Syntax: !

! repeats the last command you typed.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 7 Smuggling Skill

Syntax: climb <direction>

This skill enables you to climb into and out of rooms that require it.
You can also just type the direction you wish to move. If that direction
requires climbing, it will automatically attempt to climb.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Containers are almost a necessity in the game. They are used to carry
items, food, and drinks. They help allow you to sort things, by using two
or more types of containers at once. Corpses use many of the same commands
as regular containers.

EXAM <container> or LOOK IN <container> allows you to see what it contains.

GET <item> <container> allows you to take one item from a container.
GET ALL <container> allows you to take everything from a container at once.
GET ALL.<item> <container> allows you to take all of a particular item type

PUT <item> <container> puts an item inside a container.
PUT ALL <container> will put as much of your inventory in the container as
possible, until the container is full.
PUT ALL.<item> <container> will put as much of one type of item into the
container as possible, until the container is full.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: cast 'dream' <player> <message>

This power enables you to cast a dream or message on a sleeping player.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 65 Neutral Force Skill
Syntax: feel 'force grab' <victim>

Used to pull a weapon from an enemy's hands. If the force adept who grabs
the weapon of his enemy has no weapon worn, he will seize and wield it
in the same motion, ready for immediate use.


Syntax: feel 'force heal' <target>

A Jedi can use the force to fill himself or another with surging vitality. This
ability restores health to its target and can be used in or outside of battle.
Furthermore, if a Jedi clears his or her mind with the clarity ability before
using it, force heal can restore even greater amounts.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 75 Neutral Force Skill
Syntax: feel 'force jump'

Using the force, a force user can perform minor levitation. This is often the
case when a jedi leaps into the air, over obstacles or even higher than that.
The skill makes the user fly for a 1-2 rounds.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Using the force, a force trained individual can push out against someone. This
has the effect of pushing them away from exits they are blocking, or away from
those they are standing near.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: feel 'force revive' <victim>

A jedi can use the force to return a fallen ally or foe to conciousness.
If the victim is asleep via the force they will be freed of the mental
barrier and will awake as normal. Those who are stunned from their wounds
will not be affected.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

The use of this ability gives two benefits to the caster. Firstly, it gives
them an extra attack in combat. Secondly, it lets them move with no movement
lag whatsoever. The duration of the force ability is 2-5 rounds, and cannot be


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]
Syntax: N/A

This level 145 bounty hunter skill will lessen the penalty from wearing goggles
in combat.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - iron wall
Class - Combat
Level - 135

10% chance of taking no damage when hit.


Legendary ships are inspired by the likes of the Millennium Falcon, whose
exploits were known across the galaxy. On LOTJ, these ships have upgraded stats
or a special attribute like not being traceable or extra cargo pods. Legendary
ships can be acquired through IC means, as a reward from events, and they can
also be app'd for.

The staff aims to keep a number of legendary ships in the galaxy at any given
time. To this end, legendaries are meant to be used, not locked away. They
didn't become legendary by gathering dust! Players who own a legendary ship and
go inactive for a long period of time shouldn't be surprised if their ship ends
up in the junkyards of Jakku or with a seedy owner. If the staff feels like an
active player is hiding a legendary ship and not putting it to use, we're going
to have a talk.

Apping for a legendary ship:
Submit an 'other' app and include the name of your ship, its legendary
characteristics, what your ship has done to become legendary, and some
practical ideas about how you plan to put your legendary ship to good use.

Other things to know:
1) Legendary ships cannot be renamed.

2) Legendaries cannot be stored on a locked/secured/clan landing pad, or aboard
a hangar bay for longer than one hour at a time.

3) Murdering another player for the reason of taking over their legendary ship
is considered mugging.

4) Legendary ships can be hijacked, but not pirated. This is to assist their
owners in being able to uphold the rest of these rules. Plus, there has to be
some perk for owning a legendary!

5) Legendary ships cannot be owned by a clan.

6) Do not adjust the stats on legendary ships.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: feel 'pass door'

This power enables the caster to pass through closed doors.


Making sure your planet building projects are fully fleshed out and realized
are keys to not only finishing them, but making sure players want to travel
there. These guidelines will help make sure your area is well-rounded and

City/Command Region
The city, outpost or mud hut that serves as a gateway to the rest of the
planet. This area is also home to the planet's command building. It also
features basic amenities like a hotel-flagged room. Keep in mind that this
region doesn't need to feature EVERY amenity. Consult with the staff about
things like player homes and shops. City regions can serve as excellent
jumping-off points for other areas of your planet.

Adventure Region
The purpose of these areas are to provide content and engaging things to do
while linking your planet together. There is a lot of wiggle room for what this
area can contain, so use your imagination and your experience as a player for
what you'd like to do!

Danger Region
Ultimately the purpose for visiting your planet, be it a puzzle, maze or just a
straight dangerous place to navigate. Your dangerous region is a great place to
include rare items, quest goals, and rewards. Think of this as your planet's
purpose - most planets have a city with basic necessities, but your danger
region should be unique.

These are not hard and fast rules for building, consider them guidelines. If
you have questions, ideas or suggestions, get in touch with the staff!


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: 'poison weapon' <weapon>

Poison weapon is a skill, unique to bounty hunters, which enables them to coat
the tip of their weapon with a deadly poison. In battle, this poison will cause
ill effects on its recipient. Be warned however, it has been told that poison
has a strong lessening effect on the lifetime of weapons. To poison a weapon,
you must have the weapon, poison, and a full water container in your inventory.


Syntax: proximity
Syntax: proximity [speed | velocity | projectiles | ships]

Proximity Radars give you a direct distance from you to all other objects in
your current starsystem, including planets, ships, and stars.

The optional speed/velocity mode lists all of the objects, with their speed
instead of their distance. For tactical situations and the like.

Proximity projectiles will list all projectiles aimed at your ship.

Proximity ships will list only planets and ships in the system.


--- The Saber Fleet ---
Seventy nine years ago, pirates rule the space lanes. Armadas of pirate vessels
plagued the shipping lanes, eventually leading to a period of economic turmoil.
In order to counter this the Galactic Senate, led by Chancellor Tes of Ord
Mantell, commissioned the creation of the Saber Fleet. A new breed of vessels,
the Dreadnaught-class Heavy Cruiser, was commissioned. The Saber Fleet made use
of advanced autopilot subsystems to defend systems against pirates (these
subsystems have since become standard on all capital ships). Saber Fleet was
designed to be completely automated or nearly so. The Dreadnaughts featured
heavy weaponry greater than any other capital ship at the time. Rounding out
the fleet was several support freighters and a compliment of starfighters. Upon
its maiden voyage, the central battlegroup computer tying the fleet together
suffered a massive malfunction. The warships vanished into hyperspace, never to
be seen again. The overwhelming failure of the project lead to the Dreadnaughts
and Saber Fleet projects being scrapped.

The Game
Seven shards of the Navigation Chart to the Saber Fleet's location have been
scattered throughout the galaxy over the years. In order to defragment the
navigation chart and determine the Fleet's location, an organization must place
four shards in the proper room for 24 hours. The Saber Fleet is large enough
and powerful enough to have a major impact on galactic affairs, and is
extremely capable.


Hit Points, which are sometimes referred to as HP or Health, tell you basically
how alive your character is. There is an actual amount and a maximum amount,
which will be shown in your SCORE as Hit Points: 950 of 1000. Should your HP
fall below 0 at anytime, you will be considered stunned, which means that you
are extremely limited on the actions and commands that you will have access to
until your hit points increase past 0 again, another player heals or aids you,
or you are killed and sent to a hospital or die permanently.

\ | / |
\ | / |
\|/ |
W----O----E O
/|\ |
/ | \ |
/ | \ |

Exits as viewed Exits as viewed
from above from the side

Directional Commands: North, Northeast, East, Southeast, South
Southwest, West, Northwest, Up, and Down

Walking around uses movement, and you will come to a point where you will need
to restore your movement. This can be done by RESTing or SLEEPing. Once your
movement has been replenished, you must STAND or WAKE before walking again.

Related help file(s): HELP MOVE


Once you have reached the appropriate levels, skills must be practiced or
researched before being able to use them. The majority can easily be researched
at a library, but a few must be taught by certain trainers secreted across the
galaxy, or learned from other players, to include Bounty Hunting and Smuggling
Related help file(s): HELP RESEARCH

Botting is allowed but only in specific situation. You must use the LotJ
botting system, which allows you to bot certain commands for 2 hours, and
cooldown for 30 minutes. You may only bot the following: buildship, study,
ponder, save, makearmor, and develop. Anything else is considered illegal.
Illegal botting is running triggers and scripts WITHOUT BEING AT THE COMPUTER.
If you wish to run scripts to automate processes such as cargo-running, then
that is fine, as long as you are actively monitoring your connection.
Related help file(s): HELP BOT

It IS possible to be a spy for enemy organizations on LotJ, however, there is a
procedure that must be followed for this, called the Spyapp process. If you do
not have a spyapp, the basics of it boil down to this:
- You may not harm your clan members.
- You may not reveal classified information about your clan
- You may not take hostile action against your clan if you quit it.

If your clan decides to pursue you, then you are free from the restrictions.
- Prisoners of war may only give out the following information: Greets, Dubs,
ranks of members of their clan, ship names.
Related help file(s): HELP SPYAPP


There are times when you may be obliged to attack another player, or are
attacked by another player. This is simply the way of LotJ, and you must
realize that death is not the end. Another character always awaits! To attack
another player, use the murder command. If you are the victor, your opponent
will be left stunned and at your mercy. The syntax to permanently kill a target
is murder <name> perm. Before perming another player, be sure you have
justification for perming them! This can include such things as:

- Enemy clan member
- Self defense
- Player is bountied
- Various RP reasons

If you meet the following conditions, then you are considered in a SAFE, and
will not be permanently killed:

- You have 5000 credits on hand
- You are not on an enemy clan's planet
- There is a hospital in the area
- You are not in space

The easiest way to ensure that you will be taken to the hospital instead of
permanently killed is to look in your SCORE for the Safe(X) flag. If there is
no "X" next to Safe, then you should immediately fix what is causing you to be
unsafe! The only reason for you to die permanently outside of these conditions
above is if it was done by an enemy clanmember while at war with their clan.
Related help file(s): HELP HOSPITAL, HELP PERM

There are systems in place to prevent illegal player killing. Although the
staff does not actively intervene in roleplay (rule 20) our RPC system is set
up to give you an opportunity to right what you think is wrong. To start,
contact the RPC over the RPC channel.
Related help file(s): HELP RPCTRIAL, HELP RESTORE


You aren't in this alone! One of the quickest way to get involved with the mud
is to join a clan. Clans and the members in them will be able to steer you in
the right direction as you learn the mud and also introduce you to future
friends. Clans can be joined from the academy or you can be inducted once you
are in the game world.

As you can see, there are plenty of great planets to start your adventures
upon! Upon reaching your starting planet, a few things you will want to know,
and a few you will want to consider:

LOTJ's unique hailing system is a quick and efficient way to zip around any
individual planet. Type hail to see a list of hail locations on your current
Related help file(s): HELP HAIL

One of your first skills available is to create your own clothing from a sewing
kit and any cloth. Hail a speeder to the workshop and search around for a shop
that sells these things, then get into the workshop and MAKECLOTHING that will
fit your character's backstory and style! This is a great way to start leveling
up engineering as well as keep you from being naked!

When you are finally ready to leave your starter planet and explore the galaxy
at large, hail a speeder to the starport, and use the TAXI command to call a
public ship that you can rent for a small amount of credits to fly between
Related help file(s): HELP TAXI, HELP PILOTINGFAQ


Once you have rented your taxi, there are a few things you'll need to
familiarize yourself with on the ship. Here are a few rooms aboard a starship
that you will want to find each time you enter a new model so that you are
aware of where to go incase of an emergency:

Cockpit: Controls the ship's flight
Navigation: Calculate hyperspace jumps
Weapon Station: Fire the ship's primary lasers and other weapons
Turret: Fire the ship's secondary weapons
Engine Room: Repair or sabotage systems
Hatch: Enter/exit the ship when landed
Docking Ring: Board a docked vessel
Escape Pods: Evacuate the ship via a pilotable pod
Hangar: Land/launch other ships
Refresher: Evacuate bowels *RP purposes

All ships are a little bit different, but there are a few similarities in some
of the models. If there are no escape pods mentioned on the ship, then the
cockpit features an ejection seat. Ejection seats are also included in the
escape pods should you get shot down in one. In smaller ships, such as
starfighters, everything is included into the cockpit. Everything else will
generally have separate rooms for each function. The majority of the time, the
room that contains the hatch will also have the docking ring.


Alright, so head to your ship's cockpit, and use the PILOT command to sit at
the controls, then LAUNCH to take off! After a little wait, your ship will
be in space, moving away from the planet. Here are a few sublight commands:

SHIELDS Toggle the shield's recharge rate: SHIELDS (ON|OFF|IDLE)
RECHARGE Manually recharge shields
SPEED Change the ship's speed: SPEED (NEW SPEED)
COURSE Steer the ship to a space object/coordinates:
FACE Another way to turn the ship: FACE (SHIP)
PROXIMITY Shows what space objects are close to you
NAVSTAT Nav computer readout
PLANETS Shows the planets of the known galaxy
STARS Shows the X Y coordinates of stars of the known galaxy
CALCULATE Calculate a hyperspace jump: CALCULATE (SYSTEM) (X Y Z)
STATUS Shows your ship (or another's) status: STATUS (*SHIP)
INFO Shows your ship (or another's) info: INFO (*SHIP)
HYPERSPACE Initiate hyperdrive after a course is plotted
RADIO Sends a message anyone in the sector can see: RADIO (MESSAGE)
HAIL Sends a message only the target can see: HAIL (SHIP) (MESSAGE)
TARGET Aim weapons at another ship: TARGET (SHIP)

or no arguement for lasers
Related help file(s): HELP SPACE, HELP PILOTINGFAQ


Once you are 500 units away from all space objects, you are able to make the
jump to lightspace. However, you must first calculate the jump, so you might
as well do that while flying 500 units out. To figure out how to get to a new
planet, first check out the list of PLANETS, then use SHOWPLANET (PLANET) for
more information on the planet you're thinking of choosing. This will show you
what starsystem the planet is in, as well as their location in the starsystem
so that you can pinpoint your hyperspace exit vector to get you as close as
possible. Think of it as exiting the highway at the correct exit, instead of
missing your exit and having to waste time driving around. The easiest way to
do this is by either adding 300 if the coordinate is positive, or subtracting
300 if it is negative. 0's can go either way. Use the following as an example:
Planet Khomm is at 11350 -11350 0 in the Khomm system.
+ 500
So,'CALCULATE KHOMM 11850 -11350 0' will bring you out at one of the closest
possible distances from the planet of Khomm. Once your jump calculations have
completed and you are 500 units away from everything, using the HYPERSPACE
lever will send your ship to lightspeed. It generally takes a long time to get
anywhere in the galaxy, so sit back and enjoy the ride. This is the best time
to PONDER, STUDY, or catch up on awesome new help files!


There are times when you may come across pirates or other players that are out
to blow up your precious ship. Be advised that taxis do not have weaponry, so
you should try to run if this is happening in a public ship! However, if you
are able to attack, or fight back, here are the basics! You'll want to FACE the
other ship, then TARGET it. Targeting locks your weaponry onto them, and keeps
track of their distance from you. Remember to continuously FACE the target!
When you enter within the range of your weaponry, you can begin to FIRE. Ships
have several different armaments:

LASER CANNONS Normal short-range weapon
TURBOLASERS Stronger than cannons, further range, but longer reload time
ION CANNONS Speciality weapon strong against shields, weak against hull
ROCKETS Strongest munition, but very slow
TORPEDOS Balanced munition
MISSILES Weak munition, but very fast
PULSES Disabled at this time

When firing, ensure to specify what weapon you wish to use! (EX: FIRE TURBO)
Also note that firing uses up fuel, as does recharging your shields, so always
keep a close eye upon your energy! It is not good to be stranded in space with
no way to fly, shoot, or defend yourself.
Related help file(s): HELP SPACECOMBAT


After destroying your enemies, it is generally a good idea to land somewhere to
refuel and explore your new planet. So, COURSE to the planet, and, when you are
orbitting the planet, typing LAND (PLANET) will give you a list of landing pads
available on the planet below you. Select one that you like by using
LAND (PLANET) (PAD), and you will begin landing. DO NOT LEAVE THE PILOTING
you are on the ground, simply go to your boarding room, OPEN HATCH, and EXIT.
Once outside of the ship, remember to REFUEL (SHIP) (AMOUNT|FULL).
Related help file(s): HELP LAND, HELP PILOT



LOOK - used to look at the room your character is standing in
- look at objects: LOOK (OBJECT)
- look in objects: LOOK IN (OBJECT)
- look at mobs or players: LOOK (MOB or PLAYER)
SIT - your character will sit down
SLEEP - will replenish your HP, MV, and FORCE
REST - will replenish your HP, MV, and FORCE, but slower than sleep
- you can communicate when resting
STAND - will rise you from the sitting or rest position.
WAKE - will return you to the standing position from the sleep position
- an object: CLOSE (OBJECT)
- an object: UNLOCK (OBJECT)
INVENTORY - shows the objects you are carrying
EQUIPMENT - shows the equipment you are wearing

GET - get an object from a container: GET (OBJECT) (CONTAINER)
- get an object from the ground: GET (OBJECT)
PUT - put an object in a container: PUT (OBJECT) (CONTAINER)
DROP - drop an object to the ground: DROP (OBJECT)
GIVE - give an object to a player: GIVE (OBJECT) (PLAYER)
WEAR - wear a piece of equipment: WEAR (OBJECT) (*LOCATION)
WIELD - wield a weapon: WIELD (OBJECT)
HOLD - hold an object: HOLD (OBJECT)
REMOVE - remove an object: REMOVE (OBJECT)
LIST - lists the objects for sale in a store
BUY - purchase the object for the given price: BUY (OBJECT)
SELL - sell the object to a store: SELL (OBJECT)


OOC - talk on the Out-of-Character (OOC) channel: OOC (MESSAGE)
RPC - talk to the Role Play Council (RPC): RPC (MESSAGE)
IMMCHAT - talk to the Immortal Staff: IMMCHAT (MESSAGE)
TALK - speak with everyone monitoring a channel ICly: TALK (MESSAGE)
SAY - speak to players in the room ICly: SAY (MESSAGE)
CLAN - speak with your clan ICly: CLAN (MESSAGE)
EMOTE - perform In Character (IC) actions: EMOTE (MESSAGE)
TELL - talk directly to a player OOCly: TELL (PLAYER) (MESSAGE)
SAYTO - speak to a specific player in a room: SAYTO (CHARACTER) (MESSAGE)
WHISPER - speak privately to a player in a room: WHISPER (CHARACTER) (MESSAGE)
OSAY - send an OOC message to everyone in a room: OSAY (MESSAGE)

SCORE - view your character sheet
LEVEL - view your character's experience and level sheet
SLIST - lists the abilities that you will receive and at what level
PRACTICE - see what skills your character currently has
COMMANDS - list all commands available
SOCIALS - list all socials available
WHO - list the RPC and Immortals currently online
CLANS - list visible clans
AFK - adds the "Away from Keyboard" flag to your name.
CONFIG - lists all config options available
TITLE - sets your title viewable by clanmates: TITLE (STRING)
PUBLICTITLE - sets your public title: PUBLICTITLE (STRING)
SAVE - saves your progress
QUIT - quits the game from a hotel room


The concept of `In-Character` (IC) and `Out-Of-Character` (OOC) is very
important to LOTJ's roleplay. Players are not allowed to discuss IC things out
of character. Items that are considered IC should not be discussed out of
character include:

- Locations of Mobs, Objects, Planets, Ships, Characters
- What your character plans to do, what your character is doing
- Events that have happened to your character or another character on the MUD
- Who is attacking you or other characters
- What clan you are a member of, what your clan is planning to do

OOC also refers to our global chat channel. A (NEWBIE) tag will appear next to
your character (or account) name while using OOC until you reach level 100 in
any class. This is to ensure that our experienced players will know to help you
out! While we have no issues with everyone blowing off a little steam, sharing
their favorite links, or discussing things going on in the world, you must
understand that this is a PG-13 MUD.

Rule 14: Do not disrespect, insult, complain about, troll, or harass other
players, the RPC, or Immortals. Everyone is here for the enjoyment
of the game. If you disrupt that enjoyment with insults your channel
privileges will be revoked.

In-Game Communication
The commnet is the primary global in-game channel, accessed using a comlink.
Channel 0 is the most common frequency, but comlinks can be tuned all the way
up to 9999. There are various other ways to communicate with others, including
CLANTALK for your clan. Both of these require a comlink. TRANSMIT requires a
holographic transmitter in the room, and can be used to speak to characters
across the galaxy while relaying their image to the room that you are in and
vica-versa. You can also BROADCAST and NETWORKHACK from broadcast-flagged rooms
across the galaxy in order to get your message out to the largest possible
audience, if you have the skill.


Upon first log-in, you will create a character name and account to link it to.
Please keep in mind that any character names that are not in keeping with the
Star Wars theme of the MUD will be changed. Account names can, however, be
whatever you want them to be, as long as they do not violate the PG-13 guidance
of the MUD, as well as rule 14.
Related help file(s): HELP NAME

Your account is what will identify you across all of your characters that you
will play over your time here. It is designed to store all of the reward points
that you will accumulate over time. Points are granted for several things:

- if your character meets certain requirements (total levels, age, etc.),
they can receive up to 3000 points upon their death
- by writing 'tips'. up to 100 points per tip
- submit mob/object descriptions when you come across blank ones in the galaxy
for up to 75 points each
- writing a quality history, description, character sheet, think log, or
participating in a great roleplay session

Once you have accrued some points, it's time to spend them! The three main
things that players spend points on:

- automatically boosting levels during character generation
- exclusive race purchases
- the Force!
Related help file(s): HELP ACCOUNT, HELP POINTS


Next, you will need to choose a race. The race you select is a very large part
of what you will become. Your race will dictate what skills and levels will be
available to you, and each race offers a unique roleplay opportunity. Some
races are not allowed to join certain clan and some races are expected to
behave in different ways. Also note that there are three categories of races:
Free, Purchased, and App-Required.

HELP RACE will give you a good idea of what the costs are, but beware, the most
up-to-date method of finding out is in the showrace command. Using SHOWRACE
without arguments will bring up a list of current races used in LotJ. Once
you've found a class you like, you can then look closer at it (ex: SHOWRACE
ZABRAK) to determine attribute bonuses, hit points (HPs), race cost or
app-required, skin colors, and most importantly, their level approximations.
You will want to choose a race that can best fit the character you wish to
play. For example, if you wanted to become a fearsome bounty hunter, you would
not choose a Chagrian, who has the potential to only accumulate up to 70 bounty
hunting levels. So, take your time and look through the races to figure out
which best suits your needs!

Once you have found what you want to be, you may now select a class. Your class
is what determines what your primary job could be in the galaxy. Generally:
Combat: Soldiers and mercenaries
Piloting: Large ship commanders (clan-oriented)
Engineering: Crafters that can make armor, weapons, and even starships
Bounty Hunting: Trackers and capturers of wanted beings (not clannable)
Smuggling: Thieves, drug dealers, and con-artists of the highest caliber
Diplomacy: Experts in the use of propaganda (clan-oriented)
Leadership: Excellent group leaders with bonus specializations
Espionage: Intelligence-gathering and special operations
Slicer: Experts in all matters pertaining to computers
Medical: Surgeons are able to heal, install cybernetics, and clone
their friends
Science: Philosophers and scholars renowned for their ability to invent
new technologies

Once you have selected a class, you will then be requested to select your hair
(can be dyed later) and skin color (determined by race), as well as your prompt
(HELP PROMPT for later customization).


Force is obtained in one of three ways. Characters can naturally roll it when
making the character (note that the exact odds of rolling force are a state
secret), having a force application approved (we only approve them when we
specifically ask for them), or purchasing them with account points. If you have
the force, an established force user who crosses your path will know that you
have the ability to use the force, and may choose to awaken it within you, so
beware of who you socialize with!

Please note that it is considered poor roleplay to ask Jedi or Sith to check to
see if you have the ability to use the force, and continuously creating new
character in attempt to "roll for force" is ILLEGAL. Associated help files (and
your Master, if you are one of the lucky few!) will guide you through
everything you need to know about the force and being a Jedi or a Sith.



Your character must have a description and history file by level 30.
Descriptions are expected to be 1-2 paragraphs although they can be longer.
History files provide a snapshot of who your character is and what they've done
up to this point. We provide various templates to help you get situated.

Think is a sort of character journal, used to record whatever it is you might
come across in your journey. Using your think log is not required, but it can
greatly help in specific incidents. You may use it to record anything that
happens on the fly, or, if you're like me and are forgetful, to remember even
your ship codes.
Related help file(s): HELP THINK

Basic is the galaxy-wide language understood by all. If you are an alien race,
immediately learn it from the language professor.
Related help file(s): HELP LANGUAGE

Different rooms may have different flags in their title. A few examples:

[HOTEL] Quit out here
[Bacta] Be healed here
[LIBRARY] Research skills here
[WORKSHOP] Craft items here
[LOCKER] Store items here
[BANK] Store credits here

Use these commands to change your text color and the tone of your IC voice that
people see when you use IC channels:
Related command(s): TEXTCOLOR, TONE LIST

In order to help remember who you are, the staff at LotJ has implemented the
GREET/DUB/MEMORY system. Until someone greets you or you dub them, they will
show up as 'A Human male' or something similar.
Related help file(s): HELP GREET

Many actions used to interact with other players requires you to be (close) to
them. Some examples include giving someone an item, giving someone credits,
peeking into their inventory, attacking them with weapons other than blasters.
Related help file(s): HELP APPROACH


Leveling occurs through four main methods:

1. Quests
Completing quests for different mobs throughout the galaxy. Quests are broken
into tiers, and are available for every class. When stepping onto any planet,
type HAIL, and look for employment agency or the like from the list of options,
then hail there to find a few entry-level quest tips.
Related help file(s): HELP QUEST_TIERS

2. Other players
Leadership class characters are able to help you level in their releveant
sub-fields rather quickly while you are in their group. Many will charge a
small fee. The best way to go about this is by asking on the commnet for a
trainer in whatever class you are seeking.
Related help file(s): HELP LEADERSHIP

3 Datachips
Through science! Yes, that's correct. You can level up just about anything
through science! A master scientist can also write a datachip about a skill
that he is 100% knowledgeable in. You can then study the datachip and gain
experience in that skill's class. This is a lengthier process than doing quests
but it can be done when you are otherwise not playing the game. Be sure to read
HELP BOTTING to learn our rules about triggering when not monitoring.
Related help file(s): HELP STUDY

4. Using skills
And of course, the original way to go about leveling - by doing! To train in
combat, kill things. To train for engineering, craft things. To train for
piloting, fly things!


The game divided into many rooms which are connected by various
directionals to make up areas. When you are in a room, you can
find the exits in the room by typing EXITS. Autoexit is a helpful
command to initiate (type CONFIG +AUTOEXIT), because it will
automatically show you what exits there are in the room. Be warned
however, you will only see the obvious exits. You must pay attention
to the room descriptions to see if there might be any doors or hidden
passages in the room.

Directional commands: (in parentheses you find the shorthand)
NORTH (n) SOUTH (s) EAST (e) WEST (w) UP (u) DOWN (d)

Note: You will notice that in the prompt <20hp 10bp 20mv>, the 'mv'
refers to your movement points. If your movement points were
to run out, you will be unable to move between rooms due to
exhaustion. If you type SLEEP or REST your movement points will
slowly be replenished. You must type STAND or WAKE before
walking again.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: abdicate <your password>

This command will remove you from the lead of a clan, leaving the spot open
so that someone else can overthrow. Must supply proper password. Will inform
other clan mates that you've done it.


Abednedo are a humanoid with a long, sorrowful face and cream-to-tan skin,
sometimes with gray spots. Tendrils dangle from either side of their mouths,
the remains of their subterranean ancestors' unique organ for navigating in the
dark. Abednedo have broad talents and tend to be clever and gregarious. They
also tend to be very curious about other races and cultures.

Famous Abednedo
*Brasmon Kee, Senator for Abednedo within the New Republic
*Ello Asty, Resistance Fighter Pilot
*Antrot, Rebel Alliance Tech Specialist


A primitive, nomadic, and violent race native to the desert planet Byss,
Abyssin are about two meters tall with a single large eye and long humanoid
limbs. They are known to heal almost as quickly as they lose their tempers, to
worship water, and to be too simpleminded to understand complex topics or form
intricate sentences. Most who leave Byss become slaves or thugs.

Famous Abyssin
*Myo, regular of the Mos Eisley Cantina


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: accept <target> <optional: increased bet>
accept <target> deny

After you have been CHALLENGED to a fight in an arena, you can ACCEPT it. When
accepting, if the challenge included a wager, you can choose to up the ante by
up to two times the amount. After accepting the challenge, you will have a
one-minute waiting period before the match starts. Details of the match will be
broadcasted on the ARENA channel.

Giving it the argument of DENY will refuse a challenge the victim sent you.



[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: account <name> create
account <existing account> <password>
account email <new email>
account password <old> <new>
account chatname

This command lets you configure an account, create a new one, or associate
an account with the current character. If you decide to create an account,
it must be a new name. You may have a name for your account which is already
taken by a player, as they are not the same file. The Email value for
accounts come in handy for if you ever forget the account password, as an
email will be sent to that email address. Your password for the account
will be the same one as the character you create it with, but you can change
it later with the account command.

To log in with an account, use @<account name>.

To associate current character with an account, use account <acc> <password>

You can either log into your character, or your account. Accounts will always
recognize the character, so after it's associated you can just log into
your character and you will automatically be logged into your account.

Points on accounts happen if/when you die. After 1000 you may purchase levels
when making a new character, at the cost of points.

Entering ACCOUNT by itself will display a readout of your account.
HELP POINTS to see an explanation of account points.

Web Guide:



[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: aconfig +/-<option>

This command allows you to configure the actions of your ship while on
autopilot and unmanned. Typing 'ACONFIG' by itself shows you the
current settings. Placing a '+' or '-' next to an option will turn it
on or off, respectively.

The options are:

[ sentinel ] Move about when on autopilot.
[ autotractor ] Use tractor beams to capture ships in a fight.
[ pirate ] Attack the pirate threats in a system.
[ autoshield ] Raise shields when attacked.
[ nocapture ] Engage self-destruct when captured by tractor beam.
[ usechaff ] Use chaff when a missile is detected.
[ uselaser ] Use lasers or ions primarily during combat.
[ uselauncher ] Use projectiles during combat.
[ nointercept ] Scramble interceptors when attacked.
[ clanpost ] Attack ships owned by enemy clans or clans at war with you.
[ radio ] Request help from nearby clan ships when attacked.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Actions on LotJ are basically what your character is doing. They appear
when others look in the room, and they attempt to give a clearer picture
to people what exactly is going on at any point in time.

Actions take place during socials, certain socials run on a timed basis and
will run out, resetting your action state. Other socials will run forever until
interrupted, either by a timed social or a timed action, or the use of the
STOP command.

Please be patient as the changes are made (manually) to both the coded skills
and the OLC socials. Suggestions are welcome, but please wait until after the
first series is done as most of the suggestions will likely be achieved


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Actiondesc <message>

This command utilizes the already existing action message system, allowing
a player to create his or her own action messages.

For example:
actiondesc is standing at one side of the platform, one hand on his holster.

will display to other players entering the room:
Compel is standing at one side of the platform, one hand on his holster.

Remember that this command is strictly IC and so are your action messages,
the staff reserves the right to punish you if your action message is found
inappropriate or offending.

Typing Stop will clear your action description.

The actiondesc command does support color flags.



[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: addcrew <name>
or addcrew clear

This will add a name to the crew. The person does not need to be present when
you do this. You must be at the pilot seat of the ship you are on. Being part
of the crew will allow you to target, tractor, and fire while the ship is on

If you supply clear instead of a name you will clear the list for the crew.

If you info a ship and are either the owner of it or the pilot/copilot or
if it is a clan ship and you are empowered to pilot clan ships it will show
a list of the crew.


[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Excessive or habitual consumption of spice can cause your character to become

Ingesting spice causes your character's spice level to increase. This spice
level gradually decays even after the beneficial effects have worn off, turning
into Addiction. Addiction gradually increases until your spice level is 0, and
then begins to decrease.

The symptoms of addiction vary based on severity. At low Addiction levels the
only symptom is the occasional message suggesting you take more spice. As your
Addiction level increases these suggestions become more and more urgent. High
addiction levels can result in temporary blindness and severe poisoning that
could prove fatal if the victim isn't taken to a bacta tank.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: addpilot <name>
Syntax: rempilot <name>

These commands allow you to add and remove the pilot/copilot of your ships.
You must be in the cockpit of the ship you wish to set the pilots on.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - Advanced Disarm
Class - Combat
Level - 150

This feat will allow a skilled combatant the chance to
disarm an opponent while unarmed, as opposed to requiring
a weapon.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of advanced electronics will increase a slicer's
proficiency in slicing and securing security protocols, as well as the quality
of an engineer's circuits.



[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

In our efforts to give credit to everyone who deserves it, we almost
forgot to give credit to one of the `grandfathers` of computer adventure
games... David Platt, the author of the original `Adventure` (c)1979.

Also credit to Ken Wellsch for porting the original Fortran-77 version
to UNIX-C (over a period of about 3 years) (c)1984.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: affected (abbrevation: af)
Syntax: affected by (abbreviation: af by)

'Affected' is a powers-at-a-glance function, which displays only the powers
(and skill affects) your character is currently under. Each affect will be
listed by name only for the sake of brevity (if you want to know what each
is doing, use help <power/skill name> or 'score').

Characters level 20 or above and deadly characters will also see the number
of rounds remaining for each affect. Affects with a remaining lifespan of
less than 25 rounds are displayed in white, and those in Immediate danger
of wearing off will flash.

'Affected by' displays a character's affects separate from its power/skill
affect list. This is useful for ensuring that affects given from equipment
are actually functioning. For example, if you are wearing a visor with
detect_invis but 'affected by' does not show you as having that affect, you
are not detecting invisibility.

'Affected by' also displays your current susceptibilities, resistances and
Immunities if your character is level 20 or higher.


This force ability hinders the victim's hitroll for a duration
of time that varies based on the users level in the force. The dark side
ability basically represents focused hatred speared into the victim's mind.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: afk

When activated, this command will place an [AFK] flag next to your name, as
well as blocking all incoming tells with a message that you are AFK. It can
be toggled on or off by typing 'afk'.

Interfering with a person who has an AFK flag will result in punishment.
Likewise, going AFK to avoid RP in general will not be tolerated.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: aid <character>

This skill allows you to bring a stunned person back into consciousness.

In order to use, you must be holding a medpac. It will deduct 1 unit from
the medpac, and aid the target.


[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Level 115 Combat Skill

Syntax: aim <target> <body part>

This skill will cause your character (assuming you are wielding a weapon) to
target a specific body part on someone. See the help file on WOUNDS for more
information on that. When you aim at someone, your first shot (assuming you
were not in combat when you aimed) will have a 66% better chance at hitting the
target location. A `headshot`, where you aim at the victim's head, will deal
10x damage if you hit.

Each location has a different chance to hit or miss, depending on logic. Arms
and legs are easier to hit than hands and wrists. Likewise, the head is the
hardest spot to hit on the whole body. After your first shot your percentage to
hit will be based off your percentage in AIM.

Dexterity of both persons involved, as well as their luck will play a role in
deciding a hit or a miss. It is possible to hit someone in the target location
and not wound them. All wounds will be accompanied by a message indicating that
you have wounded the target.



Alderaanians are Humans native to the planet Alderaan, with an extremely
pacifist, compassionate outlook. Alderaanian culture emphasize education and
the arts, and Alderaan is famous for their cuisine, wine, and other products.
They would rather have a government sit on an issue, gridlocked, for any amount
of time than resort to violence.

Famous Alderaanians
*Bail Organa, Senator of the Galactic Republic
*Leia Organa, Senator, General, Hutt-killer


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: alignment <#>

This command lets you pick your characters alignment. At any time you may view
your selected alignment by typing ALIGNMENT or SCORE.

Note: You must RP the alignment you chose, if however you wish to have a new
alignment sometime later in your roleplay, feel free to make a request of the
IMMs on IMMchat or in the case of it being an alignment switch because of
discovering you are force sensitive, submit an application through the website,
detailing via rp logs and think logs your character development. If your RP is
not sufficient the staff will likely not accept the alignment change.

Syntax: alignment <number>

You will not be able to alter this field once you have entered it, so be
careful in your selection!

#1. Neutral
#2. Good
#3. Evil


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Help Alliance

Syntax: Alliance - This by itself lists the alliances proposed and accepted.
Alliance <clan> propose - Proposes an alliance.
Alliance <clan> cancel - Cancels a proposal.
Alliance <clan> accept/deny - Accepts or denies a proposal towards your clan.

This alliance code has been made with the purpose of allowing clans to become
allies if they have common goals and common interests to help each other out.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Ambience levels are a rating of the noise in any given area. They are
broken up into three values: LOUD, AVERAGE, and QUIET. Loud areas are
any crowded place, such as Coruscant. Average is less crowded places, and
sometimes onboard ships. Quiet is large, open areas like Kashyyyk forests.

Ambience affects yell ranges as follows:
Yells travel 2 rooms in LOUD Areas. (3 for 'yelling in the distance')
Yells travel 4 rooms in AVERAGE Areas. (5 for 'yelling in the distance')
Yells travel 6 rooms in QUIET Areas. (7 for 'yelling in the distance')

Ambience also affects the 'Talking Comlinks', which are explained
elsewhere. The effects are listed below:
QUIET Areas allow you to hear exactly what was said into the comlink.
AVERAGE Areas allow you to spot the action, but not hear the message.
LOUD Areas blocks all notice of the action.



[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: ambush <target>

Hidden, unseen, the stealthy hunter can unleash an awesome attack on the
unsuspecting. Doing a random amount between 100 hitpoints and 40% of the max HP
of the victim, this can turn the tide of battle. In order to execute an ambush,
you must be unseen.


[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Syntax: ammo

This command is used to reload a blaster or bowcaster with ammunition. The
weapon to be reloaded must be in one hand and the other hand must be empty.
The command will only succeed if these conditions are met, and an ammo or
quarrel clip of some form is in your inventory.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Area Anchors When you are first assigned your area, you must anchor it.
To do so, go to the first room vnum. Once there, create a MOB and OBJECT using
the first vnum. Then go to your LAST room vnum, and create the last MOB and
OBJECT using your highest vnum. Not doing this can cause severe problems, so


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Here are the answers to some common questions that people ask me on AIM.

Q. Can I have force?
A. No.
Q. Can you tell me if I already have force?
A. No.
Q. Can you tell me if someone is logged on right now?
A. No.
Q. Can you slay this person for me?
A. No.
Q. Can you advance my levels just this once?
A. No.
Q. I'm Rping that I'm a mass-murderer. Can you
mset my character for the part?
A. No.
Q. Can you take these P-Shields down?
A. No.
Q. Can you put a trap door in this home that leads me to another planet?
I'm Rping that I can transport my body across the galaxy.
A. No.
Q. Can I have a ship?
A. No.
Q. Can I have a full set of Armor? Or even some blasters?
A. No.
Q. Can I be an IMM?
A. No.
Q. Can you send me a tell?
A. No.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: ansi <on/off>

The ansi command will either enable or disable ansi color. Ansi color
will work provided your terminal has a compatible mode.


LOTJ's application system is a means for acquiring things that are outside of
your character's reach. Applications include, but are not limited to, new clans
or changes to their clan, Senator and other leadership positions when
appropriate, multiplay permission, spyapps, and unique concepts that contribute
to the mud.

Applications are submitted through this form:

A key question to ask yourself: Is this something that needs imm
participation/an application to work? When there are specific apps or
story-related apps we are looking for, we will post announcements on the
changes command.

It is important to be as clear and concise as possible in the "What are you
applying for?" line. Imms should be able to immediately understand the who and
what of your application by what is in here.

The "why are you applying?" box should explain what your application will bring
to the mud. We want you to give us an idea of your goals - how will this impact
the mud? What are you hoping to do or change? Things like character description
and background take a back seat to the application's goals.

A few notes:
*We can be a little too slow in responding to applications sometimes, but
please try to keep immchat status requests about your application to a minimum.
*Unless we are asking for force applications (check the changes command), your
force app probably is not going to get accepted.
*Applications for raises to non-force max levels will not be approved
*If your app looks jumbled when you send it in, don't worry. It retains its
format on our end


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: appoint <name> < first | second >

This allows a clan leader to appoint a number one and two. (Case-sensitive.)

See also: DEMOTE


Syntax: apprentice <player>
apprentice class <list/class name>
apprentice promote <player>
apprentice none

This command has three functions that are all related to the FORCE system.

The first syntax is used by a JEDI MASTER or a SITH LORD to take the targeted
player on as an APPRENTICE.

The second syntax is used by the new APPRENTICE to pick their sub-class (HELP

The third syntax is used by a JEDI MASTER to raise a JEDI KNIGHT to JEDI
MASTER, or by a Level 100 SITH LORD to raise a lesser SITH LORD to Level 100.

The final syntax is used by either a JEDI MASTER or a JEDI PADAWAN to abandon
their current master or student. Be warned that the user of this command will
suffer some penalties!

**WARNING** If an apprentice is abandoned and picked up by a new Master, their
2 weeks will restart.



[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Apprenticestat

This command is related to the FORCE system. It enables the Master of an
apprentice to check on the status of their student level and experience wise.



Syntax: Approach (target)
Syntax: Approach none

Approach is a command that makes your character step closer to another
character or NPC. Various features in the game requires you to approach a
target, including actions like giving items, stealing and melee combat. Some
socials also require you to be approached. Your character prompt can be
customized to show characters and NPCs that are considered 'close' to you.

SEE ALSO: Help Prompt


The Aqualish are short-tusked bipeds native to the planet Ando. Their voices
are harsh and guttural. Their culture emphasizes strength and aggression, and
they often bully new aquaintances to assess their ability to defend themselves.
Courtesy is a foreign concept to the Aqualish, and most end up as thugs and
criminals. Biologically, there are three subspecies of Aqualish, each harboring
a hatred of the others: Aquala, Quara, and Ualaq. The Aquala have two eyes and
fins instead of hands, and they rarely leave Ando. Quara have five-fingered,
clawed hands and two eyes, while the Ualaq have varying numbers of fingers and
four eyes. There is some evidence that the Ualaq are mutant results of genetic

Famous Aqualish
*Ponda Baba, disarmed by Obi-Wan Kenobi in Mos Eisley cantina


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: areas
Syntax: commands
Syntax: socials

AREAS shows you all the areas in the game, with the author's name and the
suggested levels. (Immortals only.)

COMMANDS shows you all the (non-social) commands available to you.

SOCIALS shows you all the social commands available to you.
(Special thanks to KaVir for mailing us lots of extra socials)


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: arena <create>
Syntax: arena <planet> <name of homeplanet>
Syntax: arena <info> <a short description of yourself>
Syntax: arena list
Syntax: arena bet <fighter> <amount>

The arena system is fully IC, and it provides players with a place to go to
fight one another for credits, respect, and fun. Death in the arena isn't real
death, instead you get hospitalized in the arena hospital. The option CREATE
will allow you to create an arena profile. Within that you can set a few
things, such as your home planet and a small blurb about yourself, that others
will be able to see.

The list option will display a listing of the top arena profiles. As people win
their ranking can rise. Ranking is all relative. The profile keeps track of
wins, losses, and the balance of your wagering. If two people are in an arena's
waiting room, one can challenge the other. When challenging they can specify a
credit amount to wager (at least 5000 credits). If the person challenging the
other person opts to bet, it opens the floor for others in the arena to place
bets on the fighters.

Arena details are broadcasted on the `arena` channel. Those who aren't
interested in seeing messages from the arena can toggle them off by typing CHAN
-ARENA. Betting, when done using the ARENA BET command, puts credits into a
pool. If the fighter you bet on wins, you will receive the percentage of the
total. No extra credits are generated, and this is to prevent people from
abusing the system by rigging matches.

Throwing matches for the sake of helping your friends to get a higher win total
will be noticed by the Imms, and will result in character loss, the profile
being destroyed and can also include account freezing or site banning,
depending. Don't do it.



Argazdan are a yellow- or green-skinned Human subrace known for an extremely
varied culture, with the religion of Vianism its only constant. Argazdans
worship the goddess Via and sometimes other minor deities, including two
aspects of Via, the Beautific Countenance and the Glorious Radiance (this last
concept being very similar to the Force). Vianism's three tenets, sacrifice,
compassion, and love of life, are interpreted very differently among different
Argazdans. They have a long and complex history with the nearby Lorrdians.

Famous Argazdans
*Dr. Raygar, eccentric scholar known for wearing ancient slave lord clothing
*Sigil, a member of the Sisterhood of the Glorious Radiance


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Argazdans are a yellow- or green-skinned Human subrace known for an extremely
varied culture, with the religion of Vianism its only constant. Argazdans
worship the goddess Via and sometimes other minor deities, including two
aspects of Via, the Beautific Countenance and the Glorious Radiance (this last
concept being very similar to the Force). Vianism's three tenets, sacrifice,
compassion, and love of life, are interpreted very differently among different
Argazdans. They have a long and complex history with the nearby Lorrdians.

Famous Argazdans
*Dr. Raygar, eccentric scholar known for wearing ancient slave lord clothing
*Sigil, a member of the Sisterhood of the Glorious Radiance


Arkanians are a Human subrace with four clawed fingers, pure white eyes, and
tan skin. They are extremely intelligent doctors, scientists, and engineers,
and they tend to look down on other races, sometimes even genetically
experimenting on other sentient species without permission. Arrogance and
coldness are the norm among Arkanians, especially those who consider themselves
perfectly engineered clones.

Famous Arkanians
*Arca Jeth, Jedi Master of the Old Republic and mentor of Ulic Qel-Droma


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Arm <rounds>
Syntax: Arm (no argument)

Used for arming of various devices around the galaxy. The item must be held
while arming. Rounds must be between 3 and 500.

In case of accidental arming, just type 'arm' again with no arguments to
disable the device. You can only disarm devices you yourself armed.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: descarmor <target armor>

This command, when entered, will put you into a buffer that allows you to enter
a description of the corresponding armor. When worn as a covering, restrung set
of armor, players who look at you will be shown this description.

Just as with normal character descriptions, armor descriptions are held to a
certain standard and are treated as IC. Be sure to keep this in mind, or you
might end up in hot water with the staff!


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - armor crafting
Class - Engineering
Level - 100

+250 HP bonus when enhancing armor with a bacta underlay. +1 stat point for any
other underlay enhancement.


Q: Why does it take so long to make armor?
A: Armor is a powerful piece of gear. The number of attempts needed to finish
it depends on the armorer's mastery of equipment science, but like
shipbuilding, it takes time.

Q: What are underlays? How about Coatings?
A: Underlays and coatings are what can make armor unique. There are various
types of underlays, and each one requires a different science skill to use.
Each one gives a different bonus to stats and/or hitpoints. This is in addition
to the default hp bonus. Coatings give resistances to certain forms of attack,
and when done by a less-than-master craftsman will also give susceptibilities
to other forms of attack.

Q: What makes each class of armor different, and what are default bonuses?
A: Each class of armor has a different weight, Dex penalty, and AC bonus. In
addition, heavier armor in about pieces provides an extra HP bonus when
finished (300 times the class), and heavier armor in head pieces provides more
protection from the blackjack skill.

Q: Why does it say `(unfinished)` on my armor?
A: Armor that is not yet complete is wearable, but the AC and HP bonuses will
nothing compared to when it is completed. Underlays and coatings must be added
prior to completion.

Q: What are the different underlays, their bonuses and related science skills?
A: See the table below.

Q: Why do I get different results each time?
A: Underlay results have a random component. With the appropriate sciences
mastered and with the armor crafting feat, a bacta underlay will add 500-700 to
the material's inherent properties, while other underlays will randomly add
either +2 or +3 to the corresponding stat.

*******************A R M O R***T A B L E**************************|
Name Reg bonus Master bonus Science Skill |
Bacta +200 hp +450 hp Medical |
Krayt Dragon Hide +1 CON +2 CON, +200 hp Chemistry |
Verpine Fbr. Mesh +1 DEX +2 DEX, +200 hp Enhancement |
Zabrak Cmbt Mesh +1 STR +2 STR, +200 hp Destruction |
Pheromone Infusn. +1 CHA +2 CHA, +200 hp Medical |
NOTE: These are the base values. Feats such as ARMOR_CRAFTING |
would be additional to these. |
Coating Resist Suscept Science |
Ablative Blaster Vibro Enhancement |
Plating Vibro Lightsaber Enhancement |



*******************A R M O R***T A B L E**************************|
Name Reg bonus Master bonus Science Skill |
Bacta +200 hp +450 hp Medical |
Krayt Dragon Hide +1 CON +2 CON, +200 hp Chemistry |
Verpine Fbr. Mesh +1 DEX +2 DEX, +200 hp Enhancement |
Zabrak Cmbt Mesh +1 STR +2 STR, +200 hp Destruction |
Pheromone Infusn. +1 CHA +2 CHA, +200 hp Medical |
NOTE: These are the base values. Feats such as ARMOR_CRAFTING |
would be additional to these. |
Coating Resist Suscept |
Ablative Blaster Vibro |
Plating Vibro Lightsaber |



[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

The assistance feature has been completely renovated. This feature is the new
primary method of assistance between the staff and the player base. Many times
you will find yourself needing assistance and unable to get a hold of someone on
the IMMCHAT channel, whether staff members are not logged on or they are
overwhelmed with other requests. By using the assistance feature, your issue will
be logged with the staff. The staff will receive updates on the number of players
queued up for assistance.

Assistance On - Enables the assistance feature.
Assistance Subject - A brief overview of your problem.
Assistance Message - A full explanation of your problem.
Assistance Type <RPC/IMM> - Directs your request towards one or the other. This
IS required.

Assistance # Remove - This will allow an immortal or RPC staff member to remove
a particular request from the queue manually.

Clearassist - This command allows an immortal to clear the entire queue of
player requests.

The assistance feature is for serious requests only. Do not abuse it.


Astromechs (or astro droids) are droids originally designed to perform starship
maintenance repair, but they can also be used for surveillance and piloting.
They tend to be short and squat, rolling on wheels or treads, and programmed to
be analytical and obedient, but astromechs who go decades or centuries without
a memory wipe tend to become quirky and independent--in extreme cases, lying or
going without an owner. They can only speak Binary, and even then normally
speak in simple mathematical equations. "Jedi + T7 = win!" (T7-01, SWTOR)

Famous Astromechs
*R2-D2, counterpart to C-3P0, companion to Luke Skywalker and others
*BB-8, companion to Poe Dameron
*T3-M4, master slicer built for crime lord Davik Kang


Astromechs (or astro droids) are droids originally designed to perform starship
maintenance repair, but they can also be used for surveillance and piloting.
They tend to be short and squat, rolling on wheels or treads, and programmed to
be analytical and obedient, but astromechs who go decades or centuries without
a memory wipe tend to become quirky and independent--in extreme cases, lying or
going without an owner. They can only speak Binary, and even then normally
speak in simple mathematical equations. "Jedi + T7 = win!" (T7-01, SWTOR)

Famous Astromechs
*R2-D2, counterpart to C-3P0, companion to Luke Skywalker and others
*BB-8, companion to Poe Dameron
*T3-M4, master slicer built for crime lord Davik Kang


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: autolaunch <time>

This command will set a timer for the target ship. When the timer reaches 0,
the ship will automatically launch. This command does not work on all ship


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: autopilot

This command toggles a ships autopilot. When a ship is on autopilot, it will
follow the autopilot configuration (see HELP ACONFIG) and defend itself
when attacked. You must turn autopilot off to control a ship.



[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Autorecharge or Shields

This will set your shields to automatically recharge.

Syntax: Recharge

Recharges shields faster.

See also: HELP SHIPS

To recharge a personal shield: energize <shield> <battery>


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Autotrack

This will set your nav computer to automatically adjust course
to keep you firing on a targeted ship.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

The definition of avatar is a character whose level in ONE class has
equaled or surpassed level 100. Avatars in certain classes will have
special benefits, bonuses and strengths that pre-avatar's will not
have, and thus it becomes a highly strived for position.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: feel awareness

Force users with high enough levels may see how many forcers are in the
star system (trained/untrained) and how many low-force level people there
are in the system (trained/untrained).


*LOOK (l) - can used by itself to look at the room you stand in
- you can look at objects: LOOK <object>
- you can look at mobs and players: LOOK <mob or player name>

*SLEEP (sl) - sleeping will replenish your hitpoints, force, and movement

*REST (r) - will replenish your hp, force, and mv, but slower than sleep
- you can still communicate when resting but not while sleeping

*WAKE (wa)/ STAND (st) - will return you to the standing position

*SIT - your character will sit down

*OPEN/CLOSE <direction or object> - will open/close a door or container

*LOCK/UNLOCK <direction or object> - will lock/unlock a door or container

*PICK <direction or container> - will pick lock on door or container

*INVENTORY (in) - will show you all the objects you are carrying

*EQUIPMENT (eq) - will show you all the equipment you are wearing


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: backstab <victim>
Syntax: circle <victim>

Backstab is a bounty hunting skill that will start a fight with whoever
you backstab. To backstab someone, you must be wielding a piercing weapon
and have already approached your victim.

Circle is also a bounty hunting skill, not unlike backstab. The difference
being that you must already be fighting to circle someone. Again, you must
be wielding a piercing weapon and have already approached your victim.


Balosars appear to be Human until they extend their antennae, rumored to have
subsonic intuitive abilities, distinguishing them as near-Humans. Their world is
dangerous, polluted, and crime-ridden, as well as the source of deathsticks, so
many Balosars leave for safer environments like Nar Shaddaa or the Coruscant
underworld. Balosars have a reputation as addicts, deadbeats, or even
criminals, but the reality varies widely.

Famous Balosar
*Elan Sel'Sabagno, also known as Elan Sleazebaggano, a death stick dealer who
re-thought his life.


Syntax: bank <open/list>
Syntax: bank <account> <deposit/withdraw/balance/close> <amount>

The bank system allows players to store credits in a relatively safe place.
Using the command with the argument of open or list will either open a new
account or list the accounts you presently control. The second syntax is used
to manipulate existing accounts.

You can have a maximum of 10 bank accounts each having a maximum of 5 million
credits each.

See also: HELP HACK


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]
Syntax: banklog
Syntax: banklog <name OR amount OR date> (For Searching)

This will list all bank transactions of the clan. Positive entries are from
using the donate command or using sellship or sellvehicle. Negative entries are
from using withdraw or buyship or buyvehicle or placing a clanbounty.

Usage of the command is reserved for the Leader and anyone whom the leader has
empowered with `banklog`. To use it you must be holding a charged datapad.


The Barabel are a tall, cold-blooded reptilian species native to Barab I. They
have dark, tough scales ranging from black to deep red, with large eyes and
mouths. They evolved from nocturnal predators and continue to be dominated by
their hunting instincts, generally coming across as aggressive to other
species. However, they usually show compassion to their clan-mates and family.
Whatever language they speak, they do so with a heavy, guttural hiss.

Famous Barabel(s)
*Shaka-ka, Legendary Barab warchief who forged a truce with the Empire


Baragwin are a species of bipedal reptilians whose homeworld has been lost to
legend. Like Humans, they identify with the planet they are raised on. Baragwin
have thick, wrinkled skin, hunched backs, and large heads. They are strong but
slow, and as such their intelligence is frequently underestimated. Baragwin are
quick to manipulate others' prejudices against them. Many Baragwin become
skilled weaponsmiths.

Famous Baragwin
*Hermi Odle, Weapon and security engineer for Jabba The Hutt


[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Level 47 Combat Skill

Syntax: bash

Soldiers look for every edge in combat. Smashing into your opponent slows you
but can stun him, possibly buying you valuable seconds. Bash is a combat skill
that can be used during combat. It inflicts damage and momentarily stuns both
yourself and your opponent for approximately two rounds. During
that time, you are unable to do anything. You will only inflict damage if your
opponent is not a player character. There is a drastically reduced chance of
success if the person performing the 'bash' is not one of the primary targets.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Battlegroup is a command to enable people to group together up to two wingships
to a single flagship. What is unique about this system, is that every
capital within a battlegroup can also have it's own squadrons in addition. To
form your fleet, you need to go to the craft you wish to have join and send the
request message, and then someone(You or another), will accept the request.
Please note that the SQUADRON and BATTLEGROUP commands are completely seperate.
Battlegroup only works between capitals, whereas squadron only works on small
and medium craft to a specific capital.

SYNTAX: Battlegroup join <Flagship>
Battlegroup <requesting ship>

Once the ship is battlegrouped, you will be able to change its position within
the fleet from its helm. There are three positions within a fleet: Outer,
Midguard, and Inner, each having it's advantages and disadvantages. Just like
Squadron, only ships in the outermost layer can be targetted, so keep this in
mind when positions your fleet. Also, each capital's squadron positions count
towards the overall battlegroup. For example, if you place two capitals to the
outer position, but their squadrons in the midguard, the capitals will be
vulnerable whereas the squadrons will be the ones protected by both of the
capitals. Keep in mind, that if you want your ships to have this protection,
they must stay within 1000 units of the flagship.

SYNTAX: Battlegroup position <Position #>

The battlegroup command also allows you to remotely control your fleet from the
flagship, enabling you to control them just in just about every way. For an
exact list of what you can and cannot have your ships do, consult HELP
NAVCOMMANDS. It should also be noted that the -full- command has to be typed
out. You will not be able to scramble squadrons of the fleet, as squadrons can
only be scrambled by a pilot on the leading ship of the squadron.

SYNTAX: Battlegroup nav <Ship/all> <command>
Battlegroup target <Ship/all> <victim>

In addition to attacking ships, should you position the fleet over a planet, it
will be possible to bombard the planet using projectiles. Bombarding can perm
players, and may have serious repercussions if used flippantly. Use this
command with care.

SYNTAX: Battlegroup bombard <planet>

Due to the vast coordination power of the Flagship, there is a line for the
flagship to issue commands to the pilots of all the other ships. However, the
communication only works one way.

SYNTAX: Battlegroup message <message>



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 1 Smuggling Skill

Syntax: Beg <mob>

The beg skill is simply that... begging. Useful for gaining starting cash for a


[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Level 80 Combat Skill

Syntax: berserk

Going berserk sends your warrior into a frenzied state, increasing its attacks
per round by one and your strength by one. While in a berserk frenzy, you
cannot flee or retreat combat.


Besalisks are large, many-armed humanoids from the cold ocean planet Ojom. They
are technically flightless avians, males with four arms, females with between
four and eight. Besalisks have a hearty appetite, but they can survive for a
long time on fat and water stored in their considerable girth. They are
naturally witty, hardworking, and amiable, easily integrating into any society.
They also tend to be honest--usually.

Famous Besalisks
*Dexter Jettster, Coruscant diner owner and friend of Obi-Wan Kenobi


$300 - The price you will have to pay per month, to get full time customer
service agents to service your every mud need. Everyone else is on the
`freebie` plan, which entitles you to the services of our dedicated
volunteer-driven immortal staff. Just remember, when asked, to answer
correctly. Have you paid your LotJ bill?


..... We didn't think so.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: bind <victim> <code>

Using this command will cause your character to bind your victim with
whatever manner of bindings you are HOLDING. Code is optional, if your
binding doesn't have a keypad specifying a code makes no difference.
You can set the code when you bind someone, or once they are wearing
it using SETCODE. If no code is specified on a keypad binding it will
default to 0. To bind someone, they must either be stunned, or under
physical restraint (GRAB) and subdued (low endurance).



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

A biotemplate is a ready-made form for your character's history. You are not
required to use these templates, but they provide clues as to what should be





&Acessing &R&epublic &atanet &F&ile &00000&-&0000A&...

Access granted. Displaying file
&S&ubject Birth Name: &
&S&ubject Race: &
&S&ubject Age: &
&S&ubject Place of Birth: &
&S&ubject Parent&(&s&)&: &
&S&ubject Sibling&(&s&)&: &
&S&ubject Spouse&(&s&)&: &
&S&ubject Offspring: &
&C&riminal Record
&E&mployment Record
&P&ersonal Account
&-&<describe character in paragraph form>
&R&elevant Notes
&E&ducation &R&ecord

&Closing link. Thank you for accessing the &N&ew &R&epublic &atanet.


Bith are an ancient humanoid species with a culture extremely advanced in
technology, art, and diplomacy. As they are sterile, their reproduction depends
on computer analysis and artificial conception and gestation. They have a
highly developed sense of sound and smell, making up for the poor functioning
of their large eyes. Bith tend to be pacifists, thoughtful and intellectual.

Famous Bith
*Modal Nodes, an all-bith band that frequently played at The Mos Eisley Cantina


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]
Syntax: BLACKJACK <target>

The mother of all non-lethal defenses, Blackjack renders the target
unconscious, leaving them as easy targets for anything you want to do to them.
It can also be used to simply dispose of an annoying guard or officer for a few
minutes, without altering the local security.

In order to BLACKJACK, you must be wielding a weapon (Only blasters,
lightsabers, bowcasters, and force pikes work)

If the target is wearing any form of head gear, It becomes much harder to
blackjack them. The higher the helmet's AC, the harder.


[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Level 140 Combat Skill

Syntax: blastdoor <direction>
blastdoor <direction> (timer)

A soldier receives advanced training in demolitions. This skill covers
the placement, tamping and arming of mines to destroy a door. Blastdoor
requires a mine in your inventory. The setting for BLASTDOOR
is different than the MINE skill is and will not injure people in
the room even if it fails.

The blastdoor command has an option timer argument that allows you to determine
the number of rounds before the charge is activated.


[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Level 1 Combat Skill: Blasters
Level 45 Combat Skill: Advanced Blasters
Level 105 Combat Skill: Blaster Mastery

Syntax: Use of the skill is automatic once learned.

Blasters are ranged weapons that fire laser bolts. They are common throughout
the galaxy, ranging from palm-concealed sporting blasters to the planet
destroying Death Star cannon. Each of these skills increase proficiency with
the blaster. Blasters covers basic marksmanship. Advanced Blasters includes
more complicated tactical combat situations. Blaster Mastery involves
rigorous, long-term combat training. Elite troops like the clone ARC Troopers
are usually the only practitioners of Blaster Mastery. Blasters are most
commonly created by engineers using the makeblaster command.



[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Minimum Level: 5

Syntax: BLOCK (direction)
To stop blocking an exit, type BLOCK without an argument.

Enables you to 'block' an exit, preventing people from travelling in that
direction. Useful for hunters, and others who want to 'corner' a target.

You CANNOT leave the room while blocking, as it terminates your block. Other
actions are still doable though, such as equipping and such.

Blocking only works to block people IN the room, People can still use the
return exit from the other way to enter. You could ENTER a room, then be
unable to leave because someone is blocking the way you just came from.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: blockade <planet>

Provided the planet you specify is unblockaded, this will enact a blockade
in the name of your clan. The blockade must be called from a capital ship's
bridge, and in order for the blockade to continue there must be at least one
member of the clan in that sector at all times.

While a planet is blockaded it will lose popular support.

If the planet specified is blockaded, and you are from the clan who started
the blockade, and aboard a capital class ship, you can call off the blockade.

The GNI reports will regularly report on the status of the blockaded sector,
alerting players to the hazard present. When the planet is unblockaded GNI
will make a final report to inform everyone that normal traffic may resume.

Blockading is a good way to take over a planet, when coupled with propaganda
and inspirecrime.


The force can be twisted and unleashed upon an opponent, causing him to take
extra damage from almost all forms of attack. The overall damage increase is
+40% for the duration.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: board <target ship>

This command is used to either enter a ship from outside, or to move from one
docked ship to another. When used to board a ship from the outside, a target
ship must be specified. When used to move from one docked ship to another, no
argument is required.



[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]
Syntax: bomb <planet> <weapon>


This command allows the pilot of a small or medium spacecraft to engage in a
low-atmosphere bombing run over the specified planet. Bombing runs are taken
very seriously and a player must have a valid IC RP reason for engaging in
bombing runs, even if no other player is injured.



Syntax: Battlegroup Bombard <Planet>

Can be issued from the bridge of any capital ship within the battlegroup, not
just the leader, and it issues an order for any and all ships within range of
the given planet to begin bombarding said planet.

This command can carry serious IC consequences!


Bombsquad is a future feat (not yet fully implemented) that will allow players
a chance to disarm grenades armed by someone else.


Bothans are by nature brave, crafty, and suspicious. They are furry humanoids
that may appear canine, feline, or equine. Men and women alike typically have
pointed beards. They are sometimes mistrusted because of their reputation for
manipulation and subtlety, but they can also be extremely loyal. In times of
extreme crisis, many Bothans may volunteer to 'Arkai', a mentality of accepting
any sacrifice needed to defend their species from annihilation.

Famous Bothans
*Borsk Feylya, key member of the Rebel Alliance and later New Republic Senator


Syntax: bot <start/stop/cancel>

While using the [BOTTING] flag, there are only certain commands you are legally
able to use: buildship, develop, makearmor, ponder, research, and study.

What is Botting?
Botting is using a client's triggers and scripts to automate your character and
the mud's BOT command when you are not paying attention to the screen.

You can only 'bot' certain commands and only when used in conjunction with the
[BOTTING] flag, controlled by the BOT command.

Triggering any commands besides those just listed while using the [BOTTING]
flag is illegal.

The [BOTTING] flag has a two hour timer, after which you will enter [COOLDOWN]
and automatically go AFK. It is legal to have a trigger resume botting once the
30 minute period is over.

The [BOTTING] flag does not protect your character like the AFK flag does.
Other players are able to steal from you, drag you around, or even kill you
(normal perm rules apply) while you are botting.

Bot Checks
Occasionally, the imm staff will check to see if you are illegally botting
skill(s). This is typically done through the IMMCHAT channel, and can be
something as simple as:

- ( IMM | CHAT ) Xerakon mortchats to you 'Bot check.'

We'll try this a few times over a short period to make sure we get your
attention. Just respond back using the IMMCHAT command letting us know that you
are there.

As there has been a recent rash of issues where players are not claiming do not
pay attention to the IMMCHAT channel with the Mushclient, we highly advise that
you make sure the IMMCHAT channel is displayed on every window you use so that
you will not miss a message from the staff. Not watching IMMCHAT counts as not
paying attention to your screen, which counts as botting.

Illegal Botting
Offenses will be evaluated per account, rather than per character. Botting is a
serious offense! Any attempt to bypass the system or to bot illegally by any
means will be dealt with to the fullest extent of internet law.

Illegally botting can result in something as simple as a warning, going all the
way up to forfeiting everything you gained through botting and being helled.

However, take special note that slice/secure botters will be set to ZERO in
both of these skills.

Please do not set off other player's triggers, intentionally or
unintentionally. It's a good way to get yourself conked over the head with an
immortal fist of justice.

Web Guide


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: bounties

This command displays a list of the current IC bounties posted in the galaxy.

Note: This system, while designed to be IC, is not fully incorporated into our
current RP system. Please take that into account and use common sense when
making use of this command.


Syntax: bounty
Syntax: bounty <target> <amount> <capture/disintegration>
Syntax: clanbounty <target> <amount> <capture/disintegration>

Sometimes, persons of interest hide where you can't reach them. Sometimes, you
don't want to bother chasing them down. Send a bounty hunter to do your dirty
work! To use these commands, you must be in a bounty office. Typing 'bounty' by
itself will list all the currently unclaimed bounties. If a character and
amount of bounty is specified, you will place a bounty on the list. Players
the option of placing a capture bounty or a disintegration bounty (see note
below) on a target. There is a minimum cost of 100,000 credits for capture and
200,000 for disintegrations. You must have a dub of the person you are placing
a bounty on.

Disintegration bounties must have an IC reason and fulfill the conditions
covered in HELP PERM. Those who place a disintegration take responsibility for
all actions as a result of the bounty if the RPC comes knocking.

Only the BOUNTIER can have a bounty removed.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]
Class Overview
Ever break into a ship and steal it? Maybe got caught stealing credits from
someone? Or perhaps you assassinated a high-level target from the enemy clan.
Just because you got away, doesn't mean you're free and clean. If there is a
price on your head, chances are you will meet a Bounty Hunter soon. Bounty
Hunters are the elite contract mercenaries of the galaxy. They possess powerful
and deadly close quarters combat skills to kill or subdue their targets. They
are masters of unarmed combat as well as vibroblades, and capable of being
adept with more if they are a race with a high combat subclass. They also
possess skills that help them locate their prey, see through disguises, as well
as extra armor penetration and enhanced survivability.

Bounty Hunters are lone wolves who at best maybe work together with a few other
bounty hunters to bring down a powerful target. As such, Bounty Hunters CANNOT
JOIN CLANS. While Bounty Hunter is a powerful class it is not recommended for
new players. It advised to play at least 1 era or maybe a whole timeline before
you attempt to become one of the galaxy's most notorious contract killers.

Class Skills
The Bounty Hunting class is chosen by the bravest and strongest of braves,
learned in tracking down and capturing or killing their prey. During their
training, a competent hunter is given all of the skills necessary to pursue
their target - bashing doors, tracking beings, tactical retreats, and jetpack
mastery. Masters of the trade are able to leap from the shadows and perform a
powerful attack that will severely injure their target.

Famous Bounty Hunters
*Boba Fett, notorious Mandalorian bounty hunter and Sarlaac snack.
*Bossk, Trandoshan bounty hunter and member of the Bounty Hunters' Guild.
*IG-88, rogue IG-series assassin droid turned bounty hunter, destroyed at the
hands of Boba Fett.



[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Level 25 Combat Skill: Bowcasters
Level 50 Combat Skill: Advanced Bowcaster
Level 115 Combat Skill: Bowcaster Mastery

Syntax: Use of the skill is automatic once learned.

A curious combination of modern and ancient technologies, the bowcaster is the
traditional weapon of the Wookiee. While seeming anachronistic to those
accustomed to blasters, a bowcaster is extremely deadly in the hands of a
skilled Wookiee warrior.

Each of these skills increase proficiency with the Bowcaster. Bowcasters covers
basic marksmanship. Advanced Bowcaster includes more complicated tactical
combat situations. Bowcaster Mastery involves rigorous combat training. Elite
ShiaWook Fastclaws are usually the only practitioners of Bowcaster Mastery.

Additional Help Files: AMMO


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 50 Force Skill

Syntax: breach <direction>

A skillful Force user may use their lightsaber to cut a door, granting them
access to places they do not have the authorization to otherwise. This skill is
similiar to doorcut, but keep in mind that people behind the door will notice
when the person begins to cut through.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: propaganda <citizen>
Syntax: bribe <citizen> amount
Syntax: smalltalk <citizen>

These skills are most likely the biggest aspect to being a diplomat in that
they allow one to take over a planet. The process, however, is not a straight
line from A to B.

Each planet has a `rebel` rating, which is double the distance between 100 and
the current popular support, plus four. So, for example, if the popular support
of Coruscant is 98, the rebel rating is 8 ((100-98)*2+4).

The effectiveness of the bribe skill depends on how many credits you give them.
Propaganda affects the popular support by .1, no matter if it is being raised
by the occupying clan or lowered by another. Each time that one of these skills
is used, it costs one rebel point. Bribe is the most powerful of the three, but
it can only be used offensively.

Rebel points replenish hourly, at the same time you get paid by your clan.

Holding ground is not only good because you can invade homes and close the
shops of your enemies, but because it gives you places to launch an attack
from. If your clan controls a planet in a sector, your capital ships will get
500-1500 points of fuel replenished every ten seconds.

The more planets you control, the more credits your clan earns, and the more
you can spend on developments or clan wages.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: broadcast <message>

Required:[Broadcast] flagged room, comlink, 50,000 credits.

This skill is used to broadcast a message to anyone in the galaxy with a
comlink. This is a good skill to use for speeches or announcements pertaining
to the planet it is broadcasted from. You should be careful to set your
currentcomlink to a comlink tuned to channel 0 with no encryption, or it will
sound all garbled and be useless and unreadable to those without your

The 50,000 credit fee is deposited directly into the planet's governing clan's

The app-approved Senator of a planet (and possibly other characters at Immortal
discretion) have the right to speak for their citizens in broadcasts. However,
most characters do not have this right.

To avoid godmodding, if your character isn't a Senator or has special
permission, present your broadcast as your own viewpoint or your clan's
viewpoint. Don't claim to represent NPCs or be a neutral GNI reporter without
permission! If you aren't sure, immchat your broadcast and ask.



SYNTAX: bug report
idea submit
typo report

Using these commands will put you in a message buffer.

We are rolling out three new commands on the mud to help provide better
feedback. They should be self-explanatory. This new system will make it easier
to submit these things by allowing submissions right from the mud instead of on
the website. These commands will also log the room vnum you are in when using
them, making it easier to track down bugs and typos.

Please note: There is currently a lot of jibber/jabber about degrees, gold and
glory when using these commands. We are in the process of simplifying and
removing these extraneous messages.


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Level 135 Engineering Skill

Syntax: buildship
Syntax: buildship <ship frame> <part>

Buildship is a skill engineers get, and they use it to build a ship from a
blueprint that they come into possession of. Buildship does not allow the
engineer to make a FULLY CUSTOM SHIP, modify room desc/names, flags, or any
other builder-like functions. The blueprints are ships PRE-APPROVED by the
Immortals, and the ship will be the same as any other ship (minus TUNING and

With a toolkit in hand:


With no arguments, this will create the frame for the ship described in a
blueprint you hold in your hands.

buildship <frame> <part>

Assuming you have the part, this will add the part to the frame. If you want to
see how much is left on the frame, EXAMINE it.

Multiple Engineers can work on a frame, in fact ANY engineer can. The owner of
the ship will ALWAYS be whomever created the frame from the blueprint.


If you are an engineer by trade, when you EXAMINE the blueprint or the ship, it
will tell you how much the blueprint needs. It also reminds you of the names of
each part, as you must input the exact name of each part when you buildship.

Each component used to build the ship has an impact value set onto it. The
higher the impact value, the more impact the component has to building your
ship. You will want to use components that have the highest value possible. You
can determine the impact value of a component by examining the ship as you
build it.


Usage: buildstructure
buildstructure <structure name> <component>

Using this skill with no arguments will attempt to start a scaffolding for a
structure. The type of structure depends on the schematic or deed that you are
holding in your hands.

Once a scaffolding is down, you may add parts to it. Each structure will
require a different amount of each of the 5 components. They are: wood, stone,
metal, durasteel, and duraplast.

Once all the required components of the structure have been added to it, the
structure will be inhabitable. You may open the door with OPENDOOR. Feel free
to change the name of your building with RENAMESTRUCTURE.

Structures range in type from huts to huge senate halls. They also vary greatly
in both their cost to purchase the deed and the amount of components you will
need to add to it before its completed. This is why structure building is best
done in a team environment.


This skill is currently not implemented.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: buy <object>
Syntax: buy <# to buy> <object>
Syntax: buy #<# on list>
Syntax: list
Syntax: sell <object>
Syntax: value <object>

Typing 'buy' purchases an object from a shop vendor. 'buy <# to buy> <object>'
will allow you to buy up to twenty of a store item at once. (This does not
apply for blueprints - you may only purchase them one at a time) By typing
'buy #<# on list>' will purchase the object that matches up to the number
on the list.

Typing 'list' shows all objects that a shop vendor can sell to you. Typing
'list <object>' lists all objects by that name.

Typing 'sell <object>' will transfer the specified item to a shop vendor
and give you the value of the item in credits.

Typing 'value <object>' asks how much the shop vendor will pay for the item.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Listcargo
Syntax: Buycargo
Syntax: Sellcargo

These commands give pilots the ability to haul cargo from planet to planet. For
detailed information on the ship cargo system, See CARGO



Buyclone operates without a doctor, in special cloning rooms that are found
throughout the galaxy. These clones are much more successful than ones done by
players, though they are quite costly. The cost is based on all of your levels
added together. Although they are much more reliable, be advised these clones
can fail too.

Just as an aside, you may notice the cost to buy the clone may be more
than you can carry, credit wise. In this case, put the amount needed into
one or more of your bank accounts and try again. It will withdraw from your
bank account(s) until the sum is paid for.


Homes on LotJ are easy to customize. These are the four commands you will
need to know.

BUYHOME <name> Buy the home you are in.
NAMEHOME <name> Rename your home.
SELLHOME Sell your home.
DESCHOME Write description of the room in a buffer.

Homes cost upwards of 100,000 credits depending on size, and these
credits must be in your possession when you try to buy the home.

Homes named with inappropriate names will be subject to removal with no
compensation to the mortal who owns the house.

Also, it is illegal to possess homes in clan bases that are not your own.
Homes should NOT be used as a jail cell.

Inactivity will result in a loss of the phome.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: buyship <ship name>
Syntax: sellship <ship name>

Ships may be bought and sold by entering these commands when standing on the
same landing pad that the ship is on. Buying a ship in this manner is usually
far more expensive than buying from an engineer. (See HELP TRADESHIP)

Be aware that selling small ships will return a distinctly lowered yield than
any other ship size. This is due to a number of people exploiting a situation
whereby building small ships and selling them returned huge profits.


Usage: buystructure <target structure>

If you see a structure with a tag next to its name saying it is for sale, and
you have the amount of credits its asking for, using this command will allow
you to buy it automatically.

This command lets players build their structures and then set their sale price
using the UPKEEP command. Other players can then come and buy the structure at
any time!

NOTE: In order to buy the structure, the owner must have set up the account to
pay the money to.

This command is not currently in game


These commands can be used by players to run NPC manned shops to sell goods.

For more information on the Player Vendor system, see HELP VENDOR


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: buzz <character>
Syntax: invite <character>

BUZZ will buzz someone's home and request you be let in. They must be in the
front room of their home, and you must be in an adjacent room.

INVITE will let someone who has buzzed you into your home.


*GET - GET <object> <container> will get an item from a container
- GET <object> will get an object from the ground

*PUT - PUT <object> <container> will put an item in a container

*DROP <object> - will drop the object from your inventory to the ground

*GIVE <object> <player> - you will give the object to that player

*EAT/DRINK <object> - you can eat or drink different foods and drinks

*FILL/EMPTY <object> - fills/empties the container with water


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: call <race name> <skincolor #> <type>
Syntax: call message drone

This skill allows the user to summon a message drone to deliver a datadisk and
package to someone. Beginning at level 35, great leaders can call upon
followers to assist them in a variety of ways. Mercenaries, field medics, post
guards, or simple reinforcements are all available types. Some other followers
may be called, depending on the character's position in a clan (if they are in
one) and their leadership level. You can order your followers around (See HELP
ORDER) and they will follow you until you dismiss them (See HELP DISMISS), or
you do something to cause them to doubt your leadership and possibly even
attack you.

See Also: Help Drone


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Using the force to affect a group of people, this skill represents a jedi's
ability to affect minds. Fights in the room the caster is in, including any
involving the caster, can be stopped. There is nothing to prevent everyone from
starting to fight again, and the caster will have to wait a short while to
recover from the effort.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - camera avoidance
Class - Espionage
Level - 100

This feat allows you to hide your actions from cameras, if any are present.
This feat does not hide you from cameras completely, and those monitoring the
network will be able to see you are in the room. This feat will also not hide
actions targeted at you.


Syntax: camouflage

This command allows players with the Defel race to turn invisible. In order to
use this command, a player must be wearing nothing.



What is a CG?
CG stands for 'capital game,' a series of fun OOC events the staff occasionally
puts on. They range from space battles to PK arena tournaments to 'capture the
command center' style gameplay. CGs are a fun way to experience different
aspects of LOTJ while hanging out with your fellow players.

How do I play?
Create a new character where the name is your account name followed by CG. For
example, GathornCG or WalldoCG. Once you are in the gameworld, use the CG
command to notify the staff that you want to play. Don't type this if you
aren't a CG character. The imms will check you off, and you will be teleported
to the CG arena for further instructions.

See Also: Help CGRules, Help CGTalk, Help CGWho, Help Team


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Capital rules govern inter-clan space battles and capturing planets.

An UNMANNED capital ship in orbit of a planet in a friendly sector can only be
attacked (including it being targeted, fake signaled, grenaded, tractored or
sabotaged) by WARRING clans when popular support is below 0. Any unmanned ship
that is destroyed before support is below 0 in a wartime situation will result
in the restoration of the ship and a second ship gifted to the clan. An
unmanned ship out of orbit of a planet can be attacked. MANNED vessels are free

Safe vs. Friendly Sectors
Safe sector: Major clans' capital sectors are designated as 'safe sectors'.
These cannot be captured without immortal approval.
Friendly sector: Any sector controlled by the clan in question. These include
safe sectors.

The major difference between safe and friendly sectors is that if a safe
sector's planetary popular support goes into the negative range, you may not
destroy any vessels in orbit. However, if they are out of orbit, or if they are
a part of a battlegroup in which the flagship is manned, or if the staff
removes the safe sector flag - they are fair game.

Specific Distinctions
- If a Flagship is MANNED, any battlegrouped ships in the same system are
considered manned.
- Logging out, going link-dead, or escaping the capital ship in anyway after
your ship(s) have been targeted will not negate your ship's manned status.
- Usage of any bug to cause a capital ship to target your ship and thereby
attack and destroy a ship defined as safe (Unmanned in orbit of a planet in a
safe sector) will result in the restoration of the destroyed ship, a gift of
another of the same type and the destruction of the offending ship.
- Neutral Government orbital ships are covered by these rules. Do not perform
an aggressive action (described above) against them unless support is below 0.

Refueling in Space
If a clan's capital vessel is stationed in a friendly sector, it will be
refueled automatically if it is not in combat.

We know that from time to time, loopholes can be found and exploited. The staff
reserves the right to judge any capitalrule situation and take appropriate
measures to rectify exploits.



Syntax: capture

This command is used to capture a planet for your clan. It can only be
done when the planet you are on has a low support rating for the current
government and when there are no enemy ships in the star system.

A planet's support rating can be lowered by killing it's population or with the
propaganda skill.

You may only capture two planets every 24 hour period. That means that if you
capture your second planet at 11 AM, you are unable to capture any other
planets until 11 AM the next day.


Syntax: listcargo

This command lists the cargo on your ship. It must be done from the cockpit.

Syntax: buycargo <ship> <type> <amount>

Allows the player to buy cargo while standing on a landing pad outside of their

Syntax: sellcargo <ship> <type> <amount>

Allows the player to sell cargo while standing on a landing pad outside of

How to run cargo:

Step 1:
Fly to a planet, and load up your ship's cargo bays(if any) with the cargo of
using the BUYCARGO command. You can view what cargo is available for purchase
on any planet by using the SHOWPLANET command such as SHOWPLANET CORUSCANT
RESOURCES. After purchasing cargo, you can launch and fly to the offloading

Step 2:
Land on the planet, get out of your ship and use the SELLCARGO command to sell
the cargo.

Try to load up on a cargo that is worthless on one planet, but will sell
for a lot on another.



Syntax: feel carnage

Selfishness, hatred, and passionate desire can speed a dark sider's motions, or
make them more deadly. The dark side of the force allows its wielder to
increase their own killing capacity, delivering harder attacks and more damage
overall by +20%. This ability only applies a bonus to melee weapons and will
not allow a bonus to ranged weapons of any kind.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: carry <victim>

Used to pick someone up. The person must be either SLEEPING or STUNNED.
If the person wakes up while you are carrying them, they will fall to the
ground. To stop carrying someone you must RELEASE them. (Type release)



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: feel <force power> <target>

Before you can use a force power, you have to practice it. The more you
practice, the higher chance you have of success. You also must also
be force sensitive and have enough force energy to use the powers.

The <target> is optional. Many powers which need targets will use an
appropriate default target, especially during combat.

If the power name is more than one word, then you must quote the power name.
Example: feel 'cure critic' frag. Quoting is optional for single-word powers.
You can abbreviate the power name.

When you use an offensive power, the victim usually gets a saving throw.
The effect of the power is reduced or eliminated if the victim makes the
saving throw successfully.



Cathar are feline, humanoid race native to the planet of the same name. They
have a mane of thick hair (which some shave or trim) and golden skin. They are
deadly in battle thanks to their quick reflexes, retractable claws, and quick
healing. Culturally, they mate for life and live in tree-homes. Cathar tend to
be fierce, loyal, impulsive, and honorable. As a result, they make excellent
soldiers, although many also excel as scouts or hunters.

Famous Cathar
*Crado, Jedi apprentice of Master Vodo-Siosk Baas.
*Handa, a Jedi Master during the last decades of the New Sith Wars.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Council Board - Role playing Council Only.

Syntax: CBOARD <command> <arguments>

Functions exactly like a message terminal, but doesn't require you to be in
the room with one. Instead, All of the Council Members have access to a
galactic terminal, that can be accessed from ANYWHERE.

Use this board to post requests for information on topics, and to keep
other members informed of past and current events. It can also be used to
contact the Immortals.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: censor <on | off>

This command will toggle your personal profanity filter. The profanity filter
will replace most 'objectionable' language with a sequence of asterisks. The
filter can also be toggled using the config system.



Cereans are a race of humanoids with elongated skulls from the planet Cerea.
Their males age quickly, and both males and females are typically calm,
intelligent, and peaceful. Due to males' short lifespans, polygamous family
structures are a necessity for the continuation of the race. One male normally
had a single bond-wife and four to ten honor-wives.

Famous Cereans
*Ki-Adi-Mundi, Jedi Master and Member of the Clone Wars-era Jedi Council


Rule #1: CG characters are not IC. If you interact with IC characters at
any time with a CG character you will risk banning.

Rule #2: Treat each other with respect, these games are just for fun.

Rule #3: Playing CG is a privilege, not a right. Abuse it and it'll be revoked.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: gtalk <message>

This command allows a player to send a message over the CGtalk channel. Any
player logged on with a CG character and with the CGtalk channel enabled will
hear this message. This is an OOC channel.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: cgwho

This command allows a player logged in on a CG or Capital Game character to see
who else is online.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: chaff

If your vessel is equipped with chaff, this command will release a burst of
chaff. If released at the right time, incoming projectiles will blow up
harmlessly. To check if your ship has any chaff, use the INFO command. To
replace any chaff that you used in battle, use the RELOAD command.


Chagrians were a blue-skinned race of near-Humans native to the ocean world
Champala. Their faces were framed by four horns, two up and two down. They tend
to value order and diplomacy. Their culture values education deeply, and they
are known to lose their sense of taste as they reach adulthood, thereafter
eating only out of necessity.

Famous Chagrian
*Mas Amedda, Vice Chair of the Galactic Senate, Imperial Grand Vizier


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: challenge <target> <optional: bet>
challenge cancel

This command, if used while in the waiting room of an arena, will challenge the
target to a duel. Specifying a credit amount of 5000 credits or greater will
put those credits on the line. If the person you challenge choses to, he can
increase the wager up to two times the amount you specify. All challenges have
a timer of two minutes before they expire. Challenges and match details will be
announced on the ARENA channel.

Supplying the argument CANCEL will abort any challenges you are making.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

There are several means of communications for the player available on LotJ.
Below is a list of channels and a short description.

Syntax: <channel name> <message>
Example: say The Imperials have landed on Coruscant!

OOC - A general purpose channel that can be used for discussing virtually
anything not related to in-game content.
Talk - The primary in-game channel. See help talk for more information
Clan - Another in-game channel, seen only by those who are in your same clan.
Immchat - This channel is used for communicating with the Immortal staff.
RPC - This channel is used for talking to the RPC (help RPC).
Tell - A private means of talking with another player, this channel is strictly
OOC and is not to be used for discussing IC events.
Beep - Using this will cause the target's mud client to emit a noise. Abuse of
beeps will result in punishment.
Say - This channel is how you communicate ICly with players in the same room with
you. All players in the room will be able to hear you speaking.
Osay - This channel is similar to OOC, however it is only seen by other people
in the same room as you.
Whisper -When standing near another player, you can whisper something to them,
and only they can hear you. This is an IC channel. (See HELP APPROACH)

If you wish to disable a particular channel, use the channel command.
channel -ooc (disables the OOC channel, meaning you cannot use or hear it)
channel +ooc (re-enables the OOC channel)

Spamming channels on LOTJ will get you silenced.


Though not the most evil, chaotic evil is the most dangerous. Characters with
this alignment will do evil, and are not afraid of any laws while doing it.
They usually have no sense of consequence, or very little.

A sith lord could be chaotic evil.


These types of characters don’t necessarily believe in the concept of laws or
establishment. They are good aligned, so they generally try to do good.

A good example would be someone who has no problem stealing to feed his family.
While they do not generally care much about organization, they dont ignore all

A rebel would likely be chaotic good.


Temporary until a winner is chosen!


Character Name: Jesse James

Character Motives: Jesse strives to gain income, but he can't be tied down to a
job, or sedentary lifestyle. It's for this reason that he's decided that the
best way to make money, and still be adventurous and mobile is to rob stage
coaches, and hold up banks. Jesse does have an ulterior goal that other players
will not be privy to knowing, and that is that he is very much in love with a
woman, Calamity Jane, and part of his bravado is to impress Calamity Jane and
and hopefully win her love.

Character Strengths: Jesse projects himself to be very loyal to his gang, and
for the most part, he is very loyal. He can be persuaded to betray them, and
these circumstances are detailed below. Jesse is otherwise, loyal, trustworthy
to his gang, and willing to sacrifice profit in order to help a gang-member. As
far as criminals go, Jesse is very loyal and committed to his lifestyle.

Character Downfalls: Jesse's love for Calamity Jane can easily be used against
him in order to extract information from him, or even to betray his gang.
Should anyone threaten to harm Calamity Jane, Jesse is sure to do whatever it
takes to rescue her. Jesse also has an unusual affinity for strawberry ice
cream. If he is captured, the sheriff could offer him strawberry ice cream as a
means to extract at least a little information, but he won't give up too much
just for some ice cream.

Character Quirks and Other Miscellaneous Information: It's important to note
that Jesse can't resist being `called out` by anyone. If a player challenges
him to a duel, Jesse will accept every time. He doesn't like to appear weak, or
`yellow` and will therefore defend his honor. Also, Jesse finds anyone who
drinks anything other than whiskey or bourbon to be untrustworthy. `A man
drinks a man's drink!` is what he always says. Jesse will not enter a deal, or
trust anyone who can't hold their liquor.

Thought Log:

<3/1/07 16:23> This sheriff is getting on my nerves. He keeps gabbing about how
he's gonna 'clean up this town'. I might have to move the gang down to those
caverns were we can lay low awhile.
<3/1/07 17:04> Calamity Jane said Brazen Bob's been making moves on her. If he
doesn't stop soon, I might have to call him out.
<3/3/07 18:44> Moved the gang down to the caverns. There were these Indians
there that we had to kill, because they didn't want to leave on their own.
Besides, we can't have them out there telling the Sheriff where to find us.
<3/4/07 20:10> Had a little chat with Brazen Bob. He said he's gonna stop
making moves on my girl.


Every ship has several types of "Charge" systems: Laser Charge, Ion Charge, and
Ship Charge. The size of the Laser Charge and Ion Charge is directly linked to
how many Ions and Laser weapons your ship has. Firing ANY weapon in addition to
whatever weapon dependant charge in the case of Ions and Laser weapons, also
detracts from the Ship Charge. Generally speaking, it is much more common to
require more Laser Charge and Ion Charge than it is Ship Charge due to capacity

All charge types passive regenerate, however Laser Charge can also be restored
via the use of REPAIRSHIP.

For ships that have multiple laser weapons, they share the same pool but have
different tapped out amount. If you have 10 Lasers and 15 Turbolasers, as an
example, you can fire 10 lasers before Lasers require more charge, however you
can still fire 5 more Turbolaser shots before tapping out the Laser Charge.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Charisma (CHA in your 'score') represents your characters physical beauty
and charm. It primarily affects:

- a character's practice rate with a language scholar

- prices charged to a character by shopkeepers

LEADERSHIP and SMUGGLING are affected by the CHA stat.
Training in LEADERSHIP has a chance to raise this stat.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of chemistry will produce better results when an
engineer enhances armor with the Krayt Dragon Hide underlay.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

After gaining Immortal approval to role play a child character, you will
get a flag that defines you as a child, so you show up as a `youth` to anyone
in the room. They receive reduced level maxes and stat maxes. Children also
do less damage, and take more per hit than the grown-up equivalents.

Youths are expected to be from age 8-15, though we can allow for them
to be a little older if they do not begin as such. They are also restricted
from joining clans, and thus, cannot wear any clan equipment.

Persons wishing to play a character like this must seek authorization from
the Immortals. To receive this authorization, please use the MISC application
form on the LotJ website at http:www.legendsofthejedi.com. Not all applications
will be accepted.

In your application for the child character, please include your plans for the
character and what you intend to do with them. Also include any information
pertaining to the child's relationships and family status.

Any child character found to be engaging in role playing sexual themes will
Immediately be slayed and the player may be banned.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

The following are guidelines when writing a child application.

-Include a detailed character history. Who is your character? What is its
family history? How did it arrive to where it is today?
-Include a detailed character_sheet. Why is your character the way it is?

NOTE:Orphan child characters are frowned upon and more than likely won't get
approved. It is highly encouraged to have established character
parent(s)/guardian(s). If you are found to be doing a poor job role playing a
child character, your child flag may be removed. If players feel a child
character is doing a poor job, they are encouraged to contact the Immortals
with their concerns.

Any child character found to be engaging in role playing sexual themes will
Immediately be slayed and the player may be banned.



[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Chiss are a tall Human subrace with blue skin and red eyes, native to the
planet Csilla. Their culture is hierarchical, structured, and disciplined, led
by the Ruling Families of Csilla, such as Csapla, Nuruodo, Inrokini, and
Sabrosen--"families" becoming a loose term for branches of government, as after
centuries of mixing, and Chiss could claim a bloodline to the ancient royal
lines. Chiss tend to be cold, arrogant, and opportunistic, with a gift for
tactical intelligence. Their native language of Cheunh is known for long
compound words.

Famous Chiss
*Thrawn, Imperial Grand Admiral and adversary of the New Republic


Chiss are a tall Human subrace with blue skin and red eyes, native to the
planet Csilla. Their culture is hierarchical, structured, and disciplined, led
by the Ruling Families of Csilla, such as Csapla, Nuruodo, Inrokini, and
Sabrosen--"families" becoming a loose term for branches of government, as after
centuries of mixing, and Chiss could claim a bloodline to the ancient royal
lines. Chiss tend to be cold, arrogant, and opportunistic, with a gift for
tactical intelligence. Their native language of Cheunh is known for long
compound words.

Famous Chiss
*Thrawn, Imperial Grand Admiral and adversary of the New Republic


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: feel choke <target>

This is a strong dark use of the force. Dark force users can focus their
malice on the throat of their victims. This spell somewhat stuns the enemy,
and can choke them to death if used many times in a row. In order to keep
a victim choking, the invoker must use the spell over and over.

If used in the middle of a fight, can cause an enemy to stop fighting and
begin choking. Will not work on other force users the same level, or greater
than the spell itself.

This spell has the power to kill people. Please understand that needless or
pointless killing is frowned upon. While we don't actively govern the usage
of the spell, RPC will not look kindly on people being permed by CHOKE unless
there is substantial reason, on the part of the forcer. You have been warned.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: claimbounty <stunned bountied player>

This skill will allow a bounty hunter to perm a victim by bypassing
hospitalization. No amount of credits can protect a player that has been
bountied, and a bounty on the victim is a requirement.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

The following commands are used with clans or

clans : lists all non-secret clans
showclan : displays public information about a clan
clantalk : communicate IC with your clan

clanmotd view : displays the clan 'message of the day'
clandescription : view clan description (leader can edit)
clan_greet : greets the entire clan over clan comms
donate : in a bank, deposits credits in clan funds
promote : changes the rank of another player up to your own
showdivision : displays your clan's divisions and ranks
setdivision : sets the division of another player
empower : grants powers to a clan member (see HELP EMPOWER)
clanmessage : sends a message to another clan
capture : in a COMMAND room, takes control of a planet
resign : ends your clan affiliation
outcast : allows a leader/first/second cast out a member
overthrow : allows a first/second to become leader after abdication
setleader : leader/first/second sets a planetary leader
leadplanet : clan/planetleader changes planet variables

abdicate : leader only, gives up their leadership status
appoint : leader only, selects a first/second
demote : leader only, removes a clan member's rank
division : leader only, edits the clan divisions and ranks
setadjective : leader only, sets the clan abbreviation/descriptor
nowithdraw : leader only, disables all withdrawal from clan funds

Clans are serious business! Be prepared to die for your clan affiliation!

Web Guide:

See also HELP EMPOWER for additional commands, as well as the helpfiles for
each of the commands listed above.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

To create a new clan, you must fill out and submit a clan application via the
LotJ website. Submitting the clan application should be the last stage in the
clan creation process. The following guidelines should be followed when
submitting a clan application. If you do not meet any of these guidelines, do
not bother to submit a clan application as its ability to be approved will be
severely limited.

-Clans should have established role play background before a clanapp is
submitted. Players should already have followers, financial backing, and
support before an application is submitted. Be sure to detail this in your app.
Are you applying for an engineer clan? Have shops selling items. Are you
applying for a mercenary clan? Have security-contracts set up.

-A detailed character_sheet explaining why your character would be attempting
to create the clan that it is.

-Think logs detailing the process of gathering support and forming the clan.

-Explain how LotJ will benefit from your clan!

-A document will need to be written that highlights the primary goals of your
clan. This document will be saved and referred back to as your clan progresses.
Should your clan stray outside of your pre-discussed goals, your application
may be rescinded.


Note: The 'formclan' command can be used to create your own clan WITHOUT an


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Clan bases are secure facilities that are owned by a clan. The type of clan
(this information can be found in showclan information) determines what is
allowed inside of their base. Here's a handy chart! As always, exceptions may
be made regarding some of the items upon request - if the reasoning is really

Base Additions Chart
MjG: Major Government MnG: Minor Government
Eng: Engineering (minor) Oth: Other (minor)
| Item | MjG | MnG | Eng | Otr | Comments |
| Alarms | X | X | X | X | Entrances/Vault |
| Bank | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | In vault only |
| Bacta Tank | X | | | X | Paramilitary, Medical |
| Broadcast | X | X | | | |
| Bulletin Board | 2 | 2 | 1 | 1-2 | Second for prisons |
| Clan Storeroom | | | 1 | | Saves items on floor |
| Execution Chamber | | | | | Case-by-case basis |
| Garage | | | X | | |
| Holotransmitter | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | |
| Hotel | X | X | X | X | |
| Library | | | | X | Service |
| Lockers | X | X | X | X | |
| Mail Terminal | | | | | Exceptions only |
| Planetary Turrets | | | | | Not currently |
| Player Homes | | | | | Never |
| Prison | X | X | | X | Paramilitary, etc. |
| Refinery | | | | X | Criminal, Religion |
| Secure Door(s) | 2 | 1 | 1 | 1 | |
| Secure Pad(s) | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1 | |
| Shop(s) - Mob | | | X | | Ship parts |
| Shop(s) - Player | 1 | 1 | 2 | 1-2 | |
| Simulators | | | | | LOL - Never |
| Space Station | | | | | Exceptions only |
| Turbolift | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | |
| Workshop | | | X | | |
| Vault | 1 | 1 | 1 | 1 | |



Syntax: clanbounty
Syntax: clanbounty <character> <amount

To use this command, you must be in a bounty office. Typing 'clanbounty' by
itself will list all the currently unclaimed bounties placed by your clan. If a
character and amount of bounty is specified, you will place a bounty on the
list that will be paid out of clan funds. If you have already placed a bounty
on this character, the amount will be added on to the previous total. (The
minimum bounty amount is 100k)

All bounties must have an IC reason. To bounty someone, you must have
fulfilled the conditions covered in HELP PERM and take responsibility for all
actions as a result of the bounty.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: clanbuyship <ship name>

This buys a ship for your clan out of clan funds, you must be empowered
by your clan to do this.



Syntax: clandescription

This command allows clan leaders to write up a clan description that will be
displayed on SHOWCLAN. Members of a clan that uses this command will see their
clan description.


Syntax: controldroid <target droid>
controldroid none
droids clan

CLANDROIDS is an empowerment that permits a clan member to use a droid that has
been inducted into the clan. To view what droids are a part of a clan, as well
as who they are controlled by, the 'droids clan' command
can be utilized.

A clan member with the INDUCT empowerment can induct a droid they own, making
it a clan droid. A clan leader, #1, or #2 can also outcast a clan droid they
control, taking personal ownership of the droid.

WARNING: Before logging out, release control of your clan droid AND ungroup it,
or it will be destroyed!

Also, note that if a person dies controlling a clan droid, the droid may be
permanently stuck that way--controlled by a deceased character.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Clan limits govern how many capital (frigate, cruiser, or battleship) ships a
clan may field at any given time.

All clans (major and minor) are able to field 3 capital ships in space. Every
additional planet a clan controls adds 1 ship to the number of ships that can
be fielded.

If a planet has been captured by your clan's enemy, and they do not destroy the
capital ship protecting it, then the original clan can maintain that capital
vessel, but cannot launch, be traded, or gain a new ship by any other means. If
the excess ship is destroyed, they cannot replace it until they have enough
planets to support the correct fleet size.

The Republic has 4 planets. They have a base fleet size of 3 ships, plus 4 for
each planet, giving them a total of 7 ships.

The Sith take over Corellia from the Republic, and now govern the planet. The
Republic was able to escape from Corellia with their orbital capital ship
intact. This is allowed. Despite having only 3 planets now, they can keep their
7 ships, but cannot launch or be traded any new ones. If they lose their 7th
ship, they field a new ship until they have 4 planets again.

Major Clans
- Have 1 safe sector
- May capture planets

Minor Clans
- Minor government clans are capable of capturing planets, other clan types
need staff permission/assistance.
- Are not guaranteed a safe sector. Typically, racially inclined minor
government/homeworld combos get one: Sith/Korriban, Mandalorians/Mandalore, but
this is at the staff's discretion.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: clanmessage <clan> <message>

Allows you to send a message from your clan to another. Only the leader
or someone who has CLAN_MESSAGE empowered can make use of this command.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: clanmotd
Syntax: clanmotd view

This command allows clan leaders to write up or edit an MOTD message displayed
to all their members when they log in. A perfect usage would be to coordinate
clan actions, or to spread the word about new clan EQ. There are many uses for
it, and it is up to the clan leaders to figure them all out.

Use the VIEW option to see your clan's motd.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: clansellship <ship name>
Syntax: sellclanship <ship name>

This command sells a ship for your clan. You must be empowered by your clan to
use this command.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: clantalk <message>

Provided that you are in a clan, clantalk will send the message to all
current members, as well as the deity.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

The operation of clan shops is similar to the information found in help vendor,
but may contain different syntax. Clan-owned vendors are available to the
leader, #1, #2, and anyone with the 'clanvendor' empowerment. Clans may hold up
to 5 vendor deeds in reserve, but can have as many vendors as they choose. Clan
vendors also deposit their credits earned directly into the clan's funds. The
nameshop and descshop commands are allowed by anyone able to use clan vendors.

Syntax: buyclanvendor
Syntax: placeclanvendor
Syntax: priceclanvendor <object> <price>
Syntax: depositclangold
Syntax: vendors clan
Syntax: vendors clan inventory
Syntax: sellclanvendor



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: clan_greet

This command allows you to introduce yourself to anyone online who is in your
clan. The purpose is to make it easier to know each other, and to not have to
meet and greet all the time, making it a lot easier for clans to get to know
their fellow members.

Not to worry, this only greets clan mates, not the whole mud


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

This is a brief guide that deals with some guidelines that will help
everyone to be part of a clan without killing each other.

The first thing to remember is that you're all supposed to be in it
together. Sure, that may sound like a hippy ideal, but it serves a very
good purpose. The primary cause of clan troubles resides in the way
we end up treating each other. All mannerisms must be considered in context
so that we don't get the wrong idea.

To make an example, a high ranking Imperial might be very rude, curt, or
arrogant to his followers. Instead of despising him OOCly for this, one should
consider his RP role, and the role of the clan, and react accordingly. If you
have ever watched army movies, the drill sergeant is a complete ass to his men
and he doesn't accept any backtalk.

Most of the time people behind the characters are just playing a role, and
it is seldom the intent of the player or the character to drive you or
your character away. A group of people in a clan can be the strongest group
or the weakest group, and it all depends NOT on their clan EQ, not on their
base, not on their capital ships or special bonuses, but group cohesiveness.

A clan which can stick together has the ability to rival even the best equipped
clan, regardless of any other factors. Being rude to one another OOCly will
only foster betrayal and dissent. The clan is only as strong as the weakest
link in it's chain. Might sound corny but it's very true.

Leaders of clans should try to make their members feel welcome, and members
should try not to make the clan leader's jobs harder than they already are.
The whole point of a clan is to work together, yet more often than not people
try to kill clan mates over stupid arguments and foolish contests of strength.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

The ability to calm ones mind comes in handy concerning force points. While
affected by clarity one gains a bonus to the their total force points. It also
gives four times the amount of force instead of the low regular regeneration

Users of this ability also get a bonus while meditating.


Classes here on LOTJ are the different areas of knowledge your character can
learn. Each class contains abilities and skills your character can learn
determined by the max amount of knowledge they can obtain. Each race has
positives and minuses to their class list. The classes are as follows- Combat,
Engineering, Smuggling, Leadership, Slicer, Science, Piloting, Bounty Hunting,
Diplomacy, Espionage, Medical and Force.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: clear

This command clears the screen.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: cloak

This allows a vessel that has a cloaking device installed to cloak, thereby
hiding itself from sight and keeping it from being targeted. A cloaked ship
uses up extra fuel to maintain the cloak, and can still be scanned by other
ships. A fair warning: Cloaking and heading towards a planet will cause you to
hit it and die.



WARNING: Cloning has been removed as an active skill for the time being.

Syntax: clone <target>
Cloning requires a medical datapad and the patient to be sedated.

Cloning is a special art, the mastery of DNA. Skilled medics and
scientists have spent ages perfecting the art, and while it's still
tempermental, it remains the most widely used technique of essentially
lengthening ones life. While a clone doesn't keep your awareness, they
keep your memories until the time of cloning. They also keep your skills,
and abilities. The midi-chlorian in your blood, if you have any, will
remain with the clone as well. Be warned, however, cloning has a side
effect. Cellular degradation, where the cloning of a clone breaks down the
integrity of the DNA, effectively thinning it out to the point where it
becomes useless. There have also been reported instances of random
advanced cellular breakdown, where the clone's DNA begins to decay almost
instantly. Sadly, this is not detectable, nor is it preventable. Be
careful who you choose to clone you, on your head be it.

WARNING: Your character remembers little when they wake up. Consider it a form
of amnesia brought about by cloning and resulting storage of the clone. As such
you cannot carry on any grudges from being killed. Due to the fact that a clone
may happen at any time, please make a clear distinction between how things were
going when you died and how they go when your clone awakes.

NOTE: A new security feature has been added. To be cloned by a player, you must
first type CONFIG +CLONE. This will make it possible for people to clone you
(not required for buyclone). After you have been cloned, you will need to
config +clone again the next time you wish to be cloned.

See Also: Help Develop, Help Devlist


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Note: The clone skill is not currently available.

Feat - cloning expert
Class - Medical
Level - 150

You will be 40% more successful when using the CLONE skill.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: openhatch
Syntax: openhatch <ship name>
Syntax: closehatch
Syntax: closehatch <ship name>

Opens/Close the hatch on a ship.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: closeshop

This command lets an avatared diplomat close down a shop. The diplomat must
belong to the clan governing the planet, and must have the DIPLOMAT



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

A coating or underlay is a component of a piece of armor. Underlays give
bonuses in the form of stat bonuses and HP bonuses. Coatings give resistances
and susceptibility to certain forms of attack (vibroblade, forcepike and
blasters). The susceptibility is only added if the coating is applied by
someone who has not mastered the related science skills.

As with coatings, underlays will give better results overall if the person who
puts them into the armor has adapted the related science skill. All underlays
or coatings are installed using ENHANCEARMOR.


^xThe foreground special character is: &&
Tokens for && are:
& - Black & - Red (blood)
& - Green & - Orange (brown)
& - Dark Blue & - Purple
& - Cyan & - Gray (default color)
& - Dark Grey & - Light Red
& - Light Green & - Yellow
& - Blue & - Pink
& - Light Blue & - White

&&I - &IItalics
&&U - &UUnderline
& - Default (ends colors and formatting)
&&? - &?Random
&&&& - &&

The colorcheck command allows you to preview colors before using them in an
emote, description, or item name.

Please note that setting an item name to be completely invisible with & is not



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]
Class Overview
Ever dreamed of kicking down doors and dispensing hurt? Laying mine fields in
advance of enemy troops? Or maybe blowing up starships with thermal detonators?
In case you didn't know, nothing feels better than knocking your enemy's helmet
clean off with a brutal sweep of your force pike. The combat class, or
combatants, are the primary fighting class of the galaxy. Their business is war
and business is always booming. They generally serve as the galaxy's soldiers,
guards, or mercenaries. Some of the most well-known fighting groups include
Republic Commandos, Clone Troopers, or Imperial Stormtroopers. Combatants
utilize and are able to master blasters such as rifles, pistols, and repeaters
as well as melee forcepikes. They are also mildly proficient with vibroblades
and basic hand-to-hand combat. Fully trained fighters can specialize with
offensive or defensive feats that suit their style and help them maintain an
edge over their opponents. With a little training, these warriors can fully
utilize explosives such as mines and grenades. Other skills at their disposal
are the ability to gouge, disarm, bash, and kick opponents into submission. The
truly dedicated among the elite fighters go on to master the difficult art of
Flurry attacks, becoming a true martial force to be reckoned with. If you want
to be the next elite Republic Commando, hardened Sith Heavy Trooper, or pirate
mercenary, then the combat class may be for you.

Class Skills
The Combat class is the preferred specialization of soldiers, mercenaries,
troopers, and fighters the galaxy over. The core skills of the class revolve
around doing improved damage to other beings, applying affects through a
variety of combat skills, and improving their various weapon knowledges. Master
combatants are able to unleash a rapid flurry of attacks upon their enemy,
dealing a massive amount of damage.

Famous Combatants
*FN-2187 "Finn", First Order stormtrooper with a conscience turned Rebel.
*Commander Cody, Clone Commander of the Grand Army of the Republic.
*Captain Phasma, First Order female Stormtrooper Captain.



By playing a droid, you agree to abide by the rules stated in 'help
warrior', as droids are warrior characters. Also, no matter what main you
choose, as a combat droid you will be automatically set as a combat main
character. All droids will be in Czerka Corporation and will not be able
to resign at least for the duration of the event.


So you want to be a soldier eh? Or maybe just a tough? Best way to get
started is right from the academy. Set your blaster on stun (with it drawn
type: set stun) and kill the two mobs in the academy that you can fight:
the student and the chained rebel. After you hit level three go back to
the instructor on the first level of the academy and practice your skills.
Once you leave the academy you are on Corellia. Head to the medical office
and grab the doctors bag, if it's there. Go north, then all west and get
the box on the ground. Take a walk around the city, to familiarize
yourself. Find the doctor who asks for his bag (hint: near the doctors
office) and give it to him. Find the man named Alize, he offers you a job
(don't take it yet), and give him the box. This will give you some
credits. I suggest you get to level four in medical before you leave, so
while you wait for the doctors bag to respawn (come back after you got it)
hail a speedbike to the library (hail library anywhere that's not inside).
Research BLASTERS and when you can FIRST AID. Go back and grab one of
those doctors bags and keep ahold of it. Head to the jewelers and grab
two values that affect the chance to hit and the damage you do when you
hit. Go to the luggage dealer and grab a dewback backpack, and go to the
armor store and pick up a photon disruption energy shield. Now you're
ready to go hunting. Hopefully you practiced flying ships, but if not
research the ship skills. Fly to Tatooine and hit the desert. Target
banthas and sandjiggers at first, then move on to tusken raiders. From the
exit of Mos Eisley near to Roxie's weaponry head straight south, this will
bring you to Jabba's palace. Kill the gammorean guards, but I'd suggest
you don't go after Jabba, as he is hard even for avatar combat characters.
Try your luck around the planet, its a great starting place and it is
hospitalized. Stay away from the Hunter's Guild until you are really
strong, and be careful when exploring new planets such as Yavin 4 (the
moon), Kashyyyk and Nim Drovis.


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Syntax: combine <final part>

The following is a table of parts:

Part Lvl Req. W/s/m/ds/dp/c/sp/l
durasteel 50 0/3/3/ 0/ 0/0/ 0/0
duraplast 40 3/0/3/ 0/ 0/0/ 0/0
hull 100 0/2/0/ 5/ 0/0/ 0/0
ship circuit 110 0/0/0/ 0/ 1/3/ 0/0
ship weapon 110 0/0/0/ 4/ 2/0/ 0/1
ship engine 110 0/0/0/ 3/ 0/2/ 2/1
droid parts 120 0/0/0/ 1/ 2/1/ 1/1

Objects can be combined in this way to make components that are required with
various other skills. This ability symbolizes the refinement of raw materials
into usable implements of many trades. Though it should go without saying, this
is a very lucrative ability of an ambitious engineer.

The following is a list of objects that are required to make the parts in the
above table:

Symbol Item name Info
w Wood Find on planets with gather skill
s Stone Find on planets with gather skill
m Metal Find on planets with gather skill
ds Durasteel Purchase, or create with this skill
dp Duraplast Purchase, or create with this skill
c Circuits Purchase, or create with makecircuit
sp Superconductor Purchase
l Lens Purchase


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - communicator
Class - Leadership
Level - 80

This feat allows you to learn two extra languages (cumulative with MASTER_COMMUNICATOR).


Syntax: compare <object-1> <object-2>
Syntax: compare <object>

COMPARE compares two objects in your inventory. If both objects are weapons,
it will report the one with the better average damage. If both objects are
armor, it will report the one with the better armor class.

COMPARE with one argument compares an object in your inventory to the object
you are currently wearing or wielding of the same type.

COMPARE doesn't consider any special modifiers of the objects.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: compress

The compress command will show you the current status of your Mud Client
Compression Protocol stream.

If it says off, then chances are that your client does not support it.

If its on, you should also see 3 more stats: Before/After compression, and
current % of compression.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: compute <first number> <expression> <second number>

Valid expressions: + - * \

This command can be used by a player to solve simple mathematical equations. It
is probably easier for you to just use a calculator.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: conceal <object>

Used to attempt to hide an object on the ground. Having sharp
eye or searching will help to find the object.



Syntax: config +/-<option>
Example: config +noprox

This command allows you to configure some of your characters automated
behaviour. Typing 'CONFIG' by itself shows you your current settings. Placing a
'+' or '-' to to an option will turn it on or off, respectively.

The options are:

[ Keyword ] Option
[ flee ] Attempt to flee whenever attacked.
[ norank ] Display or hide your rank on clantalk.
[ norecall ] Try to recall if attacked or linkdead. [NOT FUNCTIONAL]
[ autodraw ] Automatically draw weapons in combat.
[ autoexit ] Automatically view the exits of a room upon entering.
[ autoloot ] Automatically take items and credits from corpses.
[ commprompt ] Only see the prompt when a command is entered.
[ screenreader] Enables screenreader mode.
[ autosac ] Automatically sacrifice corpses. [NOT FUNCTIONAL]
[ autocred ] Automatically split credits from kills in groups.
[ gag ] Reduces battle text output.
[ pager ] Split output into page-lengths.
[ blank ] Output a blank line before your prompt.
[ brief ] Reduce the length of room descriptions.
[ combine ] Combine object lists for shops and inventory.
[ nointro ] You see the ascii intro screen on login.
[ prompt ] Display a prompt.
[ telnetga ] Receive a telnet GA sequence.
[ ANSI ] Receive ANSI color sequences.
[ sound ] Receive MSP support for sounds.
[ censor ] Filter profanity from all channels.
[ compact ] Reduce the length of your character score.
[ nofight ] Enable or disable all offensive attacks in combat.
[ shovedrag ] Allow yourself to be shoved/dragged around.
[ clone ] Allow yourself to be cloned.
[ autoafk ] Automatically go AFK after being idle for 10 minutes.
[ noprox ] Disable proximity messages in space.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

There are various official sources that we use to connect with other LotJ
players, and we encourage you to connect with other players from the community.
However, take note that our IC/OOC rules and Rule14 apply at all times.

Our website contains the official LotJ forums, newbie guides, and applications
forms for special characters, clans, developments, RPC, etc.

Join the broader LOTJ community and come hang out on our Discord server! Our
Discord is a great place to chat about the game when you can't be logged in. We
also have rooms dedicated to new player help, client scripting, learning to
build, and more. We also make announcements for events and updates if you've
been away for a while.

Social Media
Our Facebook and Twitter are generally used to used to push out updates to
players that haven't been able to make it online. We will announce CGs, Star
Wars news, and upcoming major events through here.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: consider <character>
Syntax: consider <character> full

This command will give you an idea of what chance you stand in combat against
the specified opponent. Current health, armour, skill, HR/DR and weapon are
all taken into consideration. Adding 'full' as an argument will give you a
more exact comparison between you and your opponent's situation.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Constitution (CON in your 'score') represents your character's physical
stamina. Among other things, it affects:

- the number of hitpoints recovered or regenerated at each tick if
resting or sleeping

- Speed when moving between rooms

Constitution affects the COMBAT and BOUNTY HUNTING classes.
This stat can be raised by training in both COMBAT and BOUNTY HUNTING.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of construction is required for a scientist to
hypothesize engineering topics.



Questions? Comments? Suggestions? Sometimes you need to contact the staff of
LotJ, but it's important to direct your message to the most appropriate people
in order to get your issue sorted out in the quickest way possible!

[email protected]
- Needing to get in touch with the RPC to submit logs for you trial? All of the
elected RPC will get this email.

[email protected]
- These addresses will forward to everyone on the building team. Typo in a room
description? Room exits acting weird? Is a quest malfunctioning? These are the
best people to alert!

[email protected]
- Have a question about the game? Do you want to report someone for violating
our rules? Our PR staff are best suited to handle most player-related issues!

[email protected]
- This address forwards to the administration staff, and generally reserved for
the utmost emergencies. Crashed server, game breaking bugs, and other urgent
issues should go here!

[email protected]
- This address will forward to all immortal staff, and is always a safe bet if
you're not quite sure where your message should be directed.

Every LotJ immortal also has their own personal address and can be contacted at
<name>@legendsofthejedi.com. For a list of current immortal staff and their
positions, check out the wizlist command!


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 100 Force Ability
Syntax: feel converge <victim>

Converge is a Force ability used by Force Ghosts. By visualising the living
being they wish to visit, a spirit can immediately materialize at their
location. If the target is a force sensitive themselves, they have a
chance to realise that something has appeared nearby.

This command only works if the target is within the same starsystem as the
force ghost.


Syntax: Syntax listings:
Calculate (system) (x) (y) (z) - Takes you to the specified system.
Calculate (system) - Same as above, but you exit at random co-ordinates.
Calculate LOCAL (x) (y) (z) - Makes the jump in-system automatically.
Calculate '(x) (y)' (x) (y) (z) - Locates the system by its coords.
Calculate - With no argument, displays distances and times of all systems.

The navigation skills enables a pilot to calculate a hyperjump to another

The CALCULATE Command must be used before engaging the hyperdrive onboard a
ship. With a good hyperdrive, you can get nearly anywhere very rapidly.

As a recent addition, LotJ added 'virtual systems', systems that don't
normally show up on the starsystem list. Finding these systems requires a
little bit of guess work. Use the Calculate '(x) (y)' (x) (y) (z) to jump
into a possibly empty system. Every one out of three of these systems will
be infested with 'Pirate' vessels. This is a good way to gain combat
experience, but be warned: Pirate ships are extremely tricky. They're much
stronger than they look.

When used to determine system jump choices, each system will be displayed with
a column for distance and a column for time it takes to reach the system.
Systems that are out of reach will have an OOR instead of a time listed, to
signify OUT OF RANGE.

Note: There are two ways to format the system name: (1) the full name in
quotes, like this: calculate 'corusca system' 500 0 0 or (2) the first word of
the system name, like this: calculate corusca 500 0 0. Otherwise, you will
likely end up in the right system but at the wrong coordinates.


Corellians are a Human subrace known for being versatile and inventive.
Corellian culture has a strong economic and military tradition, and many
Corellians serve in the Corellian Security Force (CorSec) or other militaries.
The highest military honor is the Corellian Bloodstripe. Many Corellians gain a
reputation for bold (or foolish) risk-taking.

Famous Corellians
*Han Solo, Hero of the Rebellion and New Republic
*Wedge Antilles, Pilot and hero of The Rebellion


Corpses last approximately 15 minutes after the time of death.
Corpse decay will happen even while you are linkdead or after you quit.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Council Network - Role playing Council Only.

Syntax: COUNCILTALK <message>

Provided that you are a member of the Role play Council, counciltalk will
send the message to all the other online members, as well as any Immortals
currently online at the time.



Syntax: crackdatapad
Level 110 Slicer Skill

A locked datapad is no match for a trained slicer! While holding a locked
datapad, used the crackdatapad skill to override its security. This will remove
its protection, allowing anyone access.

See Also: Lockdatapad, Unlockdatapad


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Ships can crash! Be careful when you are landing, if you leave the
controls you can doom the ship to a crash landing, which will disable the
ship and do damage to the hull. It can even blow the ship up, killing all the
people inside. Use the PILOT command to take control of it, and make sure you
know how to fly that type of ship.

For now, you will not crash land if you stay at the controls, regardless of
skill in the ship class.


LotJ is based on SWReality 1.0

SWReality 1.0 is an extention of Smaug which was expanded from Merc
which was derived from the original Dikumud code.

SWReality 1.0 copyright (c) 1997, 1998 was created by Sean Cooper
([email protected]) based on a concept and ideas from the original
SWReality Immortals: Himself (Durga), Mark Matt (Merth), Jp Coldarone
(Exar), Greg Baily (Thrawn), Ackbar, Satin, Streen and Bib as well as much
input from our other builders and players.

DikuMud (c) program and concept by Sebastian Hammer
([email protected]), Michael Seifert ([email protected]),
Hans Henrik ([email protected]), Tom Madsen ([email protected]),
and Katja Nyboe([email protected]).

Merc 2.1 (c) was created by Furey ([email protected]), Hatchet
([email protected]), and Kahn
([email protected]).

Smaug (c) was created by Derek Snider with the help of Altrag,
Blodkai, Narn, Haus, Scryn, Rennard, Swordbearer, Gorog, Grishnakh
and Tricops.

Star Wars and Star Wars names are the copyright (c) of Lucasfilm Ltd
and the authors of the many Star Wars related books.

see HELP DIKU, HELP SMAUG, and HELP MERC for more detailed credits.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Cure Blindness
Level 7 Force Skill

Syntax: feel 'cure blindness' <victim>/no argument

When taught this skill, a Jedi becomes capable to remove any blinding effect
and regain sight. This skill can also be used to aid other people who have been
gouged or blinded.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: currentcom <comlink>

This will, assuming the comlink you specified is both a proper object
and a comlink, set that comlink as your `current` comlink, and will
default to that comlink for TALK. It will also show up in SCORE, complete
with the channel it is tuned to.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 100 Medical Skill

Syntax: cyber <target>

Required items: sedative syringe, vibroblade, cybernetic implant, medpac

A doctor can use this skill to install cybernetic parts into their patient.
There are a few things to remember concerning cybernetics, the first of which
being that the patient MUST be sedated in order to be operated upon. Next, the
cybernetic must be held along with a cutting tool, like a vibroblade.

Most importantly, the patient cannot wake before the process is completed. If
the surgeon fails to complete the surgery either by the patient waking up or
the surgeon being interrupted, the patient can be hospitalized or worse
depending on the circumstances. To make sure that an operating room is safe,
you can check SCORE for the Safe(X) flag.

Cybernetics are located in stores throughout the galaxy, but the ones available
by default aren't nearly as effective as those created using the DEVELOP
process by clans focused on medical services.

Once a cybernetic is installed, it can only be replaced by a doctor with the



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - cybernetic expert
Class - Medical
Level - 140

Allows the doctor to upgrade a patient's existing cybernetic with an improved


*WEAR <object> - you will wear that piece of equipment

*WIELD <weapon> - you will wield that weapon

*HOLD <object> - you will hold that object in your hands

*REMOVE (rem) <object> - the object is remove and placed in inventory

*COMPARE (com) <object1> <object2> - will compare the value of two items

*REPAIR (repa) <object> - the blacksmith will repair your damaged item

*APPRAISE <object> - the blacksmith will tell the cost to repair the item

*LIST - when in a store, the items for sale will be listed

*BUY <object> - you will purchase the item for the given price

*SELL <object> - you will sell the item to the store and receive money

*VALUE <object> - the storekeeper will say how much they will pay for item


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

When one character attacks another, the severity of the damage is shown
in the verb used in the damage message. Here are all the damage verbs
listed from least damage to most damage:

barely scratch scratch graze
bruise hit injure
wound maul thrash
decimate devastate maim

The message shown will reflect the actual damage you are inflicting on
(or receiving from) your opponent, and not a specific fixed amount.


Dark Lord of the Sith/Rule of Two

We now have a code-enforced `rule of two`. The Rule of Two, for those who do
not know, basically says `There can only be two, the master and the
apprentice.`, etcetera... What we now have is a special `Dark Lord of the
Sith` force sub-class. One player will get set with it by the Imms, permitting
the timeline and apps allow such, and they will be the only one able to obtain
that class by default. They may choose the official Sith Apprentice using
apprentice name sith. There is no special force class for the apprentice,
but if the master dies, the apprentice becomes the `Dark Lord of the Sith`,
obtaining that force class and the ability to have his own sith apprentice.
Sith may awaken and apprentice other force users after they have claimed their
first apprentice, but may only select the official one with apprentice name
sith, only the current official apprentice has the chance to become the Dark
Lord of the Sith and the rest may not achieve knighthood unless they become
the `Sith Apprentice`. To prevent abuse, when you switch sith apprentices, any
former sith apprentices will be set back as apprentices so they may not gain a
force level over 60 or attain knighthood.

Dark Lord of the Sith Force Sub-Class Details:
+40 Combat
+40 Diplomacy
+40 Smuggling
+15 Force
30 FP/level


Welcome to the Darktrooper Production Line, New Darktrooper. Please be
absolutely sure to familiarize yourself with help warrior.

Dark Troopers are built and manufactured on a construction line. You are built
to follow the orders of The Empire, even more directly, orders of the Emperor
(or Empress) and their representatives. Have fun, feel free to be
individual-ish, but in saying that, you're military model Imperial droids,
you're expected to act like it, no starting fights with random clan members, no
'going insane,' no 'meltdowns.' No what we (the staff) would class as
'annoying' things. If players complain about you, you'll get your character
stripped and the deposit lost.

One the bright side, this also means you don't need a character sheet, though
you should be using your THINK logs as records of commands/orders given. Aside
from that, all I think I should need to do is remind you that you're Imperial
droids and therefore CANNOT resign from the clan. Spyapp is also out of the
question at all times.



Dashade are tall, reptilian humanoids with dark skin and toothy mouths, native
to the planet Urkupp. They are known for their combat ability and for their
resistance to the Force. Their skin may be olive green, dark gray, or black,
and their eyes may be orange, red, or black. They make excellent combat
instructors, assassins, and mercenaries.

Famous Dashade
*Ket Maliss, personal assassin of Prince Xizor
*Snar Extruct, Jedi Knight


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of data will increase a slicer's proficiency in
slicing and securing security protocols, and is required for a scientist to
hypothesize espionage and slicing topics.



[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Datachips are a type of object that grants experience to a character who
studies it. Each datachip is written on a specific skill, and grants experience
pertaining to that skill's class. In order to write a datachip, a character
must adept different Science skills. Each datachip subject may require
different skills to be mastered.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: datamem write new
datamem write <#>
datamem write <#> subject <subject>
datamem write <#> to <to>
datamem write <#> from <from>
datamem view <#>
datamem copy <#> <amount or 1 if blank>
datamem receive
datamem send <#>
datamem eject <#>
datamem load <keyword, disk from inventory>
datamem delete <#>
datamem download <#>

As one can imagine, this command allows the user of the datapad to store, write
edit, save, eject, share, and otherwise affect message disks. Most of it is
self explanatory, but there are a few that are not so easy.

Receive sets a mode on your datapad which you can toggle that will wait for any
inbound signals to download data for a disk. This is also known as `sharing`. A
group of people can set their datapads to receive, and one person can send,
giving each person a copy of the information.

Datapads also give upgraded tracking abilities because you can set the FROM
field, unlike any other form of editing disks. To get a disk from the datapad
to a message terminal, or mail terminal, simply eject the disk and do it as

For a more in-depth tutorial read DATAMEM_GUIDE.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

This is the datamem tutorial. Please sub out anything within <>'s as being a
variable that you enter. You can carry a number of disks on your datapad, the
number depending on what your modulation is. As such, it becomes necessary
to make referance to each disk by its corresponding number.

Step 1: Make a new disk
Command: `datamem write new` - This will begin a new disk and put you into a
writing buffer editing the body of the message. Write whatever you would like
to, and hit `/s` when finished.

Step 2: Set the subject field
Command: `datamem write <#> subject <topic>` - subbing out the # and <topic>,
we fill out the command line with the disk number and a topic of relevance.

Step 3: Decide who it's going to
Command: `datamem write <#> to <name>` - This will put the name you specify
in the `to` field of the disk. Feel free to use any name to describe the
organization, group or person to whom the message is addressed.

step 4: Where is it coming from?
Command: `datamem write <#> from <name>` - This allows the creator of the
message to identify himself, his organization or an alias as the sender. If
it is left blank, the real name of the poster will be used.

Step 5: Review
Command: `datamem` - This will list your datapad's inventory of disks. This
is a good way to figure out what number to replace <#> with.

Step 6: Ejecting
Command: `datamem eject <#>` - Self explanatory, eject the single disk

Step 7: Loading
Command: `datamem load <keyword>` - Put a disk into the datapad from your
inventory, allowing you to see it in `datamem`.

Step 8: Copying
Command: `datamem copy <#>` or `datamem copy <#> <amount of copies>` - This
will duplicate the message, useful for if you intend to send it to multiple
recipients. All duplicate disks will be in your datapad.

Step 9: Posting
Command: `note post` or `mail post` - After ejecting, the disk is ready to
upload to either a mail or message terminal. The disk must be held.

Step 10: Downloading
Command: `datamem download <#>` - Will make a link to the mail/message terminal
briefly, creating a copy of the information in a new disk in your datapad. This
of course requires that you are in the same room as a mail/message terminal.

Step 11: Editing
Command: `datamem write <#>` - Enter a writing buffer to edit the body of the
specified message.

Step 12: Viewing
Command: `datamem view <#>` - Read message on specified disk. Do remember to
see the number with `datamem`.

Step 13: Sharing
Command: `datamem send <#>` - This command makes use of the datapads ability
to send or recieve data in a limited range (the room). Anyone using a datapad
that has been put in RECIEVE mode will recieve a copy of the message.

Step 14: Receive mode
Command: `datamem receive` - Toggle the receive mode of your datapad. This will
stay on until a message is received.

To recharge a datapad: Energize <Battery>


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: datastat

Shows what information your character can discover about the datapad that
is currently HELD. Slicers and those trained in slicing can get more
information the higher their slicer level, and the higher the modulation
on the datapad.


Dathomiri are natives of Dathomir with a mixture of Zabrak and Human blood,
known for secretiveness, martial skill, and an innate affinity for the Force.
Males tend to have darker skin and resemble Zabraks, while females tend to have
pale or silvery skin and resemble Humans (especially the Rattataki). Their
culture is clan-based and matriarchal, with males primarily serving as slaves.
Force-sensitives of Dathomir have a division between normal Witches and
those who have fallen to the dark side, Nightsisters.

Famous Dathomir
*Asajj Ventress, Jedi Padawan, Sith Assassin, and Nightsister


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - deadeye
Class - Combat
Level - 70

This feat gives you 150% damage when sniping.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

LotJ features a very unique death system. Cloning is no longer publicly
available to all players. Instead, its only available to an elite class of
characters, specifically the Emperor. This means that if you're successfully
killed, your character is 'Permed', (see below). Some areas are
considered 'safe'. This is NOT the same thing as a safe room. A 'safe'
area means that if you die, you are taken to a hospital to recover. To
check if your in a safe area, type SCORE. If you see a Safe( ), the area is
*NOT* safe. If you see a Safe(X), you're in a safe zone, and will be
taken to a hospital when killed.

Reasons you may NOT be safe:
1) You must have 5000 credits on hand to be applicable.
2) You are on an enemy planet. (IE: Rebel on Coruscant)
3) There is no hospital in the area.
4) You are in space.

Reasons you can die even IN a safe zone:
If you're killed by an enemy clanner, you will automatically die. (IE: If a
Rebel kills an Imperial on Coruscant, they will not be taken to a hospital)


Note: There has been some confusion over 'accidental' deaths and restores. You
will not get restored for dying during surgery, using the suicide command,
fighting pirates or flying into a sun or making grenades on your ships. Being
under the influence of drugs or alcohol is also not a valid reason for a


The Defel (or Wraiths or Shadows) are furry beings capable of using natural
camouflage to all but disappear from the vision of other races. They are
natives of Af'El, a high-gravity and ultraviolet-rich world. Defel and other
creatures of Af'El tend to see primarily using ultraviolet light frequencies,
and their coats may be dull to other races' eyes, but vibrant and colorful to
ultraviolet vision. Defel are naturally proud and willful, and they tend to be
willing to work cooperatively while also holding tightly to their secrets.

Famous Defel
*Arliel Schous, regular at Mos Eisley Cantina and Rebel informant



Syntax: suicide <password>

This command will permanently delete your character and reserve the name until
the next timeline. Suicide is considered to be an in-game action as well as an
OOC action. Please think carefully if you wish to delete your character.

Under no circumstances will we restore a deleted character.

It is ILLEGAL to suicide a character and proceed to gather the dropped items on
your alternate character. Don't do it.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: demote <player>

This command demotes a number one or two in a clan to a normal clan member.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: descarmor <target armor>

This command, when entered, will put you into a buffer that allows you to enter
a description of the corresponding armor. When worn as a covering, restrung set
of armor, players who look at you will be shown this description.

Just as with normal character descriptions, armor descriptions are held to a
certain standard and are treated as IC. Be sure to keep this in mind, or you
might end up in hot water with the staff!


Syntax: description (opens a prompt)
Required by level 30

The description command puts you into an editor to edit your long character
description (what people see when they look at you). Your description should be
a paragraph or two describing what your character looks like. It should
describe what your character looks like and not how others around them feel.
It should also not include what actions others take. Examples of this include
are 'You feel a sense of awe' or 'Your eyes avert and you know this isnt
someone you would want to mess with'. An example can be found at help

Please don't include cursing in your descriptions. Thank you.

See also: descarmor


This young male Twi'lek is surprisingly easy on the eyes. His skin, an
exceedingly rare Rutian turquoise, is stretched taut over rippling muscles and
a willowy frame. A number of black tribal tattoos mingle and play along the
contours of his muscled body, lending even more to his exotic look. He carries
himself with the gentle grace and sensual swagger of an extremely well-trained

His handsome face is alight with playful curiosity. His lekku, a full half his
height in length, curve back from his brow and flow down his torso to come to a
tapered end near his waist. The angry, bloodshot eyes so common to males of his
race are gone, replaced by a pair of lustrous violet orbs, and they radiate
with an inviting warmth. A slender nose marks the center of his flawless
features and comes to a gentle curve above the thin line of his soft lips. A
playful smile breaks the pleasant uniformity of his visage and reveals a
mouthful of sparkling white teeth.

Standing before you is a lithe Twi'lek female, standing about 1.7 meters tall.
Her skin is a light blue, a mix between the color of the sky and cerulean. Her
eyes are deep ebony orbs, with some flecks of gold around her pupils. A finely
made leather corset tightly can usually be found hugging her body, revealing a
rather tantalizing amount of flesh. Small scars can be seen on her lekku, and
running along her upper arms and back. She typically sports a smile or grin to
her purple tinted lips, humming some tune or another to herself. She carries
herself gracefully with a bit of a joyful skip to her step. There is a small
clink of metal as she moves, as the tools in her utility belt jostle around.

This human male is not quite six feet tall, with dirty blonde hair and bright
green eyes. There are a few scars on his face and neck, though none look very
recent. His face is clean-shaven, and his general appearance is clean if not
well-groomed. His nose appears to have been broken at least once, sitting just
slightly out of line with the rest of his face. His right hand appears to have
been cut recently, covered in a series of red lines that have scabbed over for
now. His clothes appear to be clean and well-made, though he seems to wear them
more for comfort than for work.


Syntax: descshop

A simple command for shop owners to add custom descriptions to player-owned
shops. You must be standing in the room with your vendor to do this. This
command puts you in a message buffer.


Syntax: Destroydroid

This command allows a person to dismantle their droid, thereby destroying it
forever. This works whether the droid is in the room with the player or



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of destruction will produce better results when an
engineer makes weapons and enhances armor with the Zabrak Combat Mesh underlay.
Smugglers are able to strip starships more efficiently at a black market with
this knowledge, and destruction is also required for a scientist to hypothesize
combat topics.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]


Level 3 Force Skill

Syntax: feel 'detect intent' <victim>

The Force will give its user the grand opportunity to see deeper into one and
find out what their true alignment is.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]


Level 5 Force Skill

Syntax: feel 'detect poison' <weapon>

A Jedi or Sith may use this skill to find out whether or not a weapon
or object has been poisoned.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: detrap <object>

This skill allows one to disarm a trapped object.

Use it with care.


Devaronians are a near-Human race known for the males' prominent pair of horns.
Instead of horns, female Devaronians have a full head of hair, often in exotic
colors. Devaronian eyes may be red, purple, or dark brown. Their culture is
matriarchal, with males tending to be wanderers, loyal but aggressive, and
females tending to be serious and usually remaining on their homeworld,
Devaron. Many Devaronians use sulfur as a stimulant.

Famous Devaronians
*Labria, frequented Mos Eisley Cantina on Tatooine


Level 150 science skill

Syntax: develop <science>

The develop command is used by a clan's members to advance the research and
development of a new item or ship blueprint. It is only usable by those within
the clan who possess the 'develop' empowerment, and have the science
in question adepted (100%). Each use of the command costs 50,000 credits from
the clan's bank account.

All developments must be submitted on the LOTJ website,
www.legendsofthejedi.com, for approval prior to beginning the project. Should
you have any questions as to whether your chosen project is likely to be
accepted, you are welcome to discuss the feasibility of your ideas with the
staff prior to beginning the lengthy process of development roleplay.

During development, you -must- roleplay (with other people, though solo
roleplay will be taken into account) the development, and keep think logs using
the think command. Upon obtaining a successful development, logs from relevant
parties should be sent to [email protected] Please subject the e-mail
as followed:
DEVELOPMENT: (Clan Name) (Actual development).

Ensure that all logs are trimmed of everything not relevant to the RP itself.
The immortal staff will review the logs to ensure adequate roleplay has been
performed to grant the development.

Once you have a successful development, your clan will be unable to use the
command again until the immortal staff have provided you with your development
and cleared your clan's develop 'flag'. This flag will not be cleared until two
weeks have passed after the previous development is in your possession.

DISCLAIMER: Be wary of your competitors, as multiple clans can develop the same
type of item. If it appears to the Staff that developments are outpacing the
era, we may increase the cooldown between developments to reel them back in.



This is a comprehensive list of the available developments for clans.

Weapons Materials
Crystals Durasteel(armor)
durasteel Duraplast(armor)
Batteries Cloth(Armor)
Gels Ship Components
Blank circuits Chemicals
Scopes -Napalm
Cooling Units -Nerve
Superconductors -Smoke
Ammo -Explosive
Mirrors Batteries
Accessories Ship Upgrades
Equipment New Spacecraft
Coprocessors Gravity Wells
Unique Progged Items Cloaking


Certain developments (gravity wells, and cloaking amongst others) are
considered era-specific and can only be requested in the correct circumstances.
Your chosen development should also make sense with the science you are using:
For example, do not expect your clan to be given a super star destroyer for
a successful edibles development. Developed ships should have canon names,
think twice before submitting the name of your ship.

If your development idea requires code support, it is very unlikely
to be accepted.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Dexterity (DEX in your 'score') represents your character's agility, and
it affects (among other things):

- the maximum number of items you can carry at once in your inventory;
with each additional point of dex you can carry additional items.

- the number of movement regenerated at each tick when resting.

- speed when moving between rooms

Dexterity affects the PILOTING and ESPIONAGE classes.
This stat can be raised by training in both PILOTING and ENGINEERING.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]
Level 10 Medical Skill
Syntax: Diagnose <target>

This skill allows a player to figure out affects, abilities, cybernetic
installments, and various other stats another player or mobile has through
the use of a datapad.

You must approach the target and be holding a datapad with Medical remodulation
or higher, in order to use this skill.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 1 Smuggling Skill

Syntax: dig
Syntax: dig <direction>
Syntax: bury <item>

You can dig and bury items through the use of the dig skill and bury command.
Buried items are not visible to players, even through the use of powers such as
sharp eye. To dig an item up, type dig with no arguments. Having a shovel
raises your chance of success. If you dig in a direction, you will attempt to
dig open an exit.

To bury an item (or corpse), drop the item on the ground and bury <item>.
Depending on the size and weight of the object, you might need a shovel.

* Note: Deadly players can bury/dig up each other's corpses. *

Items buried will not last beyond crash or reboot. Do not attempt to use this
skill for storage of items you wish to keep.


Realms of Despair was originally based on the Merc 2.1 code which was
based on the orignal DIKUMud code created by:

The Original DIKUMud Team:

Katja Nyboe [Superwoman] ([email protected])
Tom Madsen [Stormbringer] ([email protected])
Hans Henrik Staerfeldt [God] ([email protected])
Michael Seifert [Papi] ([email protected])
Sebastian Hammer [Quinn] ([email protected])

Additional contributions from:

Michael Curran - the player title collection and additional locations.
Bill Wisner - for being the first to successfully port the game,
uncovering several old bugs, uh, inconsistencies,
in the process.

And: Mads Haar and Stephan Dahl for additional locations.

The Original DIKUMud was Developed at the Department of Computer Science
at the University of Copenhagen.


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

A player who has been empowered by their clan as a diplomat has access to
certain restricted diplomacy skills. These skills are restricted due to the
intimate role they play in the RP/IC politics of the game and the direct effect
they have on the various clans.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 60 Combat Skill

Syntax: disarm

The canny soldier knows combat is not solely about brute power. When in close
combat, Disarm allows you knock a weapon from your opponents hands. You
MUST HAVE A WEAPON EQUIPPED to perform this action.

See also: HELP GRIP


LotJ is a fan-based role playing game. We are not and do not claim to be
affiliated with LucasArts Entertainment Company, or Star Wars Expanded
Universe. Star Wars is a registered trademark of Lucasfilm Ltd. The LucasArts
logo is a registered trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Company. LucasArts is
a trademark of LucasArts Entertainment Company.

All data found on the LotJ servers is the sole property of Legends of the Jedi.
LotJ MUD source code, game files, associated websites, and forums are covered
under US Copyright (1999 - 2007) All rights are reserved. Infringement of this
copyright will be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.

LotJ's content is not approved for players who are under the age of consent for
their country. Minors must have permission from a parent or legal guardian
before accepting the terms of this agreement. LotJ is a real-time game. Game
owners, and staff do not preview, edit, or circumvent any player generated
content before it is added to the game.
LotJ reserves the rights to log, monitor, review, and save all channels and
user commands. LotJ staff agrees to keep all player data confidential unless
illegal transmission of data is suspected, or information is subpoenaed by a
court of law.

The full version of this disclaimer is available in the forums under
ANNOUNCEMENTS, and is considered to be an extension of this document.


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Usage: disguise
disguise race <race name>
disguise skincolor <skincolor name>
disguise str <3-25>
disguise cha <3-25>
disguise apply
disguise remove

And if you have advanced_disguise:

disguise list
disguise save
disguise load <#>
disguise delete <#>

This skill has been revised. It has now been seamlessly integrated into the
greet system, allowing players to disguise themselves as any applicable race
(type 'disguise race' for a list of available races) for a period of time.
While disguised you may greet all as, or be dubbed. All of these will stick
with the temporary identity you create with your disguise. If you leave the
room and speak on comms, they will recognize you by the alias you give.

If you do it right, you can use the alias as if it were a real identity.
Getting advanced_disguise will let you save the disguises, allowing you to
retain that fake identity for future use. If you save the disguise AFTER you
apply it you can make it store any greet/dub information related to that

To set each of the attributes of your disguise you must have putty. Each change
in attribute results in one use of putty. This also applies to disguises you
save, loading them will require the amount of putty equivalent to the amount of
changes made in the disguise.

Disguises can come off in fights, so if you are disguised it is a good idea to
stay away from combat altogether. If the disguise does come off in this way it
will fall to the ground in scraps, possibly notifying others in the area that
there was someone running around in a disguise.

To get started, type 'disguise' once you get the skill. Set each of the
attributes and then type 'disguise apply'. You are now able to run around with
a new race/skincolor/str/cha and be dubbed or greet people.

Note: If someone greets you while you are disguised you will keep that greet
even when you aren't disguised.


Level 120 Engineering Skill

Syntax: upgradedroid <command> <option>
Syntax: dismantledroid

Command Choices: Focus, Behavior

Focus: Picking a focus for your droid is like picking a class. Combat droids
can fight and help you in that sense. Industry droids can help you build ships.
Translation droids will help you by translating any language into your own and
vice versa. You must select one of these three things as your focus.

Behavior: The behavior of a droid determines a few things about how it
interacts with you and other people. Behaviors are: ignore, destroy, assist and
inactive. When you create your droid it will start inactive. You will have to
change its behavior to either ignore or assist to get it to start helping you.

Dismantle droid is a remote command that can be issued to destroy a droid you
can longer get to, or cannot find.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: dismiss <target>

This skill allows great leaders to dismiss their NPC followers that were
summoned using the CALL command (See HELP CALL) Dismissed NPC's will no longer
follow or take orders (See HELP ORDER) from you after using this command, but
will remain in the area. Message drones are not affected by this command.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax - tapdata comm disrupt
Feat - disrupt network
Class - Slicer
Level - 150

This feat allows a capable slicer to disrupt all commnet, clan chat, broadcast,
alarm, the call skill, holotransmitters, drone reception and camera frequencies
n a planet through the usage of tapdata.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

The division command is used by clan leaders to set up divisions and ranks for
the clan. To set up divisions, use the following commands:

Syntax: division create "<name>"
division rename # <name>
division delete #

To set up ranks, use the following commands:

Syntax: division rank <division#> create "<name>"
division rank <division#> rename <rank#> <name>
division rank <division#> delete <rank#>

Rank and division names are IC and should be roleplay-appropriate.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: dock <target shipname> <docking code>

This skill is used to align two spacecraft in a docking maneuver. To initiate
the docking procedure, a pilot of sufficient skill must be in range of the
target ship, and know that ship's docking code.

Capital-class spacecraft can only dock with ships of equal or larger ship.
Non-capitals can dock with ships one size smaller and larger than.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]


Level 55 Medical Skill

Syntax: doctor <target>

Doctor is a skill similiar to first aid, but it provides one with the ability
to heal without a medpac; although it is slower. There is also an option to
hold a medpac and use doctor to restore more health than without one.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 55 Combat Skill

Syntax: Use of the skill is automatic once learned.

A combatant learns to anticipate the flows of combat. Their instincts are
sharply honed, allowing soldiers to completely avoid blows that might
otherwise hit. This skill lets you dodge incoming attacks, taking no damage
from them.


Door Operation:
All doors in the Dolor camp operate by saying the direction of the door. `East`
`West` etc.

Before Processing:
All prisoners are to be given the opportunity to store their belongings in the
locker room east of the main entry way. They should be taken there before
processing to remove all of their personal items. Arresting officers may
confiscate illegal items such as weapons or spice.

Processing a Prisoner
Prisoners should then be escorted into the interrogation room, west of the main
entry way. At this point in time, arresting officers should question the
prisoner and determine the prisoner's sentence. The officer must say `Minimum`,
`Moderate` or `Maximum` before processing the prisoner. The processing room
should already be closed, but if it's open, the arresting officer must say the
level of security before directing the prisoner into the processing room.
Prisoners may be shoved in, instructed to enter, or they may follow the officer
inside. Arresting officers must then carry or lead the prisoner into the prison
complex, which is south of the main entry way.

Note: Prisoners will have free roam of the facilities based on their level of

Cell Assignments:
Officers must carry prisoners into a cell. Once inside the cell, officer should
release the prisoner, and instruct the prisoner to say `Assign me`. This action
will enable the prisoner to reenter the cell so they can quit within the
prison. Multiple prisoners may be assigned to each cell.

Minimum security prisoners should be assigned to cells I - III
Moderate security prisoners should be assigned to cells IV - VI
Maximum security prisoners should be assigned to cells VII & VIII

Failure to adhere to this system could result in conflicts with programming,
and the consequences are considered to be IC.
Prisoners who are in the minimum and moderate security levels may work their
sentences off, and no further supervision is required of arresting clan.
Maximum security prisoners are assumed to be sentenced to life, and may be
released by a member of the arresting clan only.

Note: Any IC means that a player finds to escape from Dolor are valid and
considered to be IC. Be prepared to explain your means of departure from the
Dolor camp if you are questioned by an immortal. If it can be proven that the
player knowingly abused a bug that was unknown to the Immortals, then the
player will be sent back to Dolor with the IC explanation that he or she was
apprehended. If it was an unknown bug, then the bug will be repaired, and the
IC action will not be corrected.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Dominate (mob)

Dominate will cause the affected mob to join your group and
take orders from you.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: donate <amount>

This command allows a clan member to donate money to the clans bank account. No
empowerment is needed to donate funds.



Level 25 Bounty Hunting Skill

Syntax: Doorbash (direction)

Handy for getting rid of closed, locked doors. Although some doors are

Warning: Doorbashing hurts and can damage gear!


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 85 Espionage skill

Syntax: doorcut <door/ship>

A skill that allows you to cut open a door, ship or vehicle hatch.
This skill requires you to be holding a fusion cutter.


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Draethos are a long-lived, predatory, humanoid race from the planet Thosa, with
ten times the lifespan of a typical human. They mature quickly but are not
considered middle aged until 700 years old. They have large teeth and no lips
in an apparent overbite, with blue, purple, or black skin. Draethos culture
emphasizes the way of the warrior, fierce and proud, while intellectuals and
pacifists among them are exiled.

Famous Draethos
*Odan-Urr, Jedi Master and Jedi librarian
*Talon Slyter, Teras Kasi practitioner


Draethos are a long-lived, predatory, humanoid race from the planet Thosa, with
ten times the lifespan of a typical human. They mature quickly but are not
considered middle aged until 700 years old. They have large teeth and no lips
in an apparent overbite, with blue, purple, or black skin. Draethos culture
emphasizes the way of the warrior, fierce and proud, while intellectuals and
pacifists among them are exiled.

Famous Draethos
*Odan-Urr, Jedi Master and Jedi librarian
*Talon Slyter, Teras Kasi practitioner


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

A dark jedi can use the force to steal the very essence of an enemy. While the
damage done to the enemy using ones will wrack their body in pain, it delivers
a portion of that damage in a boost to the user's hp. The dark side rewards
acts of such horror.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Draw
Syntax: Unholster
Syntax: Holster

These commands allow a player who is wearing a holster to draw their
weapons from the holster (with DRAW or UNHOLSTER) or holster their weapons
(with HOLSTER). Holsters can carry up to two weapons which will be
dual wielded when drawn.



Usage: droidstat

This command is used to find out information about your droid, such as what
focus it has and what its behaviour is currently set to.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - droid making
Class - Engineering
Level - 130

Droids you make get +3 to all stats.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Message Drone - a mob which can be used to send items and messages to other
players in the game. Please use RP sense when using these mobs. Sending items
to players in jails is considered bad form and the practice if caught will be
punished. Also, sending active explosives by way of message drones is illegal
and constitutes a slay to the offending party.

Using a Message Drone -

First, you must CALL a message drone. Using the call command, type 'call
message drone'. Once it arrives, you can use a datapad (See: HELP DATAMEM) to
create a message disk that is addressed to the name of the person you wish to
send the drone to, then eject that disk from your datapad. Once the disk is
ready, give all the items to the drone that you wish to send, and then give the
disk to the drone. It is VERY important that all items are given to the drone
before the disk is handed over, the act of giving the disk to the drone will
cause it to immediately go to the person specified in the TO field on the
message disk.

NOTE: If sending multiples of the same item, it is advised that said items be
put inside of a bag before sending. If sending credits, inform the receipient
that they must destroy the drone, as the drone will not be able to give
specific amounts to the recipient.

Receiving a Message Drone -

When you receive a message drone, the drone itself will give you all of the
items it was carrying, as well as the message disk. This makes the drones
useful for carrying not only items, but messages too.

WARNING: Message drones will only go to those currently on a planet. Anyone on
a ship will not receive a message drone until they have landed on a planet and
left their ship, so make sure that your recipient is in a place where they can
receive it. Also, in the event of a crash, the drone will be lost during
transit along with the items it was transporting. We will not reimburse you.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: drop <object>
drop <amount> credits
Syntax: get <object>
get <object> <container>
Syntax: give <object> <character>
give <amount> credits <character>
Syntax: put <object> <container>
Syntax: get/put/drop <# amount> <object>
Syntax: get/put <# amount> <object> <container>

DROP drops an object, or some credits, on the ground.

GET takes an object, either lying on the ground, or from a container, or
even from a corpse (TAKE is a synonym for get).

GIVE gives an object, or some coins, to another character.

PUT puts an object into a container.

Use 'drop/get/put all' to reference all objects present.
Use 'drop/get/put all.<object>' to reference all objects of the same name.

- drop 1000 credits
- get all.ball backpack
- get 5 sword
- put 15 potion backpack



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 70 Combat Skill

Syntax: Use of the skill is automatic once learned.

The elite soldier learns to eliminate any weakness from their defense.
Neither hand is dominant and you can use weapons in both hands.
This can be any combination your character is strong enough to wield.
This skill gives you an additional attack each round.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: dub <target> <moniker>

This command allows you to give a moniker (name you made up to remember
someone) to characters that you have not been informed of or greeted by. The
character must be in the room with you to use this command.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - duelist
Class - Combat
Level - 50

Do 20% more damage while wielding pistols(Single or dual). You will also get
35% more hits while performing aimed shots.


Dugs are natives to the planet Malastare, slender arboreal creatures with
smooth, loose skin. As a result of long oppression by the Gran, Dugs tend to be
irritable, selfish, and adversarial. They commonly see social relationships in
terms of the strong dominating the weak. Dugs are known for their incredible
piloting skills. Because of the history between Dugs and the Gran, there is NO
CHANCE of cooperation between them on any level.

Famous Dugs
*Sebulba, a well-known Podracer who Anakin defeated in Episode I.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Duplicate <key/keycard>

This skill allows a player to make copies of certain keys and keycards.

Requirements: Toolkit, Datapad, Duraplast, Key to be copied


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

The Durindfire Quest is an RP event that the Immortals manufacture when the
Empire goes to fund the Deathstar. There are two sides of this quest. The
Deathstar is the primary reason, but the Republic has the opportunity to obtain
a comparable reward if they manage to match the Empire out in the gem quest.
(That is IC, and dependent entirely on the RP)

Anna randomly passes out Durindfire gemstones to non-Imperial and non-Republic
players and scatters them about the game in semi-hidden areas. It's the Empire
and Republics responsibility to hunt these stones out in any way that they can.
Enough stones will end up in game to enable each side to have their reward,
however, there are IC variables at play which may result in either side failing
to gather their minimum amount needed to get what was coming to them.

Each side has two NPC style characters who RP the collection of the stones, and
the procurement of the item that the stones will ultimately fund. Once a stone
ends up in the hands of any of these NPC characters, then that stone is counted
for the side that the NPC is working for.

-If a Republican gives a stone to the Imperial NPC, it is counted as an
Imperial stone. Vice Verse.
-NPCs may attempt to trick or verbally coax the opposite parties to give stones
to the side they work for, but they may not take a stone from another player,
and they may not otherwise interfere. It is the players responsibility to know
who their NPCs are, or to give their stones to their commanding officers.
-If the NPC is killed by a member of either clan, there is a fine of 2 stones
to the killers clan bank, unless the Imms see that there was malicious intent
to harm the home clan.
-If the NPC is killed by a non Imperial or non Republican person, the NPC is to
be restored, and the permer is left to deal with Anna, who can be expected to
be grumpy by that point.
-Gems may not be stolen from the NPC. Period.
-Before a stone makes it to the hands of the NPC, that stone may be stolen,
bartered with, or dropped and junked. It doesnt count until it lands in the
inventory of the NPC, and once it is there, it cannot revert back as a playable

By carrying a Durindfire stone, you are consenting to participate in this
quest, and you agree to RP the outcome of events that occur as a result. For
example, the Empire might discover that you have a gem in your possession, and
in order to take it from you, they might RP holding a banquet in your honor, or
they might send someone in to seduce your character. They might outright trick
you, or lie to you. They can even kill you if their RP attempts fail.

[Update] NPCs who are playing the parts of the officiators of this event have
an obligation to be compliant with Imperials or Republicans (Or any player for
that matter) to avoid their own characters deaths. Ideally, they cannot attack,
and they cannot be attacked. Outside of verbally coaxing a player to surrender
a gem to them, or traveling to meet a player to collect a gem, or RP with them,
they may not interfere with the course of this gem event. They must freely give
their names out and identify themselves as being from the Hapan Consortium when
asked for their identity.

[Update] After trying the event on for size for a few days, we wanted to tweak
it a little. Each NPC may be detained by the opposing clan for up to 5 times,
and up to 1 hour at a time. (No back to back detaining) The Hapan is welcome to
avoid capture if they feel that its ICly appropriate to do that by running,
hiding, defending themselves with a blaster (set to stun), and may attempt to
flee a planet in a public shuttle. If IDed, that NPC Hapan must offer their
identity to capital ships who are attempting to maintain border patrol. They
may not hide in a home!


The Duros are a reptilian humanoid race hailing from the planet Duro. They were
some of the galaxy's first spacefarers, known for their adventurous, friendly,
and curious natures--so much so that the title "Traveler" is considered an
honorific among them, like "Doctor" or "my lord/lady" in other cultures. Their
native language is commonly spoken by spacers throughout the galaxy. Duros have
narrow, solid red eyes and blue-to-green skin. Duro is mostly uninhabitable
because of pollution, and Duros normally live in enormous space stations
orbiting their planet.

Famous Duros
*Banniss Keeg and Ellors Madak, Duros known to frequent the Mos Eisley Cantina


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: duty droid <command>
duty droid assist
duty droid ignore
duty droid follow
duty droid dismiss
duty droid textcolor <#>
duty droid currentcom <comlink>
duty droid emote <roleplay>

These commands allow you to control a droid created with makedroid. Replace
'droid' with the name of the droid, as needed. This is similar to using 'order'
on followers summoned via 'call'.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: duty <troop/all> <command> <extra parameters>
Syntax: squad <troop/all> <command> <extra parameters>

Follow/group/add: Instruct a trooper to join your squad.
Use/equip: Instruct a trooper to wear or wield an item.
Remove/unequip: Instruct a trooper to remove an item.
Get: Have the trooper get something.
Drop: Have the trooper drop something.
Set: Change the settings on a blaster.
Battery: Reload a blaster.
Open/Close: Open or close something, respectively.
Use: Use or activate something.
Kill/attack/murder: Instruct the trooper to attack a target
Block: Instruct the trooper to block a direction
Dismiss/Leave: Have the trooper leave your squad.

Troops are soldiers recruited by clans from various planets. They represent the
armies that you, the players, can command. Different planets give different
types of troops, with better or worse stats, depending.

To interact with troops, you must use the DUTY or SQUAD command. You can give
various commands to the squad, getting different results. Here is a listing:

Entering the command alone will display your currently formed squad.
Your squad is easily distinguished from others in the room by a shortened
display. An example of this would be:

[x16] Republic troopers.
[x3] Your Republic trooper squad.

Your squad is automatically in your group, and they will auto-assist each other
even if not in the same squad. You can tank or have one of your squad members
tank to take out the enemy.

Note: To reference your troops, try calling them troop, or 2.troop, or 3.troop


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: dye

Requirements: Hair dye

Must be holding dye in order to execute this command. This will dye
your hair color the color of the dye. LOOK IN <name of dye> to examine
the color of the dye.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

A dynamic prompt shows up only when you execute a command. A regular
prompt will show every time a line of text is sent to your character.
Consider it thusly: one line of text, add another line (at least) for your
prompt, and most people have +BLANK enabled, so thats another line, plus
the extra line that the original line of text adds. Thats four lines per
single line.

To put it shortly, instead of filling two thirds of a screen with
your prompt (while you sit still and people walk about), it'll show
every time you enter a command. To bring up your prompt quickly, just
hit enter.

If you don't want this feature enabled, type the following:

Config +commprompt <- Resets it back to the old way

There are a lot of benefits to eliminating a prompt or blank lines.
Try out different configurations and see what works best for you.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Dynamic reset objects are objects that exist over copyovers with out needing an
area reset to cause them to reload. The dynamic object can be left in any room
in the game, and it will exist through a copyover. If you pick it up, and
relocate it to another room, the object will cease to reset in the first room,
but will reset in the second room.

Objects that are defined as dynamic can not be stored in a container or a
locker and they can not be deleted. They must be kept in a room, or in a
player's inventory. If the object is ICly destroyed in a battle, then the
destruction is valid. If a player circumvents the checks that are in place to
keep these objects from being deleted, then the object will be restored.


If you are within 5 levels of another character, you have the ability
to group with that player. You are not able to group a non-deadly
and a deadly character however (see HELP DEADLY). When you are grouped
with another player, you attack mobs together and share the experience
for each kill.

Group Commands:

*FOLLOW <player> - you will follow that player at which point they group you
- to remove yourself from group type: FOLLOW <your name>

*GROUP <player> - you add that player to your group
- typing GROUP alone will list the people in your group
- to remove someone from group type: GROUP <player name>

*GTELL <message> - you tell the group a message

*SPLIT <amount> - splits the gold among the group


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: drink <object> (drink liquid from a drink container)
Syntax: eat <object> (eat food or a magical pill)
Syntax: eat <object> <container> (eat directly from a container)

Drink instructs your character to drink from a fountain or a drink container
to alleviate thirst.

Eat instructs your character to eat an item of food or a magical pill (which
function in a similar fashion as potions); pills do not fill stomach space.

When you are hungry or thirsty (you will see messages at each tick that tell
you if you are starving or dying of thirst and can check your current state
with the 'score' command), you will not recover hitpoints, movement points or
force points as rapidly as if you were well fed and hydrated.

If you stay hungry or thirsty too long and you are not an Avatar, your
mental state will begin to suffer. Your combat skills will be affected,
your coordination will suffer and you may begin to either hallucinate or
become depressed. Eating, drinking and a little rest will solve this
problem after a short period of time.

Hunger and thirst have been removed from the game. You do not need to eat/drink
to preserve yourself...although it makes for good RP.


Ancient rivals of the Mandalorians, Echani are a Human subrace dedicated to
melee combat with light weapons and armor. Their culture emphasizes
communication through combat, including expression of personality and emotion,
describing an honorable fight as a sort of dance. Their warrior traditions led
to the Sun Guard and Imperial Royal Guard.

The Echani extra attack racial ability requires full light armor to function.

Famous Echani
*Brianna the Handmaiden, follower of Atris and then the Jedi Exile


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of edibles currently provides no benefit to
existing skills.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of education will improve a scientist's
hypothesis, producing better datachips that are more instructive for their



Syntax: EJECT

Only works from the cockpit of a fighter or transport.

Ejection seats are valuable things, many a person has been saved by
these. Fighters are equipped with AUTOEJECT, which forces
the passengers to attempt to eject when the ship is about to be destroyed.
It may also be used at will, assuming there is some threat present to the
ship (See below). When you eject, you'll be dropped somewhere at random
on the planet, severely injured.

In order to eject manually, the ship must be in some sort of dangerous
situation. In this case, that means there must be hull damage.

[NOTICE]: When you eject, if the selfdestruct is not yet engaged, it
will automaticly arm itself for 60 seconds. It can be overridden from the
cockpit with the proper code, but otherwise the ship will destroy itself.

[NOTICE]: Ejection in a sector with blockaded planets will fail. This
means if you're automatically ejected on ship destruction it'll kill you as you
won't be able to land on a blockaded planet.

You must be within 7500 distance of a planet to eject safely.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of electronics will increase a slicer's
proficiency in slicing and securing security protocols, produces better results
when an engineer makes circuits, and required for a scientist to hypothesize
espionage topics.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 75 Piloting Skill

Syntax: emergency_refuel

Used in conjunction with a fuel canister in your inventory, this skill allows
an engineer to refuel a ship from the engine room.

Currently, fuel canisters are non implemented for balance reasons.


Syntax: emote <string>
Syntax: emote s <string>

The EMOTE command is a powerful tool used to describe actions taken by your
character. While SOCIALS are used to invoke pre-established messages that can
be targetted to a person, EMOTE can be used to create anything you can imagine
(within probable limits and rules). The string you supply will come after your
name, and the same message is sent to everyone in the room.

LotJ features several unique add-ons to the stock EMOTE command to enhance the
roleplay experience. An emote can be possessive by including s as the first
letter (emote s lumbago is acting up = Walldo's lumbago is acting up.) Says can
also be embedded within emotes. Simply enclose what you want to say within
" symbols, and you will have language and textcolor support. Be aware, however,
that improper use of " symbols will garble your emote! There are a number of
tokens that can be embedded in your emote. They are:

$n - This represents you. You can place $n in an emote and your name will not
appear at the very start, but where $n is. The $n token can be put anywhere in
the string as many times as desired. If it is not present, however, the emote
will be sent out as normal, with the users name starting off the emote message.

@<player/mob> - This token is used to target other players/mobs in your emotes.
The final message is relative based on how you know said person. In other
words, it will display the dub/greet/restring/etc. instead of their actual

#<object> - This token allows a player to target any item that they are
wearing, that is in their inventory, or is on the ground.

*<ship/structure> - This token targets ship/structures.

An example of all these working together:
emote As the sun peaks over the *hotel, $n's hand falls to #object at his side.
His eyes narrow as @bothan steps out of the alleyway. "What are you doing

As the sun peaks over the Coruscant Regent Hotel, Walldo's hand falls to the
pristine white holster at his side. His eyes narrow as a Bothan male steps out
of the alleyway. "What are you doing here?"



Accessing Imperial Datanet File...

Access granted. Displaying file
Birth Name:
Place of Birth:
Work History
-There are no incidents on record
Criminal Record
-There are no incidents on record
Personal Account



&Acessing &I&mperial &atanet &F&ile...
Access granted. Displaying file
&irth Name: &
cupation: &
&R&ace: &
&A&ge: &
&P&lace of Birth: &
&W&ork &H&istory
&-There are no incidents on record
&riminal &R&ecord
&-There are no incidents on record
&P&ersonal &Acount


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: empower list
Syntax: empower <player>
Syntax: empower <player> <flag>

The EMPOWER command is used to distribute clan based command privileges to
those clan members found trustworthy enough to use them. The following
empowerment flags are currently available for distribution among clan members:

pilot : ability to fly clan ships
withdraw : ability to withdraw clan funds (at a bank)
empower : ability to empower other members
payroll : ability to set clan wages
war : ability to declare war on other clans
clanbounty : ability to set clan bounties
clanbuyship : ability to buy clan ships using clan funds
clansellship : ability to sell clan ships
clantradeship : ability to trade clan ships
clanbuyvehicle : ability to buy clan vehicles using clan funds
clansellvehicle : ability to sell clan vehicles
clandroids : ability to use clan droids with controldroid
clanvendor : ability to manage clan shops.
induct : ability to induct new members
clan_message : ability to send a message to another clan
blockade : ability to call or end blockades
pshields : ability to control planetary shields
pturrets : ability to control planetary weaponry
develop : ability to research and develop
roster : ability to view organization roster
warrant : ability to forcibly enter player homes
diplomat : ability to work as a diplomat
banklog : ability to view clan's banking log
inductlog : ability to view clan's induct/outcast log
clanmotd : ability to change the clan's motd.
none : removes bestowed abilities
list : shows bestowed abilities



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: empty <container>
Syntax: empty <container> <container>

This command allows you to empty a container of its contents.

Use 'empty <container>' to dump the contents to the ground.

Use 'empty <container> <container>' will empty the contents of the
first container into the second container.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: encrypt_file <target> OR decrypt_file <target>

People can use slicing skills to damage their record that appears
using the lookup skill. Encrypt_file is used to make it unreadable, and
decrypt_file is used to repair it.

The history display command notes whether your personal file is currently
encrypted or unencrypted.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - endurance
Class - Bounty Hunting
Level - 120

This feat temporarily boosts your HP by 400 points.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

For Shields: energize <shield in inventory> <battery in inventory>
For worn datapads: energize <battery>
For Jetpacks: energize <jetpack in inventory> <fuel canister in inventory>

Energize allows you to extend the use of shields, datapads, and jetpacks by
giving them a fresh battery pack or fuel canister.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]
Class Overview
For high-quality armor, ships, and weapons, the denizens of the galaxy look to
the engineers. The best equipment is usually found in shops designed by players
and clans, or even custom-ordered from the galaxys greatest artisans. To master
their art, engineers seek out components scattered on planets across the
galaxy, each one different than the next. By exploring and experimenting, they
discover which items yield the best results. Engineering has a slower pace than
many other classes, but its rewards are well worth it. The best engineers are
also highly skilled in science, using their training in various sciences to
enhance their work.

Most characters have enough ability in engineering to design their own
clothing, comlink, or datapad. But if you want to build a droid sidekick,
design high-quality armor, or join your clan's shipbuilding team, choose
engineering as your main class.

Class Skills
The Engineering class is shared by armorers, weaponsmiths, ship mechanics, and
crafters across the galaxy. Engineers begin learning the basics of constructing
various general goods such as clothing, backpacks, and jewelry, before moving
up into creating body armor and the most advanced types of weaponry. Master
engineers are able to build, tune, and upgrade starships. This class works
closely with Scientists.

Famous Engineers
*Bao-Dur, Zabrak Jedi and engineer, inventor of the Mass Shadow Generator.
*Walex Blissex, engineer and creator of the Victory Star Destroyer.
*Shug Ninx, legendary mechanic and owner of the Spacebarn - a smuggler's



The first thing to remember when you are leveling up is that an engineer needs
supplies. Get an oven, a toolkit and a bunch of canvas and find yourself a
workshop to hang out in. Use MAKECONTAINER to make backpacks or whatever you

Syntax: makecontainer back &a black backpack

Make containers until you reach level 30. Then find yourself some gold and go
back to a workshop. This is where the oven comes in, as you will be making the

Syntax: makejewelry neck &a gold necklace

As you get higher in level you can sell the jewelry for a profit. After you
sell to the same pawn shop vendor for a while, the value of your wares will
decrease. Try travelling around, and finding more than one NPC vendor that will
buy your jewelry. Players will also need various things, so as an engineer it
is a good idea to explore urban areas of planets to find all the best shops.

Brave engineers may also risk mine shafts to find the best stuff. Be sure to
spend lots of time in the library perfecting your skills. Also be aware that
SCIENCE, as well as some knowledges (equipment for example) will give bonuses
both while in training and when adepted. Engineering and Science are a good

Be sure to train your strength as soon as possible, as you will probably end up
carrying things. Sometimes your movement points will deplete or become too low
to continue. If this happens, find a place to sleep for a little and you can
continue. Good luck!


Level 32 Engineering Skill

Syntax: enhancearmor <armor> <underlay/coating>

Required Items: Armor, Coating/Underlay, Sewing Kit

This ability allows an engineer to enhance a piece armor by adding an underlay
or coating. To enhance a piece of armor with an underlay, the armor must be
unfinished. Enhancing with a coating can be done before or after a piece is


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 80 Combat Skill

Syntax: Use of the skill is automatic once learned.

This skill increases the damage you inflict when attacking. Enhanced Damage
applies to all forms of attack. The degree of improvement is determined by
your skill in Enhanced Damage.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of enhancement will produce better results when an
engineer enhances armor with the Verpine Fiber Mesh underlay and coatings.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Enhanceweapon <weapon>

This skill has not yet been implimented.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: enlist

This command allows you to enlist in a clan in their recruitment office.
These offices should be clearly marked.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: enter
Syntax: leave

In rooms either 'somewhere' exits or exits responding only to keywords,
you can simply type 'enter' or 'leave' to pass through that exit.

The most common use of this is with portals cast by mages. To use the
portal, simply type 'enter' on either side of it and you will pass
through to the other side.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: equipment
Syntax: inventory

EQUIPMENT lists your equipment (armor, weapons, and held items).
INVENTORY lists your inventory.

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of equipment will produce better results when an
engineer makes weapons and armor. With their advanced knowledge of equipment,
they will craft armor quicker, and can make clothing, containers, and medpacs
without a workshop. It is also required for a scientist to hypothesize
smuggling, espionage and slicing topics.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: escape now

If used in the escape pod room of a ship, this command will have your
character enter an escape pod and evacuate the ship. Usage of an escape
pod will not toggle selfdestruct on the ship.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 150 Smuggling Skill

Syntax: escape_binding

This skill is a master level smuggling skill. It lets the smuggler escape, even
when bound with the strongest binding available. Failure can lead to detection,
but not always. Must use skill to gain in skill percentage. Requires some of
the user's movement points in order to work, but it consumes none.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Class Overview
The Espionage class is the infiltration and saboteur experts of the galaxy.
Also called spies, they are the best at gathering information from other clans,
as well as protecting their own clan from prying eyes. Spies have the ability
to create, plant, and monitor cameras, as well as the ability to defensively
search for (and remove) errant cameras in places they should not be. Adept
spies also have a sharp eye that will reveal hidden items at times. In addition
to information gathering, Espionage agents are adept at tailing subjects,
creating binders and wielding a stun baton called a blackjack to subdue
enemies, and creating and wielding fusion cutters to allow them to cut down
doors - which is particularly useful if a door has no electronics to slice.
Spies frequently chose a race that compliments their subclass skills such as
Smuggling or Slicer. An example of such is using a blackjack to stun a landing
pad customs agent, then using the Smuggler lockpicking abilities to steal a
starship without being reported to the authorities. Espionage agents also can
work closely with slicers to remove security from buildings before they start
planting the tools of their trade.

Class Skills
The Espionage class is composed of the galaxy's foremost spies and saboteurs.
Spies are easily able to swipe credits from targets, conceal items, sabotage
starships, conduct surveilance, and cut doors into secure areas. The best
espionists are able to blackjack their targets, sweep for mines, and craft the
tools of their trade.

Famous Spies
*Cassian Andor, Rebel agent who assisted in stealing the Death Star plans.
*Garindan, Kubaz informant who notified the Empire of events at Docking Bay 94.
*Gara Petothel, turncoat Imperial Intelligence agent inserted into the New
Republic's Wraith Squadron.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - evading
Class - Piloting
Level - 145

Your ability to dodge incoming fire when piloting a ship is increased by 15
percentage points.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Role play events are Immortal-assisted storylines. Events can serve to further
move the timeline along, create a new storyline, or simply to have fun.
Players are even free to submit their own event ideas!

To submit an event idea:
Head to the LotJ website (www.legendsofthejedi.com) then select a `Misc.`
application. In the Please describe what exactly you are applying for
subsection, discuss your actual event idea. This includes plot points, overall
storyline, characters/clans affected, and possibly outcomes. In the biography
section, include any other pertinent information.

At times, player event submissions may have to be modified to fit in with
the storyline before it can be used.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: look
Syntax: look <object>
Syntax: look <character>
Syntax: look <direction>
Syntax: look <keyword>
Syntax: look in <container>
Syntax: look in <corpse>
Syntax: examine <container>
Syntax: examine <corpse>

LOOK looks at something and sees what you can see.

EXAMINE is short for 'LOOK container' followed by 'LOOK IN container'.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: exits

Tells you the visible exits of the room you are in. Not all exits are visible.
You can use the 'bump' technique to find hidden exits. (Try to walk in a
certain direction and see what you bump into).


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

One of the ideas of this mud is to explore. We have created quite a few
interesting places for you to visit and familiarize yourself with. Exploring is
a great way to get a little break from the endless killing as well. A lot of
our players have spent countless hours going through our planets carefully,
finding all the cool little secrets that it has to offer. Most of the areas
have things in them that are not Immediately visible and take some looking and
exploring to find. The idea of this mud is not to ask people for the exact
location of some object or item. If you do not try to find anything on your
own, not only do you insult the work and effort that the coders put into the
area, but also all those players before you who did take the time to fully
explore a place. This means, if you think an item is on, say Tatooine... go to
Tatooine and look around there for it. Do not walk into three rooms, say `I
can't find it` and ask people for it. By exploring, you can learn more of the
mud, become more mud competent, and somewhat knowledgeable. This is very
desirable, and having well rounded knowledge of the mud based on your exploring
efforts gives a feeling of accomplishment. So go forth, and explore the mud!


*KILL <mob> - you begin to attack the mob (you need only type once)

*FLEE - you attempt to flee from the fight

*FEEL <force power> - you use the powet (see HELP <power> for more info)

*CAST <force power> - being replaced by FEEL (but you can still use cast)

*GLANCE <mob or player> - tells you how wounded the target is

*CONSIDER (con) <mob> - gives you an idea on how tough the mobile is

*LEVEL - shows you how many experience points you need till next level

*WIMPY <number> - if your hitpoints go under that number, you flee combat

*CONFIG +/-FLEE - you do/don't flee when attacked

*RESCUE <player> - you replace a player in a fight

*SHOVE <player> <direction> - a deadly player is shoved in a given direction

*DRAG <player> <direction> - a sitting deadly player is moved that direction


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: face <target>

This command is part of the ship combat system. It allows the pilot to face a
specific ship so that they may fire missiles and the main ship laser batteries.
It is quicker then using the course command and is much more effective.



[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Level 70 Slicer Skill

Syntax: fakesignal <target ship> <hangar number>

This slicer skill allows you to force a ship to open its hangar bays without
knowing its hangar access codes.

You must be on the bridge of a ship, and within (500+(comm*10)) units of the
other vessel. Skill requires 3 rounds to complete.

Be careful! The better your percentage, the more likely on a failure that an
autopiloted ship will automatically retaliate against you. IE: A failure while
trying to access a Star Destroyer might get you scragged!

Reminder: Neutral Government capital ships are covered by HELP CAPITALRULES. Do
not fakesignal these ships.



Falleen are a long-lived reptilian species, with a life expectancy of 250
standard years. Their features are naturally sleek and beautiful, with natural
pheremones that can dramatically enhance others' physical attraction to them,
even between species. Their "skin" consists of small scales, and their fingers
and toes have small claws. Their society tends to be formal, disciplined, and

Famous Falleen
*Prince Xizor, head of the Black Sun crime syndicate and rival of Darth Vader


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Level 33 Force Skill

Syntax: feel farsight <victim>

Gives a room description of victim's location.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]


Level 45 Force Skill

Syntax: feel farspeak <target> <message>

Through great understanding of the Force, one can communicate from great
distances and relay their messages to even those who are not potentially force
sensitive. This skill works like telepathy, but at greater distances all the
way from a starsystem to another.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: feel fear <victim>

If no victim is given, it will default to whomever you are fighting.
Fear fills the victims mind with unease, and if done a few times, can
cause even a jedi master to falter. Fear has ruined minds, caused steadfast
scholars to become jibbering morons, and can make even the most valiant
flee, if used against someone while fighting them.

Forcers can MEDITATE to lower their mentalstate. See help MENTALSTATE.


Feats are a system that allows you, the player, to define something somewhat
unique about your character. Two engineers at level 150 who are both Duros, for
instance, may be able to do different things better because of the feats they
picked. Some feats let you do tasks easier while others simply let you stay
alive longer. When you reach the correct level in the featlist for the class,
you may select
the feats you wish up to three feats overall. The feat system is meant to
enhance your gameplay by specializing. You do not take any penalties by picking
a feat, but if you do not pick feats others will have an edge over you.
Sometimes an edge a milimeter wide can be the deciding factor.

Slist feats all - This command lets you see a list of all the feats.
Practice - Type this to see which feats are available to you at any given time.
Practice <featname> - This command lets you learn a feat once you have found a
teacher. Be careful, feats cannot be reset and can only be chosen once.


Feeorins are a bipedal, humanoid race with head-tails, similar to Twi'leks or
Nautolans, as well as smaller tendrils on their faces. Only some of them have
noses. Feeorin can live up to 400 years, and they tend to be distant and
short-tempered. They make excellent pilots or smugglers and fierce combatants
but very poor engineers, and they tend to be superstitious about the spirits of
the dead (especially the Elders of their race).

Famous Feeorin
*Nym, a pirate Captain who fought against the Trade Federation
*Solm, a leader of the Antarian Rangers
*Rav, one of the most famous post-civil war pirates


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Felucians were the native species of the fungi planet Felucia. The Felucians
were sensitive to the Force as a species, but were driven deep into the jungles
by the settlement of Gossam colonists on the world.

Physiology And Culture
The Felucians were tall, bipedal amphibious species and had natural camouflage
that allowed them to seemingly disappear into their surroundings. They were
equally at home on land or in water, and traveled the swamps with ease. Both
their arms and legs ended in limbs with four cup-like, webbed fingertips. Their
suction cup-like limbs enabled them to stick to surfaces. Springing from the
underside of each arm was a second short arm, which ended in three large and
agile fingers. their faces were constantly covered by masks

The outsiders viewed Felucians as strange and alien beings, because they
operated on a different social level, much like the Tusken Raiders on Tatooine.
But unlike other primitive species, the Felucians did not split into separate
tribes but were instead all members of a single tribe, split across their
various villages. Each village's members were split into various castes:
Chieftains, shamans and warriors[. Due to their connection to the Force, which
gave them a somewhat primal attitude, Felucians were careful not to fall to the
Dark Side and fed those that did to Felucia's Sarlacc. They were also
influenced by the planet itself, which could result in entire villages being
driven into an insane bloodlust. This also affected them physically, causing
their bodies to mutate to reflect their tortured psyches. Most Felucians were
subjects to rather wild mood swings, which resulted in them reacting to the
same situations in a variety of different ways.

The Felucians were divided into a caste-based society, with each member
fulfilling various roles. The most common of these were the warriors, who
hunted and defended their people. The shamans were of a higher caste that
healed their kin from injuries and served as leaders to their people, giving
moral advice and teaching the ways of the Force. The highest-ranking members of
the race were the chieftains.

Role In LotJ
Throughout their history, Felucians were often regarded by most other sentient
species to be primitive and savage. They had long thrived and flourished in the
wild jungles of their home planet without the development of any advanced
technology, which was in part, largely due to their natural affinity to the

When away from their homeworld of Felucia, most Felucians can be found working
in a combat oriented trade. While they are often employed as bodyguards,
soldiers, bounty hunters, or even the occasional assassin, they also can be
found using their natural talents of blending into the background as covert
operatives, or even working with a team of smugglers.

Felucians speak felucianese, which consists of a guttural, barking language.
While they can understand Galactic Basic, they are unable to speak it.

(c) 2007 Wookiepedia, used with permission. License information available at:


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: fill <drincon>
Syntax: fill <container>

FILL can be used with drink containers, regular containers or pipes.
- to fill a drink container, go to a fountain and 'fill <drinkcon>'
- to fill a container such as a backpack with items from the ground,
type 'fill <container>'


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Fire
Fire <Weapon Type>

Weapon systems found on various spacecraft: Turbolaser, Laser, Ion,
Autoblaster, Missile, Torpedo, Rocket, and Burst.

The fire command allows you to fire the various weapon systems on a spacecraft
at your designated target. If entered with no weapon designated, the ship will
default to firing the strongest form of laser weaponry installed on the



Firrerreo (or Firrerreon) are Near-Human natives of the planet Firrerre, known
for holding names in such sacredness that they will give perfect obedience to
one who knows their true name. (You may not force a Firrerreo to violate spyapp
or PK rules.) They have golden skin, beauty, and a talent for martial combat.
Most Firrerreo are extremely secretive and only trust those closest to them.

Famous Firrerreo
*Hethrir, Dark Side Apprentice to Darth Vader


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: first <victim>

First aid is a skill that uses a medpac to tend to the wounds of
another, or yourself.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: fixchar <character>

Resets a character's saving throws and mentalstate. Should probably
not be done while the character is equipped.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

use <flashlight> Turns your flashlight on and off
hold <flashlight> Equips your flashlight, to light up the room

Flashlights are extremely important for exploring unlit rooms at night, or in
rooms that are always dark. The unaided eye cannot see anything in the dark,
making it hard to use your gear or find an exit. Be forewarned your
flashlight's batteries may run out, or a monster may destroy your held

Note: Unlike many other devices, flashlights cannot be recharged. So, pick up
plenty of spares before you go spelunking.



[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Syntax: flee

This command allows you to attempt an escape from combat by fleeing to a room
in a random direction. Keep in mind that if an exit is blocked off, you will
not be able to flee in that direction.



Syntax - Fleetradar
Fleetradar targets

Fleetradar is another addition to the various radar functions on a ship. Since
squadrons offer covering protection, it is vital that a pilot can quickly
pinpoint enemy ships, and more importantly, where they are positioned.
Fleetradar allows this, displaying only ships that are not in your squadron,
who their squadron leader is, and what position the ship is currently

When the TARGETS parameter is added to fleetradar, the command will function as
mentioned above with the exception that only ships that are not protected by
battlegroup positions and targetable are shown.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: SLIST [ability name/ALL] [min level] [max level]
Syntax: SLIST FEATS [ability name/ALL] [min level] [max level]
Syntax: FLIST [min level] [max level]

SLIST ALL without any other arguments provides a complete list of skills
available and their levels. SLIST FEATS ALL similarly will provide a listing
of every feat available to characters.

The lists can also be fine tuned to provide information within a certain range,
such as SLIST COMBAT 1 100 will provide only a list of skills for combat that
fall between 1 and 100. If only the skills between 50 and 100 are desired, the
syntax would be SLIST COMBAT 50 100.

A similar command exists for Force skills and spells. FLIST by itself provides
the entire list and FLIST [min level] [max level] allows what abilities are
presented to be fine tuned.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: float

This is a racial ability. Toydarians can float in the air or land
on the ground (toggle) using this command.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 150 Combat Skill

Syntax: flurry (while in combat)

This will unleash a flurry of attacks. The technique to learn this is a very
LONG and ARDUOUS path to follow, but is rewarding. Great masters of the combat
art can unleash a devastating seven attacks, enough to even kill some


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Piloting Skill

Syntax: Launch Hover
Syntax: Fly <Direction>
Syntax: Land

The skill fly will allow you to fly your SMALL size ship around a planet like
you would drive a vehicle.

You first need to LAUNCH HOVER your ship and then you can FLY through any
normal exit as long as the exit is not indoors. Unlike vehicles, your ship's
headlights are always on allowing you to light up rooms you fly over. Make
sure to LAND your ship before you exit as you can fall out and be unable to
enter without flying yourself.



You are all that remains of two parallel but vastly different religions
of the Force. The Jedi and Sith have been gone for an untold amount of
years. Recent conflict and death has caused many disturbances, and in
the midst of that, you have appeared. The fate of the Jedi and Sith
falls heavily on your individuals hands.

OOC: This TL we will be handling a force a bit differently and
directing you as carry on with your sect. The following policies
are in place and in no way are they negotiable.

A) You are not your clans enforcer. This has long been pushed but now
there will be an addendum to this: Unless it is completely unavoidable
we would like for Forcers to keep their focus on other Forcers, meaning
no going after non-forcers simply because you can. This will keep both
sides engaged with their own staff and not rely as heavily on their
forcer counterparts.

B) You will need to declare your alignment, both in terms of game
mechanics as well as in think logs. Game mechanics will allow good/evil
but a think log will allow you to dictate chaotic good vs lawful evil
or whatever your character alignment is. We, the IMM staff, will be
closely watching your RP to make sure you are playing your alignment.
The RP bar will be to our standard, not yours, so if you are not playing
to the proper alignment, you will be warned, and then adjustments will
be made.

We will do our best to keep this fmotd updated. Feel free to ask questions
should they come up!

Happy Mudding!

UPDATE: Rule A reads don't aggressively/offensively mess with normies. You
aren't supposed to seek out conflict with them. If you want to help those that
can't help themselves, then there isn't anything stopping you from making your
presence known and being around in the event things go south. Again, this does
not give you all open season on non-forcers. No AGGRESSIVE or OFFENSIVE action
can be taken. Thanks!


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: follow <character>;
Syntax: group <character>;
Syntax: group

'Follow' starts you following another character. To stop following, type
'follow self'. Group <character> adds someone who is following you into
your group, making them a group member. Group members share experience from
kills, and may use the GTELL command. If anyone in your group is attacked,
you will automatically join the fight.

If character is already a member of your group, using Group <character>
will remove them from your party. Removing the character from the group
does not stop them from following you, however. A character can also
leave your group by using the follow self command, in which case they
will both leave your group and stop following you.

Group with no argument shows statistics for each character in your group.

Group all groups all eligible players following you in the room.

Group disband allows a leader to disband his group (members stop following
and are ungrouped).



There is not much to say (yet). Force applications are mostly used to fill the
gap in the mud when the current number of force-trained players run low.

9 times out of 10, your force app will be denied for this reason.

Do not submit a force application unless immortals specifically say they are
looking for them.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: forced_entry <direction>

This skill will let a member of the clan controlling a specific planet enter a
home. In order to do this, however, they must have been empowered with WARRANT.
When this is done, the staff can see a log of it. Be advised, if you use this
simply to get into homes and steal from lockers you will be helled. This is to
prevent people from having homes and launching attacks against the clan owning
the planet the home is on.

Do not raid homes for the sole purpose to take things.
If you're caught, you'll be punished.


Level 20 Combat Skill: Force Pikes
Level 45 Combat Skill: Advanced Forcepike
Level 110 Combat Skill: Forcepike Mastery

Syntax: Use of the skill is automatic once learned.

The forcepike is a 2 meter long pike with a vibro-edged head. Due to its size
and pacification capibilities, the force pike has found greater use in
militias and police forces.

These skills increase proficiency with force pikes. Force Pike covers basic
attacks, parries and ripostes. Advanced Forcepike includes more complex combat
maneuvers. Elite commando forces like the Emperor's Royal Guard are usually the
only practitioners of Forcepike Mastery.

Additional Help Files: AMMO


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Bonus - Force Combat

Subclass - Jedi Guardian
Sith Juggernaut

Syntax - Passive

Jedi Guardians and Sith Juggernauts have devoted their training to the art of
the lightsaber. They receive a 10% damage bonus to attacks made with a
lightsaber, and a 10% bonus when parrying with a lightsaber.



Level 100 Neutral Force Skill
Syntax: feel 'force conceal'

This spell allows the caster to mask themself in the force. When used, your
current force points are drained to 0, regardless of your maximum or current.
However, 2000 mana is required to mask yourself.

While in effect, you cannot use ANY force spells or skills except for: 'conceal
force', lightsabers, advanced lightsabers, lightsaber mastery, presence,
vengeance, and breach. You will also not be able to regenerate mana,
meditate, or feel 'disturbances' in the force or use perception to sense when
someone is using farsight on you.

Since your mana is drained to 0 upon the skill's use, it costs 0 to remove the
concealment. However, your mana is not immediately restored, you must meditate.

Why use such a skill? Well, while in use, other forcers will see you as
'normal' when they use awareness or sense attunement. Enjoy!


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: forced_entry <direction>

Clan members who have the WARRANT empowerment may use this command to force
their way into player homes on planets controlled by their clan. Your clan will
be notified of all warrants served, and the owner of the home will be able to
see signs that their home was forced into.

See also: EMPOWER


Syntax: feel 'force lightning' <target>

A force-user can focus their rage and hatred to manifest the Force as arcing
strikes of white hot lightning from their fingertips. The lightning can strike
in battle or out of battle and can be used quickly in repeated succession.
Additionally, a skilled lightsaber duelist can utilize their lightsaber to
deflect or absorb lightning.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Bonus - Force Mastery

Subclass - Jedi Consular
Sith Sorcerer

Syntax - Passive

Jedi Consulars and Sith Sorcerers, through their exploration into the mysteries
of the Force, are able to utilize the Force effortlessly 20% of the time.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Bonus - Force Suppression

Subclass - Jedi Sentinel
Sith Assassin

Syntax - Passive

Trained in methods to draw as little attention to themselves as possible, Jedi
Sentinels and Sith Assassins do not cause disturbances in the Force when
manipulating it.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

This helpfile will explain how one is taken on as an APPRENTICE, how
apprentices become a JEDI KNIGHT, and how a Jedi Knight becomes a JEDI MASTER.

Upon creation, the majority of characters have a chance of being FORCE
SENSITIVE, with the exception of Hutts, Defel, Gamorreans, Whiphids and
Toydarians. However, a character cannot discover if they are Force Sensitive
until they have reached level 100 in a skill area and then been sensed by a
Jedi Master. It is considered to be very poor ROLE PLAY for someone to ask to
be sensed.

You can also be FORCE SENSITIVE if you have purchased it using points or have
had an application accepted (please see help APPS). Applications are only
accepted very rarely when the need for one arises.

One becomes an Apprentice after a Jedi Master AWAKENS them to the Force. They
will then make the person their apprentice. A Jedi Master can only have ONE
'active' Apprentice at any one time. Switching apprentices results in a
significant loss of experience points for the Master and so should be done
rarely. An Apprentice gains Force Experience and Force Skill percentages when
they are in the same room as their Master and are their 'active' Apprentice.

An Apprentice, after a minimum of 2 weeks time, may become a JEDI KNIGHT after
reaching their 60th force level and constructing their own lightsaber. A Jedi
Knight no longer learns new skills like an Apprentice but is instead TAUGHT
skills by one adept at them.

A Jedi Knight may become a JEDI MASTER upon reaching their 90th Force Level by
being PROMOTED by someone who is already a JEDI MASTER.

Do not roll characters over and over again for chances of Force. It is illegal.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of forensics currently provides no benefit to
existing skills.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 70 Force Ability: Foresight
Level 2 Force Ability: Senses

These skills are used by jedi, both light and dark, when fighting.
Foresight will give the force user the power to avoid backstabs, and
predict and avoid incoming blows. Senses, it's counterpart, lets the force
user see where their enemy is moving next, and deliver a much more powerful
blow by capitalizing. Both skills are automatically applied and learned
through learning how to do them, and then fighting.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - fortify
Class - Leadership
Level - 140

This feat lets the leader of a party fortify their position. Moving from that
room will strip them of the affect, but while it is in play party members will
take 20% less damage, and get a bonus of -400 AC.


Come visit our forums, get your say in, and find out what exactly is
going on in the sometimes complex world of LotJ.



FRC is the force stat, this stat stays invisible to players throughout
their life, you never know how strong you truly are in the force. However,
that stat may be inreased by training both wisdom and intelligence with
mobs around the mud.

See also help Train.

Please note that rolling character after character until you roll force/FRC is
strictly forbidden.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: feel fury

A dark jedi can manifest the hatred in his soul, using it to craft etheral
strands of force that soften blows. The more effort is put into the
weaving, the longer it lasts. (Stackable)


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

The news command serves as a log of imm-related broadcasts. IC news can be
found here.


OOC <message> - this command is to talk on the out of character (OOC) channel.

TELL <player> <message> - This allows you to talk directly to a player OOCly.

RPC <message> - Use this channel to talk to volunteer staffmembers called the
RPC (see Help RPC)

EMOTE <message> - Use this to perform an in character (IC) action. (See help

IMMCHAT <message> - Use this to talk to the games permanent staffmembers about
any problems.

REPLY <message> - sends a messages to the last person who sent you a tell

SAY <message> - Use this to speak to other players `ICly` in the room

YELL <message> - Use this to speak to people ICly nearby.

CLAN <message> - If you've joined a clan, use this to talk ICly to them

TALK <message> - if you are over level 3 and have a comlink, you can talk ICly
to the rest of the game.

CHAN +/-<channel> - you can turn a channel on and off



Gamorreans are boar-faced humanoids native to the planet Gamorr. They are known
for great strength and endurance, but very limited intelligence. They can only
speak their native language, and even that only three words at a time.
Gamorreans are brutish, thuggish beings, respecting only strength. The
arg'garok, a large axe, is a signature weapon of their culture. Many of them
are host to parasites call morrts, which Gamorreans consider cute, cuddly pets,
and having many parasites is considered a mark of status.

Famous Gamorreans
*Guards of Jabbas Palace, force-choked by Luke Skywalker


Gand are sentient insectoids who evolved on the ammonia-heavy world of Gand.
Although some Gand are lungless and do not breathe at all, it is normally Gand
with lungs (and the ability to speak Basic) who visit other worlds, wearing
special rebreathers. Gand are collectivist and humble. The must earn their
name, and even then they use the third person (unless they are so famous as to
assume that the other person knows their name already). A few Gand feel the
call of the path of the mystic-enforcer Findsmen, the galaxy's greatest

Famous Gands
*Zuckuss, Gand Findsman and Bounty Hunter
*Vaabesh, Jedi Padawan who briefly teamed with Padawan Anakin Skywalker


This skill is not currently functioning.


Level 45 Engineering Skill

Syntax: gemcutting <new crystal name>

Required Items: Crystallore, a Toolkit

This ability allows engineers to refine raw crystal ore into a crystal usable
for blasters, lightsabers, or jewelry.


Gems, or crystals, can be divided into two categories. Lightsaber quality
gems and blaster quality gems. You cannot use a lightsaber gem in a blaster,
just like you cannot use a blaster gem in a lightsaber. Aside from this rather
rudimentary seperator, they are both similar in that in order to get the
best ones, you will have to travel far and wide to find them.

How do you tell if a crystal can be used for a lightsaber or a blaster? Well,
ask any Science class individual who has minerals at 60% or higher to examine
it, they will be able to tell you.

If you decide that's too much work, you can always rely on the gem counter.
This handy little add-on to the makeblaster and makelightsaber skills will
count how many gems will work properly as you start to make the weapon. Pay
close attention, because it will pick three from your inventory, and it won't
worry if they're all the same type, or if you have a crappy one and it uses
the crappy one and only two of the good ones you have in your inventory.

Crystals, or gems, can also be cut by using gemcutting. It is said that the
best crystals can come from ores, and those can be perfected by having someone
learned in chemistry and minerals alter the crystal.


Syntax: Gender 0/1/2

This command is for Hutts. It is used to change your sex between Male, Female,
and Neutral.
0 is Neutral. 1 is Male. 2 is female.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Geonosians are insectoids hailing from the planet Geonosis, who live in hive
colonies in massive spires. Geonosians have elongated faces, thin bodies, and
extra joints, and they can only speak their own languages of clicking and
buzzing. Wingless Geonosians are workers and laborers, while those with wings
become aristocrats. Culturally, Geonosians have a proclivity for violence and

Famous Geonosians
*Poggle The Lesser, Arch-Duke of Geonosis (killed by Darth Vader on Mustafar)


Geonosians are insectoids hailing from the planet Geonosis, who live in hive
colonies in massive spires. Geonosians have elongated faces, thin bodies, and
extra joints, and they can only speak their native language of clicking and
buzzing. Wingless Geonosians are workers and laborers, while those with wings
become aristocrats. Culturally, Geonosians have a proclivity for violence and

Famous Geonosians
*Poggle The Lesser, Arch-Duke of Geonosis (killed by Darth Vader on Mustafar)


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Requires the Presence skill trained as a Jedi.
Requires the Vengeance skill trained as a Sith.

Training in either of the two alignment-related abilities above allow a
Force Sensitive character the chance to become a Force Ghost upon death,
giving you one last chance to impart knowledge or seek revenge. This state
of being is temporary at best, and all force abilities will slowly deplete
your permanent HP total until it reaches 0, when your spirit will permanently
rejoin the Force. Force Ghosts are able to manifest themselves to appear
to the living, and pass through solid matter effortlessly, appearing as
(Translucent) to living beings. They cannot physically harm the living, or
be harmed, though they retain full use of their force powers.



The Givin people are humanoids with the appearance of living skeletons, native
to Yag'Dhul. They have hard, pale white exoskeleton and sunken black eyes. They
are known for incredible mathematical ability, with the greatest mathematicians
ruling Yag'Dhul in the Body Calculus. They use mathematics to predict their
plant's complex, ever-shifting tides and weather.

Famous Givin
*Kooloota-Fyf, Givin leader of the Shipbuilders and Astromechs Guild
*Elis Helrot, Givin slaver, pilot, and spice runner


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: glance
Syntax: glance <victim>

Glance alone shows you only the contents of the room you are in,
eliminating the description. Glance <victim> shows only the health
condition, eliminating their description and equipment from your

Glance may be abbreviated as 'gl'.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: gold

Displays the current total credits you are carrying.


Gotals are a species of tall, hairy humanoids native to the moon Antar 4. They
have twin conical horns atop their heads, which are extremely sensitive to
electromagnetic emissions. They use these for reading other Gotals' emotions,
for hunting animals, and for surviving in dark environments. Gotal tend to be
skilled soldiers, hunters, and smugglers, but they have poor technical skills,
and they make mediocre leaders due to their tendency to overestimate the
intensity of other races' emotions.

Famous Gotals
*Sarlim Gastess, financial industry tycoon with non-functional head cones
*Kith Kark, Jedi Knight


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: <location>

GOTO takes you to a location. The location may be specified as a vnum,
as the name of a mobile, or as the name of an object.

If the location is a vnum, and it does not already exist, and it is within
your room vnum range; it shall be created for your to edit further with

You may not GOTO a room if it is PRIVATE and has two (or more) characters
already present, or if it is SOLITARY and has one (or more) characters
already present.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 75 Combat Skill

Syntax: gouge

Like Kick, a soldier looks for an opening in combat with Gouge.
You rake an opponent across the eyes. It both inflicts damage and a
chance of temporary blindness. During the period of blindness, the
victim may be unable to see their location or their inventory. The
only ways to reverse the effects of blindness are by using the force
spell 'cure blindness' or waiting for the effect to wear off. Infrared
Vision cybernetic will prevent blindness, but you will still sustain

See also: HELP CYBER


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: grab <victim>

If you do this, your character will attempt to physically restrain the
victim. This will also cause the victim to follow your character.
While restrained, your victim may only STRUGGLE, and use commands that
are OOC.

Note: If you bind someone, GRAB is useful for moving them around.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Gran are three-eyed humanoids who originated on the planet Kinyen, but
colonized and took control of the planet Malastare (oppressing the native Dugs
as inferiors). They have a low, goatlike snout and two antennae. Most Gran
prefer to solve problems diplomatically, and they have an extreme sense of
family loyalty. A Gran seldom leaves their homeworld after finding a mate.

Famous Gran
*Ainlee Teem, Senator of Malastare
*Maks Leem, Jedi Master
*Ukon Eyste - Hitman and Killer


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: gravitywell

This command allows the gunner of a ship to initiate a gravity well, which is a
zone centered on the projecting ship and extending out to a specific radius.
Ships within the gravity well are unable to compute hyperspace calculations nor
engage their hyperdrive. A gravity well needs to be installed in a ship for
this command to work.

See Also: SPACE


Syntax: greet <person/all>
Syntax: <person/all> AS <pseudonym>

This command is part of the new greeting system. The first syntax will
introduce you to a specific person or everyone in the room, depending on the
option chosen. The second syntax will allow you to introduce yourself to
everyone in the room using an assumed name (pseudonym).

The introduce command is a duplicate of the greet command. They are
interchangeable and use the same syntax.


Please Note: It is one thing to greet someone as a pseudonym, it is quite
another to greet someone as another player. Don't do the latter as it causes
many issues.


Level 10 Combat Skill

Grenades are effective at dealing with large crowds very rapidly. They
also come in a variety of different types, including smoke, toxic,
concussion, immolation, and many more.

They can be armed for anywhere between 3 to 500 rounds, and are quite
versatile. For more information on arming grenades, read HELP ARM.

Once armed, grenades may be dropped, slipped or thrown. Throw is a good way to
ambush a target with very little warning. Grenades may also be thrown from
a ship's open hatchway by typing THROW (object) HATCH. They may be thrown
INTO a ship, by using THROW (object) INTO (ship name).



[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Level 10 Combat Skill

Grenades are effective at dealing with larges crowds very rapidly. They
also come in a variety of different types, including smoke, toxic,
concussion, immolation, and many more.

They can be armed for anywhere from 3 to 500 rounds, and are quite
versatile. For more information on arming grenades, read HELP ARM.

Once armed, grenades may be dropped, slipped or thrown. Throw is a good way to
ambush a target with very little warning. Grenades may also be thrown from
a ships open hatchway by typing THROW (object) HATCH. They may be thrown
INTO a ship, by using THROW (object) INTO (ship name).

See Also: THROW, ARM


Greven came to Legend of the Jedi from another mud. He works on both, and
is currently working as a coder. There is probably little Greven can do
for general player problems, but he is willing to pass you on to someone
that can. However, if you have and questions to MUDs in general, coding,
licenses, life, pretty much everything besides IC stuff, feel free to ask

AIM: greven145 EMAIL:[email protected]


Level 90 Combat Skill

Syntax: Passive use

Grip helps you resist being disarmed by your opponent. The success compares
your skill in GRIP to your opponents skill in DISARM. You gain skill through
your opponent's attempts to disarm you.

It is also effective against some Force abilities.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of guidance is required for a scientist to
hypothesize bounty hunting topics.



Gungans are amphibious humanoids with two sub-races: lanky orange or
purple-skined Otollas, with long flaps behind their heads, and the rotund
green-skinned Ankuras. Both are tall and physically fit, with expressive faces
and long, muscular tongues. Gungans tend to be generous, peaceful, loyal to
those close to them, and suspicious of outsiders who haven't earned their
trust. They are often warriors buy may also be competent scouts or hunters.

Infamous Gungan
*Jar Jar Binks, a mentally deficient Gungan with a LOT of luck


*WIZLIST - shows a list of all the Immortals

*AREAS - lists of areas and their level ranges

*COMMANDS - lists all the commands available

*SCORE - will show the stats on your character

*SOCIALS - lists the socials available to you

*TIME - gives the mud time

*WEATHER - tells you what the weather is like

*WHO - shows all the people playing at the time

*WHERE - lists the players in your area

*CLANS, ORDERS, COUNCILS, and GUILDS - lists the names of different
clans, orders, councils, and guilds


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 80 Slicer Skill

Syntax: hack <bank account>

This skill will allow a player to attempt to hack a bank account and withdraw a
portion of its funds. To perform this feat, you must be at a banking terminal.
Be cautious of the fact that some bank accounts are protected, and hacking
these accounts may result in death!

Bad things can happen if you hack a protected account, maybe some worse than



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: hail <location>
Syntax: hail <ship> <message>

There are two primary uses for the hail command. The first use is for players
who are on the ground in an area served by hovercars, speeders, and other forms
of ground transportation. The second use of hail is for private ship to ship

Ground Transportation
Hail allows you to quickly locate certain types of rooms, such as a hotel.
It has several restrictions, such as you must be outside, and not onboard
any form of spacecraft/vehicle.

Also, to provide a extra realism to war situation, if your clan is at war
with the planets governing body, you will not be able to hail. This does
not mean you cannot quit on that planet... You just cannot hail.
The following locations are currently available to be 'hailed' to:

SPACEPORT- Takes you to a nearby spaceport, for traveling.
WORKSHOP - Takes you to a nearby workshop, for building items.
REFINERY - Takes you to a nearby refinery, for making spice.
LIBRARY - Takes you to a nearby library for RESEARCH.
HOSPITAL - Takes you to a nearby hospital, normally for cybernetics.
BANK - Takes you to a nearby bank, for accessing your accounts.
HOTEL - Takes you to a nearby hotel, to quit in.
LOCKER - Takes you to a nearby locker, to store items.
LIST - Shows you a list of places you may hail to.

Ship Communications:
To hail a specific ship, use the HAIL <ship> <message> syntax, replacing <ship>
with the name of the ship you wish to speak privately to, and <message> with
your message.



This command lets you set your hair color. This is only if you didn't
get to set your hair color when you made your character. It's a one time
use command and it only matters if you have no helmet on and someone sees
you (looks at you).



0)Black hair
1)Brown hair
2)Blond hair
3)Grey hair
4)White hair
5)Red hair
6)Purple hair
7)Green hair
8)Light Blue hair
9)Dark Green hair
10)Dark Blue hair
11)Blond hair with Green streaks
12)Blond hair with White streaks
13)Blond hair with Blue streaks
14)Red hair with Orange streaks
15)White hair with Blond streaks
16)White hair with Blue streaks
17)Black hair with Blue streaks
18)Black hair with Purple streaks
19)Grey hair with White streaks
20)Purple hair with Pink streaks
21)Light Brown hair

Leaving this option blank at chargen will default to 'Bare'.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: stylehair <1-22>

This command lets you set your hairstyle. Please do not use this
out of context in the game, or as a joke. Use it in an RP manner or you
will be disallowed from using the command altogether.


Hapans are a Human subrace native to the Hapes cluster, noted for their unusual
beauty (said to be the result of Lorellian pirates capturing and marrying
beautiful women over multiple generations). Their society is oppressively
matriarchal, and they make excellent leaders and spies. Due to the perpetual
daylight on Hapes, Hapans have severe night blindness.

Famous Hapans
*Tenel Ka, Jedi Knight and Queen Mother


&< &H&apes &onsortium &I&ndividual &egistry &>

&- &P&ersonal &S&tatistics &-
&N&ame : &
&ender : &
&ace : &
&irthplace : &
&F&amily : &

&- &S&ervice &H&istory &-

&- iminal &ecord &-

&- &P&ersonal &H&istory &-

&< &end data file &>


< Hapes Consortium Individual Registry >

- Personal Statistics -
Name :
Gender :
Race :
Birthplace :
Family :

- Service History -

- Criminal Record -

- Personal History -

< end data file >


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - harvester
Class - Engineering
Level - 50

Get an extra piece of the wood/stone/metal you are collecting when using GATHER.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: feel hate <victim> <target>

This will cause the victim, either PC or NPC, to attack the target
if they are in the same room. If they aren't, the victim will either
go looking for the target, or stay there waiting for them. If the
victim finds the target, they will attack, and fight to the death.

Note: When successful against your character you must follow the RP.
There is a warning when it happens, heed it.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: headlights
Syntax: headlights <on/off>

This command allows a player piloting a vehicle to activate or deactivate the
vehicles headlights. Using this command without an argument will display the
status of the vehicles headlights. Headlights work in the same manner as a
player carrying a lightsource, illuminating the room the player is in, and
allowing the player to see a certain distance when scanning rooms. Players in
the rooms being scanned will be able to see the beam of light and identify
which direction it is coming from.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: healwound <target> <wound location>

This medical skill requires a medpac, and will attempt to heal a wound
sustained by the target. To see what wounds they have, use the DIAGNOSE skill
or ask them to check the WOUNDS command. Wounds are generally the result of
combat and, if untreated, can cause someone to bleed to death.

For more information check the help file on WOUNDS.


LotJ's build port is currently open. This is a rarity, n'est pas?

It is no secret that the immortal staff with the exception of Gathorn lead
rich, full lives, and are occasionally dragged away by the outside world
for other activities. These include playing Warhammer in someone ELSE's
basement, trading Magic: the Gathering cards and paying the cooler kids
that hang around the liqour store to buy us alcopops.

In short, the building staff are not always around to get things done.
The BUILD PORT serves as both an archive for old areas, a construction
site for new ones and a place for budding builders to develop their

If you are interested in building for LotJ, whether it be by contributing
to existing projects or creating something entirely new, please immchat
and ask for either Ralen or Walldo in game. Alternatively, the
following contact addresses will reach us offline:

[email protected]
[email protected]
[email protected]


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

General Command: Visible

Syntax: hide
Syntax: sneak
Syntax: visible

If you successfully HIDE, other characters and creatures cannot see you unless
they are affected by 'detect hidden'.

If you successfully SNEAK, you can move from place to place without being
noticed by other characters. This will give you the "sneaking around" action
message that is visible to other players if they see you in a room.

In order to HIDE or SNEAK successfully, you must practice the appropriate

VISIBLE cancels your hiding and sneaking, as well as any invisibility,
effectively making you visible again to all.



The following change has been made to the hiding system
on LotJ.

While hidden only people with DETECT_HIDDEN can see you,
and even those people don't see you EVERY time. Each time
they look they will have a chance, versus your skill in hiding,
to spot you.

The INVIS/MASK system has been tweaked for accuracy.

Someone who doesn't have DETECT_INVIS on can still notice someone
who is invisible (masked) in the same room as them. The chance
is based on the looker's intelligence, against the invisible person's
skill in mask. Those who have DETECT_INVIS will see the invisible person
every time.

These changes are effective April 10, 2004.


Syntax: hijack

HIJACK is a command used from the pilot seat of any ship. If this ship is owned
by you, if you are assigned as pilot/copilot of it, or if it is a clan ship and
you have pilot clearance, it will not work. It is used by a smuggler to
override the codes on the ship to allow the initiation of the engines, much
like hot wiring a car. Be forewarned! If you hijack a ship that is owned by
your enemy clan, and your clan's ships that are set to fire on enemy clan ships
on sight see you, you will be in for a rough ride. Also, check for AUTOPILOT:
on autopilot you will drift until someone picks you up, or you die of old age.


Syntax: history (opens a prompt)
history Display (shows your history)
Required by level 30

This command allows a player to edit his or her history file. History files
reflect a few basic facts about your character, including your name, age,
species, homeworld and backstory. To this end, LOTJ provides a few different
premade layouts in HELP BIOTEMPLATE, although you are free to do your own
thing. Check out help history_example for the type of information we are
looking for. Your history file's name must include your character's actual
name. One player can look up another's history file using the lookup skill.

So what makes a good history file?

A history file should be more than just copying your name and race from your
score sheet and punching in your home planet and age. Like help history_example
shows, your file should include a backstory.

"Who are you?"
-Maz Kanata

Your history file is a great opportunity to flesh out your character, give them
personality, and help you figure out their roleplay attitude. How did your
character become who they are? Are you a Lorrdian freedom fighter? A holonet
movie star turned Moff? An exiled mad Khommite scientist? A Mandalorian looking
for answers?

SEE ALSO: Help History_Example, Help Biotemplate, Help Lookup


([]====Galactic Empire Citizenry Record====[])
Birthname: Corana Traln
Gender: Male
Age (Standard Years): 23
Species: Human [Corellian]
National Planet: Corellia

([]============EMPLOYMENT HISTORY==========[])
Current Employment: Ensign in the Imperial Navy
Past Employment: Freighter pilot for Rimworld Transit

([]=========PERSONAL HISTORICAL DATA=======[])
Corana Traln was born in the last weeks of the Sith Wars. His father was killed
in the line of duty fighting for the Corellian Rangers While he never knew war
personally, he grew up in a galaxy trying to heal from the terrible
after-effects. Corana grew up idolizing the Corellian Rangers and other heroes
of the Sith Wars, knowing he would someday join them. When he turned 18, he
eagerly signed up for the Imperial Navy, where he now serves as an ensign.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 105 Combat Skill

Syntax: hitall

With extensive experience, a soldier can carefully gain strategic positioning
prior to combat. This advantageous spot will allow the soldier to snap off a
single shot at every opponent in the area. Use this skill with care however,
as it starts a fight.

If you accidentally shoot another player, flee immediatly and apologize. If
they do not accept and attack or kill you as a sign of revenge, tell an Imm
and we will take care of it. But please do not lie, if you really typed hitall
on purpose, then you deserved whatever happened.


[:: Legends of the Jedi]::

Each time you attempt to hit a mobile or player a calculation is made taking
into account a number of variables from both you and your victim.

HITROLL is a variable used in that calculation that essentially determines the
accuracy of your character each round. Various things can affect hitroll
including equipment, natural strength and skills. The higher your hitroll is,
the more likely you are to hit your target.

DAMROLL is another variable used in the same calculation for each round of
combat you are engaged in with a MELEE weapon. Damroll affects the total damage
you inflict upon your victim in combat. Various things affect damroll including
equipment, natural strength, and affects from skills. The higher your damroll,
the more damage you will do.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: hlist <low level range> <high level range>

This command will give you a listing of available help files. The list
is in alphabetical order based on the first triggering keyword. While
this command was initially designed as a maintenance tool to help us
track help files, it is also available to players so that they can
capture a listing of the help files available to them.

Note - You may only view help files that are coded for viewing by your
level or lower.

Note - The list of help files is quite extensive, and the command does
not as yet have a way to filter/shorten the list. Screen capture
is, at present, your only recourse.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Draw
Syntax: Holster

These commands allow a player who is wearing a holster to draw their
weapons from the holster (with DRAW) or holster their weapons
(with HOLSTER). Holsters can carry up to two weapons which will be
dual wielded when drawn.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: homedesc

Used to set the description of your home. If you are reported for
having a room description in your home which is A) Un-rpish, B) Offensive
or C) Consisting of NOTHING, you will be BALZHURD! (That means all levels
will be removed, and you will have no eq, or credits)


See `sethome`


Found on worlds and settlements throughout the galaxy, Humans are the most
numerous of the races. They are adaptable and capable of succeeding in any
profession. They are considered the standard or average to which the biology,
psychology, and culture of other species are compared. Many other races are
designated as Near-Human, showing predominantly human features with some
distinctive characteristics of their own.

Famous Humans
*Anakin Skywalker -later Darth Vader, Dark Lord of the Sith.
*Obi-Wan Kenobi - Jedi Master, student of Qui-Gon Jinn.
*Luke Skywalker - Jedi && Hero of the Rebellion, later Master of the Jedi Order.


Hutts are enormous sluglike creature with large mouths and eyes, short arms,
and a reputation for ruthless, manipulative leadership. Many attain vast
fortunes through crime or commerce. They are hermaphroditic and are resistant
to certain powers of the Force, and they prefer both themselves and nearby
subjugated races to speak Huttese. Hutt names normally consist of a given name,
a clan name, and a surname, as in 'Jabba Deslijic Tiure'.

Famous Hutts
*Jabba the Hutt, a Crime Lord featured in A New Hope && Return of the Jedi.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Calculate (system) (x) (y) (z)
In-sector Jump: Calculate local (x) (y) (z)

Then Hyperspace or Lightspeed

Hyperspace is used to jump from one system to another in the galaxy. It is much
faster than conventional space travel, as well as theoretically more dangerous.
Safeguards in your navcomputer will prevent you from entering within 500 units
of any ship, planet, moon, or star.

You may also use HYPER OFF to drop out of lightspeed mid-jump.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: hypothesize <skill>

This will attempt to write a hypothesis on the skill you specify. You
must be at adept (100%) in the skill before writing on it. Your skill
percent in education will determine how much one can learn from the book. Your
ability in science will also dictate the amount one can learn from the book.
You must HOLD the book, and it must be blank.

One may learn from a book, once it has been first hypothesized and then
theorized, by using STUDY.

(Note that datachips no longer provide skill % to the reader. They provide
experience in the appropriate class.)



*AFK - this adds an 'Away From Keyboard' flag to your name

*CONFIG - lists all the config options available to you

*DESCRIPTION - you can write a description for your character

*PASSWORD <old> <new> - changes your password

*TITLE <sentence> - changes the sentence behind your name

*SAVE - saves your progress (good idea to do it often)

*PRACTICE <skill, power, weapons> - trains you to use a skill, power, etc...
*NOTE* Typing PRACTICE will show you all your powers, skills, etc...
HELP <power, skill, etc> - will define the power, skill, etc...

*SLIST - lists the powers you will receive and at what level

*QUIT - quits the game

* ! - will repeat the last command


Iakaru are a humanoid species native to the planet Iakar. They sport wide,
round heads and faces, with a short, scrunched up nose positioned just between
the eyes. Small, semi-circle ears poke out on either side of their head, and
their half-lidded eyes near their small line of a forehead. They have wrinkly,
light-colored skin, with white fur bristling along their features. Having lived
in the jungle canopies, the Iakaru developed extraordinary vision, hearing,
smell, reflexes, and depth perception, but they can only speak their native

Famous Iakaru
*Bistan, Corporal in the Alliance to Restore the Republic


The concept of `In-Character` (IC) and `Out-Of-Character` (OOC) is very
important to LOTJ's roleplay. Players are not allowed to discuss IC things out
of character. Items that are considered IC should not be discussed out of
character include:
- Locations of MOBS, Objects, Planets, Ships, Characters
- What your character plans to do, what your character is doing
- Events that have happened during the current timeline to your character or
another character on the MUD
- Who is attacking you or other characters
- What clan you are a member of, what your clan is planning to do

OOC also refers to our global out of character chat channel. Discussion on OOC
is to be kept strictly PG-13. Both the staff and the RPC enforce the policies
of OOC. Refer to Help Rule14 for more information.

Note: One exception is questions about Tier 1 quests. You can ask about
low-level quests either IC or OOC.


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

if number($n) == if clan($n) ==
if name($n) == if localclan($n) == 1
if race($n) == if leader($n) ==
if sex($n) == if first($n) ==
if level($n) == if second($n) ==
if toplevel($n) == if clantype(CLAN) ==
if hashair if citizen
if isimpvalid if aiclan
if str($n) == if division($n) ==
if wis($n) ==
if int($n) == TRUE/FALSE
if dex($n) == if rand(NUMBER) == True/False
if con($n) == if ispc($n)
if cha($n) == if isnpc($n)
if lck($n) == if ismounted($n)
if frc($n) == if isgood($n)
if rank($n) == if isneutral($n)
if forcerank($n) == if isevil($n)
if forcelevel ($n) == if isfight($n)
if combatlevel($n) == if isdrunk($n)
if pilotlevel($n) == if isimmort($n)
if engineeringlevel($n) == if ischarmed($n)
if huntinglevel($n) == if isfollow($n)
if smugglinglevel($n) == if isfight($n)
if diplomacylevel($n) ==
if leadershiplevel($n) == COOKIE BASED:
if forcelevel($n) == if cookieexists(cookie)
if espionagelevel($n) == if hascookie($n) ==
if slicerlevel($n) ==
if mediclevel($n) == OBJECT BASED:
if sciencelevel($n) == if objtype
if main($n) == if objval0
if isaffected($n) == if objval1
if isfurry($n) if objval2
if isimpvalid($n) == if objval3
if skill if objval4
if timeskilled if objval5
if hitprcnt if ovnumhere
if position if otypehere
if doingquest if ovnumroom
if ishelled if otyperoom
if goldamt if ovnumcarry
if mobgold if otypecarry
if aiequip if ovnumwear
if ismobinvis if otypewear
if mobinroom if ovnuminv
if mobinvislevel if otypeinv
if isridden if ovnumonplanet
if mobingame if ovnumingame
if mobonplanet
if planet
if hp
if maxhp

if roomisdark if economy
if roomlight if pvnumhere
if exit if pcvnumhere
if inroom if pcvnumcarry
if wasinroom if rflag
if pcvnumwear


Iktotchi are a race of horned near-Humans from the harsh, windy moon of
Iktotch. Their appearance is fierce and intimidating, but they tend to be
empathetic, stoic, and insightful. Many Iktotchi have a gift for precognition.
They make excellent pilots and warriors, but their thick hands make it
difficult for them to work effectively with technology.

Famous Iktotchi
*Saesee Tiin, Jedi Master during the Clone Wars


Syntax: imbue <weapon to imbue>

This command allows you to imbue the special properties of the rare cortosis
ore into a weapon that has already been created. You must have the ore and your
item in your inventory when you use it.


Syntax: IMMCHAT <message>

Immchat is a channel directly between you and the immortal staff. Mortchat is
how immortals respond directly to you.

(If someone tells you to read help immchat, it's probably because of this next
bit) When using Immchat, you'll get answers a lot faster if you provide as much
information as possible. Instead of `is this working?` try `is the Madam Rose
diplomacy quest working?` Instead of `hello?` try `I was told to contact imms
about my application that got approved` and so on.

If you are reporting a bug or an area-specific request, please be at the
location when you make the request. If you are on site immortals can transfer
directly to you and fix the problem quickly.

If you find yourself not being answered on immchat, please don't be offended!
The staff are all volunteers, so they might not be looking at this window or
might be helping someone else already. Try sending another immchat later, or
send an email (see HELP CONTACT).

Note: Immchat will only show your character name to the imms, but don't worry.
They can easily look up your account name.


Public Notice to all:

`To every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.` -Newton

The immortal staff occasionally must take action to balance the game in such a
way so that one side is not grossly overpowered over the other side. Through a
variety of reasons, one side of the war often becomes more powerful than the
other side. We don't wish to disrupt this cycle by forcibly disbursing these
players, so we resort to the following method.
The immortal staff applies the following strategy to balance the game.

1. Coaxing. example: Fred! I see that you are a strong PKer and that you are in
a clan full of PKers. I wonder if you've taken note of the fact that your clan
has managed to conquer the entire game, and the other side is hiding in a hovel
on a remote world? Perhaps you would like to join

2. Advertising. example: Hello player base! Tired of sitting around like
Alexander the Great with no territory left to conquer? Well listen up! The
immortal staff is taking sets for 3 exciting new positions!

3. Bribing. example: Hey game! In order to drum up some interest and get you
all moving around again, we've made a quest with a fabulous give-away. (Please
see help immhax)

When the above fails, we resort to balancing.

If we cannot reasonably get things rolling or balanced, then the only option
that remains is to fix the matter on an immortal level. The Immortal staff is
NOT going to let the game stagnate, We don't care how much it hurts your
feelings. We hold a meeting and we discuss the problem and suggest possible
solutions. Often, those solutions involve set characters who are hired for the
specific purpose of bringing some level of balance back into the game. The
actions we take in the game effectively become a part of the universe. I do not
later yank things away from people unless it is absolutely necessary.

This game doesn't run itself. If you cry to the imms about something being
broken, the immortal staff will try to fix it. That fix is not taken out
because your character joined the other side, or because you somehow didn't
realize how that fix would impact your character later on.

If YOU do not like immortal involvement, then YOU need to take action, form IC
groups and delegate responsibilities to FIX the problem before it becomes an
immortal issue.

Please note: Crying, complaining about, gossiping, speculating, and
blowing-out-of-proportion does NOT count as viable means to correct a
situation. Unless you take IC action, or at least try to take IC action, you
are merely a part of the problem.


&([]====alactic Empire Citizenry Record&====[])
& Birthname: &
& Gender: &
& Age (Standard Years): &
& Species: &
& National Planet: &
&([]============&EMPLOYMENT HISTORY&==========[])
& Current Employment:&
& Past Employment:&

&([]=========&PERSONAL HISTORICAL DATA&=======[])


Races Allowed in the Empire: Human, Lorrdian, Alderaanian, Corellian,
Mandalorian, Arkanian, Chiss, Balosar, Echani, Dathomiri, Hapan, Naboo,
Wroonian, Mirialan, Kiffar, Zabrak, Droids and Lorellians.

The following races should be accepted into the empire ONLY if their skills
significantly justify their means, and their loyalty is unquestioned: Cerean,
Firrerreo, Omwati, Zeltron, Miraluka, Ubese.

The Noghri, being the only alien exception, are automatically inducted into the
Empire, and serve as assassins only.

If a race is not on this list, and you wish to play said race in the Empire,
immortal approval will be required in the form of a character application.

All other races who do not fit into this description may not be accepted into
the Galactic Empire and should be treated as second class citizens.


([]====Galactic Empire Citizenry Record====[])
Age (Standard Years):
National Planet:

([]============EMPLOYMENT HISTORY==========[])
Current Employment:
Past Employment:

([]=========PERSONAL HISTORICAL DATA=======[])



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - increasedresistance
Class - Bounty Hunting
Level - 100

This will give you an extra 25% chance of not being stunned by blasters.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: induct <player>
Syntax: outcast <player>

Induct and outcast are clan commands. The leader and number 1 of the clan
receive the induct commands (as well as anyone with the INDUCT empowerment),
while the leader, number 1 and number 2 all receive outcast. Induct will bring
a new player into the clan, while outcast will remove them.



[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]
Syntax: inductlog
Syntax: inductlog <name of either person OR date OR induct OR outcast> (For

This will list all inductions into and outcasts from a clan. The Person is the
one who is doing the inducting our outcasting. The Target is the person they
are inducting or outcasting.

Usage of the command is reserved for the Leader and anyone whom the leader has
empowered with `inductlog`. To use it you must be holding a charged datapad.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: info
Syntax: info <ship>

When no ship is specified, this command shows information on the ship you
are aboard. When a ship is specified, you will receive a readout of that
ships information. If you are the owner of the ship, or a pilot for the
clan that owns the ship, you will receive a readout of the ships codes.
(Refer to HELP SETCODE for information on how to change ship codes)



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: inform <target> <greet/dub name>

This command is part of the new greeting system. This command allows Player A
to describe to Player B someone that Player A has either been greeted by, has
dubbed, or have themselves been informed of.



SLIST - a command that lists all your powers and skills and the level at
which you may practice them.
AREAS - Typing AREAS will get you a list of all areas. You may get more
information on each area by typing HELP <full area name>.
WIZLIST - This is a list of all Immortals of the game.
COMMANDS- This is a list of all commands available to you.
SOCIALS - This is a list of all socials available.
TIME - This will tell you the current times inside the game, the time
the game was last rebooted, and the current time at the sight.
WHERE - Where will give you a list of other players in the same area.
SAVE - After level two, typing SAVE will save your process.
QUIT - If you want to leave the game, type QUIT.
WHO - A list of other players visible to you in the game.
TITLE - Once you reach level five, you may make your own title.
PASSWORD- Your character's password can be changed with PASSWORD <old> <new>.
DESC - You may set up a personal description, type DESC to edit.

Note that this is only a very brief list of commands.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: feel infravision <character>

This power enables the target character to see other players and mobiles
that are in the room with them. This power will also allow you to get
items from a corpse, but will not allow you to see the corpse. You
must have a light source to see items, room descriptions, or `exits` in
a dark room.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Inject <target>

This skill allows a player to inject a target with the contents of a held
syringe. INJECT is essential for injecting sedatives before cybernetic surgery,
and it is also useful for sedating victims for capture or for curing poison
(depending on the contents of the syringe).



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: injurys

This command allows players to display their current battle wounds.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 150 Leadership feat

Syntax: inspirecrime NPC

The leader uses funding and political influence to inspire thugs and dissidents
to ride up against the current government. Its use raises the local crime
rating, which drops popular support over time.

Inspirecrime costs 100000 credits per use, and you must be in a clan in order
to use it.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

There are three skills relating to the installation and usage of cameras:

Syntax: install_camera
Syntax: monitor_camera <number>
Syntax: camera_sweep

INSTALL_CAMERA is simple, using the skill allows a player to install a camera
item in their current room using a camera from their inventory. Cameras can
be removed from a room by performing a sweep using the CAMERA_SWEEP skill,
which will destroy the camera if one is found. This requires a toolkit.

MONITOR_CAMERA has multiple different functions. Without any input, the skill
by itself will locate any of the cameras installed on the player's current
planet. The player can then select a camera by just using monitor_camera again
and this time adding the number afterwards.

When monitoring a camera, the player will be able to view any activity
occuring in that room in real time so long as they are not interrupted through
any of the normal methods. A player can get another look at the room by
entering "look datapad" without having to begin monitoring again. While
viewing others via camera, conversations cannot be heard in the viewed room.
Usage of the "datastat" command will not interrupt monitor_camera.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Intelligence (INT in your 'score') represents your character's mental
capacity. Among other things, it affects:

- the rate at which a character learns a new skill or power

- the percentage rate at which a character practices a new language

- the maximum number of languages you have. See also Help int_limit.

- helps with save rolls, mainly forcer based

Training in both ESPIONAGE and SCIENCE can sometimes raise this stat.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: intercom <message>

This command is used to send a message over the intercom system in a ship. It
will relay the specified message to all rooms on the spaceship, including jail



Interest on LotJ is paid out per day.

You must be on for long enough each day in order to qualify to get interest.
You don't need to be online to get the interest, however.


What is the intelligence limit, you may be wondering. To put it simply, it is a
way to ENFORCE through code a certain level of intelligence, or lack thereof,
upon certain characters. Races such as Gammorean and Whiphids are limited in
their speech IC to 3 words at a time. For instance, if they tried to do 'say I
am so cool' it would fail to go through, warning them to keep the sentences to
three words or less.

A similar effect is found if you have 12 or less intelligence. Your sentences
will be limited. Don't be lazy, go find a teacher to train your int, or pick a
smarter race! Any attempts to bypass this system will be dealt with harshly.

Channels affected: talk/yell/whisper/clantalk/say/sayto/broadcast


Ithorians are intelligent, bipedal herbivores native to Ithor, sometimes rudely
nicknamed 'Hammerheads' because of the T-shape of their heads. They are famous
for their pacifism and environmentalism. Force-sensitivity is not uncommon
among Ithorians, with talented sensitives serving as "Herdmasters", healers,
priests, and leaders. Their four throats can produce beautiful music, or in
extreme circumstances, a dangerous shockwave.

Famous Ithorians
*Momaw Nadon, regular of the Mos Eisley Cantina
*Roron Corobb, Clone War-era Jedi Master (killed by General Grievous)


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Level 25 Leadership Skill

Syntax: jail <person>

When in a clan, this skill will send a stunned player to the local clan jail.



Many clans will find the need to take and hold prisoners. Please follow these
guidelines. If you have any questions, contact the RPC or immortal staff.

A prisoner held in a jail cell may be incarcerated for 7 days, max. Prisoners
should log in at least 4 of the 7 days during their normal playing hours to be
available for roleplay. Players should contact the RPC about requesting
roleplay from a clan. If the prisoner fails to log in for 4 of the 7 days, a
new set of 7 days will begin. Jailing clans are required to post arrest records
on the message terminal.

Prisoners should offer roleplay opportunities during their confinement by
informing the RPC that they are available. Barring an IC emergency, jailing
clans are responsible for responding and providing roleplay to the prisoner.
Sniping, stunning, blackjacking and injecting do not count as roleplay.
Prisoners who act hostile or aggressive in jail should expect to be roleplayed
with less as a result of their actions.

All clan prison cells will have a locker room. The prisoner must be offered the
opportunity for a courtesy locker to store gear not considered contraband. If
the prisoner is not cooperative or refuses to store the gear, ownership results
to the player in charge of the arrest. It is the clan members' responsibility
to determine who is in charge of the equipment. If the prisoner is released by
the clan, they must be allowed to access the locker.

Clans reserve the right to confiscate contraband, including weapons, explosives
and comlinks.

If a clan issues the death penalty for a prisoner, it must follow the
guidelines laid out in HELP PERM. If the RPC should find a death penalty perm
illegal, the character will be restored to the captors' jail cell and an
Immortal note on the message terminal.

Clans can request an extension beyond seven days for prisoners. They must file
requests in advance.


Syntax: Jam <Target ship>
Jam <Target ship> Overload

This skill uses the slicer's ability to tamper with the navigational
computers of the victim ship via the communication systems. The slicer uses
his datapad to transmit a series of corrupt nav readings, jamming the target's
ship and preventing the use of radar, targeting, tractor beams and
communications such as talk or clan, but not intercom, hail or system

A jam attempt is a straight comparison between the target and the slicer's ship
comm stats. If the slicer has more of a comm stat than the target, the target
will be jammed for a period of time proportional to the gap between the two
comm stats. If the slicer's ship does not have a higher comm stat, they will
fail to jam the target's ship.

A slicer can overload their ship's comm system to get an edge, effectively
increasing the stat by a factor of 11. There is a drawback to this, in that
it will destroy the slicer's own comm systems on their own ship. A ship with
a destroyed comm system will be treated as if it is jammed itself, however the
comm system can be repaired with a transceiver item and the repairship skill.



Jawas are short, humanoid, rodentlike natives of Tatooine, known for hiding
their bodies in hooded brown cloaks and for their glowing yellow eyes. They can
only speak their native language, which is a quick, jabbering form of
communication. Most Jawas never leave the relative safety of their clans on
Tatooine, but those who do are likely to find their skill in scavenging,
tinkering, and surviving to be useful as criminals or mechanics.

Famous Jawas
*Tteel Ktak, Jawa crawler captain who discovered Jabba's rancor


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: apprentice class <list/class name>

If you are lucky enough to get force, you will have to pick a sub-class. Sub
classes break up the level bonuses given to forcers and also change how force
points are gained. Upon completing your training and attaining the rank of
Knight, you will receive a passive bonus unique to your sub-class.

Until you select one you will gain 5 force points per level. Points are not

Class Level bonus FP/level Other Bonus(es)
Not selected - 5 -
Guardian/Juggernaut +70 com, +30 esp, +20 pil 20 Force Combat
Sentinel/Assassin +50 smu, +40 com, +30 sli 25 Force Suppression
Consular/Sorcerer +50 lea, +40 com, +30 eng 35 Force Mastery

Note: This replaces the old bonuses. Any characters who have more than
the new defined maxes will not be lowered.



Level 140 Bounty Hunting Skill

Syntax: Automatic in combat while wearing jetpacks.

A skilled bounty hunter becomes better at integrating jetpacks with their
existing equipment. Penalties involved in flying while in combat are reduced.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: jettison <pod number>

This command is part of the ship cargo system. Use LISTCARGO to obtain a list
of the cargo pods on the ship and their contents. To jettison a cargo pod while
in space, Use JETTISON <pod number>, replacing the <pod number> with the number
corresponding to the pod on LISTCARGO that you wish to get rid of. This command
may only be used while in space.



Kaleesh are reptilian humanoids from the planet Kalee. They have reddish-brown
scaly skin, four-clawed hands, and five-clawed toes. They have long ears,
yellow eyes and several tusks, obscured behind their traditional skullike
masks. Their society is polygynous and views war as an essential part of life,
and they are fierce combatants. They tend to be spiritual, believing that those
who perform great deeds ascend to godhood upon death, but also merciless.

Famous Kaleesh
*Saes, Jedi-turned-Sith who commanded the Harbinger
*Bentilais san Sk'ar, a famous General in the Galactic Empire.


Kaminoans are tall, thin, graceful creatures who live in artificial cities on
the ocean planet of Kamino, such as Tipoca City. They mature quickly and are
known for a brilliant mind for medicine and science. They are able to see
detailed color in the ultraviolet spectrum and are extremely conscious of
etiquette. High-status Kaminoans may wear a large, decorative collar.
their abilities as cloners.

Famous Kaminoans
*Lama Su, Prime Minister of Kamino during the Clone Wars
*Kina Ha, Jedi Master who was genetically altered for long hyperspace journeys


Kel Dor (or Kel Dorians) are a species native to the high-technology planet
Dorin. Oxygen is toxic to them, so they wear rebreathers on most planets. They
are tall and muscular, with peach to crimson skin, and dark black eyes
(occasionally with silver irises). Kel Dor tend to have a very strong sense of
morality, as well as quick reflexes and, often, a connection to the Force. The
Baran Do Sages are a Kel Dor Force tradition.

Famous Kel Dor
*Plo Koon, Jedi Master


Khommites are a hairless species of Near-Humans with ridges along their scalp
and gray-to-green skin. They reproduce exclusively via cloning, producing lines
of "perfect" beings conforming to specific genetic patterns. Each new clone of
a given pattern takes the same name, but with a number denoting how many of
that clone have been produced. Khommites tend to have an extremely rigid
outlook on life, prizing intelligence but not creativity. They are genderless,
sexless beings but usually use the male pronoun. They often make very skilled
negotiators, engineers, and physicians.

Famous Khommite
*Dorsk 81, Jedi Padawan who studied under Luke Skywalker in the New Republic


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 7 Combat Skill

Syntax: kick (when in combat)

By learning this skill, a combatant studies the flows of combat. You
unlease a damaging kick when you spot an opening. This kick is in
addition to any other attacks.


[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Kiffar are a near-Human race distinguished by their scarlet blood and their
facial tattoos (Qukuuf), which mark their clan and homeworld. A rare few have
been known to practice psychometry: the ability to read the psychic past of an
object by touching it. They are sometimes called "Kiffu" after their world of
origin. Kiffar make skilled warriors, smugglers, spies, and slicers.

Famous Kiffars
*Quinlan Vos, Jedi and psychometry master
*Sintas Vel, Bounty Hunter and one-time wife of Boba Fett


Kiffar are a Human subrace distinguished by their scarlet blood and their
facial tattoos (Qukuuf), which mark their clan and homeworld. A rare few have
been known to practice psychometry: the ability to read the psychic past of an
object by touching it. They are sometimes called "Kiffu" after their world of
origin. Kiffar make skilled warriors, smugglers, spies, and slicers.

Famous Kiffars
*Quinlan Vos, Jedi and psychometry master
*Sintas Vel, Bounty Hunter and one-time wife of Boba Fett


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: kill <victim>
Syntax: murder <victim>

These are the two basic commands to begin a fight. Both require you to have
approached your victim. To attack a player character, you must use the murder
command. The main drawback to this command is the associated alignment drop.

Before using the murder command, make sure you read and understand HELP PERM.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: knock <direction>

This command allows a player to knock on a closed door. Players in the room on
the other side of the door will hear a knocking coming from that door.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]


Level 90 Force Skill

Syntax: feel 'know essence' <item>

An adept of the Force can course their mind through a lifeless object, gaining
knowledge about it. This skill can be used to find out an item's attributes
invisible to those who do not know the Force.


Kubaz are an insectivorous species native to the planet Kubindi, with rough,
dark, greenish skin. Many also inhabity Ku'Bakai 6, 8, and 11. They have a
short trunk for a nose and are known for living in hives--all members of the
hive ruled by a Queen, the mother or ancestor of all its inhabitants. Kubaz
tend to be loyal and persistent, and they have a natural talent for gathering

Famous Kubaz
*Garindan, local informant on Tatooine


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: land
land <planet> <pad>
land <ship name> <hangar#>
land abort

This command lands the ship at the specific location, or displays the available
landing sites. LAND ABORT will pull out of your landing attempt, cancelling the
maneuver. If for any reason you stop PILOTing the ship during landing, you will



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

The number of languages your character can learn is dependent on your
intelligence stat. To see how many languages you can learn, type SCORE or
LANGUAGE. As your intelligence raises, so will the number of languages you can

See Also: Help Communicator, Help Master_Communicator


Syntax: languages
Syntax: language learn <language name>
Syntax: speak <language>

Languages alone shows which languages you know, and `language learn
<name>` will add to your percentage of language knowledge. To learn a
language, a scholar who is knowledgable in that tongue must be present.

If someone is speaking in a language, and you know it, you will be able
to understand what they are saying. However, to change the language in
which you are speaking, you must change that manually. (See help on SPEAK).

Warning: You may only learn a certain number of languages! Refer to
help langlimit for more information.


Lanniks are short, bipedal humanoids noted for their long, pointed, droopy ears
and their pink skin. Their culture emphasizes combat and a militaristic code of
honor. They can be hotheaded, arrogant, and fearless, but they can also think
clearly in the heat of battle. They tend to be loyal and to make excellent
soldiers and scouts, but their technical skills are limited, and their
technology comes from the inventions of other races.

Famous Lannik
*Even Piell, Jedi Master


Lasats are a physically powerful, furry humanoid race. They originated on the
Wild Space planet Lira San, but have since adopted Lasan as their home. Their
fur patterns vary from Lasat to Lasat, but all have a strong odor and a talent
for climbing. Lasat culture is built on oral tradition, surrounding clever and
stealthy heroes--and many Lasat become soldiers, scouts, spies, and smugglers.

Famous Lasat
*Garazeb 'Zeb' Orrelios, manned the VCX-100 Light Freighter 'Ghost'
*Chava the Wise, female mystic seeking Lira San
*Puggles Trodd, hunter and demolitions expert


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: lastname <name>
surname <name>

This command will set your last name, with a few conditions. Firstly, the name
must not be reserved from being used. This is to prevent unwanted `siblings` or
other relations from cropping up. Secondly, you must not have a last name

A character's last name is used primarily for the purpose of marriage. For more
details read HELP COURT or HELP MARRY.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: launch
Syntax: launch hover
Syntax: launch abort

This command can be used by a ship pilot to either launch from the surface of a
planet into space, or to engage the ships engines for atmospheric flight
(LAUNCH HOVER). Once a hovering altitude is obtained, the pilot may use the FLY
command to navigate the planet.



This Help File is not presently in use. Check back later as we are in the
process of updating help files and commands.


This alignment has characters who believe in laws and try to follow them.

They are evil, but not necessarily overtly. A lawful evil character would use
the laws to do his evil, or hide behind them.


Characters of this alignment believe that
an orderly, strong society with a well-organized government can work to
make life better for the majority of the people. To ensure the quality of
life, laws must be created and obeyed. When people respect the laws and try
to help one another, society as a whole prospers. Therefore, lawful good
characters strive for those things that will bring the greatest benefit to
the most people and cause the least harm.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: lclasschange <class name>

Using this command in conjunction with mainchange will allow you to alter the
leadership focus of your character, as long as none of your character's classes
are above level 30.

See also: mainchange leadership


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Class Overview
Every group needs a leader. This is an irrefutable fact that applies not only
in nature, but in society. Although many beings are leaders in name the
Chancellor, Emperor, Supreme Leader Legends of the Jedi has an entire
Leadership class that is dedicated to the art of using their charismatic nature
to inspire others to greatness. Most beings can use their small amount of
leadership abilities to teach others, jail criminals, and call in
reinforcements to assist them. However, only specialized leaders are the best
teachers, and can call in the best reinforcements and even then, some of them
will only answer the call of a leader in a clan. Beings that are primarily
leaders gain experience twice as fast and those that are in their group do so
at 1.5 times their normal rate. Specialized leaders are also able to select
another class in which they are naturally talented. During character selection,
a leader selects a subclass one of the other main classes which gives
specific bonuses to the player and their group depending on the leaders
subclass (see below) as well as gain an additional 30 levels in that subclass.
Anytime that a group is performing a patrol, building a starship, or manning a
battlegroup, a dedicated leader should be in command for the best possible
inspiration and results.

Class Skills
The Leadership class comes naturally to many beings who are talented in other
areas. Talented leaders are able to call upon a greater number of allies to
assist them in their journeys, and are most comfortable leading groups into
combat from the front. Leaders of groups have a multitude of feats that they
can call upon to assist their friends in a fight.

Leadership Subclasses
Leaders are naturally talented in a subclass of their choosing, resulting in 30
additional levels in that class, as well as a subclass perk if they are leading
a group.
Combat: Group tactics enable your team to cause 10% more damage.
Piloting: Firing weapons consumes 15% less fuel.
Engineering: Coordinated construction teams allow starships to be built 50%
more efficiently.
Smuggling: Your group is untrackable.
Espionage: Utilizing the latest technology, spies are able to work faster.
Slicer: Thinking and working together, your group will work 25% faster.
Medical: By working together, doctors are able to work faster and heal beings
Science: Following the guidance of a scientist, students learn faster when
examining objects.

Famous Leaders
*Sheev Palpatine, AKA Darth Sidious, the Emperor of the Galactic Empire.
*Wilhuff Tarkin, Grand Moff of the Outer Rim and destroyer of Alderaan.
*Princess Leia Organa, Senator of the Imperial Senate, General of the Rebel
Alliance, and Chief of Staff of the New Republic.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: leadplanet <command>

If you simply enter LEADPLANET on a planet which you are the leader of, or
one your clan owns if you are a clan leader, you can see a status indicator
for the planet. There is a list of commands that comes when you do that, as
well, so please check that out. This command lets someone set certain
controls for the planet, to counter certain problems, or to change the
amount of money given to the clan by the planet.

Pirates, criminals, and the rates you set as the leader will decide how the
planet runs. Be forewarned, the planet is always running (as long as the mud
is running), so be careful when setting these rates.

The command also allows the user to surrender the control of the planet
to enemy forces. The enemy must be present, and the circumstances must
be correct, otherwise it will be revoked as per SPY APPS.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: leaveship

Leaves the current ship (at hatch).




Legendary ships are inspired by the likes of the Millennium Falcon, whose
exploits were known across the galaxy. On LOTJ, these ships have upgraded stats
or a special attribute like not being traceable or extra cargo pods. Legendary
ships can be acquired through IC means, as a reward from events, and they can
also be app'd for.

The staff aims to keep a number of legendary ships in the galaxy at any given
time. To this end, legendaries are meant to be used, not locked away. They
didn't become legendary by gathering dust! Players who own a legendary ship and
go inactive for a long period of time shouldn't be surprised if their ship ends
up in the junkyards of Jakku or with a seedy owner. If the staff feels like an
active player is hiding a legendary ship and not putting it to use, we're going
to have a talk.

Apping for a legendary ship:
Submit an 'other' app and include the name of your ship, its legendary
characteristics, what your ship has done to become legendary, and some
practical ideas about how you plan to put your legendary ship to good use.

Other things to know:
1) Legendary ships cannot be renamed.

2) Legendaries cannot be stored on a locked/secured/clan landing pad, or aboard
a hangar bay for longer than one hour at a time.

3) Murdering another player for the reason of taking over their legendary ship
is considered mugging.

4) Legendary ships can be hijacked, but not pirated. This is to assist their
owners in being able to uphold the rest of these rules. Plus, there has to be
some perk for owning a legendary!

5) Legendary ships cannot be owned by a clan.

6) Do not adjust the stats on legendary ships.

7) You may only own one legendary ship.

8) The person set as the pilot of a legendary ship will inherit should the
owner die.


By use of dark side powers, a force user can slow a victim by coating them in a
sheath of malevolent force. The result is -8 to the victim's dexterity for the


Syntax: level

Your character advances in power by gaining experience. Type LEVEL to see how
many experience points you'll need for the next few levels. There are a wide
variety of methods you can choose to gain experience. Some methods are as
simple as killing practice droids (for combat) or as advanced as completing
multi-tiered quests.

This mud contains anti-powerleveling code. A brief synposis of how it
functions: Your last 25 kills are recorded. Each time you kill a creature that
has been one of your last 25 kills you will receive less and less exp for it.
The creature will also learn from its experience with you over time; if its
intelligence is higher than your own it will begin to gain an advantage over
you in combat.

Your character's levels are considered In-Character information (for more
information, see HELP IC). This does not mean you should go about saying `I am
a level 75 combat can anyone help me?` There are several methods for relaying
this information. A suggestion for how to do this would be state skills you'll
be able to do once you're fully leveled. Someone with 150 espionage could say,
"I should be able to make a great fusion cutter when I'm finished training!"


Level boosts are the process of boosting a character's levels higher than they
naturally would be. Unless it's part of a set, apped character, we don't do
them. You will have to make do with the levels you rolled. Thank you.



Turbolifts on Legends of the Jedi are similar to elevators in the real world.
You call them, step inside, then say where you desire to go. Using them is just
as simple! When standing in a room labeled [Turbolift Landing] just say:
TURBOLIFT, LIFT, or CALL and it will call the lift to where you are standing.

Once the turbolift has arrived on your level, step inside and the room
description will indicate how to access a list of floors available. Turbolifts
are completely operated by voice commands, so just say the floor after finding
it on the list and you'll be brought there.

An exception to how the game's turbolifts work is inside of starships. All that
is needed in a starship turbolift is to enter the number of your desired floor.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: lifthack <argument>

Allows a player to override a turbolift's security systems (new lifts only). If
you are on a turbolift landing, you do not need to provide an argument. If you
are in a lift, the argument is the level number or name that you want to go to.
Requires a datapad.
Though it is a level 100 skill, some lifts have more advanced security systems
and require a higher slicer level.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: light <pipe>

This command is part of the old SMAUG pipe and smoking system. While these
commands have yet to be entirely removed from the game, the objects they may be
used upon have been. These commands are no longer in use on this mud.

See Also: TAMP


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Lights are used to allow people 'see' in dark rooms. Lights are essential
to the game, and come in all shapes and sizes. They are generally carried
(held) and last for a limited time.

In order to preserve the power of the light, They can be turned on and off.
Switching a light on and off is a simple matter of typing 'use (name)'
Where (name) is the name of the object. IE: Use glowrod.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Lightsabers are an ancient technology used only by the Jedi and Sith today.
They are very hard to construct and are a true test to one's force
sensitivity. On average they consist of a 10 to 11.5 inch cylinder handle
and a blade of tight parallel coherent packets or `light`. There are 9
basic parts that are needed to make a lightsaber.

They are:
A Superconductor
A Mirror
A Lens
A Sheet of Durasteel
A Circuit Board
A Battery
1-3 Crystals
A Toolkit
An Oven


Syntax: throw <weapon> <name>

This force skill upgrades the standard 'throw' skill to allow force-users to
throw their lightsaber at their opponent. The lightsaber will return to the
thrower's hand so long as they have sufficient mana and proficiency in the
lightsaber throw skill. If the thrower has exhausted their mana supply, the
weapon will fall to the ground where anyone can pick it up.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

This bounty hunting ability gives the user a bonus of +5 dexterity for a
duration that depends on their percentage in the skill. This is handy for
beating armor penalties.


While the LotJ staff understands that there are legitimate occasions where a
player loses connection, thereby causing their avatar to become link-dead, we
discourage the practice of doing this on purpose. If you find yourself unable
to log out in a properly flagged room [Hotel], please contact an Immortal on

Interfering with linkdead players is strictly prohibited. However...on the same
token, going linkdead to avoid interference is also prohibited. If you do
either, you will be subject to severe punishment.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: loadship <ship> <into> <bay #>

This command lets you move a ship you own, or if you have the clan
PILOT empowerment, one that your clan owns, into the bay of your ship.
Note, the bay must be open prior to loading the ship.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 50 Slicer Skill

Syntax: Locateship <shipname>

Allows a player to determine ownership and last docking point information
on starships. Requires a datapad.


Input: Get this: Skill: Layers:
hands hands MCL (Yes)
hold hold MCM, MC (No)
head head MA, MCM (No)
body body MCL, MC (Yes)
over over MCL (Yes)
feet feet MCL (Yes)
about about MCL, MA (No)
arms arms MCL, MC (Yes)
waist waist MCL, MH, MC (Yes)
legs legs MCL, MC (Yes)
wrist right or left wrist MJ, MCM (No)
finger right or left hand MJ, MCM (No)
ears ears MJ, MCM (No)
neck neck (can wear two) MJ, MCM (No)
back back MC, MCL (No)

Other wear locations:
Worn on: Skill:
Light Makeflashlight
Shield Makeshield
Wield/Dual Makeblade, Makeblaster
Makebowcaster, Makeforcepike
Eyes Makegoggles

MA - Makearmor
MJ - Makejewelry
MC - Makecontainer
MCM- Makecomlink
MCL- Makeclothing
MH - Makeholster
Layers: - Can wear more than 1 item on this location.


Lock Cuffs is a future feat (not yet fully implemented) that will allow players
to make binders that are lockable/unlockable.


Syntax: lockdatapad <5 digit number>
Syntax: unlockdatapad <security code>

Through the course of your adventures, you may find it prudent to add some
degree of security to your datapads. Use the lockdatapad command to add a 5
digit passcode, which will prevent the 'datamem' command from functioning.
Unlock it with the same 5 digit code to regain access. Be warned! Slicers are
able to crack your datapad's code.

See Also: Crackdatapad


Lockers are storage centers that allow people to protect their belongings
while adventuring, and allows you to store items for your clone. Lockers
can only be accessed from LOCKER Rooms.

1. Purchasing a locker
It costs 1000 credits a locker. Once purchased, you can open and
close it as much as you wish. Use LOCKER PURCHASE.

2. Opening the locker
Opening your locker is free, you simply use LOCKER OPEN.

3. Using the locker
Use PUT <item> <name> to put items into it, and GET <item> <name>
to get items from the locker. The locker is named with your name, so to
use it just use your name inplace of the container name.

4. Closing the locker
Always make sure to close your locker when your done, because people can
remove items from it. Use LOCKER CLOSE to close it up.

The lockers command will show you a list of all your lockers.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: lockinfo

This handy little datapad function lets you descramble the keypad locks on your
own ships, or ships owned by your clan (assuming you have the PILOT
empowerment). Now you can stop bothering the staff with your legitimate
requests for door codes! The command is level 40 because level 40 is good.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]
Logging your connection is prudent, if you intend to protect yourselves. If you
are permed unfairly you must produce a log to fight the `unfair` death when
requesting a restore with the RPC. It is also imparative that the permer
maintains logs of PK incidents in the event that the permed person requests a
restore. This file deals solely with how to log. For information on the restore
process, refer to help restore.

Most clients you use have their own logging ability, and that will be accessed
through their own help files. It is wise to establish what that specific client
uses as logging procedure, and perform a test. Most people who use telnet make
the false assumption that it lacks a logging function.

To log in Microsoft Telnet:
Start the telnet program. Type 'set logfile log.txt' where log.txt is any name
you'd like to use. Be aware that it will not APPEND to the logfile, it will
replace it each time.
To log in Gmud:

Click on FILE, and then LOGGING from the drop-down list. Specify your filename.

To log in Portal GT:

Click on SCROLLBACK, then select 'Log incoming text...', and specify your log
To log in Zmud:
Option 1) CRTL + L or click on file, then log from the drop down list and enter
a file name to save the log under.
Option 2) Click File, select 'Save buffer' and enter a file name to save the
log as. Caution: This method is only as effective as the size of your scroll
back buffer.


Click File -> Log Session. Edit the options as necessary then click 'OK'.
Alternatively, the keystroke Shift+Ctrl+J opens the same dialogue.

See Also: Help Perm, Help Restore, Help RPC


Level 25 Slicer Skill

Syntax: lookup <player name>

Used to scan a player in the same room to view their datafile. This includes
their character's history as well as their clan affiliation and rank if they
are in a public clan. For instance, a member of the Galactic Republic's rank
and affiliation would be available, but not a member of the Black Sun, which is
commonly a hidden crime clan.

A word of warning, some players may object to you running a background check on
them, so it is often considered a good idea to ask their permission first. It
is also common for clans like The Empire to run identity checks on their
planets so if you wish to keep your background or affiliation a secret it is
wise to do your best to avoid them.



A subracial group of Humans that settled the world of Lorell, Lorellians are
known for a culture of curiosity to the point of greed--both for possessions
and for experiencing new places. They are skilled in both naval combat and
grount combat, typically working very well in small groups. Like most other
Humans, they have a variety of skin and hair colors. They are the ancestors of
the Hapans.

Famous Lorellians
*The Lorell Raiders, a group of pirates that predated the Hapes Consortium


//==// Lorellian Personal Record \\===\\

Age (Standard Years):

//=======// Criminal Record \\========\\

- No incidents on record

//==// Personal Historical Record \\==\\

//==============// End \\=============\\


&//==// &Lorellian Personal Record &\\===\\
irthname: &
&Alias(es): &
ender: &
&Age (Standard Years): &
&Species: &
&//=======// riminal Record& \\========\\
&- No incidents on record
&//==// &Personal Historical Record &\\==\\
&//==============// &End &\\=============\\


Lorrdians are a Human subrace from the planet Lorrd, known as excellent
diplomats, actors, and spies. They are taught to maintain perfect control of
emotion and expression, showing nothing except what they choose to show. They
can communicate in a unique kinetic language, only discernible to those who
understand it.

Famous Lorrdian
*Nee Alavar, Senator of the Galactic Republic


Luck (LCK in your 'score') represents your character's luck in life.

- Primarily affects the success or potency of various skills.

The SMUGGLING, SLICER and ESPIONAGE classes are affected by the LCK stat.
Training in SMUGGLING can sometimes raise this stat.

Note: Luck is more random than other stats, so levels in smuggling, slicer, and
espionage are also somewhat random. However, it is illegal to "roll for luck"
by making new characters repeatedly in search of better luck.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: lunge <target>

This skill will make a hunter lunge at their target and try to hit them with
whatever melee weapons (forcepike, vibroblade) they have drawn. If you miss a
lunge you will be lagged out slightly. If you do not miss, you will be near
your target and will start full combat.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of machines currently provides no benefit to
existing skills.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: mail

mail list
mail read #
mail take #
mail post

The mail system on LOTJ is a helpful way to send and receive private messages
to a character or their mailbox, without them needing to be online at the time
of sending. By using a datapad to write a message disk, ensure that the name in
the 'to' field is spelled correctly, not broken by color tags, or that the
mailbox number is correct and preceded by the @ sign. For example:

datamem write 2 to Walldo
datamem write 2 to @12345

Once the disk is ejected, simply go to a mail terminal on any planet and hold
the disk in your hand. Entering mail post will send the message. While the mail
is left on the terminal, both of the people whose names are on the disk will be
able to see it, and subsequently remove it, from any mail terminal.

Note: If your name is absent from, spelled incorrectly or broken with color
tags in the 'from' field, you will not be able to see the message in your
mailbox after it is sent.

To see mail that is in your inbox, that has your name in the 'to' or 'from'
field, simply enter mail list while in a room with a mail terminal to see the
messages, who they are from, and their subject line. Entering mail read 1 will
show you the entirety of message 1, and so on.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: mailbox
mailbox <boxnumber> close
mailbox <open|list>
mailbox <boxnumber> read <message>

Mailboxes are a supplement to the standard mail system, in that you are still
able to receive mail sent to your name regardless of if you have purchased a
mailbox or not. In order to purchase a mailbox, you must be standing in a room
with a mail terminal, and you can then only access that particular mailbox from
that same room. The command mailbox list shows the mailbox numbers that you
own, the planet they are on, and the number of messages in them.
Mailboxes cost 25,000 credits to purchase, and you may only a maximum of
3 mailboxes at any time.

To send mail to a mailbox, you must put @<boxnumber> in the `to` line of a
message disk.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: mainchange <class name>

If none of a character's classes are level 30 or higher, he or she may use this
command to alter the character's main class. Upon the usage of this command,
the corresponding character's levels will change to accurately reflect the new
main class.

See also: Lclasschange


Level 100 Engineering Skill

Syntax(creation): makearmor <material> <about/head> <cover/nocover> <arname>
Syntax(after creation): makearmor <armor name>
Required Items: Fabric/Duraplast/Durasteel, Sewing Kit

After you've created your armor, using the above syntax, it will show in your
inventory with an (unfinished) tag. Examining the piece of armor will give you
the amount of times the command must be entered before the armor will be
complete. The tag will go away once the armor is completed.

Armor Classes:
Class I armor is `light` armor, it gives low HP bonuses but doesn't lower your
dexterity. It is made using FABRICS as the primary component.

Class II armor is `medium` armor, it gives moderate HP bonuses as well as a
penalty to your dexterity while worn. It is made using DURAPLAST.

Class III armor is `heavy` armor, and it gives the best overall HP bonus. It
also gives the best AC coverage out of all the armor types. It is made using

Simply making the armor with MAKEARMOR isn't enough, you will need to add an
UNDERLAY and a COATING in order to make the best armor. They will add anything
from HP bonuses to stat bonuses with underlays, and will add resistances to
certain forms of attack. Your skill percentage in several science knowledges
will be the determining factor in how good the armor is when you finish it.

Underlays and coatings must be added PRIOR to completing the suit of armor.
Making armor gives the option of making it COVER. Doing so with the head
location will make it cover eyes and ears. Making it with the about location
will make it cover all locations like the OVER location does, except for the
over location itself.

With the system comes added support for certain special types of armor that
will, when worn with both the about and head section, will change how you will
appear to others. An example would be someone appearing as `An Imperial



Level 50 Espionage Skill

Syntax: makebinders <binder name>

This skill allows players to construct their own bindings to restrain players.
A feat will soon be added to allow these binders to be locked with keycodes.
(Yes, I know it prompts you about a circuit board for lockable binders. That is
coming soon).
Requires: Toolkit, circuit board and duraplast or durasteel


Level 45 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makeblade <blade name>

Required Items: Durasteel, Battery, Superconductor, Circuit, an Oven and a

This ability allows an engineer to create a custom vibro-blade in a workshop.


Level 67 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makeblaster <repeater/pistol/rifle> <blaster name>

Required Items: Duraplast, Battery, Circuit, Superconductor, Ammunition, Up to
3 Crystals, an Oven and a Toolkit

This skill allows an engineer to create a customized blaster. Using different
items will yield different blasters. Experiment and find the best formula!

Blaster classes are a way to diversify the use of blasters by breaking them up
into three categories: Rifle, Repeater and Pistol. The differences are rather
simple, but offer a nice contrast for both the person making the weapon and the
person using it.

PISTOLS - These weapons function exactly like regular blasters used to. They
are the single-handed weapons that are used by civilians and the military.
They have the least amount of bonuses and lowest damage rating.

RIFLES - With the aid of a scope, you are able to hit targets from further
away. These two-handed weapons are often used by military because they allow
many people to make an accurate shot on a target. Based on the power of the
scope, the hitroll bonus of the weapon will increase. Overall damage is also
increased when compared to a pistol made with the same components. Required: A

REPEATERS - Rapid fire weapons have always been the epitome of suppressing
fire. While they aren't as accurate as other blasters, they are very good for
laying down a lot of damage all at once. For this reason they are mostly
restricted to military use, though not all governments disallow their usage.
Required: A Cooling Unit.

Note: The makeblaster skill will only use three crystals if there are three
differently-named blaster crystals in your inventory, and if there are, then it
will automatically use them.


Level 90 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makebowcaster <name>

Required Items: Circuit, Superconductor, Battery, Duraplast, Bowcaster Bolt, an
Oven and a Toolkit
Optional Items: Scope

This skill will create a traditional Wookiee weapon, the bowcaster. The
engineer may also add an optional scope to the bowcaster. Be advised, these
weapons are heavy and require an above average level of strength.

Only Wookiees may research the makebowcaster skill in a Library.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: makecamera <name of camera>

This will make a camera with the current parts:

Superconductor, circuit, battery, toolkit (reusable), oven (reusable),
lens, duraplast

The value of such devices is quite notable. They are used by espionage
specialists to see people from afar.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 4 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makecanteen <canteen name>
Required Items: Durasteel(preferred) or Duraplast, and a toolkit.

This skill allows you to make water-holding canteens. Upon completion, the
canteen must be filled.

See also: Help Makegrenade


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Level 6 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makecircuit <name of blank circuit>
Required Items: Blank circuit board, Silicon gel, and a toolkit.

This skill allows you to make a circuit board, which is used in the crafting of
various items.


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Level 1 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makeclothing <wear location> <name>

Required Items: Cloth or Leather and Sewing Kit

This ability allows engineers to sew together clothing. Clothes give no stat
bonus other than what the material used gives, and most people will wonder why
you're walking around naked if you don't have clothes.

See also: Help Wearlocs


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Level 13 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makecomlink <wear location> <comlink name>
Required Items: Battery, Circuit, Crystal, Superconductor and a Toolkit.

This skill allows an engineer to craft a comlink to communicate with others
over a distance.

See Also: Help Wearlocs, Help Setencrypt, Help Tune, Help Talk


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Level 1 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makecontainer <wear location> <container name>
Required Items: Cloth or Leather and a Sewing Kit

This skill allows you to make containers that may be worn on various places on
the body.

See also: Help Wearlocs


Syntax: makecutter <name>
Level 150 espionage skill

No more of this silly "my lightsaber is a fusion cutter not a lightsaber
because it says fusion cutter on the label!" A 150 level espionage skill
'makecutter' has been implemented to allow master infiltrators the chance to
create their own cutters. In order to craft one, you must be in a refinery.

The necessary parts are: A toolkit, durasteel or duraplast, a battery, a lens,
a superconductor, a mirror and a circuit.


Level 30 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makedatapad <name>

Required Items: Circuit, Superconductor, Battery, Duraplast, an Oven and a

This skill allows an engineer to create a personalized datapad.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: makedroid <type>
This skill will allow an engineer to make a droid. Engineers are allowed ONE
DROID ONLY. If you want to have a different type of droid you will have to
destroy your current droid and make a new one.

Body type Hp str dex int
Cylinder | 1000| | +10| +5
Biped | 3000| +5| +3| +4
Quadruped | 7000| +7| -4|

Different body types require different amounts of durasteel and duraplast.

Body type Durasteel Duraplast
Cylinder | 3 | 20|
Biped | 5 | 25|
Quadruped | 8 | 50|

Industry droids will be able to help with tasks such as building ships.
Translation droids can be ordered to translate everything into a language its
master chooses.

The droid may be controlled via the DUTY command. Droids save with your player
file and will dissapear when you log out. Droids can and will die, and when
they do you will have to make a new one. Droids can level up, and they do so by
helping you or performing certain tasks. The higher their level the more they
can help.

Use DROIDSTAT to see detailed information about your droid.



[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Level 9 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makeflashlight <flashlight name>
Required Items: Battery, Lens, Circuit and a Toolkit

This skill allows you to craft a flashlight that will illuminate dark areas
when used.

See Also: Help Use


Level 65 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makeforcepike <name>

Required Items: Battery, Circuit, Superconductor, Durasteel, an Oven and a

This skill allows an engineer to create a personalized forcepike. Forcepikes
are extremely heavy and only the strongest of beings can wield them.


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Level 15 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makegoggles <goggles name>
Required Items: Battery, Circuit, Duraplast, Lens, an Oven and a Toolkit

This skill allows an engineer to create a pair of infrared goggles which bestow
upon the user the "detect_hidden" affect, letting them notice mobs and players
using the hide skill.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 80 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makegrenade <grenade name>

Required Items: Drink Container, Battery, Circuit, Chemicals up to 3, Toolkit

This allows an engineer to make a custom grenade in a workshop. Using different
chemicals will yield different results. Experiment and find the best formula!

Warning: Failure can cause injury!


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Level 10 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makeholster <holster name>
Required Items: Cloth or leather, Duraplast, and a Toolkit

This will let you make a custom holster that you can wear on your waist and
store weapons in.

See Also: Help Draw, Help Holster


Level 30 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makejewelry <wear location> <name>

Required Items: Precious Metal, an Oven and a Toolkit.
Optional Items: Crystal

This ability allows engineers to make jewelry. Crystals can be added, but are
not required.


Level 75 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makelandmine <mine name>

Required Items: Drink Container, Battery, Circuit, Chemicals, Toolkit

This allows an engineer to make a custom landmine in a workshop.

Warning: Failure can cause injury!


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: makelightsaber <name>

Durasteel sheet, a lens, a mirror, a battery, a circuit, a superconductor, and
between one and three crystals.

You will need a toolkit and oven to assemble the parts. Usage of this skill
teaches one MUCH about the Force, with the experience depending on the
components used.


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Level 25 Medical Skill

Syntax: makemedpac <medpac name>

This allows a skilled doctor or field medic to build a medical kit using
equipment from their local hospital. With the right amount of experience, all a
medical practicioner will need are parts and not medical facilities to
construct a medical kit. The more experience in crafting these medical kits,
coupled with the practicioner's experience may determine the extent to which
the patients wounds are treated.

This skill requires a toolkit, an empty canteen, a piece of durasteel, and some
sort of fabric for the bandages.


Command level: 100
A new addition to the codebase, Makepublic is a command which allows you to
change a ship you own from your owner to public ownership. What this means is
that when people use the TAXI command, it may call your ship, and anyone who is
willing to pay the price you set for renting it may use the ship.

First you use the command on the ship to make it public. Then you use the
command to set the CHARGE and ACCOUNT. The charge is the amount of money each
person has to pay to rent it out when they launch. The account is a real bank
account number that the payments will be credited to.

Make sure you set up your charge price and your account numbers correctly
because people will not have to pay or the money wont go to your account if you
dont! Use 'makepublic <ship> display' to see the status of your ship.

If at any time you want to take your ship out of the loop of public ships you
have to track it down and use the command on it with the option CANCEL.


Level 70 Engineering Skill

Syntax: makeshield <shield name>

Required Items: Battery, Circuit, Superconductor, Crystal

Energy shields can be of great importance to those who wish to protect
themselves. They absorb blaster damage, though they do nothing for other forms
of physical attack.

The shield's energy is depleted by the amount of damage taken, and can be
recharged with ENERGIZE. The shield must be USED or ACTIVATED in order to
function otherwise it will simply lie dormant.

To energize: energize <shield> <battery>
*-Must be unequipped
To activate: activate <shield>

NOTE: Help makeshield has been removed. Check Changes 1437 for more info


Interested in creating a new social? Fill out the following form and email it
to [email protected]

Variables to remember-
Social Name-
When typed by itself:
You see:
Room sees:

When done to a person:
You see:
Victim sees:
Room sees:

When done to ones self:
You see:
Room sees:

[ ] Requires approach

------Action Description------
No argument: is waving.
To victim: is waving at you.
To self: is waving.
Room sees: is waving at $N.

Variables to remember
$n is the character using the social
$N is the victim of the social


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 50 Smuggling Skill

Syntax: Makespice <rawspice> <custom item's name>

This command allows you to make spice from unrefined spice using MAKESPICE.
You must be in a refinery in order to make spice.


The Mandalorians were a nomadic culture of clans, including multiple
species--beginning with the grey-skinned Taung but eventually becoming
predominantly Human. They are known for their T-shaped helmets, cutting-edge
weaponry, code of honor, and intensive martial tradition. Mandalorians find
glory and honor in conflict, so they are naturally aggressive. (In LotJ, all
Mandalorians are from Human tribes, and only those with the 'Mandalorian' race
or in a Mandalorian clan man roleplay as Mandalorians.)

Famous Mandalorians
*Canderous Ordo, companion of Darth Revan
*Boba Fett, unaltered clone of Jango Fett, bounty hunter


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Manifest

'Manifest' is a command available to Force Ghosts, allowing them to switch
between 'Ethereal' (invisible to all, unable to interact) and 'Manifested',
which will allow others in a room to see and interact with you. Use of
Force skills during either state will slowly deplete your character's HP.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: court <target>
Syntax: court accept/cancel/deny
Syntax: marry <target>

The courtship process is comprised of three stages. First, you must propose.
This is done with the COURT command. Once you have proposed, the other person
must either ACCEPT or DENY. If you change your mind, before the proposal is
accepted, you may CANCEL it. If the proposal is accepted, the two of you will
be engaged.

Once you are engaged, you can finalize the deal by using MARRY. This will move
your status from engaged to married. The person who was proposed to will assume
the surname of the person who proposed. SCORE FAMILY will show more details
about your family's status. It will be possible to request a child character
from the immortals using the command OFFSPRING, as long as it is done by a
married couple.

For more details on the OFFSPRING code please see HELP OFFSPRING. Before you
can court or marry both parties must set their last name using the LASTNAME
command. MARRIAGE IS FINAL. Unless an incredible reason for dismissing a
marriage is given, a marriage will not be annulled. Do not enter into marriage
frivolously. No this isn't some reinforcement of real life ethics, it's to
prevent power gamers from hooking up with jedi to get a jedi child character
and then ditching them.

There is no OFFSPRING command.


Syntax: feel mask

Force-users can reach out and fool the minds of those around them, hiding
themselves from sight, enabling them to remain unseen. Be wary, however, for
those who are wise or intelligent are harder to fool. This ability does not
prevent people from seeing room entrances/exits, but if the user remains still
they have a chance to not be seen.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - master communicator
Class - Leadership
Level - 140

This feat allows you to learn three extra languages (cumulative with COMMUNICATOR).


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: matchvector <ship>

When used in space, by a slicer with a datapad, this skill will let them
attempt to hack the enemy ship's nav comp and make their own ship match
the enemy ship's hyperjump vector.


The way charge works is simple. Each time you fire a weapon, it takes a certain
amount of CHARGE from the ship. Once you hit 0, you can't fire anymore. The
rate of recharging is every 80 seconds. Each recharge raises the charge value
by HALF of the maxcharge. After 160 seconds it should be full if unused.

Weapon - Amount taken per shot
Lasers - 2
Turbolasers - 3
Autoblasters - 1
Ion - 2
Pulse - 1
Missle - 1
Torp - 1
Rock - 1
Burst Missiles - 2


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of the medical field will produce better results
when a doctor makes medpacs, and when an engineer enhances armor with the bacta
underlay. This knowledge is required for a scientist to hypothesize medical


For information on the Medical class: HELP MEDICAL_CLASS


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Class Overview
For the most advanced healthcare technologies and treatments, a medical doctor
is who you'll want to see. Able to operate on the most dire of wounds, medics
are the backbone of post-battle care. More important, however, are their
abilities at preparing a warrior for their struggles ahead. Younger doctors may
find themselves producing medpacs for the inevitable wars to come, but will
quickly grow into learning anesthesia and surgical methods. Implantable
cybernetics are desired by all sentients for self-improvement. However, only
competent doctors are able to perform surgery on their patients, and only the
most skilled are able to replace an older model cybernetic with an improved
version. Only beings who have dedicated themselves to the medical trade,
however, are able to harness their expertise and produce clones for the
galaxy's population - when and if the technology becomes available. Doctors can
do a lot of good for a lot of beings within the galaxy. Although, there are
always rumors of one or two out there that are using their considerable
abilities for far more unsavory purposes...

Class Skills
The Medical class is full of beings who wish to heal others. Foremost in the
galaxy at being able to perform restorative aid and surgery on other beings,
surgically implant helpful cybernetics, and use ancient cloning techniques to
restore a version of life to the dead.

Famous Doctors
*2-1B, Rebel Alliance surgical droid and implanter of a Jedi's cybernetic hand.
*Harter Kalonia, Resistance doctor to a brave Wookiee.
*Cornelius Evazan, mad, disfigured, cruel cosmetic surgeon, holds the death
sentence on twelve systems.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 2 Force skill
Syntax: <meditate> or meditate dark or meditate light

A Jedi or Dark Jedi can use this skill to focus; either on their hatred
and anger, or their serenity and calmness. Upon successful use of this skill,
the users force points will increase.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: memorycheck
Syntax: memorycheck <name>
Syntax: memorycheck <name> write
Syntax: memorycheck <name> view

When invoked with a name given this command will force your character to
try and remember someone. This can be a greet or a dub, and it will tell
you how long ago you saw them.

When invoked without any parameters it will display a list of names your
character can remember, greets and dubs, and will also show you how long
ago you've seen them. Using the write and view functions, it is possible to
write notes on greets/dubs and view the notes you've left.

This is important as the memory of your character, in terms of greets/dubs,
is dependant on your intelligence. The people with the lowest intelligence
will only be able to remember dubs and greets for a week, while those with
higher intelligence will be able to remember them for longer. It is said that
those with 25 intelligence are capable of remembering dubs/greets for
incredibly long periods of time.

Greets/dubs are stored in a database on the mud, and if some greets are
missing from your memory it means that they haven't logged in yet since the
creation of the database (May 22nd, 2005). The database does not differ even
if the person has died, so those who figure this is a great way to keep OOC
tabs on who is still alive will be thwarted.

To update a greet any of the following must happen:

a) You hear them on any IC channel
b) You see them in any IC way

Greets last longer than dubs, so keep that in mind if your dubs suddenly go
missing for `no reason`. Greets cannot be restored once you have lost them,
so please don't ask. There is no way of knowing who is lying and who is


Mentalstate is a property of all mobiles and characters. The higher
your mentalstate is, the harder it is to hit in combat, and casting force
spells when your mentalstate is too high is all but futile. Jedi and Dark
Jedi alike can calm themselves by meditating. If you are not one of those,
it is best to sleep, or wait it out. High mentalstate will also cause you
to become insane, and you will see things that aren't really there.


Originally based on the Merc 2.1 code which was created by Furey,
Hatchet, and Kahn.
This original code base is available as Merc_21.tar.gz via FTP from:
ftp.tcp.com, ftp.math.okstate.edu and game.org.
E-mail to '[email protected]' to join the merc mailing list.

Merc would like to thank ...
... Diku Mud for their code base.
... The Free Software Foundation and DJ Delorie for kick-ass tools.
... Copper Mud and Alfa Mud for releasing their code and worlds.
... Aod of Generic for ... well, everything. You're a hoopy frood, Aod.
... Alander for many ideas and contributions.
... John Brothers of Silly for permission to use Silly code and worlds.
... Zrin for administering the mailing list.
... Abaddon for proofreading our comm.c.
... Hind, Quin, Vic, Diavolo, Oleg, Trienne, and others for porting help.
... Diavolo, Grodyn, Morgenes, and others for code and bug fixes.
... Raff, Doctor, VampLestat, Nirrad, Tyrst, PinkF, Chris, Glop for worlds.
... the players and imps of Mud Dome, Final Mud, Mud Lite, Vego Mud, Rivers
of Mud, Ruhr Mud, and Mystic Realms for bug reports, ideas, new code,
and hours of enjoyment.
Share and enjoy.


Mercenary clans are under several restrictions which were agreed to when the
clans were formed. These restrictions serve as the clans outline and contract
with the staff. Mercenary clans are semi-legal to legal organisations. This is
to create a greater distinction between 'Mercenaries' and 'syndicates'. 'As
such they are limited with what they can and can not do on 'Governed' worlds -
planets that arn't `Independent` or `Neutral.` The local police forces are
assumed to be very aware of and on the look out for members of Mercenary clans,
and as such they can not perform hostile actions on Governed planets unless
they are hired by legitimate organisations based on those worlds.

Example: The Rebellion are attacking Kuat Drive Yards. A group of mercenaries
are walking by the battlezone, the mercenaries may not take part unless they
are contacted by KDY and asked for help in that specific instance at that
specific time.
Please note these restrictions are only in place on 'Governed' worlds, Neutral
/ 'Independent' worlds follow the normal rules as every other clan in the mud.
At this time, mercenary clans may not attack or raid clans/clanbases on
'Governed' planets.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: feel mindtalk <target>
Syntax: mindtalk <message>
Syntax: mindtalk end

This skill allows those attuned to the force the ability to speak to each
other. The force allows two force trained people to speak to each other on a
channel. The channel is accessed via the MINDTALK command.

Mindtalk end will end a conversation. This will be required if you plan on
starting another conversation. Those who are not trained in the force will not
be able to hear the force and could not speak with anyone this way.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 85 Combat Skill

Syntax: mines <object>

Allows a soldier to conceal a landmine where it is most likely to be tripped by
an enemy. To plant the mine, drop it on the ground and type mines <name of
mine>. Tripping a mine can destroy a ship if placed inside and stumbled over by
an unaware boarder.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of minerals will allow the rock enthusiast to
identify the practical applications for a crystal, and identify cortosis on
weapons. Engineers use this knowledge to produces better results when



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - minesweeper
Class - Espionage
Level - 150

This feat allows a trained agent to enter a room without detonating a landmine.


Miraluka are an eyeless, near-Human race that uses the Force to see (although
most do not command the Force the way a Jedi or Sith might). They see inorganic
matter only dully, while life appears vibrant and beautiful to them.
Culturally, Miraluka possess an intense connection to the living Force--relying
on intutition, instinct, and connection to make decisions--and they consider
each other one great family.

Famous Miraluka
*Visas Marr, Sith Assassin and apprentice to the Jedi Exile
*Jerec, former Emperor's Hand and Dark Jedi


Mirialans are a Human subrace native to the planet Mirial. Their skin may be
pale yellow to dark green, and they often have geometrical tattoos of religious
or personal significance. Mirialans are known for their skill as smugglers and
soldiers and for their intense spirituality. Regardless of their beliefs,
Mirialans tend to be fiercely devoted to them.

Famous Mirialans
*Luminara Unduli, a Clone Wars-era Jedi Master that perished during Order 66
*Barriss Offee, Jedi Knight && Healer, padawan of Luminara Unduli
*Hylo Visz, an Old-Republic era smuggler famous for blockade running.


The MOBprograms have been contributed by N'Atas-ha.

Haus hacked together room && obj programs 'cause
he got sick of failing to add lever bitvectors,
and cause he thought Carnage was a
Trancendentally Cool Mud.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: gold

Displays the current total credits you are carrying.


The Mon Calamari are an octopoid species native to the planet Dac (sometimes
called Mon Calamari). Their bodies are humanoid but with domed heads, webbed
hands, and large eyes. They are typically refined, idealistic, and
well-educated beings with a talent for shipbuilding. Mon Calamari are the much
more social of the two races of Dac, inhabiting the surface while most of their
neighbor Quarren isolate themselves underwater. The two races have had
conflicts from time to time throughout their history.

Famous Mon Calamari
*Admiral Ackbar - Hero of The Battle of Endor, detector of traps.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - morale
Class - Leadership
Level - 130

This feat lets you temporarily boost the morale of your party. Those affected
get +10 to their hitroll.


Welcome to The Morgukai Empire, home of the renowned Droid Legion.

You have been programmed to serve user_name: MORGUKAI_EMPEROR

Before you begin, there are reminders placed within your setup files that
require your attention.

1. You are military grade battle droids. You are required to role-play as such.
Your job is to follow orders and be the best example of a cutting-edge robotics
program you can be. This means no meltdowns, no pissing matches and most of all
no spyapps.

2. No resignations. You are Morgukai war droids. You are property of the clan.
This means you start within the clan from the factory.

3. You have really solid levels and can choose a variety of classes. This is
why you have a point/deposit price. Don't lose your deposit because you want to
be an asshat.

Have some personality, kick some ass, but most of all have some fun!



Era 1: Raiders of the Rim

New technologies and mass-produced hyperdrives have heralded a new epoch. The
LORELL RAIDERS and other bands raid and attack throughout the galaxy. As the
victim of bombardments and location of skirmishes, and in the face of the
GALACTIC REPUBLIC's ambivalence towards military intervention outside their
borders, the neutral worlds have become even more fiercely independent.

Scientists in the Inner and Mid Rim are pushing the bounds of engineering and
knowledge, although a few have begun to predict the advent of hyperspace
maelstroms that threaten to disrupt the explosive trade and exploration.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 7 Combat Skill

Syntax: mount <mob>

This allows you to mount certain mobs. Being mounted cuts down
on the movement points that you use. Traveling while mounted
allows a person to traverse water sectors without sustaining
drowning damage.


STAR WARS: Legend of the Jedi
The game world of LotJ consists of thousands of inter-connected rooms. The most
common method to move your character between rooms is to follow the cardinal
directions. North (n), east (e), west (w), up (u), down (d), northeast (ne),
southeast (se), southwest (sw), and northwest (nw).

Rooms may also be seperated by doors, which may or may not be locked. As you
may have guessed, doors can be opened and closed with the 'open' and 'close'
command respectively. Some doors may be voice-activated, in which case the
commands 'confirm' or 'enter' are generally used.

At times, you may find yourself too tired to move. Each character has a limited
amount of movement points that may be regenerated by resting your character
with either the SIT, REST, or SLEEP commands. When you are finished with your
recovery and are ready to continue adventuring, type WAKE or STAND.

How quickly you move through the game world is determined by a mix of your
dexterity and constitution stats. Those who are fit and in shape can move
quickly, while those who are sluggish cannot.


Legends of the Jedi is now MSDP enabled!

Great! So, what is MSDP?
MUD servers often want to send additional data to a MUD client that doesn't
necessarily need to be displayed. MSDP, or Mud Server Data Protocol, addresses
this issue by providing a route for MUD servers to send variables their values
to MUD clients that can be both generic or specific for the MUD in question.

What does this mean to me?
This means that common variables that we may want to monitor heavily, such as
health, movement, stats, credits, etc., are all able to be easily tracked now.
The great thing about MSDP is that much of the information is now instantaneous
which allows for great client-side interfaces, such as health and move gauges,
that no longer rely on inaccurate screen-capturing methods.

How do I get started?
Some clients, such as MUSHClient, fully support MSDP and make it rather easy
to pull the data from the MUD's telnet level. Others, such as CMud, are a royal
PITA, and need specific scripting, as they do not support it, and have no
desire to at current. Get involved in the LotJ forums for help with capturing
the info on your client!

MSDP project home page:

LotJ MSDP Thread:

Related help files: HELP MSDPVARS1


CHARACTERNAME Character name TOPLEVEL Mort/Wiz level
SERVERID Server name CLASS Main class
SNIPPETVERSION Snippet version LEVELCOMBAT Combat level
AFFECTS Affected by LEVELPILOTING Piloting level
HEALTH Hit points LEVELENGINEERING Engineering level
HEALTHMAX Maximum HP LEVELHUNTING Bounty hunting level
MOVEMENT Movement LEVELSMUGGLING Smuggling level
MOVEMENTMAX Maximum Movement LEVELDIPLOMACY Diplomacy level
MANA Force ponts LEVELLEADERSHIP Leadership level
MANAMAX Maximum force points LEVELFORCE Force level
RACE Race LEVELSLICER Slicer level
CLAN Affiliation LEVELMEDIC Medical level
LEVELSCIENCE Science level
STAT takes gear into account COMMS INFORMATION
STATPERM is only modified by COMMCHANNEL Comlink frequency
training the stat and cybernetics COMMENCRYPT Comlink encryption
AC Armor
DAMROLL Damroll * Updates only with SCORE, GOLD, or
STR Strength banking commands
STRPERM Base strength MONEYINV Credits held
DEX Dexterity MONEYBANK Credits - all accounts
DEXPERM Base dexterity MONEYTOTAL Total credits
CON Constitution
INT Intelligence OOCLIMIT OOC points
INTPERM Base intelligence BOTTINGTIME Bot time elapsed
WIS Wisdom BOTTINGCOOLDOWN Bot cooldown time left
WISPERM Base wisdom ROOMVNUM Room vnum
CHA Charisma ROOMNAME Room name
CHAPERM Base charisma ROOMEXITS Room available exits
OPPONENTNAME Name of whoever you're in ground combat with and focused on
OPPONENTHEALTH Target's HP percent
OPPONENTHEALTHMAX Target's maximum HP percent
* Updates only at specific times to help promote fairness.
CURRENTAMMO Current blaster ammo remaining
MAXAMMO Maximum blaster ammo
BLADEPOWER Current blade energy remaining
GRENADEROUNDS Current grenade rounds remaining
SHIELDENERGY Current shield energy remaining
LIGHTTIME Current flashlight energy remaining
MEDPACPOWER Current medpac bacta remaining
PILOTING Determines if you are piloting (1) or not (0)
SHIPSPEED Current speed
SHIPMAXSPEED Maximum speed
SHIPHULL Current hull strength
SHIPMAXHULL Maximum hull strength
SHIPSHIELD Current shield strength
SHIPMAXSHIELD Maximum shield strength
SHIPSYSNAME Current star system
SHIPGALX Current star system's X coordinate
SHIPGALY Current star system's Y coordinate
SHIPSYSX Current sublight X coordinate position
SHIPSYSY Current sublight Y coordinate position
SHIPSYSZ Current sublight Z coordinate position
SHIPHEADX X coordinate position your ship is coursing to
SHIPHEADY Y coordinate position your ship is coursing to
SHIPHEADZ Z coordinate position your ship is coursing to


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Omg! I'm quitting LotJ!!!!!1

Mud Quitters

People quit muds for a variety of reasons every day. Usually, those reasons can
fit into one of the following 4 categories. Before quitting LotJ, check to see
if your reason fits into one of the following 4 VALID reasons for leaving the
game. If it doesn't, maybe it's something that can be worked out with the

1)The player has taken on new responsibility RL and can no longer devote
the time to playing in an online fantasy world. (Maybe they'll come back
2)The player has been forced to quit for reasons beyond their control. They
lost their internet connection, procreated, became incarcerated, joined the
military, etc. (Maybe they'll come back later.)
3)The player may have simply lost interest in the muds storyline.
(Maybe they'll come back later.)
4)The player has gotten fed up with bullshit, refuses to take the
necessary initiative to correct the problem himself, and cannot cope with his
situation. This kind of player is, unfortunately, pretty much beyond help. The
best thing for him, is to remove himself from the source of his misery.
(They're definitely coming back.)
Note: This is a preventable situation for players who have communication
skills, and the self-determination not to allow themselves to fall into the
pit-falls of idiocy.

Quitting FAQs

Q) I think I'm being treated unfairly. This is such bullshit. Should I quit?
A) Definitely.

Q) The Immortals give everything to my opposing clan. They never give anything
to my clan. They hate me. Should I quit?
A) Yeah. GTFO. This is TOTALLY a situation of discrimination against you and
your clan.

Q) OMG, I got in a fight with my boyfriend who also plays LotJ. He's
mudsexxing this other woman. THIS IS SUCH BULLSHIT! Should I suicide my
characters and quit?
A) Please do.

Q) Three people came to me and said that my RP sucks. It really hurt my
feelings. Should I work on my RP or should I harbor feelings that the pbase
hates me and quit the mud?
A) Obviously the pbase hates you. Everyone hates you. No one wants you to
improve your game. They just want you to leave. You should quit.


Mugging is when you attack someone for the sole purpose of taking any of their
possessions. Mugging generally works by stunning the victim and then stealing
from them and/or picking up what they drop. The act almost always done for the
purpose of bettering one's self and this is a very distinguishing feature about
mugging. Mugging is illegal!

Any form of attack such as blocking someone into a room, grabbing them, binding
them, stunning them with grenades or blackjack, landmines, sniping or otherwise
attacking someone to do any of the things in the preceding paragraph will be
considered mugging.

If you think you are being mugged, please use the REPORT command to report them
using anything from a DUB you've placed on your attacker or their race if you
haven't dubbed them yet. Use of REPORT, RPC and IMMCHAT will not be affected by
being stunned. While we will not step in most of the time we will carry out
punishments against the muggers every time we have a report and enough grounds
to act.

Not reporting muggings contributes to the problem because then some muggers
think that they can get away with it. Don't let them take anyone else's things,
report them as soon as you can.

Note for Thieves: When you steal an item(s) from someone, and then they attack
you to retrieve said item(s), please do not invoke help mugging. You were not

This includes any sort of action that restrains, incapacitates, stuns, or
otherwise renders a player's ability to act against their will.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Multiplay is defined as two players playing from one internet connection. In
other words, two people sharing a home. Multiplay is generally not set up for
"sometimes I play here, sometimes I play there" type of situations.

Multiplaying is only allowed with imm permission, which can be obtained by
going to our website (legendsofthejedi.com) and submitting a "Multiplay"
application. There are a few rules about multiplaying that must be followed:

You and your multiplay partner must be in the same clan or not be in a clan.
All normal LOTJ rules concerning IC/OOC boundaries apply.

Violating these rules is grounds for removal of multiplay permissions.
Continued access past that point will be at the discretion of the staff.

A single player may not log in to multiple characters simultaneously. For a
single player who wants to play multiple characters at different times
("alting"), see HELP ACCOUNT and Rule #3 under HELP RULES1.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Ever had to differentiate between several items, perhaps named the same thing?
The best way to do this is as follows.

If you have two items named A BAG, they look the same but have different
contents. LOOK IN BAG will let you look in the first one, and to look in the
second one, type LOOK IN 2.BAG. Let's suppose that there are several bags: you
would use 3.bag, 4.bag, 5.bag, 6.bag, and so forth.

If there are five bags, and you'd like to get three, you can type GET 3 BAG.
There is no period between the number and the item in this context, so keep
that in mind.

Now, let's suppose there are five bags on the ground, and you want to get them
all at once. You'd type GET ALL.BAG, and you'd see: You get A bag (5). That
number in brackets is how many you picked up. Remember, if you want to get
all.<item> you have to use the FULL name, i.e. ALL.BAG instead of ALL.BA.

Using the ALL.<ITEM> works for multiple things that share a keyword. For
instance, if you have an item called A BAG FULL OF CHEESE, and an item called A
STINKY BAG, and another item called A BAG, and you drop them all, you can pick
them all back up again with GET ALL.BAG. Test it out, once you get a feel for
it, you'll wonder how you lived without it!


Having multiple accounts is forbidden. If you are found with more than one,
one of the player's choosing will be deleted. If there is at least three or
four, all accounts will be deleted. This, of course, means that all points
will be lost, and the player will be forced to make a new account.


Muun are tall a humanoid species with pale skin, elongated heads, and three
hearts. They are known for their affinity for numbers, as well as their
tendency to be both greedy and patient. Some Muun descend to become swindlers
or hackers. Most Muun are introverted beings who prefer to stay indoors and
avoid travel.

Famous Muun
*San Hill, head of the InterGalactic Banking Clans (killed by Darth Vader)


Well done!


Suddenly out of nowhere, a hideous beast appears, bringing with it the
horrible smell of brimstone, death and decay!

The demon gives you the most evil and spine tingling sneer that makes you
fall to your knees, and release your bladder...

The next second, the immense mass of slimey muscle and claws is all over you
...shredding you to a bloody mess!

Mercifully, everything goes black as it moves its widening maw towards your


You are all powerful!


...Everything begins to fade to black.

You feel yourself leaving your body... rising up into the air, you feel
indeed much more free than you have ever felt before...

You float high into the heavens... a vortex of ever-changing curved beams
of colored light swirling around you faster and faster...

Your soul is bursting with emotions you can barely conceive...
You feel a burning inside... both cold and hot... a tingle of electricity
grows into a powerful buzzing surge jolting through every inch of your body.

A strange chorus of voices begins to sing indecipherable and long forgotten
words... the singing grows louder and louder... a million voices as one.

You feel yourself losing touch with reality... and all goes quiet.


...You begin to feel light-headed.

Your hands begin to tingle softly...
The feeling quickly grows into a strange radiating pulse of energy!

The tingle rises up your arms and into your head, filing your mind with
visions of worlds of wonder, far off places, great towers, vast mountains,
oceans, seas, lush valleys, dark caverns and twisted passages...

You sense a feeling of wonderous potential and power in your hands...
Enough power to build and create these visions for yourself!

You feel much more powerful, eager and inspired!


...You feel slightly faint as your head begins to spin.

Your hands begin to tingle once more...
A vortex of energy starts to swirl throughout your hands, going faster
and faster... becoming almost painful!

Beams of light break through your skin, one at a time, then more and
more until the light is almost to bright to bear...

As your squint your eyes, you perceive a vision of great beasts of wonder,
dangerous and unnatural fiends, pixies, faeries, tribes and clans, peoples
of all kinds, ancient forgotten artifacts, weapons of vast untapped powers,
crystal balls, magick rings, staves, wands, rods, arcane tomes of untold
secrets... your mind is bursting with inspiration...

You sense a new, reborn feeling of unlimited potential and power...
In your hands the power to build and create these visions for yourself!

The bright light from your hands fades away... but strange faint glow
remains always.


You suddenly feel much more powerful!


You suddenly feel much more powerful!


You suddenly feel much more powerful!


You suddenly feel much more powerful!


You suddenly feel much more powerful!


You suddenly feel much more powerful!


Naboo are a Human subrace native to the planet Naboo. Culturally, most Naboo
hold to ideals of innocence, peace, diplomacy, and inner purity. Many Naboo are
talented pilots, as well. They are a well-educated people with strong medical
and artistic traditions.

Famous Naboo
*Padme Amidala, Senator from Naboo and wife of Anakin Skywalker
*Darth Sidious, Emperor of the Galactic Empire


If an immortal informs you that your name is not congruent with the Star
wars theme you will be asked to select a new one. Please do not request
frivilous name changes, and if you DO ask for one please do not supply a
name that would not be appropriate. Renaming your character does not
affect levels, stats or anything else aside from your name.

Taking names from aspects of pop culture (novels, movies, television, anime,
video games) is against the rules. Be original please.


The name of your character is very important. As we are trying
to keep this a Role Play Mud please pick reasonable names.
Names of wee known start wars characters are frownd upon
and names with profanity or just plain stupid will be denied.

i.e. Luke, Vader, Han are well known names.
i.e Fish Head, Supermanguy, are just plain stupid.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of narcotics currently provides no benefit to
existing skills.


The Nautoloans (or Nautiloids) are humanoid amphibians native to the aquatic
world Glee Anselm. They have smooth green skin and large, lidless black eyes,
as well as an excellent sense of smell. They can sense pheremones and have an
excellent ability to read others' emotions, and they have a notable musical
tradition. They have been known to be masterful soldiers, scouts, smugglers,
and spies, although their technical skills are limited.

Famous Nautolan
*Kit Fisto, Jedi Master
*Zinn Toa, Force-sensitive


What is a nav chart? It is a bit of information that a nav computer can
interpret, expanding the ship's options for hyperjumps beyond the normal

It is not necessary to get a nav chart to get to systems like Coruscant, or
Corellia. These are part of the `known galaxy`. Other parts, however, have not
been well documented and are either unsafe to go to (hyperspace conduit
difficulties) or are beyond the reach of most vessels. The `known galaxy` is
actually made up of the territory that belonged to the Republic, as senators
and emmisaries needed to travel throughout it's borders.

To find a nav chart, look everywhere you can. Certain sectors are hidden to
pose a challenge to players, as they contain special items that are some of the
best you can get.

To interact with your nav computer, use NAVSTATUS. NAVSTATUS alone shows you
what sectors your nav comp already has. NAVSTATUS LOAD [nav chart] lets you
load one in. NAVSTATUS CLEAR lets you empty your ship's nav computer, handy if
you want to sell your ship later.

There is currently no way to copy or create nav charts, you must find them in


While battegroup and squadron can utilize many of the pilot commands, they
cannot use them all. A list of what you can make your squadron and battlegroup
do is:

Vector/Course/Trajectory/ Face



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

It is an automatic skill.

See also Help coordinates. help hyperspace , help course


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - navigator
Class - Piloting
Level - 100

This feats allow you to calculate your jumps more efficiently by increasing the
ship's hyper drive rating by 30.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: navstatus
Syntax: navstatus load <chart>
Syntax: navstatus clear

This command allows the pilot or navigator of a vessel to manipulate its
Navigation Computer. When used without any other arguments, it will display
your Navigation Computer's status. You can also load new navcharts into the
ships computer, as well as clear the navigation computer of ALL navcharts.



Neimoidians are a near-Duros race with grayish-green skin and lumps on their
foreheads. They are communalistic, growing up in hives, and only the strongest
are permitted to go into trade and business. They tend to avoid physical labor
or danger in favor of mental work and bargaining, generally coming across as
greedy or cowardly to more physical races. Neimoidians may come from Neimoidia
itself, or colonies like Cato Neimoidia, Deko Neimoidia, and Koru Neimoidia.
Their clothing is symbolic and reflects their wealth and rank.

Famous Neimodians
*Nute Gunray, Viceroy of the Trade Federation
*Lufa Danak, Trade Federation representative to the Galactic Republic


Syntax: networkhack <message>

Required: [Comm Junction] flagged room, comlink

This skill is identical to the 'Broadcast' skill with the exception that it
allows you to utilize your slicer ability to bypass the 50000 credit cost. You
should be careful to set your currentcomlink to a comlink tuned to channel 0
with no encryption, or it will sound all garbled and be useless and unreadable
to those without your encryption.

See Also: Broadcast


Neutral evil characters are the embodiment of evil. They care only for
destruction and the bringing of evil everywhere they go. They are the most evil
aligment there is.


Neutral good embodies the ultimate pursuit of good. Characters with this
alignment place the greater good above all else. While the can have an
appreciation for laws, organization and consequence, they will almost always
opt for the way for the greater good.


Welcome to Legends of the Jedi! We are a roleplay-enforced MUD based in the
Star Wars Expanded Universe. If this is your first time playing on LotJ, be
sure to say hi. There are 3 important channels you should know about. Immchat
is a direct line to the staff members of the mud. RPC is a sort of newbie help
channel, staffed by player volunteers. OOC is our global chat channel and a
good place to get help if no staff or RPC are online.

The Newbie Academy is a great resource for learning about LOTJ's many unique
features, but participation is not mandatory. Here is a quick reference of
important concepts on the mud:

A storyline that covers all the Star Wars eras. (help Timeline)
A unique player-death and restore system. (Help PK)

Coruscant is a good place for new players to start. There are many quests there
to level, and it is a social hub for other players. Also consider joining a
clan. One of the quickest ways to get involved with the mud is to join a clan.
Clans and the members in them will be able to steer you in the right direction
as you learn the mud and also introduce you to future friends. Clans can be
joined from the academy or you can be inducted once you are in the game world.

Some players have compiled an index of important concepts. To start reading
them, type Help 1. To see a list of these files, check out Help Newbie_Index.

Good luck out there, and if you have any questions, don't hesitate to ask!


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: newbiechat <message>

This channel can be used to ask questions about the MUD until you reach
level 6.



Where # is the number of the desired help file listed below. I.E. Help 1

1 - Hitpoints and movement
2 - Basic commands
3 - Communication and character commands
4 - OOC and IC communication
5 - Mud points
6 - Races and classes
7 - The Force
8 - Different elements of your character
9 - How to level
10 - Botting/automating activities
11 - Player death and restores
12 - Getting started in the galaxy
13 - Basics of space flight
14 - Moving your ship around
15 - Traveling between planets
16 - Space combat
17 - Landing your ship


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: newname <new name>

If you have been informed that you must change your name, this will allow
you to set your new name. If you have any questions, please use RPC or IMMCHAT.


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Syntax: news <page number>

Valid page numbers: 1 thru 9

This command is used by players to examine the news files. There are 9 news
files available for players to peruse and they are considered an IC form of




Broadcasting Network
[Tatoo News Service]: [*] Breaking News [*]
The image of a young man, dressed in a simple work suit appears. He is standing
in the middle of a street, with sandy winds blowing about him and his face
protected by a darkened visor, presumedly to keep the sand out. He begins
speaking in a deep, firm voice, attempting to shout over the wind, `Over the
last few days a heated debate over the bill of secession from the Republic has
been running in the Tatooine Parliament House, after Representative Franklin
Keyes of the Mos Espa District proposed the controversial bill.`

[Tatoo News Service]: [*] The shot changes to a view of the Parliament building
but the reporter continues speaking over the image [*] `It seems many of the
Parliament's inital concerns were well-founded however, when in a unprecedented
move, Chancellor Shademehr Shirak outcasted Senator Plog Magre, the appointed
Speaker of the Tatoo system from the Republic. The Tatooine Liberation Front
has taken this as an opportunity to gain more followers, as in recent days
there have been rumors of an upcoming strike by the revolutionary group.`

[Tatoo News Service]: The image returns once more to the man, `One citizen I
spoke to had this to say 'The Republic have been trying to protect us from
Fangs... But maybe he actually will go once they've left? ' Another was not so
optimistic 'If the Republic thinks the person we elected to represent us is not
good enough for them, then they're not good enough for US.' While the debate
rages on, armed mobs of vigilantes have been forming to combat the ever
increasing crime problems. Some of these groups appear to be affiliated with
the Liberation Front and are even challenging Republican forces in the region.
Other rumors persist of the involvement of a third party source of funds for
these mobs as well...` [*] The man nods his head promptly and smiles slightly
to the camera [*] `This is Gregory Alisto, reporting live from Tatooine for
the Tatoo News Service.`


Nikto are a humanoid species with leathery skin, covered with spikes and small
horns. They have several subspecies due to rapid evolution after a supernova
near their planet, with varied skin colors. They are skilled warriors, scouts,
and hunters, but their piloting and technical skills are lacking. They are
often employed by the Hutts as bodyguards or enforcers.

Famous Nikto
*Ma'kis'shaalas, Jedi Knight
*Bok, warrior for hire
*Giran, Malakili's assistant


Welcome to Legends of the Jedi! We are a roleplay-enforced MUD based in the
Star Wars Expanded Universe. If this is your first time playing on LotJ,
You can speak directly to the staff on a private channel, IMMCHAT, or you
can speak with the player elected RPC (Role Play Council) on the channel
'RPC', and let us know you're here! The command is:
<channel name> <your message>. (For example, 'Immchat Hello')

Some helpfiles you might find useful:

Below you will see a message followed by a FOUR digit number: type this
number in and hit 'enter' to begin your Star Wars adventure!


It's all yellow for a reason.


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Noghri are a race of short humanoids with gray skin, beady black eyes, and
skeletal features. Their culture is primitive, with little technology, but each
clan has a strong sense of honor. They are fierce and loyal, and they are
capable of quickly adapting to new cultures and place. They have been known to
be fearsome assassins.

Famous Noghri
*Rukh, Imperial Remnant bodyguard (Assassinated Grand Admiral Thrawn)


A 'nokill' flag has been added for NAMED mobs. It doesn't make sense
for some mobs to die and then suddenly be back alive again ( the ones
with names as opposed to ones like anonymous stormtroopers etc ).
This flag will cause the mob that has it to appear to flee before it
dies... It will still give experience but won't leave a corpse lying

use: mset <mob#> flags nokill


Syntax: north or n
Syntax: south or s
Syntax: east or e
Syntax: west or w
Syntax: up or u
Syntax: down or d

Use these commands to walk in a particular direction.


Syntax: northeast or ne
Syntax: northwest or nw
Syntax: southeast or se
Syntax: southwest or sw

Use these commands to walk in a particular direction.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: note list (number) OR: Mail list (number)
Syntax: note read (number) OR: Mail read (number)
Syntax: note read all OR: Mail read all
Syntax: note take (number) OR: Mail take (number)
Syntax: datamem download (number)
Syntax: note show
Syntax: note post OR: Mail post
Syntax: note remove (number) OR: Mail remove
Syntax: note vote (number) open/close/yes/no/abstain

NOTE LIST lists notes which you can read. NOTE READ reads one or all notes. By
specifying a number after NOTE LIST, you will list all notes including and
after that number.

NOTE SHOW shows your note in progress; The disk in hand

NOTE POST posts your note for reading. Posting is not automatic. Notes posted
on a public terminal, or addressed to "All" on a clan terminal, can only be
removed by an Immortal.

NOTE REMOVE removes the entire note if you are the sender, or just removes you
from the to-list if you are a recipient.

NOTE TAKE takes the note as in NOTE REMOVE, as well as physically taking it in
your inventory.

Once a note has been posted on a bulletin board, the author may open voting
with 'note vote (number) open'.

All those who can read the board may then vote on the issue in the note with
'note vote (number) yes/no/abstain'. The author may close the voting.

Note list will show whether a note is not a voting note, open to voting or
closed to voting. The character that separates the author and the recipient in
'note list' will be a colon, a capital V or a capital C accordingly.

Mailing on the mud is always in-character. To send mail to another player, you
must fill out the TO field as their character's login name. Nothing more,
nothing less.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: note vote <number> open/close/yes/no/abstain

Once a note has been posted on a bulletin board, the author may open
voting with 'note vote <number> open'. All those who can read the
board may then vote on the issue in the note with 'note vote <number>
yes/no/abstain'. The author may close the voting; the syntax for that
should be clear enough.

Note list will show whether a note is not a voting note, open to voting
or closed to voting. The character that separates the author and the
recipient in 'note list' will be a colon, a capital V or a capital C


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: nowithdraw

Use of this command by authorized clan members will allow those players to
prohibit any withdrawals of clan funds by players with the withdraw



To see the objects you currently posess, type INVENTORY and EQUIPMENT.
INVENTORY is the items you are carrying, but are not currently wearing.
EQUIPMENT shows you the equipement you are currently wearing.

You may WEAR, WIELD, or HOLD equipment to use it. To stop using a piece
of equipment, you REMOVE it. Before you may wield a new weapon, you must
first REMOVE the old weapon.

You can gain information on your objects by using LOOK or EXAMINE. EXAMINE
tells you the condition of your item, as a more detailed form of LOOK.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: feel obscure

Channeling their dark energies, practitioners of the dark side of the Force are
able to create a field which will repel the eyes of other force users using
farsight and prevent those within the room from using farsight. Only a Jedi of
significant skill has the ability to dispel this dark presence.



Arkanian Offshoots are a Human subrace, genetically engineered from Arkanians,
by Arkanians, to serve Arkanians as manual laborers. They have five-fingered
hands, humanlike eyes, and snow-white skin, and they are little better than
slaves on Arkanian. Those who escape the mines of their homeworld may work as
soldiers, hunters, smugglers, or pilots on the fringes of society.

Famous Arkanian Offshoots
*Gorman Vandrayk, an Offshoot scientist who went on the run from Adascorp
*Jarael, an warrior and former slaver from Taris


There is no OFFSPRING command.


Welcome to The Morgukai Empire, home of the renowned Droid Legion.

You have been programmed to serve user_name: MORGUKAI_EMPEROR

Before you begin, there are reminders placed within your setup files that
require your attention.

1. You are military grade battle droids. You are required to role-play as such.
Your job is to follow orders and be the best example of a cutting-edge robotics
program you can be. This means no meltdowns, no pissing matches and most of all
no spyapps.

2. No resignations. You are Morgukai war droids. You are property of the clan.
This means you start within the clan from the factory.

3. You have really solid levels and can choose a variety of classes. This is
why you have a point/deposit price. Don't lose your deposit because you want to
be an asshat.

Have some personality, kick some ass, but most of all have some fun!



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: duty <troop/all> <command> <extra parameters>
Syntax: squad <troop/all> <command> <extra parameters>

Follow/group/add: Instruct a trooper to join your squad.
Use/equip: Instruct a trooper to wear or wield an item.
Remove/unequip: Instruct a trooper to remove an item.
Get: Have the trooper get something.
Drop: Have the trooper drop something.
Set: Change the settings on a blaster.
Battery: Reload a blaster.
Open/Close: Open or close something, respectively.
Use: Use or activate something.
Kill/attack/murder: Instruct the trooper to attack a target
Block: Instruct the trooper to block a direction
Dismiss/Leave: Have the trooper leave your squad.

Troops are soldiers recruited by clans from various planets. They represent the
armies that you, the players, can command. Different planets give different
types of troops, with better or worse stats, depending.

To interact with troops, you must use the DUTY or SQUAD command. You can give
various commands to the squad, getting different results. Here is a listing:

Entering the command alone will display your currently formed squad.
Your squad is easily distinguished from others in the room by a shortened
display. An example of this would be:

[x16] Republic troopers.
[x3] Your Republic trooper squad.

Your squad is automatically in your group, and they will auto-assist each other
even if not in the same squad. You can tank or have one of your squad members
tank to take out the enemy.

Note: To reference your troops, try calling them troop, or 2.troop, or 3.troop


Omwati are a slender, near-Human species native to Omwat. They have blue skin
and fine hair that tends to be pearly or metallic in hue. Their hair is
extremely fine, like spider silk or feathers. They are slightly taller than
most Humans and tend to be reflective, curious, and devoted. They are excellent
problem-solvers and engineers, and many also become leaders or traders.

Famous Omwati
*Qwi Xux, principal construction engineer of the Death Star
*Bleth Fahr, Former Jedi Knight


Onderon, in the three-planet system of the same name, circles a yellow sun
and has four moons with widely-varying orbits. The closest moon, Dxun, is
home to numerous bloodthirsty creatures who are periodically able to
migrate to the surface of Onderon, due to an annual period in which the
two worlds' atmospheres intersect. The human inhabitants of Onderon
gradually evolved defenses against the beasts, eventually culminating in
the enormous walled city of Iziz. Native life on the planet includes the
deadly dragon-bird.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: open <object|direction>
Syntax: close <object|direction>
Syntax: lock <object|direction>
Syntax: unlock <object|direction>
Syntax: pick <object|direction>

OPEN and CLOSE open and close an object or a door.

LOCK and UNLOCK lock and unlock a closed object or door. You must have
the requisite key to LOCK or UNLOCK.

PICK can open a lock without having the key. In order to PICK successfully,
you must practice the appropriate skill.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: OPENBAY <hangar number/ALL>
Syntax: CLOSEBAY <hangar number/ALL>

These commands open and close the hangars on a ship, restricting access
to that bay. Approching ships may only land in open hangars.

If you specify a hangar number, The command will only affect that hangar.
IE: openbay 1 - Only opens hangar number 1 on the current ship.

If you use ALL instead of a number, All bays will be opened or closed.
IE: openbay all - Opens all the hangars on the current ship.





[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: order <character> command
Syntax: order all command

ORDER orders one or all of your charmed followers (including pets) to
perform any command. The command may have arguments. You are responsible
for the actions of your followers, and others who attack your followers
will incur the same penalty as if they attacked you directly.

Most charmed creatures lose their aggressive nature (while charmed).

If your charmed creature engages in combat, that will break the charm.


No order commands are currently implemented.


Orion came to LotJ and started making changes. From the start he headed towards
goals he set, a flowchart he drew up, and a general concept of the game that he
envisioned. In his time on LotJ he has spent over 10,000 hours online. He
spends this time coding, building, or handling player issues. No issue is too
small for his attention, and though he has a capable staff of delegates he
wouldn't ask any of his staff to do something he wouldn't do personally.

Orion believes in a system of rules which we are all accountable to. Orion
believes in ethical administrative practices. Some time ago, he disabled the
SLAY ability that imms had, making it only work on mobiles. He believes that
discussion rather than banning will solve most issues. Orion also likes to
spend his time confusing the hell out of players by coding out his thoughts.

Orion codes, builds, does PR, makes quests, manages three ports, manages the
website, manages the forums, handles inter-mud politics and often goes on TMC
to flame little assholes with big mouths. Orion doesn't believe in heavy-handed
actions to supress opinions, but if you piss him off enough he will deal with
anyone who provokes him harshly.

Orion's golden rule: Come to me with questions, or facts, not questions posed
as statements of fact.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: osay <message>

The only legal way to send an OOC message to all the occupants in the room
without using the OOC channel.

Usage of this will surpass language barriers, drunkeness, and won't
interrupt your IC actions.


help oset flags
Usage: oset <object> flags <flag> [flag]...
1. glow: Object will glow.
2. dark: The object will be dark.
3. magic: The object will be capable of magic.
4. bless: The object will be blessed.
5. antievil: Object cannot be wielded/worn by a player with negative
6. noremove: Once a player wields/wears this object, they cannot
remove it.
7. antisith: Object cannot be wielded/worn by a Sith
8. antisoldier: Object cannot be wielded/worn by a Soldier.
9. donation: ???
10. covering: ???
11. hum: The object will emit a humming sound.
12. invis: The object will be invisible.
See also, Help Oset_Flags2


1. nodrop: Once in a players inventory, the player cannot drop
2. antigood: Object cannot be wielded/worn by a player with positive
3. antipilot: Object cannot be wielded/worn by a Pilot.
4. anticitizen: Object cannot be wielded/worn by a Citizen.
5. antineutral: Object cannot be wielded/worn by a player with
neutral alignment.
6. inventory: ???
7 antithief: Object cannot be wielded/worn by a Thief.
8. antijedi: Object cannot be wielded/worn by a Jedi.
9. clanobject: Object designed for a specific clan or
10. antihunter: Object cannot be wielded/worn by a
11. small_size: Can only be worn by; jawa, noghri,
12. human_size: Can only be worn by; Human, Rodian, Twi'lek,
13. large_size: Can only be worn by; Wookiee, Mon Calamarian,
14. hutt_size: Can only be worn by; Hutt
15. contraband: DO NOT SET IT ... This will be added and removed
by customs officers and crimelords etc. Its purpose is to give
experience for
smuggling illegal goods from planet to planet.


Syntax: overthrow

This command will allow you to take over the leadership of your clan. Note: You
have to be either the #1 or #2 of the said clan, and there cannot be a formal
leader. An already existing leader may use ABDICATE to step down, thusly
allowing one of their APPOINTED leaders to take over.


Usage: Package <command>

Commands: List, Deliver, Request

This is a command used to obtain a package from different package depots around
the galaxy. PACKAGE REQUEST will ask for a package, PACKAGE LIST will show the
packages you have, and their destinations. When you finally come to the place
you need to be, you must PACKAGE DELIVER to finish the package run. Each time
you deliver one of these packages you will gain credits, as well as experience.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: page <number of lines>

This command sets your screen to only display a certain amount of lines.
After setting pagelength, type clear to reinitialize your screen.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax : Pager

Toggles the pagelength limiter.


Syntax: Palm <item>
Or: Palm <item> <container>
Syntax: Tuck <item> <container>

Palm and Tuck are new skills rolled together under the palm skill. Palm is a
silent get (can be used out of a container or off the ground). Tuck is a silent
put and is rolled into the palm skill. Just type tuck and it's based off palm.

Also, a sidenote, you need to be in the room with someone else to get a % in
these skills.


Syntax: Palm <item>
Or: Palm <item> <container>
Syntax: Tuck <item> <container>

Palm and Tuck are new skills rolled together under the palm skill. Palm is a
silent get (can be used out of a container or off the ground). Tuck is a silent
put and is rolled into the palm skill. Just type tuck and it's based off palm.

Also, a sidenote, you need to be in the room with someone else to get a % in
these skills.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Parry, the skill itself, is a skill used by jedi to deflect blaster
shots, either back at the person firing or at the ground.

`Parrying` is automatic, if you have a melee weapon equiped. The type
of parrying done WITHOUT a saber is called a `melee parry`. Melee
parrying is different in that it only parries other melee weapons. If
you try to parry the slice of a saber and you don't have a cortosis
weapon, you may find your weapon destroyed by the attack. Regardless,
your character will AUTOMATICALLY attempt to parry, and it is not based
on the PARRY skill.

Percentage for melee parrying is based on the three weapon proficiency
skill ratings for the weapon type. For example: vibro-blades will use
vibro-blades, advanced vibroblade and vibroblade mastery to generate
the chance to parry, and the chance to counter-attack.

Your best bet is to try to get as many of those three proficiency
types per melee weapon as high as possible if you want the best chance
to parry.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: password <old-password> <new-password>

PASSWORD changes your character's password. The first argument must be
your old password. The second argument is your new password.

The PASSWORD command is protected against being snooped or logged.

Passwords can not contain certain characters, or spaces. As well, we
advise that you use an alphanumeric password (containing both numbers and
letters) as they are harder to guess.


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Pau'an (or Ancients) are a long-lived, tall, near-Human race which shares the
planet Utapau with the Utai. Of the two species, Pau'an are more inclined to
administration, diplomacy, and technological work. They are usually peaceful
and amiable, although their large frames, pale skin, and red shadows around
their eyes appear fearsome to many.

Famous Pau'an
*Tion Madon, Pau City Port Administrator
*Zodu Onglo, weapons smuggler
*The Grand Inquisitor, Imperial Inquisitorius leader and former Jedi Knight


Pau'an (or Ancients) are a long-lived, tall, near-Human race which shares the
planet Utapau with the Utai. Of the two species, Pau'an are more inclined to
administration, diplomacy, and technological work. They are usually peaceful
and amiable, although their large frames, pale skin, and red shadows around
their eyes appear fearsome to many.

Famous Pau'an
*Tion Madon, Pau City Port Administrator
*Zodu Onglo, weapons smuggler
*The Grand Inquisitor, Imperial Inquisitorius leader and former Jedi Knight


PC = player character
NCP = non player character


Cookies are a new programming tool that enables programmers and builders to
define your character for in their program. Mud programs can be designed to
set a cookie on your pfile, and then read then read that cookie to `remember`
you. Cookies exist over copyovers, and a player can not set or remove their
own cookies.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 20 Smuggling Skill

Syntax: usage of this skill is automatic once learned
This skill shows you a character's inventory when you look at a character.
You must be close to the character in order to peek into their inventory.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

This force skill gives one the chance of noticing when a person farsights them,
and can even sometimes tell one WHO is farsighting them.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 90 smuggling skill

Syntax: pick <ship name>

This allows you to open the hatch on anothers ship. Be warned, some mobs
might get offended at the attempt and will alert others as well as start to
attack you.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Pilot

This command will cause your character to assume control of a ship's manual
controls. On a starfighter this would be a joystick, other ships have other
forms of control, though many are joysticks and panels. This command is
useful for dodging oncoming fire, landing, and launching maneuvers.

Leaving, or attempting to leave, the room will make you stop piloting. If you
stop piloting in the middle of a landing maneuver, your ship will crash.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]
Class Overview
From single man starfighters to huge flagships with the population of major
cities - such as the Inexpugnable-Class Command flagship - pilots are the
navigators of the space frontier. Anyone can be a pilot to some personal
degree, but dedicated pilots excel far beyond the normal in space techniques.
Able to specialize in squadrons, large ships such as frigates and cruisers, and
then the heavy battleships, true pilots also have more advanced weapons
capabilities and defensive abilities to help them come out on top in space
combat. A truly dedicated pilot is master of their domain, as no amount of
forcepike, blaster, or lightsaber training can help you in space.

Because large and heavy spacecraft can only be owned by clans, not by
individuals, a pilot's choice of clan--and trust with clan leaders--determines
their access to these ships. Depending on their race, most beings can fly
freighters, especially if they specialize in espionage or smuggling.

Class Skills
The Pilot class is comprised of the best pilots and battlegroup commanders that
can be found across the galaxy. Novice pilots will learn the basics of flight
with transports and fighter-class vessels, then slowly move into flying
freighters and gunboats, before stepping up into capital-class vessels - as
well as all of the support skills required to be a proficient fleet commander.

Famous Pilots
*Gial Ackbar, Admiral of the Rebel Alliance and detector of traps.
*Poe Dameron, ace snubfighter pilot of the Resistance.
*Wedge Antilles, leader of Rogue Squadron and survivor of both Death Star runs.



Greetings, if you're reading this chances are you are new to the mud. Well,
part of LotJ is its piloting. It can be very confusing at first but after you
get the hang of it it is pretty simple. Let's start with the basics.

Step 1: Getting a ship
First of all you'll need a ship, this is done by going to a spaceport (Place
with a ton of ships) and typing TAXI. Then you simply enter ##STAR (### = the
number of the Starhopper) After boarding explore it a bit you'll find the pilot
station and then type PILOT to grip the controls. Then, type LAUNCH

Step 2: Learning the system
LotJ's space system is based on X Y Z coords, think of each sector of space as
a giant cube and you should be good. To check the status of your ship and its
components type STATUS or INFO to get basic readouts.

Step 3: Flying
Alright, so now you should be in space, time to get used to some basic
controls. First type PROX (short for proximity) that will show you how far away
you are from other ships and stellar objects. Then type RADAR to see what
objects are in that system and their coords. Type SPEED ### (# = the speed you
wish to go) it's probably best to go your max speed.

Step 4: Plotting your course
Now that you're drifting around in space you'll probably want to go to a new
planet, this is pretty easy. First, I'll assume you know a little bit of math
and can figure out this simple statement. I'm also assuming you have a datapad.
So first type SHOWPLANET 'PLANET NAME' then copy the COORDS of that planet and
remember the STARSYSTEM name. Then type CALCULATE <STARSYSTEM> <X Y (Z-500)>.
If done correctly you will get a message saying to wait a to get your course
ploted. After you get a message saying you're ready to go. Simply type HYPER
and you're off.

Step 5: Getting to your new planet
After you exit hyper space, you should be about 500 units away from the planet.
Quickly type COURSE <PLANET> and after some time you will begin orbiting the
planet. To find out where you can land type LAND, you'll get a list. Then type
LAND <planet name> to get a list of pads on THAT planet. Then type LAND <planet
name> <pad keyword> IE. Land coruscant primary. To land on coruscant's primary
pad. You will begin a landing sequence it is VERY important not to type
anything while landing as it could result in a crash. After your landing is
complete you are safe to leave the ship or do it again.

Step 6: Asking for help
At some point, there is a very good chance you will run out of fuel. You'll try
a hyperspace jump that's a little too ambitious, or you'll be exploring
uncharted space. When it happens, use the CURRENTCOM and TALK commands to
choose a comlink and call for help.

I hope this helps ya new pilots learn how to fly. Of course this is just the
basics and there are plenty more secrets and techniques behind piloting, but
these are the most elementary.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - Ping Ship
Class - Slicer
Level - 150

Now when you locateship a ship, it will try to find the sector the ship is in
so long as it isn't docked or in hyperspace. This distance is an absolute (non
negative) number and indicates how far away they are. If you are in 0,0 and
you locateship a ship in 3,3 it will say you are 6 sectors away.


Coming soon!


Q: Whats with all the frigging pirates?
A: Pirates were put in place to force clan leaders, members and everyone
in general to pay attention to their planets. For too long the power
for most clans was reserved for friends alone. That sort of mentality
is counter-productive against a growing pbase.

Q: My ship got blown up by a pirate. Can I be restored?
A: Only people who were destroyed by the pirates when they were tractoring
people and then self destructing will get a restore. The rest are just
sad but fair. It's not like there have not been warning. Heed the GNI,
MOTD and other forms of being alerted if you'd like to keep safe.

Q: Fine, pirates are fun and all, but why so many of them?
A: The system is designed to work thusly - A clan decides they want the
revenue from a planet. They move their ships in there, put them in
orbit, set their autopilot routines (+pirate, a new one), and the
ship(s) they put there will guard the system from oncoming
pirates. This also gives citizens (unclanned PCs) the chance to
form an IC political alliegance, and gives some interesting RP with
an IC political alliegance, and gives some interesting RP with
regards to protection of planets where smaller clans have their

Q: Don't you think that all the pirates will drive the newbies away?
A: If some people quit there isn't much to stop them. Those who quit
because of being killed by pirates aren't the type who would
learn how to play. All the veterans know how it's always been: die
a million deaths to learn a million truths. The saying holds true
for pirates.

Q: Alright, what can I do to get away from them in a public shuttle?
A: Try to stick to zones that clans are protecting. The home
system of each major clan are pretty well guarded (if they have
+pirate enabled), so those are a good bet.

It's best, however, to be self reliant. Before launching make
sure your shields are charged at least half way. If you launch
and you see a bunch of ships and your shields are low, an easy
way to get away is to type CALC LOCAL. You want to set a course
away from the planet. If its at 0 0 0, try coursing to 1000 1000 1000.

If you are surrounded by pirates, don't be a hero. Eject quickly and
get on your comlink to ask for help. A barloz can easily make it to
a planet despite a bunch of pirates.

- More in PIRATEFAQ2 -


Q: Why do they show up sometimes 3 at once, especially ASFs?
A: The pirate system spawns based on the chaos theory. No real regulation
by code restricts the amount of pirates from a system, nor counts the
sizes of the ships to see what is `fair` and what isn't. It randomly
assigns pirates to systems, and the law of averages keeps the
distribution of them fairly equal.

Q: What if a pirate comes to orbit the planet I am on and won't leave?
A: Each pirate has a self destruct timer for 3 minutes from it's time
of creation onwards. Just wait it out, if you can't call for help.

Q: Finally, how long until the pirates are gone once and for all?
A: A mob ship system is being made by Orion, and once that is in place
for the timeline advancement the pirates will be disabled. For this
timeline, however, everyone needs to cope with it and learn from it.

Consider pirates a way to learn how to fly a ship, so that when you
end up fighting real ships you'll know what you're doing, somewhat.

Bitching about pirates to try to get them removed won't work, either.

- More in PIRATEFAQ -


Pirates are ships in uncharted space that are just like bounty mobs in a
way. Idealy you would shoot them down, and you would get credits from
their death and piloting experience. However be advised these mob ships
have the potential to both disable your ship and blow it up if you aren't
careful. If you decide to go pirate hunting please familiarize yourself
with the logistics of space combat before trying, and if you're unsure of
what to do ask a friend to come along, someone who has done it before.
Pirates will fire on your vessel regardless of the type and make, and the
owner. They will fire at newbies, people in Public Shuttles, and even at
people in small starfighters. Just be forewarned, and enjoy!


Syntax: pirateship
pirateship release
PIRATESHIP will allow a master smuggler to steal a ship.

A person may only ever have one `stolen` ship. The ship will not be owned by
the person, though it will appear in SHIPS OWNED. The real owner of the ship
can still see it, as the posession of the ship never changes.

Governing clans (and do-gooder slicers) can enact security on landing pads,
which will set off the planet's governing clan alarms if a pirateship attempt
is made there. Likewise, nefarious slicers can disable security.

Smugglers who successfully steal a ship can then use TRADESHIP <ship> <target>
to trade stolen rights of that ship to someone else. Still, it's only one
stolen ship per character. Smugglers can trade stolen ships to crime clantypes.
The number of stolen ships a crime clan can maintain is based on its number of
active members.

To relinquish your hold on a ship, you can either PIRATESHIP RELEASE to release
your claim from anywhere, or use TRADESHIP <ship> NONE (while in the room with
the ship). You will not be able to see or set codes of the ship, or self
destruct it, but autopilot and launching, as well as other goodies will work
while it is stolen.

SEE ALSO: Help Security


All perms on LotJ require justification by the permer, and all restore requests
require justification by the permed. Perm validation falls under the
jurisdiction of the RPC. If a disputed perm fails to meet the standards held by
the RPC, then a permed person may be restored. There are many factors that can
be provided to the RPC to justify a perming The following factors are most
commonly looked at in restore cases:

- Logical cause
- Logs
- Proof of in-game events

Please do not waste the RPC's time with frivolous restores or perms. Please
exercise your best judgment when perming someone or applying for a restore.
Perms may not be random. Characters who are loose with their trigger finger,
perm others for casual offenses, or otherwise craft a character who repeatedly
carries out poor perms will be at the mercy of the staff. Responsibility for
perms carried out as part of a bounty hunter contract will fall on the
shoulders of the hiring party.

Be aware of your actions and understand there is always a consequence. LotJ is
an RP/PK mud: virtually every character will end up dead eventually. This is
not a rule or regulation but on a practical level, offering some degree of
roleplay with a perm can go a long way towards preventing frivilous restore
requests. Put yourself in their situation: if you just stun a person, whisper
into their ear, then perm then, that person is probably going to be upset.

To read more about the restores, type HELP RESTORE
To read about how to APPLY for a restore, type HELP RPCTRIAL


This is an indicator of how well-liked the governing clan is by the citizens of
the planet. When it reaches 0 or below, it is possible for another clan to
capture it or for the governing clan to lose control over it.

Diplomacy skills such as Propaganda, Small Talk and Bribe can raise and/or
lower this. Killing citizens and bombardments will always lower this.

This determines the tax rate for goods sold or purchased on the planet.
Governing clans receive taxes from sold and bought items directly into their
funds. Taxes from cargo are put into the governing clan funds every hour.

Set at a high enough rate, popular support will begin to be impacted. If
popular support is low enough, tax revenue will not be generated for the
governing clan.

The planet's ability to deal with crime rate through the police force. Higher
Police Levels will have greater impact on the crime rate. This will impact
popular support at high enough levels, or low enough levels.

The planet's ability to deal with crime rate through the military force. Higher
Military Levels will have greater impact on the crime rate. This will impact
popular support at high enough levels.

Police/Military Budget
This is the cost associated with the Police and Military levels. Higher police
and military levels means a higher budget spent on their upkeep.

This indicates the amount of crime a planet running rampant. Crime impacts
popular support, and at high enough levels will spawn criminal mobs. The death
of these criminal mobs will lower the crime rate.

The number of active criminals on a planet. The death of these criminals leads
to a decrease in the crime rate.

Indicates that a planet is being pillaged by pirates. This leads to increased
crime, decreased revenue, and decreased popular support.

Rebel Value
An unseen value by the players, but easy to calculate:


This value determines how many diplomatic attempts can be made before the
citizens won't listen anymore. During times of blockade, Rebel value will never
go above 7.

The amount of revenue generated by a planet after factoring in the budget costs
for police and military and cargo-generated taxes. The amount of revenue a
planet generates will be added to the governing clan's funds every hour. If
popular support is low enough, no revenue can be generated, only lost.



-------------------[Rules of the Game]-------------------

Capturing and holding planets will now be given a new meaning. The
objective of the game is to hold the most ground the longest.

The goal: Capture all the planets aside from each clans home
planet. In order to qualify for a WIN you must hold all of them
for six consecutive hours.

The prizes: The winning clan will get to choose from various
categories, including but not limited to base add ons, a five million
credits bonus, new ships, hidden pads on planets, and special items.
It is up to the clan leaders to determine the prize after winning.

The aftermath: After the planet game has been won the planets
will be set back to the default. The greater share going to the loser.

Questions: Send them to Orion's email or ask RPC members,
they should have a good idea.

Note: YAVIN 4 counts as a planet too.
See TIMER for details on any current attempts to win.

You may only capture two planets every 24 hour period. That means that if you
capture your second planet at 11 AM, you are unable to capture any other
planets until 11 AM the next day.

Warning: This help-file is a Legendary File. As such it is no longer valid from
the date of 24/8/7. It is replaced by Help War


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: planets

This command shows all the planets, the system they are in, their planetary
rulers, and the popular support of the planet at that time. The information
shown on the planet listing is IC.


The Anatomy of PLAYER FAIL

While the scenario below is fictional, and the names are made up, the event
described is based HEAVILY upon numerous historical LotJ instances.

Phase One: The Half-Assed Inquiry
At some point, one player will notice that something is amiss. In our example
case, the Imm forgot to put a factory flag on the workshop room of a clan base.
This clan now is hindered in it's production of necessary combat materials.

( IMM | CHAT )[Player1]: Hi, thanks for the base, it's great. I did notice,
however, that we don't have a working workshop. I'm sure one is meant to be on
the base, because there is a room called `Workshop`

Unfortunately for Player1, at the time of his inquiry, all of the online
immortals were either in another window, or were afk. Player1 does not get a
response. This may be repeated several times, each time with no response from
the on-duty imm. The player should at this point leave an immchat message, or
send an email, but rather than do that, Player1 decided to sulk and harbor
feelings of rejection.

Phase Two: The Declaration of Bullshit.
Player1 begins to formulate a logical scenario to explain why his imm chats are
being ignored. It is well known that the Immortal who built the base is playing
a mortal in a clan who opposes the clan that Player1 is a part of, so this is
naturally factored into the equation.

Player1: Omg, this is bullshit. We don't have a single workshop on our base.
Player2: Yeah. The Imms hate us.
Player1: They always ignore the smaller clans. How the hell are we supposed to
grow into a solid opposing force if we can't even get a base with a workshop.
Player2: And I heard they're giving extra workshops to all the major clans.
Probably to dick us over more.
Player1: I'm quitting LotJ. (See help mudquitter)

Phase Three: Formulation of a Plot to Ensure the Rectification of Wrong doing.
The affected players continue to communicate amongst themselves, and continue
to dig up more evidence of their claim.

Phase Four: The Final Straw
Player2: Anna, I heard you guys are favoring the major clans this era, and I
think that's total bullshit. Player1 already quit, and he's getting 5 more
people to quit, and I'm going to quit as well if you can't give us a fucking
chance to succeed.
Codenamebananna: Okay?
Player2: Yeah, it's not fair how we're being treated. Everyone is going to go
play this other game that's supposed to be cooler than LotJ.
Codenamebananna: Uh. Who the fuck are you?
Player2: OMG!
Player2 has signed off. (See HELP CONTACT ANNA)

Solution: (This is a week later, of course)
Player3: Anna, can you put a workshop on my base? I'm with So-and-so Clan. I
just got promoted to leader because the old leader apparently quit LotJ.
Codenamebananna: I'm not at home right now. Can you email me what you need
done, or ask an IMM who's on the game to handle it for you?
Player3: Oh yeah, sure. Thanks for helping.

Please note: OFTEN times, Immortals innocently forget to follow through with a
request. Sometimes, our real lives get in the way, and things just dead-end. If
an immortal has not responded to your request after 24 hours, it is appropriate
for you to remind them of anything they have agreed to do, or ask them for a
response of some kind to a standing question.



Unless you send in an application to own one.
and get it accepted.


Max Cargo Pods per ship:
Fighter = 2 Pods
Transport = 4 Pods
Freighter = 10 Pods
Gunboat = 15 Pods
Corvette = 20 Pods
Frigate = 25 Pods
Cruiser = 35 Pods

Price per pod:
4K = Small Pod (100 Units)
12K = Medium Pod (300 Units)
20K = Large Pod (500 Units)


One of the game's unique features is the ability to accumulate account points.
These points can then be spent purchasing unique playable races and levels.
Account points can be earned in the following ways:

-Points can be earned upon the death of a character if they meet certain
requirements (total levels, time played, etc) up to a maximum of 3,500.
-By writing 'tips' (help tips). Up to 100 points per tip can be awarded.
-By submitting a description for either an NPC or object in the gameworld,
up to 75 points can be awarded. The object cannot be player created. The MUD
is *very* big and there are a *ton* of NPC's and OBJ's without descriptions,
so there are a lot of points to be made from this.
-By writing a quality history, description, character sheet, or think log.

What can I spend points on?
Points can be used at character creation to purchase unique playable races,
as well as levels for your character during creation. Purchasing levels skips
the need to level, it cannot be used to raise your maximum level in a class.
To view the particular costs of a race, input 'showrace <race>'.

For more information:


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 1 Science Skill

Syntax: ponder

This skill is the first stage of SCIENCE. Young scientists use this until
they hit level 30 to level up in science. Be warned, it will not be
easy to walk the path of the scientist. Those wishing instant gratification
will be dissappointed.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: practice
Syntax: practice <skill|class>

PRACTICE without an argument tells you your current ability level in all the
skills and powers available to you. Adding an arguement after practice will
display a variety of information. Typing in a skill or ability will allow you
practice a skill once. All skills start out at 0% and must be practiced or

A new feature to LotJ allows players to see skills for a specific class. To do
this, add the class name after typing practice.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - precision
Class - Piloting
Level - 150

Your ability to hit targets with ship weapons is increased by 15 percentage


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Passive ability

This ability is one of the higher jedi knowledges, allowing a Force
sensitive character the chance to become a Force Ghost on death. Once a
person is adequately aware of themself, has brought their mind to enough
calm, and has the compassion to remain existant to help those they know
may need it. The jedi must not wish to live longer, but instead to remain
amongst the living for some greater purpose. A temple on a planet known
only to the Jedi is said to be where such an ability might be learned.


`Private` bounties, defined as all bounties placed in a manner other than going
to a coded bounty office and posting a bounty with the BOUNTY command, must
follow a simple guideline:

They must be placed against a SPECIFIC person whom your character KNOWS - in
other words, you must have a greet or a dub of the target and be able to supply
it to the bounty hunter. This extends even to bounties against members of
clans. You may not place a bounty on `members of the Empire` or `the leaders of
the Rebellion.` Each target must be known to your character.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: promote <character> <0-11>

Promote is used by clan leaders to promote people in their clan. When
someone is promoted their rank shows up in who. For RP reasons it would
be best if you have a formal ceremony when promoting someone.

To demote someone, you use the same syntax as you did for the promotion, but
you lower the number. Taking a player from a 10 to a 5 would simply be PROMOTE


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Prompt <string>
Fprompt <string>
prompt account|default|default2|default3
frompt account|default
Account prompt <string>
Account fprompt <string>

When NOT in combat, your PROMPT is a set of display lines that reveals a
variety of information about your character that you would expect to see on a
routine basis.

When IN combat, your FPROMPT is a set of display lines that reveals a variety
of information about your character and the opposing character every combat
round to provide status updates.

The game automatically sets your prompt and fprompt when your character is
created. Through the PROMPT and FPROMPT commands, you can customize them to
meet your needs and desires using Prompt Tokens as seen in HELP PROMPT_TOKENS.

You can also use the ACCOUNT PROMPT or ACCOUNT FPROMPT commands to set up
account wide prompt and fprompt for easily retrieval across multiple characters

There are several default prompt options and a default fprompt option that you
can revisit should you prefer:

Prompt Default
Health: 500/500 [OOC: ||||||][ ] Movement: 1000/1000 >

Prompt Default2
HP: 500/500 [OOC: ||||||] Time: [ day ] Tone: [ none ] Movement: 100% >

Prompt Default3
{Tone: none } {Time: day } {Ambience: average }
{Health: 500/500} {OOC:||||||} [*] {Movement: 1000/1000} []

Fprompt Default
- Enemy: [ 100% ] -
Health 500/500 (100%) Move 1000/1000 (100%) < >

SEE ALSO: Help Prompt_Tokens


The primary special character is: %
Tokens are listed below:
[Stat Name Current Maximum Graphic Percentage]
Hitpoints %h %H %c %C
Movement %v %V %z %Z
Forcepoints %m %M %x %X
(Battle Stats) (Token) (Battle Stats) (Token)
Graphic HP %e Percentage HP %E
Graphic AP %p Numerical AP %P
(Server Stats) (Token) (Server Stats) (Token)
Current Users %u Max Players %U
(Miscellaneous) (Token) (Miscellaneous) (Token)
People near you %A (Line Break) %_
Time-till-Backup %t TTB (Hidden) %T
OOC Limit %B Time of day %W
OOC Limit (#) %b Ambience %J
Speaking Tone %D Action timer %g
Language %w Bot Status %o
Current droid %d Current droid's HP %s
Current comlink channel %k Current comlink encryption %K
%r - Vnum of current room
%R - Vnum of current room (Requires config +vnum. Shows '<#vnum> '
%i - Wizinvis (Shows '(Invis Lv) ', with trailing space)
%I - Raw wizinvis (Shows 'Lv', and only if wizinvis is active)

The other special characters are:
& - Foreground color ^ - Background color

Please see HELP COLORS for a list of the color tokens.

Note: when creating your own prompt, we suggest ending the prompt with the line
break token %_. If you do not, then occasionally other things will appear on
the same line as your prompt, which looks ugly and can mess up triggers and


Level 120 Slicer Skill

Syntax: protect_account #account

The slicer, using his knowledge of computer systems, is able to protect an
account from hackers. The protection is strong, jamming the hacker's system,
causing a strong electric surge. BE CAREFUL it can permanently kill your
character if you're doing it on non safe place.


Protocol droids are primarily designed to aid organics with etiquette and
relations, serving as unsurpassable translators. They are usually humanoid, or
else designed to look like the organics they serve--with rare exceptions. Some
protocol droids are programmed as scientists, engineers, or medical work
instead of diplomacy, but they are almost always polite, respectful, and

Famous Protocol Droids
*C-3PO, counterpart to R2-D2, companion to Luke Skywalker and others
*TC-14, assistant to the Viceroy of the Trade Federation


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: pshields <on/off>

This command is used to toggle the status of the planetary shields. To use this
command, you must not only be a member of the clan who controls the planet, but
you must also be in the command center on the planet, and have the PSHIELDS
command empowerment.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: pstat

This command will display information about the planetary defenses of the
planet you are on. To view this information you must be a member of the clan
that controls the planet. Information includes ships in orbit, the shield
status, and the planetary turret status.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: ptalk <message>

Just like the clan channel, only it can only be heard by other clanmates
on the planet. Can only be used on a planet your clan controls.


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Syntax: pturrets <manual/automatic>

This command is used to toggle the status of the planetary turbolasers and ion
cannons. To use this command, you must not only be a member of the clan who
controls the planet, but you must also be in the command center on the planet,
and have the PTURRETS command empowerment.

Planetary weapons can be fired manually by using the familiar space combat
commands TARGET <ship> and FIRE. Using TARGET alone will give a list of the
ships in the system and their range from the planet.

Note: The locations of the command center and weapon control rooms vary from
planet to planet. While some planets may have the weapon control stations in
the same room as the command center due to IC/RP considerations, most planets
have separate command centers, ion cannon controls, and turbolaser controls.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: pull <trigger>
Syntax: push <trigger>
Syntax: press <trigger>

Levers, switches, pullchains and buttons can do all sorts of interesting
things... open or unlock doors, change exits around, teleport you to another
location, cast a power, summon a monster... you name it!


Quarren (or Qarren) are aquatic natives of the planet Dac. They are humanoids
with squidlike heads, able to change the color of their skin during mating
rituals. Quarren are culturally isolationist and rarely leave Dac, and their
dependency on the more social Mon Calamari for offworld diplomacy and trade has
produced deep resentment. Those who do leave Dac often become criminals.

Famous Quarren
*Tessek, member of Jabba The Hutts inner circle


Quarren (or Qarren) are aquatic natives of the planet Dac. They are humanoids
with squidlike heads, able to change the color of their skin during mating
rituals. Quarren are culturally isolationist and rarely leave Dac, and their
dependency on the more social Mon Calamari for offworld diplomacy and trade has
produced deep resentment. Those who do leave Dac often become criminals.

Famous Quarren
*Tessek, member of Jabba The Hutts inner circle


Quermians are a very tall, near-Xexto species created by Arkanian geneticists.
They have long necks, four arms, two clawed feet, and small bodies (with a
second brain in their chest). They have no noses, smelling with their hands.
They normally hide one pair of arms. Some of the galaxy's greatest diplomats,
doctors, and thinkers, Quermians are typically gentle and unassuming, hating
violence. They are fascinated by new species and experiences.

Famous Quermians
*Yarael Poof, Jedi Master and member of the Pre-Clone Wars Jedi Council
*Nim Tar, New Republic Senator


LotJ's questing system works by breaking up quests that
are available mud wide to into 4 tiers. As you level your
character, quest tiers will open up to you.

Tier Your Level Exp Payout Credit Payout
1 1 - 24 5000 - 20000 1000 - 2500
2 25 - 49 21000 - 49000 2500 - 4500
3 50 - 99 50000 - 99000 4500 - 7500
4 +100 100000 - 150000 7500 - 10000

For example, if you have 35 levels of smuggling, you can
complete quests that fall into smuggling tiers 1 and 2.

If you have 100 levels of diplomacy and 35 levels in
smuggling, then you qualify for tier 4 in diplomacy,
but you will still be in tier 2 for smuggling.

Mobs that are programmed for higher tiers than you
qualify for will not solicit you to complete that quest.
Mobs will reject items turned in if you do not qualify
for the tier level of that quest.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - quick healer
Class - Combat
Level - 50

While not stunned, you regain health at triple the normal rate. When stunned,
you will regain health at five times the normal rate. When incapacitated or
mortally wounded, you will regain health at a marginal rate. You are also
stunned for half the duration from blaster stun effects.


Places where it is designated safe to log out will be marked with a [HOTEL]
flag. Here, players can safely use the quit command. Players who disconnect
instead of quitting out are considered link-dead; we encourage you to log out
properly to prevent bugs, crashes, and other nasty things. Use hail hotel to
quickly find one.

Players who disconnect without using the quit command are considered to be
"linkdead" - a state that leaves your character vulnerable to bugs and crashes.
We highly suggest avoiding going linkdead.

Rules around when and where you can log out:
* If you are in PK or being hunted/tracked by another player, you must wait 3
minutes after reaching a hotel flag to log out, go link-dead, or go AFK. If
pursuers reach you before three minutes is up, the option to log out of that
room is lost. Players who violate this rule will likely find themselves turned
over to the player pursuing them.

* You must stay logged out for 30 minutes before switching alts in a
time-sensitive situation. This includes clan actions like attacks and
investigations, people calling for your alt on commnets, and moments right
after your clan alt is permed.

* You cannot log out inside another clan's base.

* You cannot log out inside another person's ship or home without permission.


Quota is a value for modifications and components on a ship. Every ship
has a quota, and it basically determines how many parts can fit on the
vessel. The help file COMPONENTS gives a chart to figure out how much
quota each part takes up, and how many credits per part it costs to



[ 0/ 0]: Hutt Lorellian Bith Bothan Zabrak Muun Ithorian Besalisk
Neimoidian Quermian Vurk Utai unused
[ 50/ 0]: Cerean
[ 250/ 0]: Rodian Mon_calamari Jawa
[ 1/ 250]: Offshoot
[ 500/ 0]: Sullustan Nautolan
[ 250/ 250]: Pau'an
[ 1/ 500]: Falleen Sluissi Quarren Arkanian Toong Iakaru
[ 500/ 500]: Khommite Argazdan Kaminoan Ryn Abednedo
[1000/ 0]: Twi'lek Naboo
[ 1/1000]: Talz
[1000/ 1]: Firrerreo Chagrian
[1500/ 0]: Lorrdian Baragwin
[ 750/ 750]: Iktotchi
[1000/ 500]: Kubaz Wroonian
[ 500/1000]: Verpine Devaronian Balosar Lannik Omwati Alderaanian Nikto
[1100/ 500]: Zeltron
[1000/1000]: Aqualish Trandoshan Duros Corellian Togruta Weequay Gotal
[1500/ 500]: Astromech
[ 500/1500]: Barabel
[2000/ 0]: Wookiee
[ 500/2000]: Draethos
[1000/2000]: Kaleesh
[2000/1000]: Dug Geonosian
[1500/1500]: Ubese
[1500/2000]: Sith
[2000/2000]: Miraluka T'Surr Dashade
[1000/3000]: Toydarian Gand Kel_dor
[2000/3000]: Defel
[2500/1000]: Lasat
[2500/2500]: Chiss
[2500/4000]: Gamorrean
[3500/3000]: Echani
[3500/3500]: War_droid
[5000/3000]: Whiphid
[5000/5000]: Abyssin
[App Only ]: Taung Cathar Mandalorian

NOTE: The points and deposit fields tell you how much a race will cost. Points
are non-refundable, and your deposit is how many points you pay for the race
which you receive back upon your character's death, unless you abuse your race
and have it removed.

Disclaimer: This file may or may not be out of date. Using SHOWRACE <race> will
always be correct, and is best used to make sure before you dash off to make
that special race/character combination.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: radar

Shows the coordinates of all ships, stations, stars and plants in the current

See Also: Proximity


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: radio <message>

This command allows a player to send a broadcast into the system that it is
currently in. All ships within range of the transmitting ship will receive this
message. Range is determined by the transmitting and receiving ships'
communications system value.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - rally
Class - Leadership
Level - 120

This feat lets you rally your party members, restoring 20% of their health.
Doing this puts a RALLY affect on you, and you cannot do it again until the
affect has worn off. This is only usable if you are the leader of a group, and
if your group is present.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

This command is for use by Firrerreos alone. It will allow you to
specify your birth name, or your `real` name. The name is significant to the
firrerreo, as they will follow any order given to them by anyone who knows
and speaks their real name.

This command means that you may all use your character's name as the name
they call themselves by, and not the name they were given by their parents
at birth. This of course allows firrerreo to greet like the rest of the races.


The Immortal Staff reserves the names of Rebel Alliance, The Rebellion,
Alliance to Restore the Republic, and any other names that resemble the
Rebellion in the Star Wars galaxy. The primary reason for this restriction is
to avoid multiple groups arguing that they are the REAL Rebel Alliance, as well
as to avoid having everyone under the sun call themselves it, resulting in the
name becoming meaningless. In essence, there is a moratorium on formclanning
any clans with that as a title.

Generally, the groups that become the Rebellion will form ICly from
in-character groups, clans and alliances. However, those seeking the title of
'The Rebellion/Rebel Alliance/Alliance to Restore the Republic' will need to
apply and coordinate with the staff.

The Immortal Staff reserves the right to deny or strip this moniker to any
prospective clan if it is felt the clan isn't living up to expectations.

From watching the developing roleplay the staff will, at a logical point, be
able to grant the clan/group leader the 'right' to use the title of The
Rebellion/RebelAlliance/Alliance-to-restore-the-republic, and then aid them in
officializing and uniting the clans under their leadership.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax : recall
Recalls an Immortal to the Omnipresent Being's Monitoring Room.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - reflexes
Class - Smuggling
Level - 95

This feat gives you +30% chance to dodge.


Feat - refresh
Class - Leadership
Level - 90

This feat allows you to refresh the movement of your party members. Doing this
puts a REFRESH effect on you, and you cannot do it again until the effect has
worn off. This is only usable if you are the leader of a group, and if your
group is present.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: refuel <ship> <amount/full>

This allows the user to refuel any ship at a landing pad or while landed on
another vessel. Be warned, that refueling while landed on another vessel takes
the fuel from that ship's fuel reserves. This command used only for medium and
small spacecraft, as capital ships that are in orbit around a planet controlled
by their clan regain fuel every turn.

See Also: RELOAD


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax : reinforcements

This calls some troopers to follow you.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: release

This command will release anyone you either are holding, or carrying,
dropping them to the ground.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: reload <ship> <weapon> <amount>


Reload allows for the user to reload weapons such as missiles and torpedoes, as
well as chaff for defensive measures, onto their ship.

For reloading your ground weapons, see: AMMO



Level 30 Slicer skill
Syntax: remodulate <datapad in inventory> <modulation code>
Required Items: 2 Datapads, Circuit, Toolkit
Optional Items: Coprocessor

This will attempt to reprogram one datapad with another. To begin, you must
hold the higher leveled datapad.

Higher modulation in your datapad will be required for espionage and slicer
skills that require datapads. Certain skills require certain modes, and for all
intents and purposes, the higher the mode you have the better.

The highest modulation you can create depends on your slicer level.

The standard remodulations are:
- BS1
- Medical
- ES1

A sufficiently skilled slicer may use datastat to see their datapad's current
modulation. It can also be deduced from the datapad's number of message slots.

As a side note, if you're a slicer and you can get the MSTR setting, or even a
high setting, you don't want to be giving them away, as the higher the
modulation the more one can do with it, and thus it is imperative that you do
not allow the most powerful of hacked datapads to fall into the hands of the
less skilled. Think of it as handing out guns as opposed to keeping only one
for yourself when everyone else has none.

"Spec Master" Modulations
A Spec Master modulated datapad gives the user an advantage only when slicing a
computer system that corresponds to its type.

Turbolift - Lifthack Skill
Datanet - Decrypt_File Skill
Spacecraft - Slice for Ships
Room - Disable_Security Skill

These modulations are obtained by incorporating a coprocessor into the
remodulation process. The location in which a slicer remodulates a datapad with
a coprocessor will be imprinted on the datapad, granting an extra bonus when
slicing in that specific room.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Remotebay <target ship> <access code> <bay #>

This command opens and closes the hangars of ships in the same system
as the ship sending the signals.



Usage: renamedroid <name>

Droid names must include at least one number.

This command allows you to rename your droid. Please keep in mind when
renaming your droid that it is a DROID, and should be named as such. Any
droids found to be not keeping to this standard will either be renamed or

Remember: Your droid has to look like a CANON droid. This means no & colors.
This means no droids with the same name as you. This means, in the sharpest
sense, YOUR DROID HAS TO LOOK LIKE A CANON DROID. Again, this will be enforced
by the staff, and you are encouraged to use your best judgment. Be in the
line, don't toe it!

Warning: If your droid is found to have a name identical to a player's title,
the owner, and the person who did the renaming (if different) will both be
subject to SEVERE punishment.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: renameship <ship> <new name>

This command will change the name of a ship that you own, or are a defined
pilot of, to the name that you specify. Renaming a ship costs 1000 credits,
and you must be standing on the same landing platform as the ship that you
wish to rename.

- Your ships name is at the mercy of immortals. If deemed inappropriate
your ship will be removed from the game. If you see a ship with an
unacceptable name, inform the RPC or immortals.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: repair <item>
repair all

This command may be used at an NPC repair shop. Each repair shop NPC will only
repair certain types of objects.


Syntax: repairarmor <armor name>

An engineer utilizing this skill can repair any damaged piece of armor or
container no matter where they are. All that is required is a sewing kit. The
time it takes to repair a piece depends on the engineer's skill and the amount
of damage the armor has taken



Syntax: repairdroid <droid>

Required Items: Droid parts

This skill will use up a droid part in your inventory to repair damage to a
droid. You can heal any droid this way, not just your own.


Level 50 Engineering Skill

Syntax: repairhatch <ship name>

Required Items: A broken hatch, Hull, a Toolkit

Lightsabers and fusion cutters can cut a ship's hatch open, rendering it unable
to launch. This skill allows an engineer to repair said hatch.


Level 55 Engineering Skill

Syntax: repairhull <ship>

Required Items: Damaged Ship, Hull, Hydrospanner

This skill allows an engineer to repair any hull damage to a landed spacecraft.


Level 50 Piloting Skill
Syntax: repairship <system>

Ship Systems: --------
Fuel - Halts a fuel purge (see HELP SABOTAGE)
Drive - Repairs the ship's drive
Launcher - Repairs the missile launcher
Laser - Repairs the lasers
Ion - Repairs the ion cannons
Cloak - Repairs the cloaking system
Turret - Repairs a turret
Comm - Repairs the ship's comm system

Ship maintenance grants a pilot the ability to use the repairship command.
To repair a ship, one must be in the relevant room of the ship - either the
engine room, or the one that houses that particular ship system.


Syntax: repairweapon <weapon name>

Required: oil, duraplast, toolkit

An individual utilizing this skill can repair any damaged weaponry no matter
where they are. All that is required is oil, duraplast, and a toolkit. The
time it takes to repair a weapon depends on the individual's skill and the
amount of damage to the weapon



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: report <target>

This will report, for the immortals, the name and location of someone who
you believe to be abusing the rules, or exploiting things in the game. This
will also save to a logfile, and will allow immortals to review it after the
fact, to find out where, when, and who was reported.


[]==The Republic Datanet File #001-101==========================[]
[| , ,^. . |
[| ,'| _ \ / _ |`. | Birthname:
[| / / `.\| |/,' \ \ | Gender:
[| / : `. ,' : \ | Age:
[| : | | | | : | Species:
[| | : : : : | | National Planet:
[| : `.__,' `.__,' : |
[| \ / |
[| \ / |
[| `. ,' |
[| `-._______,-' |
[]====EMPLOYMENT HISTORY========================================[]
[| -
[]====PERSONAL HISTORICAL DATA==================================[]
[| -
[| -
[| -


&[]&==&The Republic Datanet File #001-101&==========================&[]
&[&|& , ,^. . &|
&[&|& ,'| _ \ / _ |`. &|& Birthname:&
&[&|& / / `.\| |/,' \ \ &|& Gender:&
&[&|& / : `. ,' : \ &|& Age:&
&[&|& : | | | | : &|& Species:&
&[&|& | : : : : | &|& National Planet:&
&[&|& : `.__,' `.__,' : &|&
&[&|& \ / &|&
&[&|& \ / &|&
&[&|& `. ,' &|&
&[&|& `-._______,-' &|&
&[]&====&EMPLOYMENT HISTORY&========================================&[]
&[| &- &
&[]&====&PERSONAL HISTORICAL DATA&==================================&[]
&[| &- &
&[| &- &
&[| &- &


[:::::::::::: The Galactic Republic File Database ::::::::::::]

.::Citizen Information::.
Name :
Gender :
Race :
Birthplace :
Siblings :

.::Citizen Employment Transcript::.

.::Citizen Criminal Record::.

.::Miscellaneous File Notes::.

[:::::::::::: The Galactic Republic File Database ::::::::::::]


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Combat Skill

Syntax: rescue <character>

Rescue allows a soldier to pull a squad-mate out of combat,
taking their place against the opponent.
Additional Help Files: FLEE


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Research <skill/language>

This skill allows a player to increase the percentage level of their skills.
Each successful attempt will increase the skill by a % depending on your
intelligence level. Skills cannot be researched past 90%.

You must be in a library to use the research command. Also, be aware that there
are limitations on how far you can research a skill, depending on what level
you received that skill at, and what level you are currently.

If you are 3+ levels above the level needed to learn the skill, your skill %
will jump directly to 90% (except for very difficult skills such as
slice/secure, flurry, and the sciences).



Syntax: resident <add/remove/list/clear>
Add - allows you to add a person's name to your resident list.
Remove - remove a person from your resident list
Clear - Clear your resident list

The resident system is a new system to enhance player homes. What this system
allows is for you to be able to add residents that can freely come and go from
your home. You are unable to add an alt to your home, and if you are caught
doing so you WILL be punished.

By adding someone as a resident, you are essentially considering them something
akin to an owner of the home. As such, the Immortals will not intervene should
they decide to sift through your locker and pilfer.

You can currently have up to 2 residents.

See also: HELP RULES1


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: resign <your password>

This command will make you quit from your clan. Please be aware that after
you quit from your clan, your former allies can hunt you down and kill you
if there are reasons for it.

In essence, leaving a clan should not be done lightly, as it can have some
very negative impacts on the lifespan and happiness of your character.


Syntax: rest
Syntax: sleep
Syntax: stand
Syntax: wake

These commands change your position. When you REST or SLEEP, you
regenerate hit points, force points, and movement points faster.
However, you are more vulnerable to attack, and if you SLEEP,
you won't hear many things happen.

Use STAND or WAKE to come back to a standing position. You can
also WAKE other sleeping characters.


It is possible that a player kill (perm) will eventually happen that violates a
rule or lacks the IC backing to qualify as legal. The Roleplay Council (RPC) is
a group of elected players who review and judge on such cases. If you feel that
you deserve a restore after being permed, you are welcome to contact the RPC.

- You must be able to clearly convey why you feel your perm was unjustified.
- Do not log back on if you have a clone. This will overwrite your file, and
make a restore impossible.
- Try and keep a calm demeanor when talking with the RPC. It's never a bad idea
to take a few hours to cool down.
- Restores must be submitted within 48 hours of the perm. If you are the
permer, be prepared to make yourself available to the RPC in this window. The
RPC will then have an additional 48 hours to vote.

If your character is restored from an illegal perm, they have somehow
'miraculously' survived an imminent demise and have awakened from a coma with a
mild concussion and memory loss, meaning that they are unable to remember
specific details about the perm. For example, you would not know that the
Imperial Star Destroyer 'Devastator' piloted by Darth Vader fired the shot that
killed me.` You would only know that your ship blew up, you ejected and slammed
your head against the wall and don't remember what happened.

For the next 7 days following a perm that is found to be illegal, the permer
may not attack the victim unless the victim initiates the fight.

Frivolous perms or restore requests can result in punishment.

To read about perming on the mud, type HELP PERM
To read about how to APPLY for a restore, type HELP RPCTRIAL


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 130 Engineering Skill

Syntax: restring <armor> <description>

This is used to set the description you assume when wearing both a covering
helmet and a covering suit of body (about) armor. Basically, this is what the
immortals used to do at your request, and instead can be done by players. Along
with the added freedom, however, comes rules.

You may not use any inappropriate titles. All strings must be serious and must
make sense ICly. There is a system that tracks who strung what string, and we
will levy major punishments to those who abuse the skill. Anyone who sees
someone with a questionable armor description is urged to inform the immortals.
It is not snitching, it is keeping the mud clean and the violators in line.

A good example of a string would be `A being in Golden Plated Armor`, which you
would string using the following syntax:

restring armor A being in Golden Plated Armor

Please be responsible with your use of the skill.

You MUST make the restringed description descriptive of a type of armor. Please
do not specify age, race, gender, or anything else not related directly to the
armor itself. Failure to follow this requirement will result in your character
being disallowed from using the skill.

Rewards are now being offered for players that report incidents where they
witness a particular restring that does not follow the guidelines above.

Examples of Bad Restrings:
`A being in an Elegant Dress` - Dresses do not hide a persons identity
`A man in a pair of overalls` - What if a woman wears it? Don't include gender.
`A human in a business suit` - has species in it. A Jawa could put it on.

You will also notice that none of these are actually armour.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Dark Side Force Ability

After learning this ability, a group of force masters can actually raise the
dead. The dark teachings of long gone sith lords teach of how to bring ones
post-corporeal state back into the mortal coil. By means of collective power
and the focused desire for the vengeance and review of the force ghosts life,
those who have passed can walk again. The force sensitivity of the ghost,
however, will greatly diminish as they are resurrected, or so it is recorded.


Level 110 Bounty Hunting Skill

Syntax: retreat <direction>

A bounty hunter with control of the battlefield can use their exceptional
awareness to allow themselves an orderly withdrawal. Retreat enables a bounty
hunter to choose which direction they flee from combat, instead of randomly
choosing a direction in which to run. Like flee, a hunter cannot retreat past a
blocked exit.



Level 110 Bounty Hunting Skill

Syntax: retreat <direction>

A bounty hunter with control of the battlefield can use their exceptional
awareness to allow themselves an orderly withdrawal. Retreat enables a bounty
hunter to choose which direction they flee from combat, instead of randomly
choosing a direction in which to run. Like flee, a hunter cannot retreat past a
blocked exit.



Syntax: feel reveal

Practitioners of the dark side have become known for clouding all foresight and
insight with their powers. The Jedi have developed a counter to at least one
dark side method, however. Reveal permits a Jedi to remove the obscure effect
from a room, so that he or she may use any abilities prevented by the obscure's



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Revive (character)

Similar to aid, It can be used to restore a stunned back into
consciousness. It has the unique ability of being able to treat paralysis
though, such as that caused by Blackjack and Concussion bombs.

In order to use, you must be holding a medpac. It will deduct 1 unit from
the medpac, and revive the target.

If a being has the sleep condition from being injected with a sedative, revive
will purge the sleep from their body, and then a WAKE or second REVIVE will
rouse them.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: rip <on/off>

The rip command will either enable or disable rip graphics. Rip graphics
will only work provided you are using a rip compatible terminal program.


Rmote is a command that lets you affect the actions occuring in the room
in which you stand. Rmote should be treated seriously, as it is a RULE to
not abuse it. All rmotes are logged, and those who break the rules will be


There has been an increase in incidents of what can be termed as 'power-posing'
or 'godmoding' requiring this clarification. You may not, under any
circumstances, force an experience or effect upon another character, in any
way. This includes the use of rmotes, emotes, whispers, tells, or any other


Rodians are a humanoid species native to Rodia, notable for their reptilian
green skin, large trumpet-like ears, bony skull ridge, and multifaceted eyes.
Their long fingers end in suction cups. Rodians are known for their violent
culture, often finding work as criminals or soldiers, many seeking the ultimate
title of 'Hunt Master'. Rodians are also famous for a vibrant tradition of
theatre and drama.

Famous Rodians
*Greedo - shot first by Han Solo.


.........................ROJAN Q'DEL.........................
AIM: RojanQDel...............=7I7............................
EMAIL: [email protected]
YAHOO: rojanqdel.............:77I............................
MSN: [email protected],777............................
FORUMS: Rojan QDel............$$7............................
....................FEAR THE ALMIGHTY SPORK..................


Roleplay is something very tricky to describe. Most people believe it is
what your character believes and what he/she would do in any given
situation to overcome any given obstacle. That is a facet of the whole,
but not to be mistaken for the whole. The other side to RP is when you
meet someone you don't just BLAST them, you talk to them. You emote with
them, you do all the things that make movies interesting. In movies and
books, part of the fun (a large part, I might add) is the character
development, and the plot. That runs true here on LotJ as well, and if
proper roleplay is performed not only does nobody lose their valued
character, we all get to develop a story-line which can go just about

Something very important to point out is that your RP, which can also
be called `acting`, should follow suit with what your character should
feel. Many of us, far too often, decide our characters are utterly
fearless and even the most dire of threats would scarcely unnerve them.
This is unrealistic, and unfair to the rest of the mud. If you are an
engineer, you wouldn't be fearless. If you are a medic, or a slicer, or a
scientist, or anything but a COMBAT or BOUNTY HUNTING main it's safe to
say that a blaster to your temple might unsettle you. Smugglers can get away
with a bit of fearlessness, but in general you need to remember that most
of the time your enemy will settle for INTIMIDATION instead of PERMING, but
will decide to PERM you if INTIMIDATION should fail, or they become angry.

It's your neck, however you roleplay is what will decide if someone wants
to kill your character. Always be conscious of this.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Roll

A skilled pilot can override the system of a starfighter, enabling the pilot to
escape from projectiles that may be following his vessel. Exceptionally skilled
pilots capable of ship dodging are able to even break target locks on their

Please note: Usage of this ability can damage your ship. A pirate's lock cannot
be broken in this way.



Usage: roster

This will list all the current members of the clan by division. This takes a
long time to do because the roster updates instantly. To prevent people from
using it for exploitative purposes it takes a VERY LONG TIME to complete.

Usage of the command is reserved for the Leader and anyone whom the leader
has empowered with `roster`. To use it you must be holding a datapad. This
does not indicate anywhere which members are currently online. There is
support for preventing inaccurate listings on the roster.

Please do not complain about the wait as it is going to stay this long.
The mud updates the roster so it will only show people who have been online
since this feature was added to the mud.

Note: A * next to a clan member's name on a roster readout indicates
a clanmember inactive for two weeks or longer.


The RPC, or Role Play Council, is a unique feature of Legends of the Jedi.
Elected by the playerbase, the RPC are here to serve as a resource to the
players. The primary duty is to serve as a method for players to appeal a death
based on a violation of the rules of LotJ, however, they are are also here to
answer any questions about LotJ you might have as well as determine whether or
not a player will be punished for a violation of the RULES or SPYAPP, usually
based on severity of the violation.

If you believe there was a violation of a rule or spyapp or you wish to request
a restore, please have an unedited log of the event(s) and be able to tell them
what specific rule you believe was broken. The RPC can be contacted by typing
RPC <message>.



[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

The first of which is what we expect from an RPC Member:
- Attendance. RPC members are part of the LotJ Staff, appear on the wizlist and
in effect have means of representing LotJ. Therefore they are required to be
on at LEAST every other day.
- Judgement skills. The RPC are the elected judges of the pbase's actions and
the consequences thereof.
- More than a three months worth of play experience.

What we expect from RPC Candidates:
- Name of the RPC character you'd like to have. Can also be a handle
or distinctive name that others may know you by. Please make sure the
names are appropriate, or you will be disqualified.
- Experience you would bring to the RPC. Include any assets you believe
you have, or any relevant skills.
- A platform that you will use for the election, where you can include
any new concepts, ideas, strategies, angles or other inspired actions
you intend to undertake. Good way to get votes.

If you believe you would be an asset to Legend of the Jedi and wish to join the
RPC, please head to the website at www.legendsofthejedi.com and click the 'APPLY
FOR RPC' button.


If you are asked to defend a perm, you must submit the following information to
[email protected] within 24 hours of the request. You will be informed
of what rules are being questioned in your perm, so that you can defend your

Name: <State your character's name>
Clan: <State what clan he or she is in, if any. If none, type none.>
Summary: <State a brief description of the event, in your words>
Rules Broken: <This is your chance to defend yourself against rules that were
said to be broken, and offer rules which support the legality of your actions.>
Logs: Formatted logs to validate your case. (remove your prompt, command
echoes, and OOC lines unless OOC is somehow relevant in this case)
Thinks: Any thinks that you feel would support your case should be submitted
Character sheet: Any portion of your character sheet which is relevant to the
case may be included here.

You must sell your defense to the RPC in this email. Any statements gathered by
the RPC are for their information, and may or may not be submitted as evidence.
It is your responsibility to submit a cohesive argument with all of the
relevant data that is needed to defend your actions. RPC will not sift through
your logs for evidence to support your views!

The judge will compare your logs to the plaintiff's logs for consistency, and
may ask to review your think logs. Any inconsistencies in logs or thinks will
be followed up with a full search of system logs to determine if log tampering
is evident. When the judge is satisfied that the case information that has been
submitted is valid, then voting will begin. All other RPC members are free to
discuss the trial as it goes on, but only the judge can add notes to the case,
and close the vote when a decision is rendered.


Frequently asked questions: RPC

What is the RPC, and why are they here?
RPC is a body of players, elected by other players, to serve somewhat
as a body of judges for cases of role play discrepancies, or for reviewing
deaths that are suspected to be invalid. They also moderate many of the
channels and can enforce any of the rules.

How can I become RPC?
RPC members are chosen by the players in quarterly elections. Candidates
that make it to RPC must to show their peers that they have both a keen
sense of good RP and are able to remain neutral during conflicts. Having
disputes with Imms can disqualify you from running, as immortals have
veto power over candidates.

I don't agree with what the RPC decided. What can I do?
In most cases, RPC's vote cannot be turned over by an immortal. In
the event that you feel a biased opinion or viewpoint swayed the
proceedings, you may ask for an appeal from the Player Relations
Supervisor. Appeals made in an attempt to overturn a denied restore
in the hopes that it'll slip through the system will be harshly punished.

Can I help the RPC and gain favor by enforcing the rules like they do?
We generally ask that the players who aren't RPC leave the enforcing to
the Imms or the RPC themselves. Players are free to offer helpful hints,
or even direct people to rules, help files and all that, but in the end
all enforcement, threats and other such uses of `authority` should be left
to the immortals and the RPC.

I don't think (insert name here) should be on the RPC. What can I do?
Either run against him/her next RPC election, or if the case is severe,
contact an immortal with the complaint. If the complaint is legitimate,
the situation will be reviewed. Just remember, RPC members are elected by
their fellow players. They are your liaison to the immortals and your best
hope for your opinions being represented.

RPC show up on the wizlist because they represent LotJ with their
viewpoints. Please give them the courtesy and respect they are due.


To initiate your restore request, type: 'rpctrial submit'. This will put you
into a message buffer, so be prepared before you type this command!

First Buffer: supply the name of the defendant, or any information you have
which will help the RPC to track the permer down.

Second buffer (opens automatically after you save the first): A summary of the
perm and what rules you feel were broken and HOW

Once you have finished, your case will be put into the general pool for RPC.
You should immediately send an email to [email protected] with the
following supplemental information: Your dead character's name, formatted logs
(remove prompt, ooc lines, command echos) relevant to your case, and relevant
character sheet/think logs.

You must sell your case to the RPC! Any statements gathered by the RPC are for
their information, and may or may not be submitted as evidence. It is your
responsibility to submit a cohesive argument with all of the relevant data that
is needed to plead your case. RPC will not sift through your logs for evidence
to support your views.

Requesting a restore recap
Buffer 1- The name of the dead character and clan affiliation, and any
information you can provide about the permer
Buffer 2- A brief summary of the situation, and what rules were broken and WHY
Email to [email protected] Your account name, dead character name,
formatted logs of the perm incident and any other relevant logs, any relevant
character sheet/think log info

Typing RPCtrial will allow you to view information about your case after it is

Don't lie to the RPC. They will always find out, and it never works in your



RPC trial example: (Color tags are not necessary)

First Buffer:
I was permed by a Jawa male on Coruscant.

Second Buffer:
Name: Grensia
Clan: The Republic

Summary: I was on Coruscant, studying in the library, when a Jawa male came in
and started screaming `nsfnasn nwerk sds! Lsnf? Slfnak wixl slfoiw S Mwieem?
Woeiru!!` He then drew a weapon and attacked me. I am not a newbie, but I
hadn't yet purchased weapons or armor so yeah. I got permed by a Jawa. I am
requesting a restore because I don't know that Jawa, and I don't believe that
he knew me either. I feel that he couldn't have possibly had IC cause to do
what he did. Thanks for reviewing my case. I realize that there may be a whole
backstory that I couldn't see from my perspective, but I just can't fathom what
it is, and I want to be sure that it's a legal perm.

Rules Broken: The rule that I believe was broken is HELP PERM, which states
that perms may not be random. I believe that the information noted above, and
the evidence in my logs will show that this was a random perm.

(Logs are then emailed to [email protected])


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Rule 14 is the golden rule of OOC behavior on LotJ. That being: Be decent to
others, or be silenced.

Here on LotJ we strive for a PG-13 environment that players of all ages, races,
and backgrounds can enjoy. It is not acceptable to throw around insults and
foul language toward others, even if they 'know you're joking'. Let's keep our
OOC atmosphere clean and welcoming to old players and newcomers alike.

- Examples of Rule 14 breaches

* Insulting or personally attacking another player

* Sexist, racist, or other offensive remarks, jokes, or comments

* Belittling other players

* Explicit language depicting graphic violence or sexual content

Breaches of rule 14 will result in a warning, a temporary silence, or
indefinite suspension of your OOC chatting privileges.


Help RULES1 and RULES2 contain the main set of rules to abide by while playing
LotJ. There are additional help files on game policies you should be familiar

HELP IC- This mud strives to maintain a healthy IC/OOC separation.
HELP PERM- This file outlines legal and illegal playerkilling.
HELP BIOTEMPLATE- Characters are responsible for having a unique IC history.
HELP BOTTING- There are specific circumstances and rules for when you can
trigger things on the mud
HELP MUGGING- Players are not allowed to randomly attack others in order to get
their gear

The LotJ Ban Policy
The administrators reserve the right to ban you from playing here, whether
temporarily or permanently. Bans and their length are issued on a case-by-case
basis. We try to accomodate, so players shouldn't be afraid of being banned
for accidentally breaking rules.

All rules are held to the interpretation of the staff and not your own. When in
doubt, ask. Should you find a loophole in any of these rules or something
considered exploitable, you should contact the staff. Players are held
accountable for any breach of the rules or attempts to exploit or bypass rules
or code.


The rules of Legends of the Jedi

(1) All player killing must comply with HELP PERM. (bannable)

(2) You may not share your characters or accounts or give them away to any
other player. Players are restricted to one account. If two players wish to
play from the same house, they must follow the steps outlines in HELP
MULTIPLAY. (bannable)

(3) Your alts may not interact in any way, shape or form. They may not share
ships, items, information, agendas, goals, ulterior motives or vendettas. They
cannot be related without immortal permission. When in doubt, KEEP IT SIMPLE,
STUPID! Err on the side of caution.

(4) If you are in a conflict, regardless of who instigated the fight, there is
incentive to let the other person go. For two weeks, the player who was let go
must curtail his revenge against the player who let him go unless he is
provoked by that player.

(5) No 'Godmodding'. Rmote and emote may not force roleplay upon other players.
Please read CHANGES 1298 for more information on NPC godmodding.

(6) It is illegal to log out, go link-dead or AFK while being attacked,
arrested, or knowingly, and actively hunted or tracked by another player. You
must wait 3 minutes after reaching a hotel or home to establish that you are no
longer being pursued. If pursuers reach you before 3 minutes is up, the option
to log out from that room is lost.

(7) Players/clans may not keep someone in jail without diligent effort to
roleplay with the jailed. Please see HELP JAIL_GUIDELINES for more information.

(8) Slavery is permitted on LotJ so long as both parties agree on osay, but it
must adhere to HELP SLAVERY. (bannable)

(9) Spying must adhere to the rules in HELP SPY. A rule of thumb regarding
spying: If there is MUD code involved, you must have an approved spy-app. (Pk,
inform, letting someone know a key code, withdrawing bank funds.) (bannable)

(10) You may not destroy ships on pads randomly or without cause. You may,
however, attack certain ships if this would provide you with a strategic
advantage, if you are engaged in battle with the ship owner, or if you are at
war with the ship owner (clan or individual who is clanned).

Remember the golden rule of LotJ: Anything players can do, we can undo.

See Also: Help Rules, Help Rules2


(11) There are specific rules governing how capital ships are handled in regard
to fake signaling and planet capturing. Please see HELP CAPITALRULES for the

(12) Roleplay with sexual or mature content may never include minor players.
Sexual role play with a child character is also illegal, regardless of player
age and consent. Imposing sexual or mature role play onto others is strictly
illegal. Whether it's a single suggestive comment or pose, a roleplayed rape
scene (even the suggestion of it), or a derogatory sexual comment about another
player, it is illegal. (bannable)

(13) Roleplay is conducted in english only. If you wish to RP in another
language, then go find a game that supports it.

(14) Do not disrespect, insult, complain about, troll or harass other players,
the RPC, or Immortals. Everyone is here for the enjoyment of the game. If you
disrupt that enjoyment with insults your channel privileges will be revoked.
See also: help rule14

(15) No leetspeak on LotJ! We hate it.

(16) If you bring a problem or concern to an Immortal you may not go to another
Immortal for the same problem unless instructed to do so.

(17) If you think someone broke the rules, speak to an Immortal or admin
privately. Complaining to other players, either over OOC channels or on
AIM/other chat programs, does not fix problems, it only makes them worse.

(18) If you choose an alien race, you must roleplay it accordingly. Failing to
adhere to racial role play styles will result in a warning by an immortal, and
you will be given one week to adhere to the racial role play of the character
you are playing. In the event that role play is still inadequate, you will be
stripped of the race, and any applicable deposit will not be refunded. When in
doubt, ask for advice.

(19) Please do not ask the Immortals to restore items, levels, stats or credits
lost in copyovers or crashes. They have no way of knowing if you really lost
what you claim, so refusing all such restores prevents abuse.

(20) LotJ is a reactive system. Immortals will not halt current roleplay. If
you feel there is a breach of the rules, make sure you are logging and contact
the staff when the situation is finished.

(21) Multiclanning is illegal. You may not have two characters in different
(22) Do not power roll repeatedly over and over for luck or force. Do not
assist others in doing the same by sensing their characters or setting it up
over AIM/SKYPE or any other means of OOC communication methods to do so or have
yourself sensed. It is illegal and you will be banned.

Remember the golden rule of LotJ: Anything players can do, we can undo.
See Also: Help Rules, Help Rules1


The Ryn are an uncommon species of humanoids, with distinctive upright white
hair, dark purple, blue, green, or black skin, and powerful grasping tails.
They are nomadic with no knowledge of their homeworld and a reputation as con
artists, leading to extensive discrimination against them throughout the
galaxy--and many do become smugglers, scoundrels, and informants. Ryn have a
strong musical tradition and often claim to have invented Sabacc.

Famous Ryn
*Droma, companion of Han Solo, later founded the Ryn Network.
*Romany, refugee clan leader


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Sabotage <system>

In an engineroom this command allows you to damage one of the following:

Fuel, Engine, Launcher, Laser, Ion, Cloak


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - salesman
Class - Leadership
Level - 50

Get 10% more credits when selling things.


Compassion for life and understanding of the spirit gives a jedi the power to
stay concious a little longer. While affected by salvation, a jedi can take
enough damage to stun him. At such a time, he will lose his salvation affect,
but will be given 10-40 hps.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: say <message>

'Say' will send a message to all awake characters in your room. The
single quotation mark (') is a synonym for say.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: sayto <victim> <message>

Says whatever you put as the message to the victim, as long
as you can see the victim and they are in the same room as you.


[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Level 5 Combat Skill

Syntax: scan <direction>

Keen eyed scouts can scan ahead and spot potential danger. This skill
enables you to scan for one or more rooms in the specified direction.
Your relative success depends on your skill level, the area type and
ambient light.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]
Class Overview
The slowest path of all, science ultimately alters the course of galactic
civilizations. By pondering the universe, and then by studying particular
fields, a scientist can gain an advantage on many different tasks, such as
engineering. A master scientist can eventually write datachips to help others
learn any skill that they have already mastered. But the true culmination of
science is development: the ability of a clan to introduce new technologies
into the game. It is by the work of their scientists that a government or
engineering firm unveils new spacecraft, cybernetics, and crafting materials.
Thanks to this steady progress, the technology developed late in a timeline
will be markedly improved from earlier eras.

Many scientists choose engineering as their main class, relying on their race's
natural affinity for the sciences to see them through. Others choose leadership
as their main class and science as their subclass, resulting in immense
potential for teaching others the sciences.

Class Skills
The Science class promotes knowledge, education, and invention, and scientists
are the cornerstone of any great research and development team. The core skills
of the class revolve around pondering life's great mysteries, studying subjects
of interest, hypothesizing your theories, and developing new technologies.

Scientific Knowledge Skills
Many of the scientist's skills are based around areas of knowledge. Scientific
knowledge skills are gained by studying an item related to the area of
knowledge. As your overall knowledge of the scientific knowledge skill
improves, so does your proficiency in using other skills related to that
scientific field. Achieving mastery of the different areas of scientific
knowledge is crucial for technical and scientific classes.

Famous Scientists
*Galen Erso, crystallographer and unwilling developer of the Death Star.
*Nuvo Vindi, mentally unstable designer of the Blue Shadow Virus.
*Qwi Xux, Imperial weapons designer of the Death Star and Sun Crusher.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Skills

Syntax: usage of these skills is automatic once learned.

The sciences have an effect on various things that you do. What they do is up
to you to figure out. In order to raise percentages in the sciences, you must
STUDY an object related to the science in question. This is also something you
must figure out on your own. In order to develop something pertaining to a
science field, you MUST have that science adepted.

The sciences are advanced electronics, chemistry, construction, data,
destruction, edibles, education, electronics, enhancement, equipment,
forensics, guidance, machines, medical, minerals, narcotics, and spacecraft.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - scientific mind
Class - Science
Level - 50

You get bonus experience in all classes, and master skills twice as fast due to
your scientific mind!


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: score
score level
score stat

This command, when used with no arguments, brings up a sheet filled with your
character's statistics. With the level argument added, this command brings up
the status of your class levels and displays a metered bar that approximates
how much more experience is necessary to gain an additional level.


Scout droids tend to be lightweight versions of war droid models, with a
versatile skillset adaptable to a variety of responsibilities. They are
typically programmed for surveillance or piloting, but capable of combat or
guard duty if necessary.

Famous Scout Droids
*F1 canine exploration droids
*Scout Surveyor droids


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 3 Smuggling Skill

Syntax: search
Syntax: search <container>

Sometimes not all items are in clear view. Some items may be concealed or
hidden, and will require some searching to find.



[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Level 50 Combat Skill

Syntax: Use of the skill is automatic once learned.

This skill gives you an extra attack during the combat round. This applies to
all forms of attack. The chance of making an additional attack, how much damage
and the chance of hitting are determined by your skill in Second Attack.


Syntax: secure turbolift

A slicer can improve the security of a turbolift by using the secure ability
from within the lift. A turbolift, once secured, can only be lifthacked by a
slicer of adequate skill in slice with the specific lifthack ability.


SYNTAX: security

A trained slicer can enable security in a room, creating an alarm system that
will notify the planet's governing organization of shady activity.

Disable_security is used to disable the alarms, allowing a thief to work in

Slicers over level 140 will notice a [Security] tag in rooms that have been

Skills that will trip an alarm - hack, short, hacklift, tapdata, breach,
doorcut, disable_security, doorbash



Syntax: Selfdestruct <access code> <time delay>
[Deactivating Selfdestruct: Selfdestruct <code> 0]

Used in conjunction with the correct code, to blow up a ship.


Senators play an important part in maintaining order and cohesion in their
clan. Because of such, the position is generally considered to be
application-only. Senators create and enforce laws, select division heads (who
are answerable to the Senate) and have many other tasks.

Q. Do all Senators have to be 'good'?
No. Some of LotJ's best Senator characters arranged for kickbacks to
engineering firms, started revolutions, or ended up founding the Empire. Not
all Senator characters need to be shining moral lights, although some Senator
characters like this are always needed. Because of the nature of Senators,
players are reccomended to keep in touch with the staff in regards to what
violates spyapp and what doesn't. Not EVERY senator can be the 'shady,
back-stabbing' type.

Q. What should I put in my Senator application?
The following are a few basic questions to consider answering in your app.

-How did your character come to run for Senator? Grass roots work? Family
-Why is your character running for Senator?
-How does your character regards his/her/its citizens? Are they working for the
people, or are the people the means for their success?
-How does your character deal with other people?

Don't let your application be limited by these questions; there is a lot of
room for creativity when creating a Senator, and we encourage you to explore
all options.

To apply for a senator, go to the web site and fill out a 'Senate' application.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]


Level 90 Force Skill

Syntax: feel 'sense attunement' <victim>

A master of the Force can learn this from their master. With provided knowledge
and awareness, a Force user can feel whether or not the person has potential
force sensitivity and how great it is. This is essential for a master looking
for apprentice.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: setadjective <new message>

This sets what shows up when people use clantalk, to the left of the rank/div
indicator. Only the leader may set this. Keep in mind that if you set
it to something inappropriate you will be in trouble.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax : setblaster <full|high|normal|half|low|stun>

Alters your blaster's power setting.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: setcode <field> <old code> <new code>

This command allows the owner and pilot of a ship to change the ships codes.
You must be in the cockpit of the ship which codes you wish to change for
this command to work. All ship codes must be between 11111 and 99999.

The fields that may be set aboard a ship are:
Hatch - The code to open the hatch on the ship from the outside
Hangar - The code to remotely open the ships hangar doors
Selfd - The code to activate the ships self-destruct sequence
Dock - The code to dock with the ship from another



Syntax: setdivision <target> <division>

Use of this command will place the target individual into the specified
division within the clan. Only clan members empowered with this command may use
it. To see a list of divisions in your clan, use SHOWDIVISION.



Comlinks are electronic communication devices used in conjunction with the
talk command to transmit audio to all other comlinks tuned to that channel.
Using an encryption can ensure that no other comlink on that channel will
understand what is being said unless tuned to the same encryption.

To choose a comlink to use, use the CURRENTCOM command.

For example:
You are carrying:
[ IMMTech ] Wrist-mounted Comlink
A ring-sized finger comlink

To set your comlink to the finger comlink, you would enter:
currentcom ring or currentcom finger.

To set it to the wrist comlink, you would use:
currentcom IMM or currentcom wrist.

Once a currentcom is selected, you can see the channel it is tuned to
in your SCORE. All your equipped comlinks also show their channels and
encryptions when you type EQUIPMENT.

To set a comlink's channel, you use the tune command:
tune <comlink> <number>
To set an encryption on a comlink, you use the setencryption command in
the same fashion, or setenc: setencryption <comlink> <number>

The range of numbers for encryptions goes from 1 to 99999. Not all comlinks are
encryptable, however, but those that are may be obtained through asking an
engineer, buying through a player's shop, or finding them in-game.

All comlink channels are considered a method of In-Character communication,
and are not to be used for Out of Character (OOC) conversations.
See also: HELP IC


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: sethome
sethome clear

This command is used to set the location a particular ship considers home. This
location must be a ship landing bay. The clear option removes any 'home'
designation from the ship.

See Also: SHIPS


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: setleader <name>

This will set the current planet's leader. There are criteria you must meet
before being allowed to set the leader. Usage of the skill will indicate
which of these you fail to meet, should it fail.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: setlock <direction> <old code> <new code>
setlock <bound character/mob> <old code> <new code>
setlock <structure> <old door code> <new door code>

This command allows a player to alter the lock combination on certain types of
doors and items. Doors that have a keypad, doors to buildings using the new
structure system, and the combinations on binders (i.e. handcuffs) can be
changed using the appropriate syntax above.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: setwages <amount>

Sets your clans base hourly wage. This amount, adjusted by a modifier to
reflect relative clan ranking, is paid out to each employee during each pay



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

SHARP EYE is an espionage skill that allows one to notice items that have been
CONCEALED on the ground.

It is a passive skill, meaning, that if you've trained it, it will
automatically take affect.



The way charge works is simple. Each time you fire a weapon, it takes a certain
amount of CHARGE from the ship. Once you hit 0, you can't fire anymore. The
rate of recharging is every 80 seconds. Each recharge raises the charge value
by HALF of the maxcharge. After 160 seconds it should be full if unused.

Weapon - Amount taken per shot
Lasers - 2
Turbolasers - 3
Autoblasters - 1
Ion - 2
Pulse - 1
Missle - 1
Torp - 1
Rock - 1
Burst Missiles - 2


Its very important that you understand the 'access codes' system LotJ
uses with its ships before attempting to pilot any spacecraft. LotJ is a
very strategy-based MUD, and you never know when the tables might turn.

First off, Every ship has its own set of SIX Access codes, no matter
what. What they do on each ship, now that can change. The six types of
codes are as follows:

[Hatchway Code, or HATCH]:
Knowledge of this code is required to open the outside hatch of the
ship. Guard this code carefully, because it permits full, unrestricted
access to your or your friends ship.
[Docking Code, or DOCK]:
This code allows ships equipped with docking rings to dock alongside
your ship, and board your vessel. Always keep a sharp eye.
[Hangar Code, or HANGAR]:
This code is only important on ships that are large enough to support
hangars. Using REMOTEBAY, You can open the hangar on any nearby ship
providing you know its hangar code.
[Selfdestruct Code, or SELFD]:
This is the mother of all ship systems, the SELFDESTRUCT Feature. When
your ship is in threat of capture or if your onboard an enemy vessel,
you can engage the selfdestruct sequence with this code. When the timer
hits zero, the ship explodes, killing its crew.

[The remaing two codes are incomplete]



Syntax: Passive

This skill will automatically factor in the ability of the pilot of a
ship under fire. Use of the PILOT command is essential to the inclusion of
this skill's benefits into the scheme of space combat. A ship that is smaller
than its target can hit it more, and is much less likely to be hit when
shot in retaliation.

Does not function for ships Cruiser size and greater.

This skill enhances the ROLL skill by adding a chance to break target locks on
your ship.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

This is a list of the ship sizes. When landed, they use up space equal to
their size. For example, a Corvette uses 30 units of hangar space. Make
sure hangars are built accordingly.

Ship Size chart: ( Skill Required )
1) Vehicle [Size: 1] Small Spacecraft *NOT IMPLEMENTED*
2) Starfighter [Size: 2] Small Spacecraft
3) Transport [Size: 5] Small Spacecraft
4) Freighter [Size: 10] Medium Spacecraft
5) Gunboat [Size: 25] Medium Spacecraft
6) Corvette [Size: 30] Corvette Spacecraft
7) Frigate [Size: 35] Large Spacecraft
8) Cruiser [Size: 50] Large Spacecraft
9) Battleship [Size: 65] Heavy Spacecraft
10) Battlestation [Size: 100] Heavy Spacecraft
11) Platform [Size: 200] Heavy Spacecraft

Note: All large and heavy spacecraft, including frigates, are considered
capital ships and can only be owned by clans, not by individuals.



Autoblasters: Deals damage to shields / hull. Compared to lasers, they are low
damage overall but almost guaranteed to hit for some. The # installed
determines how many times you can fire at once before the autoblasters need
recharging. See HELP CHARGE for more information.

Laser cannons: Deals damage to shields / hull. The # installed determines how
many times you can fire before the lasers need recharging. See HELP CHARGE for
more information.

Turbolasers: Deals damage to shields/hull. The # installed determines how many
times you can fire before the turbolasers need recharging. See HELP CHARGE for
more information.

Ion cannons: Deals major damage to shields. The # installed determines how many
times you can fire before ions need recharging. See HELP CHARGE for more

Maximum Missiles: Fastest projectile, deals minor damage to shields / hull.
The # installed determines the maximum number of missiles you can carry
onboard, which must be reloaded after being depleted.

Maximum Torpedos: Moderately fast projectile, deals moderate damage to
shields/hull. The # installed determines the maximum number of torpedos you can
carry onboard, which must be reloaded after being depleted.

Maximum Rockets: Slowest projectile, deals major damage to shields/hull. The #
installed determines the maximum number of rockets you can carry onboard, which
must be reloaded after being depleted.

Charge: This determines how many total weapons can be fired before recharging
is required. There are two types of charge, one for the overall ship and one
for each individual weapons system (autoblaster, laser, turbolaser, ion, and
one for all projectiles together). Weapon charge capacities are determined by
the installed # of those weapons (or launcher tubes for projectiles). Firing
weapons depletes from both the overall charge and the weapons charge; for
example, firing a turbolaser will reduce some charge from both the overall and
turbolaser charge, while not affecting ions. You must have sufficient charge in
both to fire the weapon. Charge recharges passively if below max capacity.

Maximum Pulses: Fast projectile that deals ion damage to shields.

Maximum Chaff: Shields the ship from projectiles, lasts until the next tick.
The # installed determines the maximum number of chaff you can carry onboard,
which must be reloaded after being depleted.

Missile Tubes: Determines how many projectiles can be attempted to be fired
before recharging is required. See HELP CHARGE for more information.

Burst: Allows the pilot to fire two missiles while only using up 1 missile tube
instead of 2.

Tractorbeams: Can halt or capture ships into a bay. The # installed determines
range. See HELP TRACTORBEAM for more information on usage.

Escape Pods: Allows you to escape from a ship into a pod with no hyperspeed
that will automatically drop you to the surface when reach a planet's orbit.
The number of escape pods cannot be replenished.

Hull: Structural health of a ship. The ship blows up when it reaches 0.

Max Shields: Determines the maximum level of shields for a ship. Shields
protect the ship from damage to hull and must be brought to 0 before hull
damage occurs. Can be recharged, see HELP RECHARGE.

Max Energy: Energy used to enable all ship functions: defensive, offensive, and
passive. For example, hyperspace travel, weapons systems, and shield recharging
all uses fuel.

Maximum Speed: How fast a ship can potentially move in sector space. Higher
current speed reduces chance to be hit.

Hyperspeed: Determines how far a ship can travel in hyperspace and how quickly.

Maneuver: Determines rate / cooldown timer for COURSE, FACE and BOMB maneuvers.
Reduces chance to be hit.

Sensor Array: Determines range for STATUS command, increases chance to hit with
weapons, and enables lifeform detection at 50.

Astro Array: Not currently implemented.

Communications Array: Determines range of JAM, FAKESIGNAL, and REMOTEBAY.
Determines power of jam. If disabled, prevents talk, clan, and hail
communication lines.

SEE ALSO: All referenced skills


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: shiptalk <message>

This command is used to send a message over the intercom system in a ship. It
will relay the specified message to all rooms on the spaceship, including jail



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - ship building
Class - Engineering
Level - 145

Parts you use are +33% more effective when using BUILDSHIP.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Status
Status (Shipname)

This command allows you to check the status of your spacecraft's systems, or
that of another ship.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Short <direction>

Allows a player to attempt to unlock a keypad secured door.
Requires a datapad and toolkit.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: drag <character> <direction>
Syntax: shove <character> <direction>
Syntax: shove <character> hatch

Drag will drag the victim in the specified direction if they are not
standing up, while shove will shove them in the specified direction
only if they are standing.

Characters who have been in a safe room for longer than 30 seconds
will be unable to be shoved or dragged out of that room until they
either leave of their own choice or they shove/drag another player.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: show <object> <target>
show <#> credits <target>

This will show either the credits or a specified object to the target.
If you show someone an open container it will show them the contents as well.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]
Syntax: showclan <clan>

Used to display statistics for any clan organization.

See Also: CLANS

This is now a slicer skill.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: showdivision

This command will display all of the divisions and ranks that make up each
division for your clan. You must be in a clan to use this command.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: showplanet <planet/star>
Syntax: showplanet <planet> resources
Syntax: showplanet <planet> ai

This command shows publicly available (and IC) information about the
specified planet or star. Such information may include planetary ruler,
income, status of 'planetary shields' and the likes. Adding 'resources'
after the planet name will show the available cargo and prices on that planet.
(You cannot buy nor sell resources at a planet that does not have them listed)

Note: If a planet's name has two words, put them in single quotes, like this:
showplanet 'Nal Hutta'


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: showrace
Syntax: showrace <race name>
Syntax: showrace <race #>

Lets you see the stats for a specific race. Not specifying a race lets you see
a list of all races and their #'s. You can see the stats for a race by
specifying the race's name or number.

The deposit and price fields tell you how much a race will cost. Price is how
many points you must pay to use that race, and deposit is how many points you
pay but will receive back upon your character's death (unless you abuse your
race and have it removed).

Note: Levels shown are normal levels after stat training but before cybernetics
and levelup gains. Luck is more random than other stats, so levels in
smuggling, slicer, and espionage are also somewhat random. However, it is
illegal to "roll for luck" by making new characters repeatedly in search of
better luck.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: showskincolor <race name>

Lets you see all of the possible skin colors and their corresponding numbers
for the race you specify.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: showsocial <social>

This will show you all the different messages for any given social. All the
information you would need to know about how a social looks is at your


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - silent sneak
Class - Smuggling
Level - 135

This feat removes the "sneaking around" action message that you would otherwise
have while under the effects of sneak.

See also: HELP SNEAK


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: sing <message>

Sings whatever you'd like to sing to those in the room with you.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: sit

Sit makes your character sit down.


The Sith are a species of red-skinned, tentacle-faced Near-Humans native to the
planet Korriban. Their culture emphasizes conflict and intense emotion, like
the religion of the same name. (The species may be differentiated from the
religion with the terms "Red Sith" or "Sith Pureblood".) They typically have
three claws on each hand, and their skin darkens with age.

Famous Sith
*Naga Sadow, Sith Lord


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

The Sith are a species of red-skinned, tentacle-faced Near-Humans native to the
planet Korriban. Their culture emphasizes conflict and intense emotion, like
the religion of the same name. (The species may be differentiated from the
religion with the terms "Red Sith" or "Sith Pureblood".) They typically have
three claws on each hand, and their skin darkens with age.

Famous Sith
*Naga Sadow, Sith Lord
*Scourge, the Emperor's Wrath


Accessing Sith Empire Datanet File 876GH2-Kesh-53791...


Access granted. Displaying file
Subject Birth Name: <Full Name>
Subject Race: <Race>
Subject Age: <In Years>
Subject Place of Birth: <Planet>
Subject Family Member(s): <List family members>
Subject Identifying Mark(s): <List unique appearance traits>
Criminal Record
-<Add criminal records - list of charges, sentences, etc.>
-<Update with further charges/sentences if arrested ICly>
Employment Record
-<Update if employed ICly.>
Education Record
Personal Account
-<Describe background of character in paragraph form>
Relevant Notes
-<Add whatever minor notes about your character here.>



&Acessing &S&ith &E&mpire &atanet &F&ile

Access granted. Displaying file
&S&ubject Birth Name:& <Full Name>
&S&ubject Race:& <Race>
&S&ubject Age:& <In Years>
&S&ubject Place of Birth:& <Planet>
&S&ubject Family Member&(&s&)&: &<List family members>
&S&ubject Identifying Mark&(&s&)&: &<List unique appearance traits>
&riminal Record
&-&<Add criminal records - list of charges, sentences, etc.>
&-&<Update with further charges/sentences if arrested ICly>
&E&mployment Record
&-&<Update if employed ICly.>
&E&ducation &R&ecord
&P&ersonal Account
&-&<Describe background of character in paragraph form>
&R&elevant Notes
&-&<Add whatever minor notes about your character here.>

&E&ND &F &F&ILE.


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]
Type 'practice' to get a list of skills currently available to you and
to see to what extent you have them practiced. Type 'slist' to view a
list of all skills available at each level to your class.

Skills have % limits when learned, also. You cannot get a skill over 50% if
its at your current level. For instance, say you learn PEEK. Its level 20.
Now, take your level minus the skill level for the difference below:

Level Diff: Max %:
0 50%
1 70%
2 90%
3+ 100%



Slavery: Slavery -is- allowed on LotJ provided that it
adheres to a set of conditions.

#1. Slavery is NEVER sexual. You may not treat a slave in a manner
that can be construed as sexual to ANY degree be it consented or not.

#2. Players may not be arbitrarily enslaved. Slaves MUST be made
a slave by a slave trader, or ranking member of the Empire.
You cannot pluck Twi'lek females off of Corellia and drag them
to a hutt on your own authority. A Slave Trader, who is in a clan
that immortals recognize as a slave trading clan CAN do this.
Other clans, such as the Empire or the Sith may enslave characters
as a PK alternative, but that character must be in their custody
due to an infraction of law of some sort. For example, Bob,
the Imperial arrests Tina the Citizen for weapons possession.
Tina is tried, and it's decided that she must be put to death
due to her inability to pay her fine, or her bad mouth, or
whatever the case may be. The slavery option may then be presented
to her, and Tina may choose to RP a slave perhaps pay for her cost,
and line her `owners` pockets a little, and then have gained her freedom.
The conditions of the slavery are player determined, so long as
everyone is comfortable with the arrangement.

#3. The ownership arrangement is IC for the characters that you are
choosing to play.

These rules are VERY serious. Slavery in itself is a very touchy subject.
It it not the victim's responsibility to say `Hey! No! This is not okay!`
Rather, it is the Slavers responsibility to make sure their victim is OOCly
`Okay` with the arrangements. Remember... the slaver is intimidating the
slave. Keep in mind that some people are too scared to stand up for
themselves, and in a case like this, they should not have to.
Additionally, there is no way to confirm a players age, and therefore no
way that we can vouch that the player should be engaging in any sexual
It is for THIS reason that slavery and sex are NEVER to be combined.
The last thing that I want is to leave an impressionable mark on a 15 year
girl about sexual bondage.
Don't do it. You'll be banned.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: feel sleep <victim>

This power puts its victim to sleep.


The term "slicer," or "hacker," was used to describe computer experts, often
self-taught, who excelled at working within a complex computer network, and
were able to extract information from this network with great skill.

Syntax: slice <option>
Syntax: secure <option>

Options: ship, turbolift

Slice and Secure are used by a slicer to secure and hack computer networks. A
secured network is immune to certain types of physical and virtual attacks,
while an unsecured computer can be easy prey to many. The skill of the slicer
determines how secure the system is, and how secure of a system can be sliced.

Slice and Secure generate security ratings. Security ratings are
a letter followed by a number. The letters indicate the most significant
portion of the rating, and the numbers, the least significant.

That is, an Alpha-6 rating is lower than an Alpha-7, which is lower
than a Bravo-0. Ratings in the Alpha to Bravo range are common.
Ratings in the Charlie band are considered uncommon, and Delta
security ratings are very good to excellent.

For a parked or orbiting ship to experience the benefits of being secured, it
must be set to autopilot.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Class Overview
Slicers are the hackers of the Star Wars universe, and often pair well with
smuggling or espionage. Elite slicers bend electronics to their will. Send
false landing codes to enemy capital ships. Assist bounty hunters in tracking
their prey by slicing shipyard databases to locate starcraft. Secure lifts
during an assault on your base to prevent the enemy from accessing further
floors, or hack a lift to open your enemy clan to weakness. Hack unsecured bank
accounts or secure others (for a fee of course). Jam and disrupt enemy
communications, secure your clans electronic infrastructure, or eavesdrop on
communication traffic on an enemy planet by tapping into the comm system.

Slicing in the Legends of the Jedi galaxy is easy to get into, but a long road
to master - But master it you must! Being found out while sending false landing
codes to an Imperial Star Destroyer can get you slagged, and trying to hack a
back account that has been secured by one of your peers can leave you dead and
charred. Once mastered, however, slicing is a rewarding and powerful class.

Class Skills
The Slicer class is very important and attractive for technically-skilled,
datapad-driven beings. Able to secure and protect background files, starships,
turbolifts, and bank accounts, experienced slicers can also hack into all of
the above, as well as jam communications, track starships entering hyperspace
and across the galaxy, and monitor supposedly private communications.

Famous Slicers
*R2-D2, astromech droid and slicer companion of every major character.
*Lobot, Lando Calrissian's cyborg aide and computer officer of Cloud City.
*Mako, slicer companion of the SWTOR Bounty Hunter class.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 10 Smuggling Skill

Syntax: Slip <object> <target>

This skill allows a player to pass an object to another player or mob
without others or the target noticing. The higher your skill, the more
likely you'll be able to slip something to someone unnoticed.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - slippery
Class - Smuggling
Level - 145

+25% chance to escape someones hold.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: SLIST [ability name/ALL] [min level] [max level]
Syntax: SLIST FEATS [ability name/ALL] [min level] [max level]
Syntax: FLIST [min level] [max level]

SLIST ALL without any other arguments provides a complete list of skills
available and their levels. SLIST FEATS ALL similarly will provide a listing
of every feat available to characters.

The lists can also be fine tuned to provide information within a certain range,
such as SLIST COMBAT 1 100 will provide only a list of skills for combat that
fall between 1 and 100. If only the skills between 50 and 100 are desired, the
syntax would be SLIST COMBAT 50 100. If the class has two words, it must be
enclosed in single quotes: SLIST 'BOUNTY HUNTING'.

A similar command exists for Force skills and spells. FLIST by itself provides
the entire list and FLIST [min level] [max level] allows what abilities are
presented to be fine tuned.



Syntax: slowdraw

A keen smuggler can ease their weapon from its holster without anyone else in
the room noticing. It may take a minute or two, but this skill can provide a
keen advantage in certain situations. Interrupting a slowdraw results in a
regular draw. Failing to slowdraw also results in a regular draw.

Pistols and Vibro-blades can be slow-drawn.


Sluissi are a reptilian race with a serpentine lower body and a humanoid upper
body, both covered in fine green scales. They have a hood of thick skin that
folds up and over behind their heads, framing their black eyes. Sluissi tongues
force them to speak Basic with a slur or lisp but can also sense heat. By
nature, Sluissi are calm, patient, and sociable, and they tend to dislike being
rushed. They are among the galaxy's greatest shipbuilders.

Famous Sluissi
*Candobar Inglet, Sluissi Senator


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Small Spacecraft
This skill is a passive skill that makes a pilot able to fly vessels flagged as
small size. These are vehicles, fighter ships, and transports.

Medium Spacecraft
This skill is a passive skill that makes a pilot able to fly vessels flagged as
medium size. These are freighters, gunboats, and corvettes.

Large Spacecraft
This skill is a passive skill that makes a pilot able to fly vessels flagged as
large size. These are frigates and cruisers.

Heavy Spacecraft
This skill is a passive skill that makes a pilot able to fly vessels flagged as
heavy size. These are battleships, battlestations, and platforms.

Having any of these skills researched does not override any of the others.


. [S]imulated [M]edieval multi-[U]ser [A]dventure game

SMAUG is an ongoing project headed up by Derek Snider (Thoric), who has
taken on several assistants in expanding and improving the code.

Thoric Altrag Blodkai Narn Haus Scryn Swordbearer Rennard Tricops Gorog


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Class Overview
Smugglers are rogues, thieves, and scoundrels - good, bad, and neutral - who
live outside the law or fight against it in order to get the upper hand. Many
Smugglers live a life of adventure for the excitement it provides. Others
prefer to advance their illicit careers. Some are good-hearted rogues in it for
the thrill or to right a wrong done to them or those they love. Others are
despicable knaves who serve only one master: the greed that swells inside them.
More often, a Smuggler falls somewhere in the middle, changing allegiances and
attitudes as the political climate changes, until something larger sets them on
a particular course through the galaxy. With a knack for getting into and out
of trouble, they have an instinct for self-preservation that keeps them alive.
However, it is usually tempered with a need to experience the thrills that the
profession has to offer. Smugglers often do not start out seeking to defy
authority and break the law. Some are thrust into the profession as a mean of
rebellion. Others wind up on the wrong side of the law due to bad luck, a poor
decision, or circumstances beyond their control.

Class Skills
The Smuggling class typically is selected by shady, devious, and down-right
sketchy criminals. Able to slip microphones onto other beings, hide in the
shadows, peek into other's possessions, steal credits, refine spice, disguise
their appearance, and sneak about - Smugglers are truly a shadowy force to be
reckoned with. Masters of the trade can hijack vessels, pirate stolen vessels,
and potentially strip parts from starships to sell on the black market.

Famous Smugglers
*Han Solo, half-witted, scruffy-looking, nerf-herder and Captain of the
Millenium Falcon.
*Lando Calrissian, smuggler, gambler, and Administrator of Cloud City.
*Talon Karrde, notoriously difficult-to-track smuggler and underground
information broker.



[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Level 35 Combat Skill

Syntax: Snipe <direction> <target>

Experienced soldiers can accurately shoot at long-range targets.
This skill allows you to fire at opponents outside your current area.

This skill requires a rifle with a full clip set to FULL.


The following are the common commands for ships in LotJ:

BOARD <shipname> Enters a ship.
OPENHATCH <ship> Opens ships hatch.
CLOSEHATCH <ship> Closes ships hatch.
LEAVESHIP Leaves a ship.
LAUNCH Starts the engine on a ship.
SHIELDS <on|off|idle> Sets the shields auto recharge rate.
RECHARGE Recharges shields manually.
LAND <planet> <pad> Lands at specified
SPEED <newspeed> Sets speed to specified speed.
COURSE <x y z> Steers ship towards specified co-ords.
FACE <ship> Another way to turn the ship.
RADAR Scans the surrounding system.
PROXIMITY Views readout for your ships proximity.
PROXIMITY VELOCITY Shows the speed of other ships in system.
NAVSTAT Shows your nav computer's readout.
STARSYSTEMS Shows sectors of the known galaxy.
CALCULATE <system> Calculates hyperspace jump to system.
STATUS <ship> Shows ships status.
INFO <ship> Gives info on a ship.
HYPERSPACE Initiate hyperdrive, must have course locked.
RADIO <message> Sends a message to all ships in the sector.
HAIL <ship> <message> Sends a message to ship specified.
DOCK <ship> <code> Dock with specified ship.
TRANSFERFUEL <amount> Transfer fuel to a ship you are docked with.
UNDOCK <delay> Undock from docked ship.
OPENBAY <hangar> Open specified hanger on ship.
CLOSEBAY <hangar> Close specified hanger on ship.
REMOTEBAY <ship> <code> <bay> Used to transmit hangar codes.
TARGET <ship> Aims weapons or turret at specified target.
FIRE <missile|rocket|torpedo> Fires lasers or specified missile.
CHAFF Release a burst of chaff.
AUTOTRACK Ship follows target automatically
ADDPILOT <name> Allows a character to pilot your ship.
REMPILOT <name> Removes a character from pilot list.
ADDCREW <name> Allows a character to fire from your ship.
ADDCREW CLEAR Removes all registered crewmembers.
CLANBUYSHIP <ship> Buys a ship for your organization.
BUYSHIP <ship> Used to purchase a ship.
SELLSHIP <ship> Sells the ship to the local shipyard.
TRADESHIP <ship> <target> Transfer ownership of ship to another.
REPAIRSHIP <ship part> Repairs damaged parts of the ship.
PILOT Take control of flight path.
BATTLEGROUP Take control of a fleet.
SQUADRON Take control of a starfighter group.
FLEETRADAR See the formation of other battlegroups.
RENAMESHIP <ship> <new name> Used to change the name of a ship.
SHIPS <owned/clan> Used to see ships that you or your clan own.
LISTCARGO Used to see the status of your ship's cargo.
JETTISON <Pod #> Used unload your cargo while in space.
REFUEL <ship> full/<amount> Used to refuel your spacecraft's energy tank.
Aconfig +<setting> Set up how a ship functions when autopilot is on.

For more info on some of the commands, try HELP <command>.
For a guide on your first piloting trip, try HELP PILOTINGFAQ.



You are now infected.


The guidelines of HELP PERM generally apply when you are fighting in space. It
is preferred that you try RP with your enemy through hails or radio before you
kill them, but the RPC and IMMs understand that this is not always possible.

If your character is a `pirate` with the character history and RP to back it
up, you MAY attempt to forcibly take control of another character's starship
mid-flight. This includes attacking, disabling, capturing or destroying the
ship (note that abusing the spirit of this help file, IE wandering the galaxy
blowing up ships because you feel like it, will result in punishment). You must
allow the pilot of the ship you are attacking an alternative to being permed
including ejection, capture, or enslavement.

The person whose ship is under attack may very well have good grounds to perm
you for your actions, so choose your targets wisely.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of spacecraft will enable an engineer to build
ships faster, and to upgrade them with a higher chance of success. Smugglers
are able to strip starships more efficiently at a black market with this
knowledge, and it is also required for a scientist to hypothesize smuggling and
piloting topics.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax : spacetalk <message>
Channel for space.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Passive

All the space combat skills add to your probability to hit another ship with
your weapon systems.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: speak
Syntax: speak <language>
Syntax: speak all (immortals only)

The speak command displays the current language you are speaking. To speak a
specific language (such as basic, for example), type 'speak basic'. Immortals
have the unique ability to speak so that everyone can understand, by typing
'speak all'.


Special requests will be explained in detail, so that you understand
what they are. When the RP of a group of people, be it clan, organization,
or of at least four people, requires a `leap of code` to be made, it may
be applied for by sending an email to [email protected] A `leap
of code` is where something in the galaxy needs to be changed by immortals
to accomodate the lack of code identifying the reason for the change. This
is why immortals are involved, because they have the power to change what
exists. An example of this would be a group of people wishing to create a
special spacecraft, they would have to apply, send the ship design as
well, and undergo several immortal-set RP activities or engagements before
attaining the ship. The point of it all is to allow the imagination to
boost the storyline, and make it more in-depth. Please do not send special
requests for your own character, as they will not be accepted. Please
place `Special request - (title of message)` in your subject in order for
the filing of emails to be more efficient, and to ensure your application
is not missed.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax : speed <speed>

Sets speed of vessel in realspace.

BTW velocity should never have been used here as it doesn't
require you to specify a direction too.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax : Takedrug (drug)

This command allows you to ingest various narcotic substances, many of which
bestow a temporary beneficial effect. Use with caution, however, as excessive
or habitual consumption can lead to addiction.



For clans to function, a certain degree of trust is required between its
members. It is therefore essential that each person who wishes be involved with
a clan understand the rules of SPYAPP.

1) You may not seek to harm including, attacking, shooting, grenading and
stealing from members of your clan or your clan itself.
2) You may not reveal classified information pertaining to your clan to those
who are unauthorized.
3) If a player leaves a clan for any reason, they may not take hostile action
against said clan. This includes sharing information about the clan or clan
enemies. If the player's original clan decides to pursue the player, the player
will be free from spyapp restrictions. This does not apply to players who
violate day-to-day laws like stealing from citizens, etc.

Prisoners of War
Without an approved spyapp, may reveal the following information to WARRING
CLANS if sufficient role play cause has been established for the prisoner to do

1) Greets, dubs, and information of ranks of members of the prisoners clan.
2) The names and classes of ships owned by the prisoner's clan, and their

Exceptions (applying for spyapp)
Players can obtain a SPYAPP, which allows exceptions to specific points in this
help file. A spyapp is submitted via the `Applications` tab on our website. A
spyapp MUST be accepted before it is to be considered valid. In order to get a
successful spyapp, you need to provide justification. Reasonable thought must
be shown in all cases, including a well written character sheet and think logs.
You should be as specific as possible: What exactly do you want to reveal/do?
Who are you going to do it for, and who/what is the target? Why?

Players in positions of authority in clans must closely follow all of these
rules. A clan is a community and as such, its community leaders are expected to
act responsibly for the good of their clan and the game as a whole.

If you have been asked to read HELP SPYAPP, it may be because of this next bit:
We understand that often times it feels that spyapps are situational or should
be approved in order for your character to take advantage of a time-sensitive
situation. However, there is a lot that the staff needs to take into
consideration when approving or disapproving spyapps, and we will not rush into
making a decision because you have a perfect opportunity to strike. Please do
not ask us for instant-approval spyapps, and please do not ask us every hour or
day about the status of your spyapp. We'll get to it as soon as we can.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: split <amount>

This command sets aside a specified amount of credits in your inventory.
These credits can then be dropped or put into a container. This is useful for
if you need to leave credits somewhere for someone, or wish to bribe.

Suggested use is in conjunction with SHOW and a container. A container, when
shown, will show it's contents to the viewer.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: sprint

A hunter is often in good shape, and can run very quickly over short distances.
Sprinting uses a lot of movement points (700), and only last for a few rounds,
but can help a hunter catch his quarry or evade pursuers.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Spy Application Requirements:

::a. A minimum of 7 days of thoroughly recorded and well-written RP based think logs.
::b. Applications may be submitted in the applications section of the website,
www.legendsofthejedi.com. (BH Masters seeking to obtain a spy app should email the
relevant data to [email protected])
::c. For continuous spying, continuous and daily think log entries must be added
and maintained




SQUADRON is a command used to form and control a Squadron, or a group of small
spacecrafts. Each capital class ship has three squadron slots. How many ships
in each slot is purely dependant on the type of capital ship. The squadrons are
labeled appropriately as 1, 2 and 3.

The first step is to create your squadron. To do this, simply place small
spacecrafts into one of your hangars on your capital class ship, and use the
following command while in the bay with the ships.

SYNTAX: Squadron add <Squadron #> <shipname>
Squadron remove <shipname>

Now that you have formed your squadrons, it is time to sort them into
positions: Outer, Midguard, and Center. Positions are used to organize your
squadron into protective layers. Only ships in the outermost layer can be hit
or targeted, so it may be important to keep your vital ships in the center and
surround yourself with your squadrons.

SYNTAX: Squadron position <squadron #> <Position #>

You have formed your squadron and set its positions! From the bridge, you'll be
able to launch, control, and recall your squadrons. Scrambling a squadron
automatically opens whatever hangar(s) they are in. To recall your squadrons,
you must have the bayspace and hangar(s) open, or else your ships cannot be
fully recalled! The recall flag is toggle-able, so that if you change your mind
you can turn it off and leave them in space.

SYNTAX: Squadron scramble <Squadron #>
Squadron recall <Squadron #/all> <on/off>

The squadron AI is more advanced than traditional autopilot AI. Launched
squadrons act like the old `scramble` system and act as semi-intelligent groups
of interceptors.

With the squadron command, you can also control your squadron to just about
anything you can do as if you were on the ship itself.

SYNTAX: squadron nav <Squadron #/all/shipname> <command>
(NOTE) A full list of commands can be found on HELP NAVCOMMANDS

Squadron target <Squadron #/all/shipname> <victim/none>

In addition to attacking ships, should you position the squadron over a planet,
it will be possible to bombard the planet using projectiles. Bombarding can
perm players, and may have serious repercussions if used flippantly. Use this
command with care.

SYNTAX: squadron bombard <planet>



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

The staff (consisting of the RPC and immortal team) are reactive. What does
this mean? It means we will not interfere with active roleplay. If you wish
to log a complaint, make sure you are logging the incident and communicate with
us after it has happened. Keep a cool head, and don't complain over
RPC/IMMCHAT/OOC/OSAY. Keep in mind that when you complain over osay, it annoys
the people roleplaying with you and makes them not like you that much more. Be
sure to keep in mind that anything a player does, we can undo.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: starsystems

This command shows the co-ordinates of all known starsystems. Any systems
not listed on here are either not implemented on LotJ, or hidden for a
reason. Use caution when speaking of starsystems, as this information is IC.


| north east west south northeast exit | follow group gtell ; split |
| northwest southeast southwest sleep |--------------------------------------|
| rest sit wake stand somewhere unlock | INFORMATION |
| lock open close scan scry look leave | death CR reimb rules damage commands |
| up down enter climb where fly float | areas experience score title weather |
|--------------------------------------| channels description experience note |
| CONFIG OPTIONS | who wizlist story tick MOTD news bug |
| flee norecall autoexit autoloot gag | mail time password slist report typo |
| autosac autocred pager blank brief | powers skills weapons languages idea |
| combine nointro prompt telnetga ansi |--------------------------------------|
| sound shovedrag nosummon | COMMUNICATION |
|--------------------------------------| |
| OBJECTS | social quest clan ordertalk guildtalk|
| get put drop give sacrifice hold | say tell chat question answer auction|
| wield wear remove inventory value | avatar shout yell counciltalk newbie |
| appraise list buy sell equipment |--------------------------------------|
| recite quaff zap brandish compare | COMBAT |
| empty fill eat drink examine pick |kill flee wimpy rescue aid murder cast|
Also see help on: !, save, quit, pagelength, and practice.
To use the help menu, just type `help <topic>`.
To see help on individual areas, you can now type `help <full area name>`.
If you are new to the game, type HELP NEWBIE to see a special help series.


Using the force, one can freeze an enemy in place. For 3-6 rounds, this ability
will paralyze the victim, rendering him exceptionally vulnerable.

***The stasis force skill cannot be used in conjunction with a PK situation or
a situation that results in a PK. This has been a long-standing rule over the
years and once again in its place in the helpfile.***


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: statrep

This command displays your characters current and maximum hitpoints and
movement points. Using this command is inappropriate in an IC RP setting and is
frowned upon by the staff and serious players.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Status
Status (Shipname)

This command allows you to check the status of your spacecraft's systems, or
that of another ship.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 40 Smuggling Skill

Syntax: steal <object/credits> <character>

STEAL attempts to steal credits or an object from a mob or another player.
There are penalties for using STEAL on other players. In order to STEAL
successfully, you must practice the skill.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - sticky fingers
Class - Smuggling
Level - 120

This feat nets you 3x as many credits when stealing.


Usage: stop

This command simply interrupts the current timer-based skill your character
is currently in the middle of. You may wonder what the point is, and thats
simply answered. Sometimes you just want to STOP and not have to start another
action, and it's much easier to remember STOP than to think of another IC


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Timeline/Era Summary
As Legends of the Jedi is an RP-enforced MUD, it contains a cyclical storyline
for us to enjoy. A storyline (commonly known as a TIMELINE) is comprised of
three parts, each known as an ERA. Each era contains a separate and significant
part of the timeline and typically revolve around a major governmental shift
and/or conflict between two factions. If we were looking at the official Star
Wars story as a timeline, the following comparison could be made of our eras:

Era 1: Old Republic versus rise of the Empire
Era 2: Galactic Empire versus a scrappy Rebel Alliance
Era 3: New Republic versus a reformed Empire-type/Other outsider antagonist

Are all timelines like this? Are we always following "The Canon"?
No. Many of our timelines follow this example, but no two have ever been the
same. In the past, we have had Mandalorians, Argazdans, Hapans, Chiss, Hutt
Cartels, outsider threats, insider threats, criminal clans, and many more
opponents that have risen to defeat the predominant clan of each era. We strive
to create new stories each timeline that are different, interesting, malleable,
and enjoyable.

So... Who decides what happens throughout a timeline?
The short answer is that a combination of Immortal planning and player
interaction determines what happens. LotJ is unique in the sense that although
the Immortals may plan for how a timeline begins, or how each era should
progress, the players are ultimately the ones that are living the story out.
Timeline stories and era events shift due to the decisions that influential
characters and organizations make. Even the least-known character can change
the galaxy, if they plan or handle it correctly.

How long is a timeline? Are there player wipes between each one?
There are no set time constraints on timelines or eras, but an era is generally
between 6-9 months, making timelines somewhere in the ballpark of two years.
You will have a good amount of time to either enjoy or to affect change within
a storyline! Characters are not deleted or wiped until a timeline change
occurs. However, sometimes the Immortals will wipe player shops, message
boards, and player homes between eras to assist the galaxy from becoming
cluttered by the remnants of inactive or bugged characters.

How do I know what era were in?
The login Message of the Day will tell you what era we are currently in, as
well as a summary of events that got us there. If you are having trouble
finding it, you can enter HELP MOTD. Most players on the OOC channel can also
answer this question for you - they just cannot go in-depth!

Where can I find information on the history of current storyline?
By reading the news, of course! Entering the command NEWS ALL will show you all
of the news articles of the major events that have occurred during this
timeline - Beware, it is long! You can read each article with NEWS #. This is
the best method to quickly catch up on the events that have occurred thus far.
For more in-depth information, you can always use IC communications (covered in
another guide) for current information.

When will this era/timeline end?
We hold End of Era (EoE) and End of Timeline (EoT) events to mark the
significant changes within the mud. These can be major battles or large RP
events that your character can take place in. EoE and EoT events are typically
known via a CHANGES announcement, in which the staff will also ask the
playerbase to submit applications for new characters, positions, or clans for
the next era or timeline. This allows the entire playerbase an opportunity to
take place as influential change agents as the story progresses into its next



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Strength (STR in your 'score') represents your character's physical power.

The most common concern with strength deals with how much your character
can carry. For each additional point of strength you gain an additional
amount of maximum carrying weight. Any character with 20 strength can
carry 500kgs; races can have a maximum of 25 strength, and can therefore
carry up to 999kgs when their strength is at its maximum.

Strength also affects (among other things):

- damage roll and hitroll; for each additional point of strength, each
of these will increase.

- chances of success for bash, doorbash, shove and drag, and the ability
to dual-wield heavier weapons.

The STR stat affects the COMBAT class.
This stat can be raised by training in COMBAT.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - structure building
Class - Engineering
Level - 120

Parts you use are +33% more effective when using BUILDSTRUCTURE.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: struggle

Used to struggle against someone holding you, or against bindings. Be
warned, it costs endurance to use, and will tire you out quickly.



[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Skill

Syntax: study <object/ship>

Use of this skill will let a scientist study an object, or a ship, to gain more
understanding of the subject. For example, if you were to study a circuit, you
would learn about electronics, and if you studied a chunk of durasteel you'd
learn about construction.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: subdue <victim>

Used to subdue someone who is either held or bound, handy if they are
struggling against their restraints.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: submit

This command will force your character to submit to someone that is holding
them. It will lower your movement points to 0. Perhaps this could be used
as a way to peacefully submit to their captor.

This command can also be used in combat to submit to your opponent, effectively
ending the battle.


The ways of the dark side allow the followers to deliver great sufferance on a
victim by using their passion. The result is a -5 penalty to the victim's
constitution for the duration.


Sullustans (or Bomewrights) are humanoids distinguished by their almond-shaped
black eyes, facial jowls (dewflaps), and large round ears. Sullustans have
incredible intuition for navigating and piloting, leading to both Sullustans
and their language becoming commonplace throughout the galaxy. Their native
culture on Sullust is matriarchal, polyandrous, and ritualistic, consisting of
family units called Warren-clans including a mother, her husbands, and their
children. Burial rites and crypts are given special significance among
Sullustans. Sullustans have a pragmatic side as well, making them excellent
merchants and engineers.

Famous Sullustan
*Nien Nunb, Co-pilot of the Millenium Falcon with Lando Calrissian during the
Battle of Endor


[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Sullustans (or Bomewrights) are humanoids distinguished by their almond-shaped
black eyes, facial jowls (dewflaps), and large round ears. Sullustans have
incredible intuition for navigating and piloting, leading to both Sullustans
and their language becoming commonplace throughout the galaxy. Their native
culture on Sullust is matriarchal, polyandrous, and ritualistic, consisting of
family units called Warren-clans including a mother, her husbands, and their
children. Burial rites and crypts are given special significance among
Sullustans. Sullustans have a pragmatic side as well, making them excellent
merchants and engineers.

Famous Sullustan
*Nien Nunb, Co-pilot of the Millenium Falcon with Lando Calrissian during the
Battle of Endor


Usage: survey

This skill allows someone to check if the room can have structure built into
it. It also lets them discover if they can put advanced structures in this room
or just regular ones. This skill should be used in conjunction with



[:: Legend Of The Jedi ::]

Syntax: swipe credits <character>

SWIPE attempts to steal credits from a mob or another player. There are
penalties for using SWIPE on other players. In order to SWIPE
successfully, you must practice the skill. On successful attempts you will
gain an amount of credits that is proportional to the total amount of credits
that the target has, but which varies within its own range.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: switchmode

This command is not presently in use.


What's an SWPlot?

As you might have already guessed, SWPlot is a RP storyline based on
Star War where players get to participate in the story, rping
their character and influencing the direction of the story.

An SWPlot is also a ever-evolving and long-lasting RP experience and
players are often rewarded for convincing RolePlay and good
interpretation and evolution of the SWPlot. An SWPlot grows with
the Players and YOU are the ultimate deciding factor which
direction the story heads for and ends in.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: systemtalk <message>

This command allows a player to send a broadcast into the system that it is
currently in. All ships within range of the transmitting ship will receive this
message. Range is determined by the transmitting and receiving ships'
communications system value. RADIO and SYSTEMTALK command are the same command.



T'surr are a rare humanoid race native to a planet of the same name. They have
four small, red eyes, razor-sharp teeth, and blue skin. Some grow black beards
on their face. They are tall, with powerfully built primary arms and smaller
secondary arms. They tend to be vicious, cunning bullies--except in the case of
male treatment of female T'surr, which is deferential.

Famous T'Surr
*Krayn, T'surr pirate and slave trader
*Ken-Kiba, T'surr spice runner


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: tail <victim>

This skill will try to secretly follow the victim. Use TAIL NONE
if you wish to stop following them, secretly.


Comlinks are the primary means of communication in the galaxy. There are a
number of channel-commands tied to a comlink.

Talk- An audio-only channel that spans the galaxy. Your comlink can be tuned to
a different channel using the tune command, and private encryption can be set
with the setencryption command.

Clantalk- Another audio-only channel. This is only available if you are a
member of a clan (refer to help clans for more information).

Broadcast- A visual channel used to broadcast a message over the holonets.
Generally reserved for company commercials, government speeches, announcements,
or other important messages.

Networkhack- An illegal version of 'broadcast' performed by hacking into a
planet's communication grid to transmit a pirated signal. This is a visual

Transmit- A command used in conjunction with holographic transmitters. Refer to
help transmitfor more information.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

'Talking Comlinks' is the ability to hear what a person is saying into a
comlink when your in a room with them. Although, this only works in rooms
with an ambience rating of QUIET. If the ambience room is rated as
AVERAGE, you will only be able to notice them talking, but you can't
hear what they say. LOUD rooms will block you from noticing at all.



Talz are a large, furry race with four eyes (two for bright light and two for
darkness). Their homeworld, Alzoc III, was an icy world known for its wealth in
minerals. Their culture is normally simple, kind, and hospitable, living as
hunter-gatherer tribes, and advanced technology is beyond them: they are
unlikely to leave their homeworld unless unslaved. They can only speak their
own insectlike language.

Famous Talz
*Foul Moudama, Jedi Master
*Muftak, regular at Mos Eisley Cantina


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: tamp <pipe>

This command is part of the old SMAUG pipe and smoking system. While these
commands have yet to be entirely removed from the game, the objects they may be
used upon have been. These commands are no longer in use on this mud.

See Also: LIGHT


Syntax: tapdata <comm/bank>

Tapdata allows a slicer to monitor certain computer networks and
view the traffic crossing over them. If the slicer taps into a comm network
junction, they will be able to see all of the CommNet traffic that is
originating from the planet they are on.

If the slicer taps into a banking network junction, they will be able to see
withdrawals and deposits from unprotected accounts, complete with the account
numbers. Again, only from bank terminals on the planet they are on.

Room tags will be visible to level 130+ slicers to indicate what rooms can be

Slicers will be able to protect these tap points by enabling room security.

Rooms where this skill can be used are indicated by the [Comm Junction]



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax : Target (ship name)

This skill will cause your weapon systems to lock onto the enemy ship for the
purpose of firing.

Warning: The use of target is an aggressive act and can result in your ship
being targeted and fired upon in return.



Taxes are an essential part to the concept of running a planet. If a clan
governs a planet and they are above 0 in popular support they will be able to
apply their tax rate automatically to every formal transaction that goes on.

For instance, if Coruscant is governed by the Republic and they are in good
standing with popular support, they will get taxes. If their tax rate is 20%
and an item is purchased for 1000 credits, 200 credits go to the Republic as
taxes and 800 goes to the merchant. The same applies for someone who sets a fee
of 500 credits to enter his workshop. When someone enters they pay 500 credits
and 100 credits will go to the Republic for taxes.

Buying ships, selling ships, buying items, selling items, even renting public
ships and buying structures are all taxed. This of course requires that a clan
is governing the planet these transactions are taking place upon.

All tax funds are deposited directly into the governing clan's funds. It then
brings to mind the question of what happens if one planet has the lowest tax
rate of all? Wouldn't it be more profitable to do business there?


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: taxi

When used in the bay of a space station, or on the landing pad of a planet,
this will call one of the available public ships to your location. The public
ships will never be as good as a privately owned ship, but they will allow you
to travel to nearby starsystems.

See Also: Help Ships, Help Makepublic


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: teach <person> <skill>
syntax: teach <accept/deny>

If you are 100% adept in a skill, you have the ability to teach it to another
player. If someone offers to teach you something, you may either accept or deny

The effectiveness of 'teach' depends on your leadership level, with a bonus for
leader mains teaching a skill within their subclass.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: team
team join <color>
team talk <message>

This command is for the purposes of capital games. This is how to interact
with your team mates. When the command is entered without arguments
it will show who is on your team. TEAM TALK will send a message to CG players
on your team. Lastly, if you have no team, TEAM JOIN <color> will let you
join a team.

The staff can set your team after the fact, and will do so in order to make
the teams even. This isn't up for debate.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: feel 'telepathy' <player> <message>

This power enables you to whisper to someone anonymously while they are awake
and in the same room. (Same as dream, but you can do it while they're awake and
it's slightly harder)


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: tell <character> <message>
Syntax: tell @<account name> <message>
Syntax: reply <message>

'Tell' will send an OOC message to one online player. Regardless of whether
the character is online or not, the message will appear to go through. The
only way you will know if they have received it or not, is if the player
replies. This was to further remove OOC from IC, as players can no longer use
tells to find out if players are online. Because tells are entirely OOC, no
IC information may be shared nor spoken over it. Punishment will be issued to
those that infringe upon this rule. (Refer to HELP IC and HELP OOC)

'Reply' will do the same, however, it will send a message to the last character
who sent you a tell.


ERA: A stage in the Legend of the Jedi storyline. The Old Republic is the
example of an era.
TIMELINE: The full LOTJ storyline, commonly going through the Old Republic,

SECTOR: A star system. IE Coruscant, Corellia, Hutt Space, Drovian
CAPITAL SHIP: Frigate size and up. Help shipsize. Cannot be owned by individual
SUPPORT: the Popular support value in the `Planets` list
ORBIT: When your proximity is at 0 to a planet.
WARRING CLAN: A clan you are at WAR with when you type showclan yourclan
FRIENDLY SECTOR: A Star system that your clan controls, fighting here gives
some advantages.
SAFE SECTOR: The most important clans have these. Clans have up to two, they
have more special benefits
CAPITAL: Your clans Capital world, it is given a bonus to income. It is often
one of the clans two safe sectors
CAPTURE: When planets/sectors change ownership from one clan to another a
planet is captured. Planets can only be captured by a WARRING CLAN, and you may
only capture two planets every 24 hour period. That means that if you capture
your second planet at 11 AM, you are unable to capture any other planets until
11 AM the next day.
PIRATES: the Pirated freighters you see flying around, when in orbit they drop
BLOCKADE: some clan members have this empowerment, it allows you to blockade
planets, stop ejections and lower enemy planets support
MANNED SHIP: A capital ship which has a person onboard, or is being manipulated
in any manner (IE battlegroup).

Rules updated on 28/12/08.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Type TEXTCOLOR for more help...

This command is used to set the color for almost all your messages
sent over IC channels.


(]=== Outer Rim Identification File ===[)

Planet of Origin:

(]========= Current Employment ========[)

(]========== Past Employment ==========[)

(]======== Personal Information =======[)

(]=== Outer Rim Identification File ===[)


&(]&=== &&uter Rim Identification File &===&[)

&Name: &
&Race: &
ender: &
&Planet of Origin: &

&(]&========= urrent Employment &========&[)

&(]&========== &Past Employment &==========&[)

&(]&======== &Personal Information &=======&[)

&(]&=== uter Rim Identification File &===&[)


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: theorize

You must have a hypothesis on a skill held in hand while using this
skill for it to be successful. This will, based on your skills as a scientist,
attempt to finish the hypothesis and finalize the book to be used by others
to gain general experience in the same class as the datachip's skill.
(Datachips do not increase skill %.)

Once finished, one may STUDY the book to learn from it.



This skill, for a master smuggler, can let him or her notice when
another is trying to steal their items. Once adepted, this skill is far
more powerfull than even at 99%.


[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Syntax: think <message>
Syntax: think list

A think log is an in character means of documenting your characters thoughts
and feelings. Think logs are a great thing to write if you are planning on
developing, perming, applying for spy app, or any other actions that you may
have to justify to the immortal staff or RPC.

think The old bartender, Jake, keeps making threats toward me and my family...
telling me that he'll have no choice to hurt them if I don't help him with his
dirty work. I'll play nice for now, but soon, Jake is going to find himself in
a whole mess of pain. Too bad he doesn't have a family to miss him.


[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Level 1 Combat Skill

Syntax: throw <item> <direction>
throw <item> <direction>
throw <item> hatch
throw <item> into <ship name>

A useful skill that allows you to throw what you're holding into a connecting
room, or out of a ship's hatchway.



Many of the actions in the game are based upon interval timers, including
combat, most autonomous monster actions, hp/force/move regeneration, power
duration, weather, and area resetting.

Of these timers, the hp/force/move regeneration timer is popularly called the
'tick'. Ticks in the game average 30 seconds of real time, but the actual
amount varies randomly from 15 seconds to 45 seconds.

Area resetting happens roughly every 3 minutes if there are no characters in
in the area; less often (15 minutes) if any characters are present. Also
note that objects lying on the ground will not be regenerated if anyone
is in the area when it resets.

Area resets are indicated by 'squeaking noises' just prior to the reset.


LotJ's questing system works by breaking up quests that
are available mud wide to into 4 tiers. As you level your
character, quest tiers will open up to you.

Tier Your Level Exp Payout Credit Payout
1 1 - 24 5000 - 20000 1000 - 2500
2 25 - 49 21000 - 49000 2500 - 4500
3 50 - 99 50000 - 99000 4500 - 7500
4 +100 100000 - 150000 7500 - 10000

For example, if you have 35 levels of smuggling, you can
complete quests that fall into smuggling tiers 1 and 2.

If you have 100 levels of diplomacy and 35 levels in
smuggling, then you qualify for tier 4 in diplomacy,
but you will still be in tier 2 for smuggling.

Mobs that are programmed for higher tiers than you
qualify for will not solicit you to complete that quest.
Mobs will reject items turned in if you do not qualify
for the tier level of that quest.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: time
time system

The time command returns IC information about the time of day at your IC
location. Using this command also causes your character to emote that they are
looking at their chronometer.

When appended with the system option, the time command returns OOC information
about the mud including the current time, the next scheduled reboot, and how
long the system has been up.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: tip
tip <on/off>

This command will, if no argument is given, display tips at random. Specifying
either OFF or ON will toggle whether they will be displayed every six
minutes. We strongly advise that you leave them as they will clue you in on
many interesting features, even to veteran players. New features will also be
included in there, as the tips can be edited online without needing a reboot.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: title <your title>

The title command is used to assign your character's title. This will only be
viewable by your clanmates that you have greet'd. Titles support color. In
order to set your title, you MUST include your character's name. Titles are
strictly IC.

Syntax: publictitle <your public title>

The publictitle command is used to assign your character's public title. This
will be viewable by anyone that you greet who is NOT in your clan. Public
titles also support color. In order to set your title, you MUST include your
character's name. Public titles are strictly IC.


Togruta are a red-skinned, near-Human race from the planet Shili. They live in
hunter-gatherer tribes that promote being social, genuine, and perceptive.
Those who find the hunts on Shili too limiting may leave to hunt in the galaxy
at large. They have sharp teeth for more easily eating meat (favoring small
rodents called thimiars), and they have large horns which give them simple
echolocation, connected to tentacles like Twi'leki lekku.

Famous Togruta
*Shaak Ti, Jedi Master
*Ahsoka Tano, Former Jedi Apprentice


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: tone <tone> OR tone list

This allows you to take on a characteristic or `tone` of speech.
Very handy for roleplay purposes, and is supported on most LotJ IC

For more info, type tone.


Toong are a race of humanoids rodentlike beings with large heads and gangly
limbs. They take quickly to technology and piloting, but they have an extreme
natural anxiety when encountering other sentient races, and even other Toong
outside their immediate family. They prefer to avoid both conflict and peaceful
interaction with others as much as possible.

Famous Toong
*Ben Quadinaros, podracer who competed against Anakin Skywalker


Top ten reasons Immortals hate Mortals:
10. Mortals complain about Everything
9. Mortals think IMMs are out to get them
8. Mortals don't grovel enough
7. Mortals don't praise immortals enough
6. Mortals don't generally like surprises
5. Mortals do not derive enough pleasure from physical suffering
4. Mortals point out all of the Immortals' mistakes (which of course
Immortals don't actually make )
3. Mortals don't like it when Immortals vent
2. Mortals whine
1. Mortals use the word `Overpowered`

Top ten reasons Mortals hate Immortals:
10. Immortals are always right
9. Immortals never apologize when wrong (refer to 10)
8. Immortals share their bad moods
7. Immortals Have the slay button
6. Immortals use the slay button
5. Immortals don't seem to understand that multiplaying can be a
productive tool
4. Immortals can't type
3. Immortals seem to enjoy the suffering of mortals
2. Immortals aren't afraid to use the words surprise or Oops
1. Immortals are way overpowered 🙂


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - toughness
Class - Combat
Level - 110

This feat reduces all damage taken by 10%.


The Toydarians are beings native to Toydaria with blue and cream-colored skin,
fast-beating wings, and short tusks. Their webbed feet have three toes each,
and their crooked hands have three fingers each. They tend to be greedy and
pragmatic, with a broad skillset that suits many professions well. Toydarians'
bellies are filled with a buoyant gas to make flight easier.

Famous Toydarians
*Watto, Tatooine junk dealer and former owner of Shmi and Anakin Skywalker



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: track <mob>

Track will assist you in tracking down a mob that is within the area,
giving you its general direction. This can also be used to track
other players.


Level 35 Piloting Skill

Syntax: tractorbeam <ship> capture <bay #>
tractorbeam <ship> halt
tractorbeam <cargo pod>

This skill gives a player the ability to manipulate the ships controls so that
its tractor-beams can be used affect other objects in space. A skilled operator
may use the tractor-beams to draw in a ship into the hangar, alter its course
and speed, and capture cargo pods. The higher the percentage of this skill the
better the chance of its succesion.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]
Syntax: tradebounty <target> <receiver>

The tradebounty skill is used to turn over a bountied target to the person who
placed said bounty. The target must be grabbed and bound. When the skill is
used, the hunter will release the target, the receiver will grab them, and the
credits will be transferred.

The clantradebounty empowerment will allow individuals to receive a target
placed by the clan.


Usage: tradedroid <target player> <amount to charge>

This command allows you to trade your droid to another player. You specify the
player you are trading to, the amount you wish to charge them and they then
have the option to either accept or decline the offer.



Syntax: tradeship <ship> <character> clan*

This command will trade a ship that you own to someone, or their clan. This
is most useful when selling ships that you have built. To trade a ship, it
must belong to you, or your clan (must be empowered with clantradeship).
You must also be standing on the same platform as the ship you wish to trade.

* 'clan' is an optional argument that will trade the ship directly to the
characters clan. 'tradeship ship self clan' will trade the specified ship
to your own clan.

* Smugglers who manage to steal a ship will be able to trade the ship to their
clan only if the clan is of the crime type.


Syntax: buycontraband <ship> <type> <amount>
sellcontraband <ship> <type> <amount>

Whats a smuggler without the ability to smuggle? This new skill will allow
talented, professional smugglers to get ahead in the credit game by illegally
transporting goods. It functions similarly to the current cargo commands, but
it certainly does a whole lot more.

Where would the fun in smuggling be if you didnt pull in the credits? Obviously
smugglers dont pay taxes, or respect trade embargos. The reward and the risk
from smuggling will be substantially higher than ordinary cargo running.

No smuggler is perfect. Failing the contraband commands (buying or selling)
runs the risk of alerting the authorities of your smuggling attempt. What
determines a successful smuggle attempt? A better skill percentage will make
your day easier. High planetary police budgets, customs agents and platform
security will not.


* You cannot use these commands if you belong to the governing clan.
* The planet receives no revenue when cargo is sold this way.
* The planet does not need to have sufficient funds.
* The governing clan receives no tax revenue (obviously).
* Watch out for cops and customs agents...



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: train <stat>

Your stats determine many things on Legends of the Jedi. They affect the usage
of many skills, your level maxes, and even how quickly you move. Each stat
interacts with one another to create how your character functions. Some uses,
like DEX affecting how often your character dodges, are apparent, while others
-- like the functions of the Luck stat -- are left for you to discover. You can
increase these stats by finding the correct trainer and using the TRAIN
command. There are many trainers scattered throughout the galaxy and some can
train you more than others.

For an in-depth look at each stat, see: HELP STR, HELP DEX, HELP CON, HELP WIS,

There are three basic ways to improve your stats: TRAIN them with a trainer,
GAIN improved stats randomly when you level-up certain classes, and work with a
doctor for surgically implanted CYBERS. There is a wonderful guide to improving
your stats at https://www.legendsofthejedi.com/training-stats-and-their-effect


Hailing from the world known as Trandosha (or Dosha) within the Mytaranor
System, Trandoshans are an aggressive reptilian species of warlike tendencies.
Harboring a fierce hatred of the neighboring Wookiees of Kashyyyk and a strong
proclivity towards violence, Trandoshans have notably been found as slavers of
the hirsute Wookiees, bounty hunters, mercenaries and soldiers. Trandoshans
also worshipped a female deity known as the Scorekeeper who they believed
awarded them with Jagannath points for each kill they delivered.

Famous Trandoshan(s)
*Bossk, Bounty hunter hired by Darth Vader to track The Millenium Falcon
*Garnac, big game hunter who ran a hunting guild


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: transferfuel <amount>

This command is used to transfer fuel from one ship to another. To transfer
fuel the two ships must be docked with one another, and the player attempting
to initiate the transfer must be LEVEL 30 or higher.



Syntax: transmit <object> <options> <value>
Options: on, off, channel, info, notify

This command is used to interact with a holographic transmitter. These devices
can be used to send an image of oneself to another transmitter. The link is
two way, and allows all in the room to see the actions of those in the room of
the other projector. This mode of communication is invaluable both for the
ability to speak face to face across great distances, but also for the quality
of communication it offers.

Each transmitter has its own unique ID. In order to use the transmitter you
must have it turned on. Using NOTIFY will create a channel, and/or send an
invite to the target signal. Signals are determined by ID.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 30 Science Knowledge Skill

Syntax: passive

Acquiring advanced knowledge of transportation will enable an engineer to
produce larger containers.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - transport specialist
Class - Smuggling
Level - 100

This feat allows you to have control over an additional stolen ship.


A trigger is an action, phrase, or game event that causes a program
held within a room, mob or object, to begin playing out its commands.

Triggers can be anything from a player or mob entering a room, to a
player stating a particular phrase within a room, or to a mob or an

NOTE: Intentionally setting off another player's triggers is a serious offense.
Do not do it.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: true_examine <target>

Bounty hunters must be very keen of eye in order to spot their prey. Through
extreme practice and training, this skill allows a bounty hunter to see through
disguises and allow them to ascertain their quarry's true race.


True neutrals distance themselves from all other alignments by lacking both a
fundamental view on laws and on morals. They will do what they aspire to do,
and will not concern themselves with either the good OR the bad of their own
actions. They are usually guided by another motive.

Bounty hunters would be well suited to True Neutral.


. Dungeons && Dragons (tm) and TSR Hobbies Inc.

Here we'd like to duplicate the original credits from the Basic Rules,
Dungeons && Dragons (tm), (c) 1974, 1977, 1978, 1981, 1983 TSR Hobbies Inc.

The following individuals have made this work possible through its years of
evolution: Dave Arneson, Brian Blume, Dave Cook, Anne C. Gray, Ernie Gygax,
E. Gary Gygax, Allen Hammack, Kevin Hendryx, John Eric Holmes, Harrold
Johnston, Tim Kask, Jeff Key, Rob Kuntz, Alan Lucien, Steve Marsh, Tom
Moldvay, Mike Mornard, Jon Pickens, Brian Pitzer, Michael Price, Patrick L.
Price, Paul Reiche, Evan Robinson, Gordon Schick, Lawrence Schick, Don Snow,
Edward G. Sollers, Garry Spiegle, Stephen D. Sullivan, Ralph Wagner, Jim
Ward, Jean Wells, Bill Wilkerson, Donald Paterson, and Frank Mentzer.

DIKUMud's concepts were directly based on TSR's D& concepts.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: tune <comlink> <channel>
tune <comlink> -

Used to change the channel of a comlink for the purpose of using the TALK

'tune <comlink> -' will return the tuned channel of the comlink or mic. This is
useful for ensuring you are going to be using the right one. (See also HELP
PROMPT to put the channel and encryption of your current comlink into your



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Level 50 Engineering Skill

Syntax: tuneship <ship name>

This skill will tune a ship, increasing its quota. The quota added depends on
the skill of the engineer, and the size of the ship.



Turbolifts on Legends of the Jedi are similar to elevators in the real world.
You call them, step inside, then say where you desire to go. Using them is just
as simple! When standing in a room labeled [Turbolift Landing] just say:
TURBOLIFT, LIFT, or CALL and it will call the lift to where you are standing.

Once the turbolift has arrived on your level, step inside and the room
description will indicate how to access a list of floors available. Turbolifts
are completely operated by voice commands, so just say the floor after finding
it on the list and you'll be brought there.

An exception to how the game's turbolifts work is inside of starships. All that
is needed in a starship turbolift is to enter the number of your desired floor.


Twi'leks are a Near-Human species native to the hostile planet of Ryloth,
recognizable by their colorful skin and lekku (head-tails). Lekku contain part
of the Twi'lek brain, are used in their language, and are extremely sensitive.
The rarest Twi'lek skin colors are turquoise (Rutians) and red (Lethans).
Twi'leks are known for their calculating and charismatic natures, often
becoming talented merchants, diplomats, dancers, or criminals.

Famous Twi'leks
*Aayla Secura, Jedi Knight and Clone Wars-era General killed during Order 66.
*Bib Fortuna, Major Domo of Jabba The Hutt and weak-minded fool.


Ubese are a rare Human subrace that survived the destruction of their homeworld
(rumored to be the accidental work of Jedi Knights attempting to disarm Ubese
nuclear weapons). Physically, they look like other Humans, although they breath
only nuclear vapor instead of standard air. They tend to be hateful, violent,
and contemptuous, preferring to speak their native tongue. They are united by
their hatred of the Jedi, and they make skilled hunters and assassins.

Famous Ubese
*Boushh, Ubese bounty hunter who Leia impersonated to infiltrate Jabba's palace
*Liash Keane, crime lord and technocrat


[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Level 100 Combat Skill: Unarmed Combat
Level 100 Bounty Hunting Skill: Advanced Unarmed
Level 120 Bounty Hunting Skill: Unarmed Mastery

Syntax: Use of the skill is automatic once learned.

These skills increase proficiency without weaponry. Unarmed Combat covers basic
attacks, parries, grabs and throws. Advanced Unarmed includes much more
complicated combat maneuvers. Unarmed Mastery involves secret techniques only
passed from master to apprentice. These skills are often known only to
assassins, as most high-risk targets have stringent security measures that
preclude carrying weapons within striking distance.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: unbind <victim> <code>

Using this command will attempt to unbind a character. If the binding
has a keypad, a code must be supplied for it. Some keypads have a code
of 0, and no code must be supplied for it to work, although if you put
0 as the code, that will work as well.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: undock <delay>

This command is used to undock two ships that are currently docked. When
initiating the undock command the player must input the amount of time they
wish to delay the procedure. The minimum delay time is 1 second, and the
maximum is 60 seconds. To cancel an undocking procedure that is initiated but
still executing the delay timer, use the UNDOCK command with a delay of 0. This
will cancel the undocking procedure. The UNDOCK command may only be initiated
from the ship that initiated the docking procedure.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: feel unfamiliar <victim>

Causes the victim to forget all greets/dubs on the caster. Cannot remove
greets/dubs for another person, but it leaves the victim a little subdued
for a few seconds, to aid in leaving their view before they regain their

Using unfamiliar to temporarily stun someone is forbidden. You will be given a
severe punishment if found using it in this way.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: unloadship <ship>

This command lets you move a ship you own, or if you have the clan
PILOT empowerment, on that your clan owns, from the bay of a ship that
you own, or that your clan owns (if you have the empowerment).

See also - LOADSHIP


Level 85 Engineering Skill

Syntax: upgradeship <ship> <component> <amount>
Syntax: upgradeship <ship> UPGRADE
Syntax: dismantle <ship> <component> <amount>
Syntax: stripship <ship>

Required Items: Toolkit

This skill allows an engineer to modify an existing ship. The target ship
must be landed inside a garage. An engineer may only modify a ship that they
are either the owner, pilot, or copilot of.

Stripship is used by an unscrupulous engineer to strip a starship for parts and
sell the parts on the black market. The engineer must have stolen ship rights
to strip it for parts. Pilots can protect their ships by hiring a skilled
slicer to secure a ships system. Stripping a ships parts will set its stats to
the minimum values. The amount of credits you receive from stripping a ship
depends on your science skills.



Level 120 Engineering Skill

Syntax: upgradedroid <command> <option>

Command Choices: Focus, Behavior

Focus: Picking a focus for your droid is like picking a class. Combat droids
can fight and help you in that sense. Industry droids can help you build ships.
Translation droids will help you by translating any language into your own and
vice versa. You must select one of these three things as your focus.

Behavior: The behavior of a droid determines a few things about how it
interacts with you and other people. Behaviors are: ignore, destroy, assist and
inactive. When you create your droid it will start inactive. You will have to
change its behavior to either ignore or assist to get it to start helping you.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

The Following components can be modified on a ship using upgradeship. The
'quota' is how much room it uses up in the ship. Both size and cost values ares
per unit, so you have to multiply them both by the amount your adding for the

Component: Size: Cost:

Hull -0.02 4 credit(s)
Shields -0.03 20 credit(s)
Comm -0.5 100 credit(s)
Sensor -0.5 100 credit(s)
Astroarray -0.5 150 credit(s)
Tractorbeam -25 75000 credit(s)
Autoblaster -2 2500 credit(s)
Lasers -5 8000 credit(s)
Turbolasers -25 40000 credit(s)
Ion cannon -6 7500 credit(s)
Docking Ring -10 15000 credit(s)
Cloaking -75 750000 credit(s)
Missile tube -5 2000 credit(s)
Missiles -1 2000 credit(s)
Torpedos -1 2500 credit(s)
Rockets -1 3000 credit(s)
Pulse -1 5000 credit(s)
Chaff -0.2 100 credit(s)
Speed -0.1 100 credit(s)
Maneuver -0.2 1000 credit(s)
Energy -0.02 10 credit(s)
Gravity well -100 1000000 credit(s)
Hyperspeed -0.5 200 credit(s)
Smallcargo -5.0 4000 credit(s)
Mediumcargo -10.0 12000 credit(s)
Largecargo -15.0 20000 credit(s)



Usage: upkeep <structure> <command> <etc>
This command is used by the owner of a structure to set such things as the
price for entry, the account to credit with payments, transfer ownership, set
the price for sale, or even to demolish it.

charge <amount to charge> - Used to set the entrance fee
account <bank #> - Set which bank account to make payments to
sellprice <value> - Set the price someone can buy this for automatically
transfer <target> - Transfer ownership of this to someone else. Doesn't require
that they are present.
demolish - Be careful! This one is to destroy the structure. USE AT OWN RISK!
clan - Toggles restricting the structure to clan members only.
Citizen - Toggle whether or not citizens of the clan in control of the planet
can enter.

Note: If you do not set the account and you set the sellprice, people can buy
the structure and you will not get the money you wanted. In order to recieve
your money you have to have specified a bank account # and it must be valid at
the time of the sale. Its your responsibility to make sure you set this up in
the right order!


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax : Use (item)

Quite obviously lets you use an item.


Utai are the stronger, shorter, and tougher of the two major Utapau races. They
have a pale skin and elongated heads, with black eyes. They tend to focus on
manual labor and live far underground. Most Utai are simple and practical, but
their talents are broad, and they can be capable engineers, smugglers, and
spies as well.

Famous Utai
*Senin Vant, Pilot during the Battle of Utapau


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Feat - valor
Class - Leadership
Level - 80

This feat will restore raise the mental state of your party.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax : Course (x) (y) (z)

This is used to adjust your course once inside a planatary
system so you may attack other craft or land.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

LotJ features a unique system of player-owned shops. The follow commands
outline the process of buying, establishing, stocking, and closing your very
own shop. However, be warned that the clan that governs the planet your shop is
located on has the ability to close your shop without notice. If your shop is
not regularly stocked, don't be surprised to find it closed one day. Closed
shops will dump all credits and objects in a corpse for anyone to take. Shops
also close down in the event of the owner being permed.

Syntax: buyvendor

Enter any room containing a storekeeper and use the buyvendor command to
purchase a deed. A Vendor deed costs 200,000 credits, and will be 'saved' to
your character until you place your vendor. You may own up to 2 vendor deeds.

Syntax: placevendor

Enter any empty shop not already containing a vendor and use the placevendor
command to set up your shop in that room. A Vendor will immediately appear and
a deed will be subtracted from you. Other characters can interact with this
vendor as they would at a normal shop.

Syntax: nameshop

Using the nameshop command will allow the shop's owner to set the title of the
room the shop is in.

Syntax: descshop

Shop owners may also describe their shop's room by using the descshop command.
This will place the user in the shell editor.

Syntax: pricevendor <object> <price>

To sell an object, give the item to your Vendor. Prices may or may not
automatically set to a default value depending on the value of the object. To
change the price on vendor items, use the pricevendor command.

Syntax: collectgold

To collect the credits that your Vendor has earned, go to your shop and use the
collectgold command. All earned money will be given to you, minus a 5% vendors

Syntax: vendors

The vendors command allows a shop owner to see a list of their shops, their
locations, and the credits each shop has earned.

Syntax: vendors inventory

The vendors inventory command expands upon vendors by listing the items in each
shop's inventory.

Syntax: sellvendor

Selling your Vendor will close your shop and return 100,000 credits to you. To
use the sellvendor command, you must be in the room of your shop.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Passive ability

A hatred for your killer, and desire to get vengeance, can give a dark-side
force user the power to remain existant after being killed, becoming a Force
Ghost. To learn this ability one must have focused hatred, and a developed
mind. The skill is said to be learned from the bowels of a dark temple, but
it is not public knowledge where this temple is.


Syntax: feel ventriloquate <speaker> <message>

This power throws your voice, making it appear that some other object or
character in the room is saying your message. Victims who make their saving
throw will know that someone is using ventriloquism, but not who. Victims who
fail their saving throw will think that the object or character really did say
your message.


The Verpine are a race of tall, green mantid beings with large black eyes
native to the Roche asteroid field. They can communicate in Verpine via radio
waves and are known for their technologically advanced culture. So great is
their fascination with technology that they are more likely to be moved to
action by technology in danger than by ideals or rhetoric. Verpine can also
produce unintelligent worker drones. They are fairly sociable, and their
culture and government are primarily democratic (using radio wave communication
for quick decision-making).

Famous Verpine
*Zraii, head ship engineer for the Rebellions Rogue Squad


[:: Legends Of The Jedi ::]

Level 1 Combat Skill: Vibro-blades
Level 40 Combat Skill: Advanced Vibroblades
Level 100 Bounty Hunting Skill: Vibroblade Mastery

Syntax: Use of the skill is automatic once learned.

Vibroblades house a sonic generator in the hilt, causing the blade to vibrate.
The wounds caused penetrate much deeper than might otherwise be the case.
These skills increase proficiency with vibroblades. Vibro-blade covers basic
attacks, parries and ripostes. Advanced Vibroblades includes the most complex
combat maneuvers known to the public. Vibroblade Mastery involves secret
techniques only passed from master to apprentice.



Usage: viewrpc
viewrpc <name>
viewrpc retired

This command allows players to see the current roster of active Roleplay
Council (RPC) members. You can also check up on their bio, the date they
started, or (if applicable) when they retired. Although retired RPC arent
visible when you type VIEWRPC alone, you can still see their profiles singly or
by typing 'viewrpc retired'.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: feel vision <target>

This spell originates on Dathomir, where witches would use their energy
together to perform feats well outside of their own personal abilities. This
spell in particular is a good example. A group of forcers, or witches, can work
together, the vision allowing them to find and identify people. The person who
casts the spell first will see a true image of the person's whereabouts, while
the rest of the people in the room will see the conjured image of the target
in the air.

The skill requires three people to work properly, and it is said to be hard
to master.


Syntax: feel vitality

A Jedi can use this to draw protection from the force, reducing the damage
taken in combat by half. The duration can be increased with each successive use
of vitality, but the amount of damage reduced does not increase.


Vurks are waterbreathing, reptilian humanoids from the planet Sembla, with
bulbous black eyes and an arced head crest. Although they are technologically
advanced, they live a nomadic existence, moving from place to place with
friends and acquaintances. They may lack discipline but are prone to deep
introspection, questioning each other and traveling with those who share their
philosophies. Their culture emphasizes sharing one's own accomplishments as a
natural part of life.

Famous Vurk
*Coleman Trebor, Jedi Master and Member of the pre-Clone Wars Jedi Council
*Sweitt Concorkill, Senator of the Galactic Republic


A clan is only considered to be "AT WAR" when THEY have declared war upon
another clan using the WAR command. It is therefore a very good idea for clans
to have an active leadership to declare war swiftly back in return. Declaring
war allows a clan to perform many actions against another clan that it can not
normally do.

Clans at war can:
1) Capture enemy planets or force them to go neutral.
2) Destroy unmanned ships in accordance with HELP CAPITALRULES.

Other things to note:
1) War must have been declared if you wish to perm someone for the primary
reason of "he was a member of clan X." The RPC will determine, as usual, if
your primary reason is adequate. A simple "we were at war" in the vast majority
of cases is not good enough. Perms carried out for the main reason of "they are
a member of the enemy clan" will be carefully reviewed by the RPC. It's
recommended that you have a better reason than just that to kill an enemy clan
member. As always, 'exceptional circumstances' may arise, and the validity of
the kill will be determined by the RPC.

2) Reasonable attempts should be made to capture prisoners. There is no need to
kill everyone in a warring clan. However, this is not always possible or even a
sane action.

3) While you may kidnap specific clan members when not at war, going after
random clan members for the primary reason of clan affiliation is not allowed.


Warrior races represent the unseen faces of conquering armies and navies. They
are meant to be leveled quickly and deployed to the field of battle to help
turn the tide for their clan. The tradeoff to this is that warrior races have a
limited skill set and cannot hold major ranks in clans.

Warrior races are generated as a result of certain events / incidences occuring
during the course of the games timeline. Their actions and interactions are
segregated between those against other Warriors and those against normal

Warriors Against Warriors.

Providing War has been declared. Warriors fighting other Warriors may
essentially fire at will. For all intents and purposes, in fighting other
Warriors, help perm does not apply. Providing War is declared.

Warriors against Normal Characters

Warriors fighting normal characters essentially follow something very similar
to those governing private bounties. A task force of Warriors must be ordered
by a clear Superior to kill/capture a specific target. As with private
bounties, the burden of supporting evidence and reason (IE help perm) will lie
primarily with the Superior, however the Warriors involved will be expected to
cooperate with the RPC in event of a restore case. It is highly recommended
that the warriors create a think log entry when tasked with a 'mission'. In the
case of 'normal' characters combatting Warriors. Providing they are Warring
enemies, you may fire at will.

As with bounties, a generic, `kill everyone` is NOT suitable.

Additional Rules

1) Warriors may not request spyapps.
2) Warriors must follow orders from their superiors, or risk losing their
3) Warriors are designed for their own specific clans and as such may not
resign from them.
4) 'Storing' your warriors for later in the timeline is a recipe for getting
them slain.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

A warzone is an area where there are several enemy clan members who pose a
direct threat to you.

In a warzone it is often necessary to kill or be killed. This does however fall
under some restrictions when it comes to HOW this is carried out. You should
still TRY to subdue your enemies with non-lethal means, if only in the short
term. If an enemy is stunned, you may NOT perm them on the spot. If you do not
have time to roleplay their death as outlined in HELP PERM, either bind them up
and capture them or reduce their hitpoints to a point where it will take a long
time for them to heal without aid and leave them behind (but NOT to the point
where they will die if unaided). capturing enemies is good leverage against any
uncaptured enemies present, and you can get info out of captured people.
Perming in an extreme manner, such as killing 2 or more people in a short
amount of time, should only happen if you have no options.

If no other options are present for you, you may fire at will in a warzone
against your enemies, but remember to follow these rules. Failure to do so will
likely result in the restoring of your victims and your own death. Proceed with
caution. As always, `exceptional circumstances` may arise, and the validity of
the kill will be determined by the RPC.

Warning: This help-file is a Legendary File. As such it is no longer valid from
the date of 24/8/7. It is replaced by Help War


War droids are generally bipedal or quadrupedal, mass-produced machines
designed primarily for ground combat, although many also serve as pilots, and a
few are programmed as slicers. They are typically sturdy and powerful. They are
designed to be blunt, simpleminded, and loyal to their master--assuming no
corruption to their programming, of course.

Famous War Droids
*OOM-9 command battle droid, leader of the Invasion of Naboo
*"Maximo" the K0-5D, heavily modified ASP general purpose droid


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Usage: watch <person>
watch none

Use of this command will direct your character's attention to a specific
person in the room. This is handy for keeping track of people who like to
sneak around. If you use this command while sneaking, people won't see a
message indicating that you are watching, and whom. Nor will they see the
action message, as it will be assumed you are watching your target secretly.


[:: Legend of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Passive

This skills allows you to use the various weapon systems on a spacecraft.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: weather

The 'weather' (or WEATHER) command returns IC information about the weather
condition at your character's location. To use this command, your character
must be able to see the sky.

See Also: TIME


Weequay are a tough, humanoid race native to Sriluur, a harsh desert planet.
Their skin is wrinkled, gray-brown, and leathery, and their eyes are black.
Male Weequay travelers traditionally tie their hair into braids, one for each
year away from home, while females are usually bald. Having the ability to
communicate via pheremones, they speak little and may come across as
unintelligent. Their culture is collectivist, and many do not take a personal
name at all. They tend to be paranoid and mean-spirited.

Famous Weequay
*Sora Bulq, Jedi Master
*Kiera Swan, Pirate and Bounty Hunter


Although Yoda's race is unnamed in Canon and Legends, here at LOTJ we assume
that he was a Whill. Whills are short, long-eared, and extremely agile beings.
They are naturally intelligent and close to the Force, and they are known for
their talents as leaders, teachers, and scientists.

Famous Whill
*Yoda, Jedi Master and instructor
*Yaddle, Jedi librarian and morichro practitioner


Whiphids are a nomadic race that inhabit the icy world Toola, organized into
small tribes of three to ten families. They are extremely large, tough beings,
at 2.2 to 2.5 meters tall and over 400 kg. They are natural hunters and
predators, and the most successful hunter in a tribe is honored with the title
Spearmaster. Technologically, Whiphid culture is extremely primitive, and they
can only speak in very simple sentences. Whiphids can be pleasant and sociable,
and they usually know the difference between friend and food.

Famous Whiphid
*KKruhk, Jedi Knight during the Clone War, renowned for surviving many
near-death experiences.


Syntax: whisper <victim> <message>

Whisper will send a private message to the victim. Others in the room will see
an emote stating that you are whispering to the target.

See also: SAY SAYTO


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

The who list, a familiar feature on any mud, has been extremely modified. In
order to preserve our roleplay-intensive environment, the who list only shows
the NUMBER of players online. The only way you will know if someone is playing
is by encountering them ICly. Immortals and RPC members are still shown, of


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: wimpy
Syntax: wimpy <number>

WIMPY sets your wimpy value. When your character takes damage that reduces
your hit points below your wimpy value, you will automatically attempt to flee.

WIMPY with no argument sets your wimpy value to 20% of your maximum hit points.

Some monsters are wimpy.


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Wisdom (WIS in your 'score') represents your character's wisdom and ability
to incorporate learning. Among other things, it affects:

- the percentage a character learns of a new language at each practice,
though intelligence affects this slightly more

- helps with save rolls, mainly forcer based

In other words, it is expert knowledge about the practical aspects of life
acquired as one ages.

The LEADERSHIP, SLICER, and MEDICAL classes are affected by the WIS stat.

Training in MEDICAL, SCIENCE and SLICING can sometimes raise this stat.


Syntax: withdraw <amount> <reason for withdrawal>

This command allows a clan member with the withdraw empowerment to withdraw
funds from the clans account. The player must be at a banking terminal to use
this command.

The withdrawn amount, clan member making the withdrawal, and justification will
all be stored in the banklog, where they can be viewed by the clan's

Justifications must be between 25 and 140 characters.



LotJ proudly recognizes the following for their hard work and dedication:
Ghost, the creator of LotJ. Anna and Orion, second generation owners. Gral and
Greven, for years of advice and guidance. The many former staff members who
have contributed over the years.

Active staff for Star Wars: Legends of the Jedi:

Rojan and Walldo

Gathorn and Ralen

Gathorn, Gral, Miros, Rojan

Senior Staff
Frump, Kraine

Claudius, Merrycheeza, Statesman, Xerakon

Logan, Madelyn, Odari, Ravaus, Thermitelogic


Wookiees are a tall, bipedal race native to the planet Kashyyyk. Their bodies
are covered in thick hair. Wookiee tribal society is marked by a well-developed
sense of honor. A typical Wookiee lifespan is around 350 years. They are
skilled fighters, but they are usually less stealthy than other races, and they
can only speak their native language, Shyriiwook. Due to their history of
enslavement, there is NO CHANCE of cooperation between Wookiees and Trandoshans
on any level.

Famous Wookiees
*Chewbacca, hero of the Rebellion, life-long companion of Han Solo
*Zaalbar, hero and companion of the reformed Darth Revan (KOTOR)


Wounds on LotJ work in a rather simple fashion. You have the following
wound locations:

Head Neck Back Left Arm Right Arm Left Wrist
Right Wrist Left Hand Right Hand Left Leg Right Leg Left Foot
Right foot

A headshot gives 10x damage. All other locations deal 1/3rd of the damage
but offer other advantages. Shooting someone in the wrist or hand can
cause them to drop their weapon, with a check on the skill GRIP. Wounds
to the arms, wrists and hands signifigantly drop the amount of damage
they can do.

Being wounded in the leg or foot slows you down, and can also make you leave
pools of blood as you wander. This would be a nice trail for the other person
to follow and ultimately find you. As you get a wound in each of the leg/feet
locations your movement will be slowed cumulatively. Wounds cannot stack,
however, so even if you are wounded 30 times in the left leg it counts as being
wounded once.

Each time you are wounded you will drop blood. Blood will also drop
periodically as your wounds will cause you to suffer. It is possible to die
from bleeding to death. In order to fix your wounds, you must have a medic
HEALWOUND you. To see a list of wounds type WOUNDS, or have a medic DIAGNOSE

In order to wound someone, you must be AIMing at a particular body part. Please
see the AIM helpfile for more details concerning that.



Wroonians are a human subrace with blue skin and yellow irises. Their world is
mostly oceanic, and so they have a long history as traders, merchants, scouts,
smugglers, and pirates. Wroonians tend to be materialistic but accepting of
fate, sometimes risking life for valued possessions. They tend to be social and
impulsive, and they make excellent merchants and diplomats.

Famous Wroonians
*N. Papanoida, a wealthy and influential Baron from the end of the Clone Wars
*Dasha Defano, Rebel Alliance pilot


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: yell <message>

Yelling will send a message to all awake characters within a few rooms
of where you are, depending on ambience (See HELP AMBIENCE). Beyond that,
players receive the message, 'You hear someone yelling nearby.'. Yelling
is an IC form of communication. (Refer to HELP IC and HELP OOC)


Yevetha, or Yevethans, are a clawed, humanoid species native to N'zoth, with
green or yellow skin. They look somewhat like emacieated humans, and they have
six fingers and six toes on each hands. They have ridges along their backs, and
their retractable claws are called dew claws. Their eyes are black and
expressionless. Yevetha culture is obsessed with death, and blood sacrifice is
seen as an honor to the victim's family.

Famous Yevathans
*Nil Spaar, Darama of N'zoth
*The Darama, god of the Yevethans


Yevetha, or Yevethans, are a clawed, humanoid species native to N'zoth, with
green or yellow skin. They look somewhat like emacieated humans, and they have
six fingers and six toes on each hands. They have ridges along their backs, and
their retractable claws are called dew claws. Their eyes are black and
expressionless. Yevetha culture is obsessed with death, and blood sacrifice is
seen as an honor to the victim's family.

Famous Yevathans
*Nil Spaar, Darama of N'zoth
*The Darama, god of the Yevethans


Yevetha, or Yevethans, are a clawed, humanoid species native to N'zoth, with
green or yellow skin. They look somewhat like emacieated humans, and they have
six fingers and six toes on each hands. They have ridges along their backs, and
their retractable claws are called dew claws. Their eyes are black and
expressionless. Yevetha culture is obsessed with death, and blood sacrifice is
seen as an honor to the victim's family.

Famous Yevathans
*Nil Spaar, Darama of N'zoth
*The Darama, god of the Yevethans


The Top 12 Things Uttered by Yoda While Making Love
Rated R
12. Ahhh! Yoda's little friend you seek!
11. Urm. Put a shield on my saber I must.
10. Feel the force!
9. Foreplay, cuddling. A Jedi craves not these things.
8. Down here I am. Find a ladder I must!
7. Do me or do me not, there is no try.
6. Early must I rise. Leave now you must!
5. You know, this would be a lot more fun without Frank Oz's hand up my
4. Happens to every guy sometimes this does.
3. When 800 years old you get, Viagra you need too, hmmmm?
2. Ow, ow, OW! On my ear you are!
1. Who's your Jedi Master? Who's your Jedi Master?


The Zabrak or Iridonians are a Near-Human species native to Iridonia. All have
horns, with the pattern of horns varying from one Zabraki subrace to another.
They tend to be dedicated, focused, and intense, and many use complex facial
tattoos to express their personality. Due to the harshness of Iridonia, it is
very common for Zabraks to become spacefarers.

Famous Zabrak
*Darth Maul, Sith Lord who slew Qui Gon Jinn
*Bao Dur, hero and companion of the Jedi Exile


Zeltron are a Human subrace (or arguably near-Human race) with red skin,
varying from pink to deep crimson. They are known for sensing the emotions of
others and producing pheremones that calm and attract the beings around them.
They have a second liver (allowing them to process alcohol or spice more
effectively), and the pursuit of pleasure and sexuality is important in their
culture. They feel emotion deeply.

Famous Zeltron
*Luxa, criminal on the Telos space station (KOTOR 2: The Sith Lords)


...Everything begins to fade to black

...and then



Please be aware that if you want a restore, do not try to log back into a
clone, as the clone can fail. This makes restoring you impossible, as the
character that is restored will now be the clone that died, not the original
one you lost.

Recent In-Game News

"Resistance" Faction Declares War on Raiders
A group calling itself the "Alien Resistance Faction" has claimed responsibility for the string of protests and attacks on the Raider worlds over the past couple of weeks. Early yesterday, the group made a bigger entrance as it arrived in salvaged cruisers and began a blockade of Kashyyyk, claiming to "liberate" the world from Raider oppression. After an intense battle, the forces were scuttled as the Raider fleet arrived en masse. After the encounter, Lord Emperor Maldiv Rocik had this to say: "Finally, Galaxy, we can put a face on the terrorist organization that is responsible for inciting violence across the Galaxy these past few days. Alien Resistance Force, I advise you to de-arm, lay down your weapons, and evacuate to the far corners of the rim. You condemn yourself to certain failure, just like the Republic and the Jedi before you, but, if it's war you want...so be it. Prepare to meet your death."

Deregrassio Casino Firebombed!
After a string of chaotic protests that were ruthlessly put down by the Lord Emperor Maldiv Rocik's forces across three worlds, residents of Wroona were awakened late this evening to the sound of explosions as Deregrassio Casino was firebombed by yet another group of protesters. Luckily, the casino was mostly empty so there were no casaulties and very minor injuries. Following the firebombing, the protesters took to the streets of Wroona continuing their rioting and looting.

Recent Changes

Era 2 Start Date
After some setbacks and delays, era 2 will be starting on August 26th give or take a few hours depending on availability. There will be a brief shutdown period starting in the evening of August 25th while we transition things over to the new era so that we can remove things/add things in. As for the story progression, 5 years will have passed since the Lorell Raiders defeated the Republic and established themselves as the sole governing faction. Sorry for the delays, hopefully era 2 brings some excitement back to the IC world.

EoE Canceled
Due to lack of staffing, the EoE for era 1 has been canceled for the time being. I have no idea when it will be rescheduled or if it will happen at all which unfortunately means the start of era 2 will be delayed until then. I apologize for any inconveniences this is going to cause you guys, but there is a lot of work to be done that I just cannot do myself for various reasons. All I can ask is that you remain patient and hold tight, I will keep working on what I can so that we can properly transition the era. Claudius

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