Piloting Permissions


A set of changes geared towards pilot permissions

Inspired by Rojan's addition of the bigpilot empowerment, here's a round of other usability improvements for ship permissions management.

In general, it should be easy to give someone full use of a single ship by setting them as pilot/copilot. Previously, you'd need codes to do things like docking, remotebay, opening the hatch, which made this a pain in practice. Now if you're added as a pilot or copilot, the only thing you should need a code for is setting the self destruct.

Authorized pilots of a ship with squadrons will now also automatically have piloting privileges for its squadron fighters, even if they wouldn't otherwise. You still need to be an authorized pilot on a fighter to add/remove it from squadrons, though.

Important note!
To support this, the remotebay command arguments have been swapped. It is now:
remotebay <target ship> <bay #> [<access code, if needed>]

When docking with a disabled ship or public shuttle, you'll no longer need to provide a code at all. (It would previously require you to provide a number, but would accept any number.)

It's also no longer necessary to be specifically added as a pilot or copilot to trade cargo using a clan ship if you have the pilot empowerment.

Also completely unrelated:

- When pushing/pulling a button object which you have multiple of, only one of them will be pushed/pulled instead of the whole stack.
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