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The RPC, or Role Play Council, is a unique feature of Legends of the Jedi. Elected by the playerbase, the RPC are here to serve as a resource to the players. The primary duty is to serve as a method for players to appeal a death based on a violation of the rules of LotJ, however, they are are also here to answer any questions about LotJ you might have.

Voting will close at 11:45pm EST on 14 December.

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Whatever. I’ll do it. I’m the best. Nobody knows the rules like I do.

I’ll be around 3-4 days a week. More often when I work frequently etc.



I’ve played for a number of years and I’m already cynical/bitter and hate nearly everyone, which seems to be a major qualification for RPC. Except for newbies. Newbies are cool, and there is nothing more adorable than a fun-loving newbie getting his feet wet and trying so hard to do a good job for their clan. Obviously as an RPC member I’ll endeavor to make sure cheating f**kers don’t get away with illegal perms, and that other cheating f**kers don’t try to weasel out of legal perms.

GMT-4 or something. 12/7, because I obviously don’t play when I’m asleep.



Hey all, I’ve been here many years, and you may have seen me on ooc before. I’ve had my share of restores, and many deaths. I know the process is impartial, and I will uphold that. LoTJ has been an amazing and fun community. I like to help and answer questions when I can on ooc or osay about the game. I’ve figured LoTJ has given me plenty of fun over the years, so maybe I can help and give back in some way by helping out. At the end of the day were all just on here to have some fun, and if I can show some newbies the way and help them see the lasting fun this game is, then I’d love to help.

Usually 6-9AM EST and 5-10PM EST M-F, Weekends are sporadic



Hello everyone, Garrett here running for RPC. I’ve been a long time on and off player of LOTJ. I’ve always enjoyed the environment of LOTJ and anything I can do to improve the quality of life for the game benefits everyone. As far as restores go, being fair is a part of that regardless of personal feelings. As the saying goes if you aren’t ready to lose your character then you aren’t playing right. Character Death is as much a part of LOTJ as anything to keep the game evolving. Restores have their time and place, especially when the rules of the game are broken. I advocate maximum punishment for those caught using OOC chat interfaces to get a leg up in the game. I mean honestly, all you gotta do is RP to learn whatever you want to know about just about anything in the game. Restores obviously the major part of being an RPC non-withstanding, anything I can do to promote Role Play in LOTJ makes the game more fun for everyone involved. I have my own ideas but listening to everyone’s ideas and coming to a consensus about what would make LOTJ a better place is the to everyone’s benefit. Anyway, GL to all the candidates and go out there and have fun!!!

EST, Mornings and Evenings, Late Night



Hello. You’re friendly neighborhood Mexican here. After some time, here I am to run yet again! I’ve been around for a good while now, been on RPC before and handled my cases pretty well I think. I’m overly active, around quite often, and capable of seeing things from a neutral perspective. So vote for me, because you like tacos.

I am PST, but I’m online quite often and many hours of the day and night.



Well, you guys. This is it. RPC time. I’ve been playing for well over a year and I’ve learned so much about the game, the mechanics and the rules. I’m familiar with pk and perms. I’m fair with every trial. I consider the facts presented and always base votes off of that. I also do my best to help newbies whether RPC or not. So vote for me and I’ll do what I do.

After 5pm week nights and most weekends.



Hi everybody! I’m running for RPC because I think I can contribute something valuable and unique to the player restore/general RPC discussions. I’ve been playing LOTJ for a long time (for reference, Slick Willy was still President when I started) and have been on the RPC before, during the Neru Bas era. Apart from it being the Neru Bas era, I found being on RPC to be an enjoyable way to engage with the MUD and help keep the wheels turning. Also, I’m a lawyer in real life, so I can appreciate (good/painfully bad) legal arguments and am perfectly comfortable giving people news they (do/do not) want to hear. I’ll conclude with one of my favorite (slightly altered) lines from Parks and Recreation: Vote Nield for your RPC needs. Or do not. I am not a beggar. End of commercial.

I’m in Mountain Standard Time and am usually active in the evenings, on weekends, and occasionally during the workday if it’s slow enough.



Hi. I have played this game for a long long time now. Was a bad player in the past but most can agree I’ve been a good boy this year. Always have wanted to be on RPC to help make sure restores are fair whether in accepting or denying. I don’t speak to anyone outside the game at all beyond an occasional hello on discord so no worries of me favoring one person or another. That’s it. Vote for me.

I work from home and am in Mountain Time. So for American players it is throughout the day and even middle of the night. I’m around a lot.



Hey LOTJ! Solus here for another run at it. I don’t have a ton of experience on the mud, but I have seen almost every aspect at this point. Really just looking to give back a bit and help out as i’ve had a pretty good time on the mud so far. I come from an administration and coder background on previous muds, so I understand tough calls have to be made, but do prefer to keep the general experience of all players in mind. Looking to expand my horizons on the mud a bit, and feel this is a good way to both learn and help at the same time. Good luck to everyone else that applies.

I am most active 9-5 EST/EDT -5 GMT with weekends and nights as time allows.



Hey all Tekli here. I’ve been here for a couple of years. I’ve been on RPC for two terms in the past and played a couple of roles in last Timeline. Kill people, make the RPC, all of us if I’m elected Work. But do it intelligently. Please keeps logs, thinks and a chat sheet. Keep us busy with real stuff not idiocy.

M-sat 10am to 6 ish And Sunday sparatic



Hey there. ITSA YA BOY TELE COMIN’ ATCHA. I’ve been RPC probably 5 times over the course of the mud. Not anything recent because life. I’ve been playing here off and on (more on than off) since the very beginning of the mud in 1998. I have strong opinions but I really love this game. I never argue out of hate, but instead love. I understand the rules and I also have a decent pulse on the evolution of the RPC in terms of how they’ve voted in the past vs. now. I also make it a point to help new players every chance I get, and I feel that gels well with one of the primary objectives of the role. I know enough about the game to be able to help any new player fairly easily. We’ve seen a lot of the same people through the RPC in recent terms and I think it’s time to get others in the rotation. Don’t @ me. By popular demand, Bernie Sanders conversations will increase during my tenure. You know he should have been president. You may not like it be let’s just be honest here. DNC cheated. DWS is a Clinton shill that was hired the very same day she resigned from the DNC because emails proved she favored Clinton. Bernie could have beaten Trump because he would not have neglected the working class of the midwest. His message would have directly appealed to them, and the evidence for this is he beat Hilary in Michigan in a stunning upset that all the polls dismissed.

EST 6-12 most days.



Hello all, it is TBV, and I am running for RPC. As you all probably know, last TL was my first. I started as an uber noob in Era 1 and managed to get the negative attention of nearly everyone; however, by the end of the TL, I think that it is safe to say that I had grown as a player and matured significantly as a person. I think that I’ve grown enough to handle the responsibilities of being an RPC member. I help newbies on ooc and in-game, taking the time to explain things or walk them through something instead of just passing them along to the next person. I’d also really enjoy trying out this experience for the first time, and if I’m elected I’ll do my best to not let any of you guys down! Thanks, TBV.

I’m on the east coast so EST for me. I’m a high school student who plays sports and lives with his parents so sometimes I will not be available. On weekdays I will be on and off my computer between 8 am and 3 pm, then I will consistently be online and active between 7 pm and 12 am. On weekends I can be online almost all day, so from around 10 am ish to 1 am even, but the best hours would probably be 11 am to 2 pm or 4 pm to 7 pm, or 10pm to 1am



I’m a long time veteran of Lotj and, if you’ve been playing for any length of time, you’ve probably seen my account name a time or two. Honestly I’m just going to throw my name in the hat and let reputation do the work. RPC is a responsibility to uphold the rules and standards for player killings, helping new players, and maintaining a reasonable degree of respect on OOC. I’ll always vote with fairness and help new players when I’m available, and although RPC has the ability to turn off OOC, in the 3 terms I’ve been elected, I have never once used it. Here’s to a 4th term of expecting you all to reason out your differences with logic, reason, and perhaps a modicum of respect for each other.


Monday-Friday: 09:00-23:00 EST – The time ranges I could be around Saturday-Sunday: Varies wildly I work in IT, so a lot of times I can have the client in the background between work hours, and may also be around after work in the evenings.

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