Bothans are by nature brave, crafty, and suspicious. They are furry humanoids
that may appear canine, feline, or equine. Men and women alike typically have
pointed beards. They are sometimes mistrusted because of their reputation for
manipulation and subtlety, but they can also be extremely loyal. In times of
extreme crisis, many Bothans may volunteer to 'Arkai', a mentality of accepting
any sacrifice needed to defend their species from annihilation.

Famous Bothans
*Borsk Feylya, key member of the Rebel Alliance and later New Republic Senator


Syntax: bot <start/stop/cancel>

While using the [BOTTING] flag, there are only certain commands you are legally
able to use: buildship, develop, makearmor, ponder, research, and study.

What is Botting?
Botting is using a client's triggers and scripts to automate your character and
the mud's BOT command when you are not paying attention to the screen.

You can only 'bot' certain commands and only when used in conjunction with the
[BOTTING] flag, controlled by the BOT command.

Triggering any commands besides those just listed while using the [BOTTING]
flag is illegal.

The [BOTTING] flag has a two hour timer, after which you will enter [COOLDOWN]
and automatically go AFK. It is legal to have a trigger resume botting once the
30 minute period is over.

The [BOTTING] flag does not protect your character like the AFK flag does.
Other players are able to steal from you, drag you around, or even kill you
(normal perm rules apply) while you are botting.

Bot Checks
Occasionally, the imm staff will check to see if you are illegally botting
skill(s). This is typically done through the IMMCHAT channel, and can be
something as simple as:

THIS IS AN EXAMPLE: ( IMM | CHAT ) Xerakon mortchats to you 'Bot check.'

We'll try this a few times over a short period to make sure we get your
attention. Just respond back using the IMMCHAT command letting us know that you
are there.

As there has been a recent rash of issues where players are not claiming do not
pay attention to the IMMCHAT channel with the Mushclient, we highly advise that
you make sure the IMMCHAT channel is displayed on every window you use so that
you will not miss a message from the staff. Not watching IMMCHAT counts as not
paying attention to your screen, which counts as botting.

Illegal Botting
Offenses will be evaluated per account, rather than per character. Botting is a
serious offense! Any attempt to bypass the system or to bot illegally by any
means will be dealt with to the fullest extent of internet law.

Illegally botting can result in something as simple as a warning, going all the
way up to forfeiting everything you gained through botting and being helled.

However, take special note that slice/secure botters will be set to ZERO in
both of these skills.

Please do not set off other player's triggers, intentionally or
unintentionally. It's a good way to get yourself conked over the head with an
immortal fist of justice.

Web Guide


[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: Sabotage <system>

In an engineroom this command allows you to damage one of the following:

Fuel, Engine, Launcher, Laser, Ion, Cloak

Recent In-Game News

Situations in Uncharted Space
In recent days, situations have developed in uncharted sectors of space nearby two planets: [Large asteroid cluster detected near Lorrd] Astronomers at the Rimworld Institute For Deep Space Observation have reporting gravitational anomalies near Lorrd that bear all the signs of a deep-space asteroid cluster. Their readings indicate strong mining potential. They advise would-be explorers to head between -30, 30 and -20, 40. [Defective Ships Stranded in Deep Space] Multiple reports are coming in about an older model of transport popular with budget travelers which have been breaking down mid-hyperjump. Port authorities on Nim Drovis report that many such ships recently departed for Wroona and haven't yet been seen there. Several long-range calls for assistance have been detected to the galactic East of the Meridian system, between coordinates -20, -10 and 0, -20. Skilled astronomers have reason to believe that both will persist for some time.

Trade Federation Emerges
With the Outer Rim left to pick up the pieces after suffering the initial onslaught of the Sith forces, a group of traders, bankers and other citizens of means came together to form their own government that would look out for the needs of the Outer Rim. After some negotiations and concessions, the group came together to form: The Trade Federation. While not a government in the traditional sense, the Trade Federation is headed by Viceroy Niarem Zevon who has led the recovery of the Outer Rim with a steady hand and firm governance that has seen the profits and quality of life dramatically improve to levels that rival those under the Republic's rule. The question now remains, where does the Trade Federation go from here now that peace has been achieved?

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All app positions are closed
Just to clarify, we are no longer seeking apps for any positions as previously posted. You are still welcome to app for things (not Forcers, tho) however we're pretty saturated for what we want to see out there right now, so if you receive no reply for quite some time, do not be surprised!

Corellia's Senator apps closed
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