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Character Name: Jesse James

Character Motives: Jesse strives to gain income, but he can't be tied down to a
job, or sedentary lifestyle. It's for this reason that he's decided that the
best way to make money, and still be adventurous and mobile is to rob stage
coaches, and hold up banks. Jesse does have an ulterior goal that other players
will not be privy to knowing, and that is that he is very much in love with a
woman, Calamity Jane, and part of his bravado is to impress Calamity Jane and
and hopefully win her love.

Character Strengths: Jesse projects himself to be very loyal to his gang, and
for the most part, he is very loyal. He can be persuaded to betray them, and
these circumstances are detailed below. Jesse is otherwise, loyal, trustworthy
to his gang, and willing to sacrifice profit in order to help a gang-member. As
far as criminals go, Jesse is very loyal and committed to his lifestyle.

Character Downfalls: Jesse's love for Calamity Jane can easily be used against
him in order to extract information from him, or even to betray his gang.
Should anyone threaten to harm Calamity Jane, Jesse is sure to do whatever it
takes to rescue her. Jesse also has an unusual affinity for strawberry ice
cream. If he is captured, the sheriff could offer him strawberry ice cream as a
means to extract at least a little information, but he won't give up too much
just for some ice cream.

Character Quirks and Other Miscellaneous Information: It's important to note
that Jesse can't resist being `called out` by anyone. If a player challenges
him to a duel, Jesse will accept every time. He doesn't like to appear weak, or
`yellow` and will therefore defend his honor. Also, Jesse finds anyone who
drinks anything other than whiskey or bourbon to be untrustworthy. `A man
drinks a man's drink!` is what he always says. Jesse will not enter a deal, or
trust anyone who can't hold their liquor.

Thought Log:

<3/1/07 16:23> This sheriff is getting on my nerves. He keeps gabbing about how
he's gonna 'clean up this town'. I might have to move the gang down to those
caverns were we can lay low awhile.
<3/1/07 17:04> Calamity Jane said Brazen Bob's been making moves on her. If he
doesn't stop soon, I might have to call him out.
<3/3/07 18:44> Moved the gang down to the caverns. There were these Indians
there that we had to kill, because they didn't want to leave on their own.
Besides, we can't have them out there telling the Sheriff where to find us.
<3/4/07 20:10> Had a little chat with Brazen Bob. He said he's gonna stop
making moves on my girl.

Recent In-Game News

Situations in Uncharted Space
In recent days, situations have developed in uncharted sectors of space nearby two planets: [Large asteroid cluster detected near Lorrd] Astronomers at the Rimworld Institute For Deep Space Observation have reporting gravitational anomalies near Lorrd that bear all the signs of a deep-space asteroid cluster. Their readings indicate strong mining potential. They advise would-be explorers to head between -30, 30 and -20, 40. [Defective Ships Stranded in Deep Space] Multiple reports are coming in about an older model of transport popular with budget travelers which have been breaking down mid-hyperjump. Port authorities on Nim Drovis report that many such ships recently departed for Wroona and haven't yet been seen there. Several long-range calls for assistance have been detected to the galactic East of the Meridian system, between coordinates -20, -10 and 0, -20. Skilled astronomers have reason to believe that both will persist for some time.

Trade Federation Emerges
With the Outer Rim left to pick up the pieces after suffering the initial onslaught of the Sith forces, a group of traders, bankers and other citizens of means came together to form their own government that would look out for the needs of the Outer Rim. After some negotiations and concessions, the group came together to form: The Trade Federation. While not a government in the traditional sense, the Trade Federation is headed by Viceroy Niarem Zevon who has led the recovery of the Outer Rim with a steady hand and firm governance that has seen the profits and quality of life dramatically improve to levels that rival those under the Republic's rule. The question now remains, where does the Trade Federation go from here now that peace has been achieved?

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