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These are the requirements for getting a news article published

The news command is great for recording all the major plot points which have happened during a timeline. Staff will generally handle news posts for beginning- and end-of-era plot setup as well as special staff-run events, but during the middle of eras, we like it to reflect player activity. To that end, we're happy to record notable events written by players as news, but not everything is a good fit to be recorded in the official news record.

News is reserved for events which shape the game world. This might include, but isn't limited to:
- Changes in laws or leadership of our primary clans.
- Significant diplomatic announcements by primary clans.
- Summaries of planetary captures or the RP leading up to them.
- Depiction of special events or the playerbase's reaction to those events.

Things which are best handled by player use of broadcast/networkhack or the public notice boards:
- Advertising a development or new service.
- Describing the exploits of individual characters.

It should be clear in news posts from clans that the content is produced by that clan. For example, the Empire might use an official "Imperial News Network" for their news, or Rebels might rely on hacked broadcasts featuring their logo. Other planet-holding clans might name a news network after their capital planet with the assumption being that they control that network. Clans should not write news for GNI or other made-up neutral news organizations, however, without first discussing it with staff. When in doubt, simply write a broadcast depecting the event and wrap it with your clan's logo without trying to speak for a 3rd party organization.

Clans often want to spin the news in their favor, and this can be OK if done as propaganda. Players are free to describe things that didn't actually happen (a staged protest or killed soldiers, for example) in their self-produced content, since many people could produce a deepfake, but staff must sign off on any actual events involving a change in the background story which might affect other players. If you want something like that, ask via immchat or submit an application. This includes player-run broadcasts or public board posts.

Let us know via immchat if you have any questions. We're glad to review drafts.
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