The Anatomy of PLAYER FAIL

While the scenario below is fictional, and the names are made up, the event
described is based HEAVILY upon numerous historical LotJ instances.

Phase One: The Half-Assed Inquiry
At some point, one player will notice that something is amiss. In our example
case, the Imm forgot to put a factory flag on the workshop room of a clan base.
This clan now is hindered in it's production of necessary combat materials.

( IMM | CHAT )[Player1]: Hi, thanks for the base, it's great. I did notice,
however, that we don't have a working workshop. I'm sure one is meant to be on
the base, because there is a room called `Workshop`

Unfortunately for Player1, at the time of his inquiry, all of the online
immortals were either in another window, or were afk. Player1 does not get a
response. This may be repeated several times, each time with no response from
the on-duty imm. The player should at this point leave an immchat message, or
send an email, but rather than do that, Player1 decided to sulk and harbor
feelings of rejection.

Phase Two: The Declaration of Bullshit.
Player1 begins to formulate a logical scenario to explain why his imm chats are
being ignored. It is well known that the Immortal who built the base is playing
a mortal in a clan who opposes the clan that Player1 is a part of, so this is
naturally factored into the equation.

Player1: Omg, this is bullshit. We don't have a single workshop on our base.
Player2: Yeah. The Imms hate us.
Player1: They always ignore the smaller clans. How the hell are we supposed to
grow into a solid opposing force if we can't even get a base with a workshop.
Player2: And I heard they're giving extra workshops to all the major clans.
Probably to dick us over more.
Player1: I'm quitting LotJ. (See help mudquitter)

Phase Three: Formulation of a Plot to Ensure the Rectification of Wrong doing.
The affected players continue to communicate amongst themselves, and continue
to dig up more evidence of their claim.

Phase Four: The Final Straw
Player2: Anna, I heard you guys are favoring the major clans this era, and I
think that's total bullshit. Player1 already quit, and he's getting 5 more
people to quit, and I'm going to quit as well if you can't give us a fucking
chance to succeed.
Codenamebananna: Okay?
Player2: Yeah, it's not fair how we're being treated. Everyone is going to go
play this other game that's supposed to be cooler than LotJ.
Codenamebananna: Uh. Who the fuck are you?
Player2: OMG!
Player2 has signed off. (See HELP CONTACT ANNA)

Solution: (This is a week later, of course)
Player3: Anna, can you put a workshop on my base? I'm with So-and-so Clan. I
just got promoted to leader because the old leader apparently quit LotJ.
Codenamebananna: I'm not at home right now. Can you email me what you need
done, or ask an IMM who's on the game to handle it for you?
Player3: Oh yeah, sure. Thanks for helping.

Please note: OFTEN times, Immortals innocently forget to follow through with a
request. Sometimes, our real lives get in the way, and things just dead-end. If
an immortal has not responded to your request after 24 hours, it is appropriate
for you to remind them of anything they have agreed to do, or ask them for a
response of some kind to a standing question.

Recent In-Game News

Sorosuub Purchases Tibanna Gas Platforms, Re-Enters Weapons Market
A holo-image is displayed showing a tibanna gas platform floating in the atmosphere of Bespin. The platform displays the familiar STS logo in places. "In recent days, Sorosuub purchased a pair of tibanna gas platforms. Shortly after the purchase was made, the company's CEO released the following statement to the press." The image then shifts to display a holographic image of a twi'lek woman. "It is always sad to see an engineering firm like Mon Calamari Shipyards close its doors. We can all only speculate what technologies might have been brought to the galaxy had they continued operations, while others will be lost to the ages." She pauses for a moment before continuing. "We had originally stepped out of the weapons market to focus on more unique technologies and give MCS free reign of the market, but with their closure leaving several markets untapped Sorosuub will be looking to potentially fill the gaps. In the coming days we will be releasing our first new line of weaponry in many years, so look forward to new products on our vendors soon."

Emperor Offers Ceasefire, Rebel Alliance Pushes Ahead
The stark-white gear of the Galactic Empire cuts onto the screen and fades out. Your view moves to the obsidian throne room, but, instead of his usual position, the Emperor stands tall at the steps before his seat, black robes spilling out luxuriously in all directions. He pulls back his hood, revealing grey eyes bespeckled with red fleks and snow-white hair, kept long, "Good evening, citizens of my fine Galaxy. Tonight, during a brief holomeeting with disgraced senator Danneke, I offered her and her ilk room to breath: a proposal for a ceasefire. Let history remember that it is I who spoke diplomacy on this day. It was not fluff, but substantive. I demanded reparations for the lives they've taken, including for the late Grand Moff Kaiden, Dragon of the Empire. I was not planning to let them off so easy, but I -was- willing to entertain a deal. Instead of a counter-offer, the commander refused to even discuss it, intimating that I was wasting her time, and playing lame theatric ignorance regarding Kaiden's death." The man smiles, but tightly, with a furrowed disposition, before continuing, "Instead of gaining a neutral standing with me, one she and her riff-raff could have utilized in a variety of ways...tonight she decided to continue war. Let no one ever forget it." The Emperor gestures forward with gloved hands, "She now leads beings to a gruesome death, and she will follow them in time. When that day comes, perhaps then she will realize the folly in her mistake tonight. Either way, my Empire marches on."

Recent Changes

Fixed Web Helpfile Viewer
The helpfile viewer at is now fixed and should be working as expected.

Linking Discord to OOC
You can now monitor the in-game OOC channel from the #ooc channel in Discord. It is intentionally read-only but should make it easier for folks to keep up with the conversation even when they're not logged into the game. Enjoy!

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