Era 3 Change Notes


A small set of changes on to start Era 3.

(Because there was already a change called "Welcome to Era 3!")
Welcome back to the game, and thank you for bearing with us while we locked access to prepare for another era. You can catch up with story from the EOE and the lead-in to this era via NEWS 96 - 102.

The following changes have been made to the game:
-The NEW REPUBLIC replaces 'A Neutral Government' as a background NPC clan. Expect interactions with this clan to be very minor, but not non-existant.
-Three new minor government clans, and two engineering clans, are open for joining.
-Yavin IV and Kessel have been removed.
-New Police/AI mobs have been added for law enforcement.
-Most instances of weird, commas, in, citizen, NPC shortnames, have been, removed.
-Beskar, and the Mythosaur creature on Mandalore, are no longer freely available. This will not be returning this era to allow us to consider balancing larger group combat.
-Coruscant has been repainted to reflect the era change.
-Some in-game quests on Coruscant, Alderaan and Nal Hutta that were previously broken should now be functioning correctly.
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