Election Results


The poll results for this council's RPC Elections

And just like that, the RPC polls have drawn to a close. There were 180 votes placed by 60 different accounts. Two people managed to have half of the participants vote for them which is quite the feat! 3rd through 8th were separated by just a handful of votes (3-4 in total). The lowest result still managed to get 17% of the total votes they could have gotten from 60 people, which just further proves that it was a good showing for the available candidates! Now, with all of the math out of the way, we have been discussing a new approach in the future. Whether that means going to ranked choice voting, or simply ranking all possible candidates and assigning values that way, we are undecided. More information will be released closer to the next election.

Now, without further ado, your next RPC Council members: Athrun, Daevos, D2, Kyo, and Ocerion!! Congratulations to all of you. My condolences to the runner-ups and better luck next time. We'll be going through the transition period for the next few days as RPC empowerments require a higher level IMM to configure. Please create your new RPC character with your account name, and shoot us a message on immchat.

For the old members of the Council, thank you very much for all of the hard work you put in these past six months!
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