Syntax: clandescription

This command allows clan leaders to write up a clan description that will be
displayed on SHOWCLAN. Members of a clan that uses this command will see their
clan description.


Syntax: description (opens a prompt)
Required by level 30

The description command puts you into an editor to edit your long character
description (what people see when they look at you). Your description should be
a paragraph or two describing what your character looks like. It should
describe what your character looks like and not how others around them feel.
It should also not include what actions others take. Examples of this include
are 'You feel a sense of awe' or 'Your eyes avert and you know this isnt
someone you would want to mess with'. An example can be found at help

Please don't include cursing in your descriptions. Thank you.

See also: descarmor


This young male Twi'lek is surprisingly easy on the eyes. His skin, an
exceedingly rare Rutian turquoise, is stretched taut over rippling muscles and
a willowy frame. A number of black tribal tattoos mingle and play along the
contours of his muscled body, lending even more to his exotic look. He carries
himself with the gentle grace and sensual swagger of an extremely well-trained

His handsome face is alight with playful curiosity. His lekku, a full half his
height in length, curve back from his brow and flow down his torso to come to a
tapered end near his waist. The angry, bloodshot eyes so common to males of his
race are gone, replaced by a pair of lustrous violet orbs, and they radiate
with an inviting warmth. A slender nose marks the center of his flawless
features and comes to a gentle curve above the thin line of his soft lips. A
playful smile breaks the pleasant uniformity of his visage and reveals a
mouthful of sparkling white teeth.

Standing before you is a lithe Twi'lek female, standing about 1.7 meters tall.
Her skin is a light blue, a mix between the color of the sky and cerulean. Her
eyes are deep ebony orbs, with some flecks of gold around her pupils. A finely
made leather corset tightly can usually be found hugging her body, revealing a
rather tantalizing amount of flesh. Small scars can be seen on her lekku, and
running along her upper arms and back. She typically sports a smile or grin to
her purple tinted lips, humming some tune or another to herself. She carries
herself gracefully with a bit of a joyful skip to her step. There is a small
clink of metal as she moves, as the tools in her utility belt jostle around.

This human male is not quite six feet tall, with dirty blonde hair and bright
green eyes. There are a few scars on his face and neck, though none look very
recent. His face is clean-shaven, and his general appearance is clean if not
well-groomed. His nose appears to have been broken at least once, sitting just
slightly out of line with the rest of his face. His right hand appears to have
been cut recently, covered in a series of red lines that have scabbed over for
now. His clothes appear to be clean and well-made, though he seems to wear them
more for comfort than for work.

Recent In-Game News

Mandalore is Dead; The Way is Changing
The scene centers upon a beskar-armored corpse laying respectfully in state upon a large obsidian bier in the middle of Mandalore Plaza in Keldabe. His T-visored helmet, crowned with laurels, conceals his identity. However, as a young, unhelmeted warrior steps forward and begins speaking, it is no longer in doubt, "Mandalore the Venerable has passed from this life to the next. It was the Venerable who took control of the fate of our peoples following the Emperor's disappearance and the schism of his Empire. He was well-respected for his deeds and his search for honor in combat. We shall never see his like again." As if on cue, the snap-hiss of an igniter is heard before a torrent of flames emit from the crevices of his armor, the leader's corpse burning like the warrior-kings of old. Setting his data-slate upon a nearby lectern, the young Mandalorian steps forward to address the crowd, "Our people have had a... complicated history with the Sith, the Lorellian Raiders, and the Galactic Empire. Many of my fellow clan chieftains look upon our governance by Emperor Rocik and the Empire as the 'golden years'. None can dispute that Maldiv Rocik was a consummate warrior and understood the value of strength, as is the Mandalorian way. We look now to his followers to determine whether they have inherited his strength to rule, or whether they pay lip service to the galaxy. We invite governments to prove their might and govern Mandalore, but caution that our warriors will rise up if you are found wanting..."

Ithorians Rejoice over Alliance with Aldera Peace Force
A youthful, reddish brown Ithorian woman in ceremonial robes steps forward before a waiting podium and holocam. She smiles politely, extending her arms and speaking a few lines of opening a convention before settling them slowly on the podium, "Good evening, sentients and automatons. Following several meetings with the various herdship councils, I traveled to and was received by the Aldera Peace Force. Negotiations began several weeks ago, and I am glad to confirm that they have accepted our proposal of a formal alliance. Following the Scions' atrocities, it was not the fact that Aldera was able to govern Tatooine that garnered our attention. It was their ability to restrain themselves from planting a flag and gobbling up the first planet they were able to. However, we believe that our alliance is more of a perfect match. The nature of our peoples are similar - we both enjoy peace and prosperity, and both wish to have an equal say in what happens upon our worlds. In this way, we may thrive together. Is that correct, Administrator Gunve?" She smiles as she notions someone to the stage amid generous applause. "Indeed, Envoy Wilthe. The APF's original mandate was for Alderaan, but the Alderaanian people are happy to engage in an alliance to ensure more prosperity to free people. It warms my heart to see that Ithorian and Alderaanian alike can rely on each other through a peacefully achieved partnership and work together for a better future. To celebrate this union, we'll be holding a Science Fair for those with creative minds to show off, assisted by professors from the both Tarintha Learning Center and Aldera University. Details will be released in the near future."

Recent Changes

Minor Bug Fixes 11/24/2020
- Exam once again tells you when the thing you wanted to examine wasn't found. - Exam no longer makes you look at mobs if they match the keyword you examined. - Improved feedback on the duty command for invalid arguments. - Combat droids will now remove all equipment when upgraded to another focus. - Trying to open something that's not there will now say what you tried to open instead of "You don't see here". P.S. from Rojan - Welcome Rengawm to the coding team!

Setdraw, so you can show off your cool draw moves
* Players can now customize the draw message for any player crafted weapon. This was previously only available to forcers for their lightsabers via imm assistance, but we thought we'd give you guys something nice. SYNTAX SETDRAW <object> <draw message>. You can clear the message by doing SETDRAW <object> CLEAR. If you CLEAR a lightsaber, it defaults to the stock lightsaber soft glow and hum message. * Miscellaneously, forcer mana will lower to their max mana if it somehow ends up more than their max now.

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