a few minutes to safely handle any downed targets, even if they're affected by wounds, poison, or hot/cold damage.

- When you die to damage-over-time or  environmental effects, you will no longer be logged out, you'll just be sent to the hospital as if a mob killed you.

- Using an offensive force ability on an unconscious target will no longer make the target punch you back.

- Improved the performance of hailing speeders.

- When you're grabbing someone and following someone else, your grabbed target will now come with you if your group leader hails and you follow them.

- Fixed a bug causing blockaded planets to  unblockade every 30 minutes in certain situations.

Also, since it has come up a bit, some clarification on how war affects hospitals/safety: If you are killed by a member of a clan you're at war with, you never go to a hospital, even on your own planets. If you are on a planet owned by a clan you're at war with, hospitals will not cover you from any deaths, including mob deaths.
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