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It's time for the RPC to find new victims.. err members

It's time for some new RPC elections!

Would you like to know more? Well... they decide whether you live or die. They're also supposed to be the perfect know-it-all protocol droid for our newbies. If that's not enough encouragement, message them and ask: Hey, what do you do? Do you enjoy your job? Do you really get to beat up other RPC? Does Klor really make you watch the Holiday Special? Is Rengawm really afraid of orange tabby cats? Has anyone ever found Walldo? They will tell you all of these things (and more)!

Once satisfied and ready to be a helpful ambassador to the pbase, go apply at:

You can also find the link at the top of the website when you login.

Tentative schedule is as follows:
January 10 - January 16 Run for RPC
January 17 - January 20 Vote for RPC
January 20(ish) Announce new RPC
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