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Details on the upcoming Black Friday/Cyber Monday Firesale.

Noted, long-standing LotJ immortal and all-round nice guy @Frump was planning on running a Cyber Monday/Black-Friday Firesale on races over the last weekend in November, which we will still be honouring. Although we cannot reveal the specific details at this point, this will also coincide with a minor (we've been running a check, not many/NONE of you have been/are playing the affected races) race-rebalancing for some of the least-played race/class combinations in the game.

This sale will run over the traditional Black Friday/Cyber Monday weekend: further details will be published in due course; and full details of the sale will be published over that weekend.

NOTE: If you suddenly decide to start playing an overlooked race/class combo and then whinge about why it is not included in the 2021 firesale, every single one of your immchats from now until the day you leave the game will be answered by Claudius. Forever. Any complaints about that will only be answered by Ralen, which in turn will only be eligible to be filed as a DM to Rojan.

Rengawm cannot save you now.

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