Radar Improvements


Some improvements to radar and proximity alerts

- Ships in the radar and proximity commands will be shown in red (or with a "targeting you" annotation in screenreader mode) if they are targeting your ship.

- The formatting of radar and proximity has been spaced out a bit to hopefully allow for better table display in more cases. Extra lines have also been added in proximity output to match how radar displays planets, ships, and projectiles, so if your scripts scrape the output of this command or are picky about the number of spaces on the "Your Coordinates" line, they may need to be updated.

- Ships should no longer re-order themselves seemingly randomly. This was a performance optimization from years ago, but I don't think it's necessary and it seems to often cause weird behavior (like every other time you issue a command to a battlegroup ship, it might tell you the ship isn't in your battlegroup).
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