RPC Elections


RPC Apps and polling are soon to be underway!

It's that time again!

Would you like to know more? They decide whether you live or die. They're also supposed to be the know-it-all GONK droids for our players. If that's not enough encouragement, well... There have been many people making comments about the RPC process. Now's your chance to be the change you want to see, or at least to learn what really goes on! I do want to caveat something that I have to explain to every new RPC member ahead of time. As an RPC member, you're an ambassador to the entire playerbase. This means you give equal treatment to the person performing a perm, and the person being permed. We expect RPC to be completely unbiased for every case and to be fair in their decision each time. With that said, no two cases are alike, so if you like to experience new things then you'll love RPC!

Once satisfied and ready to be a helpful ambassador to the pbase, go apply at:

You can also find the link at the top of the website when you login.

Tentative schedule is as follows:
May 19 - May 30 Run for RPC
May 31 - June 8 Vote for RPC
-June 8 Announce new RPC

These dates are subject to change based on American holidays that week.
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