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One thing that was said during Covid that really stuck with me is that over the years, LOTJ has evolved from just being a game into what is really just one big community of people with similar interests that has a game running in the background. I think Discord really helped with this and I find joy every day when I see members of our community going above and beyond to help their fellow gamers with any problems they might have. To that end, I wanted to possibly start a series of changes that help to draw attention to those players in our little piece of paradise that are trying to make a positive impact to the MUDing community as a whole.

Two weeks ago, Myata/Andruid asked me if I would do an interview for her blog that was currently discussing Accessibility and how it could be done better for those players that are visually impaired. With all of the changes that have been happening on LOTJ lately around this topic, I was grateful for the chance to share all of the hard work staff (read Rengawm, Rojan, and Miros) have been doing on this topic. Not only that, the whole series is a great read on seeing how other MUDs have handled it. It's also eye opening to see what some of the struggles players go through that you may never know or notice behind the screen.

More than a few members of LOTJ have contributed to Andruid's blog, and she's constantly adding helpful tips and solid information that focus on Roleplaying. My favorite topics so far are the posts about metagaming and the list of character flaws.

If you find yourself looking for something to read that might help you become a better roleplayer, or just want to learn about other people, I recommend checking the blog out.

And if you'd like to be in the next Community Spotlight post, please reach out!
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