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Level 115 Combat Skill

Syntax: aim <target> <body part>
aim none

This skill will cause your character (assuming you are wielding a weapon) to
target a specific body part on someone. Refer to the help file on WOUNDS for
more information. When you aim at someone, your first shot (assuming you
were not in combat when you aimed) will have a 66% better chance at hitting the
target location. A 'headshot', where you aim at the victim's head, will deal
10x damage if successful.

Each location has a different chance to hit or miss, depending on logic. Arms
and legs are easier to hit than hands and wrists. Likewise, the head is the
hardest spot to hit on the whole body. After your first shot, your percentage
to hit will be based off your percentage in AIM.

Dexterity of both persons involved, as well as their luck will play a role in
deciding a hit or miss. It is possible to hit someone in the target location
and not wound them. All wounds will be accompanied by a message indicating that
you have wounded the target.



[:: Legends of the Jedi ::]

Syntax: claimbounty <stunned bountied player>

This skill will allow a bounty hunter to perm a victim by bypassing
hospitalization. No amount of credits can protect a player that has been
bountied, and a bounty on the victim is a requirement.


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Recent In-Game News

Arkania Space Holosimulator Complex Opens
After several years of development and speculation, the Arkania franchise of a chain of Space Holosimulators has announced its grand opening. A representative from the business mentioned that members of the public are welcome to tour the facility, located on the south side of Adascopolis, and experience the very latest in immersive space combat simulation technology. Features are reported to include four separate holosimulator pods and integrated leaderboard tracking, so repeat visitors and hotshot pilots can duke it out for the top standing in each scenario. Each pod comes with a monitoring system so onlookers can cheer on their friends or keep an eye on their rivals. The franchise owner was quick to point out that the company is not liable for any injury or death related to fights over leaderboard standings. At the time of opening, only one simulation scenario was reported to be functional, with representatives of the parent company indicating that more are planned for future development.

(8 years ago) Fight for Freedom halts Cybernetic Advancements
Despite the Trade Federation's victory over the &061O&093uter &061R&093im &061C&093oalition and Jedi Master Seela, the Twi'leks of Ryloth remained dissatisfied. They rose up and began a campaign of liberation shortly thereafter, including Tatooine and Naboo. A series of skirmishes began, which included several bombardments and full-scale assaults. However, once the dust settled and the &060T&103h&244e &060Ga&103l&102ac&244ti&250c &060Em&103p&102i&244r&250e decided not to bother with that quadrant of space, the residents began to pick up the pieces. As they cannot live on the surface, most of the damage to Ryloth's infrastructure was insignificant. However, an industry-leading enhancement laboratory was reduced to rubble by a 'lucky' rocket. Unfortunately, this has disrupted the cybernetic supply line, leaving the galaxy left only with what was already in circulation. In a stunning development, the Worlport General Hospital on Ord Mantell was able to collaborate with some of their industrial partners to reverse-engineer and reproduce some of the more application-specific cybernetics for sale.

Recent Changes

Various Space Updates
- You can now add or remove squadron ships for a landed ship, and you can remove ships from a squadron even if they're not currently on the ship. - In space combat, being in sustained action actually caused you to receive 0 experience from destroying the target, and that's been fixed. You'll receive experience based on the value of the target ship shown on "info". - All automated squadron ship actions now depend on autopilot being enabled, so when using them in a fight, you'll generally want to ensure autopilot is on. It is still enabled automatically when scrambling any squadron. - Autopilot logic now kicks in even when a ship has players onboard. - There's a new autopilot config: useion. Rather than using only lasers or only ions, you can now toggle each one separately using this. - Squadron ships will now honor these weapon settings when engaging targets. Be sure to update the settings on your existing squadron ships. - Squadron recall now takes precedence over engaging their target. - When you add a ship to your squadrons, it will automatically enable all three weapon types and turn on autorecharge. - Autopilot and squadron ships will now fire weapons at the same ranges players can. This mostly just means they'll be firing projectiles from farther away than they currently do. - Autopilot and squadron ships can now miss based on all the factors affecting whether players miss, such as relative ship size, target speed, and distance. Previously, they'd only miss due to ship dodging. - Autotrack will no longer cause you to re-course toward your target due to "evading collision" - When any ship in a battlegroup is attacked, all of the ships in the system from the same battlegroup are now marked as fighting, meaning they will stop regenerating fuel/projectiles. - Autopiloted ships with CLANPOST enabled will now attack any ship which they see bombarding that clan's worlds, regardless of the bombarding ship's affiliation. (As long as it's not owned by the same clan as the planet; your own orbitals will not attack you for bombing your own planets using your own fleet, but they will currently attack a ship piloted by a clan member but not owned by the clan.) - Orbitals will now switch to the closest invading pirate, no longer considering target ship size as a factor in prioritizing pirate targets.

Standardizing Mob Stats and Experience
We've introduced standardized mob "difficulty levels". This will allow us to ensure that easy/medium/hard/very hard mobs are set up consistently, controlling things like their hp, attacks, and attributes in one setting. This change will largely be transparent to players, with a few exceptions: Experience gain calculations have been revised for ground combat. Fighting the same mob repeatedly will no longer reduce experience gains from it, but the number of mobs you'll need to kill in order to level has been increased toward higher levels. Our combat gyms will soon feature mobs from the first half of the difficulty scale, with the higher-end ones being tougher than they historically have been. It'll still be pretty quick to level combat there up to the low-100s, but as you approach the top end of the level range you may find that our long-ignored combat class quests will help you level faster. And also: - Fixed output of score level to actually give you a gauge of progress from your current level to the next.

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