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The RPC, or Role Play Council, is a unique feature of Legends of the Jedi. Elected by the playerbase, the RPC are here to serve as a resource to the players. The primary duty is to serve as a method for players to appeal a death based on a violation of the rules of LotJ, however, they are are also here to answer any questions about LotJ you might have.

Voting will remain open through 20 June, closing at midnight of 21 June.

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A speech? This is a surprise, I’ve not got anything prepared….
*takes out several sheets of paper and begins to read*.
I remember growing up in a small town just outside of Louisiana, a young farm boy with a corn field behind him and a dream befo… A dream be… I can’t read this…
*dramatically scrumples up the paper and throws it away*
Vote for me, don’t vote for me. It’s your call. I enjoy helping newbies and I’d be very interested in seeing how things work behind the scenes. Maybe I’d be good at the RPC, maybe I’d be poop. There’s no way of knowing unless you vote for me but even if you don’t vote for me though, I’m still going to be around to help the European newbies while you crazy foreigners sleep until after midday.
Have fun and remember, drugs are bad. Mmmmm’kay? Well, unless they’re prescribed by a doctor or you’re buying the good stuff.

Pretty much every day. British timezone, usually from 8:40 right up until 4 or later.



So, I’m running again. I don’t have my old speech, so I’m not going to recycle it. I’ve been playing LotJ for awhile now, and have explored many aspects of the game. I’ve seen good RPC members, learned from the way they judge and vote, and how they help newbies. I’ve been on both sides of the RPC trials; that is, I’ve had characters restored, had restores denied, have voted to restore and voted to deny restore. I’ve learned a lot more than I had known coming into LotJ, just by being on RPC. I also have learned how to help newbies better. But the bottom line that I keep in my head is what Zeromus once told me, and that is that at its core LotJ is a PvP game. RP yes, but PvP. And that really keeps an anchor for the way I vote. I’d be happy to serve on the RPC for a second term.

I go by Arizona time. So, usually from 4pm-11pm weekdays, all day weekends. I may have had friends, I don’t remember if I ever had any now. 😛



I hate writing RPC speeches since people usually take them way too seriously. RPC is for voting on restores, keeping a lid on OOC, and helping newbies, and I think I do a pretty good job, that’s why I’m standing for re-election. Vote for me if you agree, if you don’t, don’t!
Here’s one of my puppers:

Availability is frequent but unpredictable.



My name is Killaho and I am a somewhat recently new player. I started playing LOTJ back in July, and have been hooked ever since. I have thoroughly enjoyed my time here, and the current RPC has been extremely helpful, helping me learn the in’s and out’s of the game with my many questions. I have finally felt I have a pretty good handle now on how things work. So now that elections are here, I have decided to cast my lot in, so that I may start paying it forward. If elected, I promise to spend ample time assisting newbies, as others have assisted me, as well as promise to view each appealed death with a fresh, unbiased eye. Vote for the fresh unbridled zeal of a semi-newbie, and you shan’t be disappointed!

Central time zone. Usually active sporadically throughout the day and heavily in the evening and later night. Currently unemployed after a layoff so I have quite a bit of free time lately.



Hello! I am Noctum. I have been playing LOTJ steadily for just over a year and believe I can truly contribute as an RPC member. I have about 20 years as a MUD player, as well as a similar amount of time on various games as a builder, RP admin, coder and admin. I am able to be completely impartial and will judge every case based on its merits. I hope you will vote for me, and look forward to helping all.

I am usually available 0800 til 1800 MST Monday thru Friday, with an additional hour or two in the evenings. I am also available on the weekends at sporadic hours.



Most of you have talked to me on ooc, or heard about me from the people you totally don’t use Discord to illegally communicate with. I honestly don’t directly talk to most of you but you probably have at least that one friend that hates me because I was mean to them when they made a stupid fucking OOC to IC decision in the past, and people hate having the specific bad/idiotic things they’ve done brought up. I don’t honestly remember how many times I’ve been on the RPC, but it’s a lot. I have a solid track record of actually doing my job and most importantly, being impartial because I don’t particularly like any of you unless your acount name is @Corey. Some of the other candidates are no doubt going to try to sell you that it doesn’t matter who you pick, but that isn’t actually true. Not a lot of people like to talk about it, but letting the wrong players get on the RPC makes for a shitty bad time ICly because then half of the playerbase will be paranoid that the RPC which occasionally has to review cases with sensitive IC data can’t be trusted to not abuse the information they’ll have access to. A vote for Quicksilver is a vote for someone that hates his own characters as much as yours.

I am literally around like all the time except when I’m not, or when I’m working, but even then I’m around sometimes too.



Hello everyone! I’m Solus, i’ve been here for a year+ now, off and on. I was not very active last TL, but did enjoy most of the story. That about sums up my experience! I’m trying to be more active this year and felt I can bring a fresh perspective to the group, even just one term. I do think fairness is a strong part of what makes this mud tick. Everyone accepts that characters die and stories continue on, but I think everyone plays their characters to limits. The killers kill and the RPers RP, I hope to help be a part of what encourages and continues to keep that roling. I have a background in admining an SWR mud many years ago, but like the player side more. I have experience writing code and writing stories, so I feel I am pretty well balanced. Mostly though, I just want to give back a little and besides building, this seems a good way to also contribute. Good luck to everyone!

9AM EST – 5PM EST during the week, sporadic on weekends with Kids, and nights when I can (again, kids).



Hi, there. I’m Statesman, and I want you to vote against me for Evil Overlord.
I just don’t think I would be very good at it. I like being helpful, and I like gathering information to come to conclusions and solutions that everyone can agree on. I think everyone is connected, and that even perming another character should be an RP connection between the two players. I like following rules and being true to my character–even when that means my character does something that I, the player, knows will end in sorrow. I’m the sort of person who you would expect to play a Paladin in Dungeons and Dragons–but I don’t, because fantasy is supposed to be *different* from real life. If I ever play an evil character, I am secretly rooting for my enemies all the way. I think using using a position of power to bully others is one of life’s greatest evils.
Also, with around two months’ playing experience, I have too much knowledge to wreak havoc unintentionally, but I still remember the first few days of playing well enough to have a lot of empathy for brand-new players. Empathy makes it hard to be evil, and I certainly don’t have the network of spies and secrets that typify a totalitarian ruler.
As you can see, I am wholly unqualified to be your Evil Overlord. If any roles open up that are less nefarious, like a council member of some kind, then I would be happy to accept your votes.
My apologies, and good night.

All times are in the Mountain Time zone. I’m generally logged in throughout my work day, and active on and off (7:30am to 4:30pm, M-F). On Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday, I am usually fully active during my lunch break (12:15pm to 1:15pm), as well as for an hour or so each evening between 5pm and 7:30pm. On weekends, I am usually quite active, especially in the afternoon when my children sleep.



It is about that time again, LOTJ. I am running for a seat on the RPC. I have played this MUD for sixteen years now. Like many of the oldbies, I have grown up on this game and with this community. Over the years I have played all sorts of roles. I have played bounty hunters, pilots, combatants, spies…the list goes on. During my tenure here I have been killed in all sorts of various ways, some legit and some not so much. As a member of the RPC, I vow to uphold an unbiased view on your case and make sure that there is always a valid reason for your perm. If rules were broken to kill your character, I will do my best to find them. Furthermore, I will continue to assist the new players on LOTJ to the best with my ability and answer any questions and concerns that they may have and work closely with the RPC team to have a good campaign. Thank you for reading, and I hope to earn your vote! 🙂

Eastern Time Zone. A few hours a day.


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