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Syntax: backstab <victim>
Syntax: circle <victim>

Backstab is a bounty hunting skill that will start a fight with whoever
you backstab. To backstab someone, you must be wielding a piercing weapon
and have already approached your victim.

Circle is also a bounty hunting skill, not unlike backstab. The difference
being that you must already be fighting to circle someone. Again, you must
be wielding a piercing weapon and have already approached your victim.


For clans to function, a certain degree of trust is required between its
members. It is therefore essential that each person who wishes be involved with
a clan understand the rules of SPYAPP.

1) You may not seek to harm including, attacking, shooting, grenading and
stealing from members of your clan or your clan itself.
2) You may not reveal classified information pertaining to your clan to those
who are unauthorized.
3) If a player leaves a clan for any reason, they may not take hostile action
against said clan. This includes sharing information about the clan or clan
enemies. If the player's original clan decides to pursue the player, the player
will be free from spyapp restrictions. This does not apply to players who
violate day-to-day laws like stealing from citizens, etc.

Prisoners of War
Without an approved spyapp, may reveal the following information to WARRING
CLANS if sufficient role play cause has been established for the prisoner to do

1) Greets, dubs, and information of ranks of members of the prisoners clan.
2) The names and classes of ships owned by the prisoner's clan, and their

Exceptions (applying for spyapp)
Players can obtain a SPYAPP, which allows exceptions to specific points in this
help file. A spyapp is submitted via the `Applications` tab on our website. A
spyapp MUST be accepted before it is to be considered valid. In order to get a
successful spyapp, you need to provide justification. Reasonable thought must
be shown in all cases, including a well written character sheet and think logs.
You should be as specific as possible: What exactly do you want to reveal/do?
Who are you going to do it for, and who/what is the target? Why?

Players in positions of authority in clans must closely follow all of these
rules. A clan is a community and as such, its community leaders are expected to
act responsibly for the good of their clan and the game as a whole.

If you have been asked to read HELP SPYAPP, it may be because of this next bit:
We understand that often times it feels that spyapps are situational or should
be approved in order for your character to take advantage of a time-sensitive
situation. However, there is a lot that the staff needs to take into
consideration when approving or disapproving spyapps, and we will not rush into
making a decision because you have a perfect opportunity to strike. Please do
not ask us for instant-approval spyapps, and please do not ask us every hour or
day about the status of your spyapp. We'll get to it as soon as we can.

Recent In-Game News

Sorosuub Purchases Tibanna Gas Platforms, Re-Enters Weapons Market
A holo-image is displayed showing a tibanna gas platform floating in the atmosphere of Bespin. The platform displays the familiar STS logo in places. "In recent days, Sorosuub purchased a pair of tibanna gas platforms. Shortly after the purchase was made, the company's CEO released the following statement to the press." The image then shifts to display a holographic image of a twi'lek woman. "It is always sad to see an engineering firm like Mon Calamari Shipyards close its doors. We can all only speculate what technologies might have been brought to the galaxy had they continued operations, while others will be lost to the ages." She pauses for a moment before continuing. "We had originally stepped out of the weapons market to focus on more unique technologies and give MCS free reign of the market, but with their closure leaving several markets untapped Sorosuub will be looking to potentially fill the gaps. In the coming days we will be releasing our first new line of weaponry in many years, so look forward to new products on our vendors soon."

Emperor Offers Ceasefire, Rebel Alliance Pushes Ahead
The stark-white gear of the Galactic Empire cuts onto the screen and fades out. Your view moves to the obsidian throne room, but, instead of his usual position, the Emperor stands tall at the steps before his seat, black robes spilling out luxuriously in all directions. He pulls back his hood, revealing grey eyes bespeckled with red fleks and snow-white hair, kept long, "Good evening, citizens of my fine Galaxy. Tonight, during a brief holomeeting with disgraced senator Danneke, I offered her and her ilk room to breath: a proposal for a ceasefire. Let history remember that it is I who spoke diplomacy on this day. It was not fluff, but substantive. I demanded reparations for the lives they've taken, including for the late Grand Moff Kaiden, Dragon of the Empire. I was not planning to let them off so easy, but I -was- willing to entertain a deal. Instead of a counter-offer, the commander refused to even discuss it, intimating that I was wasting her time, and playing lame theatric ignorance regarding Kaiden's death." The man smiles, but tightly, with a furrowed disposition, before continuing, "Instead of gaining a neutral standing with me, one she and her riff-raff could have utilized in a variety of ways...tonight she decided to continue war. Let no one ever forget it." The Emperor gestures forward with gloved hands, "She now leads beings to a gruesome death, and she will follow them in time. When that day comes, perhaps then she will realize the folly in her mistake tonight. Either way, my Empire marches on."

Recent Changes

Fixed Web Helpfile Viewer
The helpfile viewer at is now fixed and should be working as expected.

Linking Discord to OOC
You can now monitor the in-game OOC channel from the #ooc channel in Discord. It is intentionally read-only but should make it easier for folks to keep up with the conversation even when they're not logged into the game. Enjoy!

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