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It’s time to vote!

The RPC, or Role Play Council, is a unique feature of Legends of the Jedi. Elected by the playerbase, the RPC are here to serve as a resource to the players. The primary duty is to serve as a method for players to appeal a death based on a violation of the rules of LotJ, however, they are are also here to answer any questions about LotJ you might have.

Voting will close at 11:45pm EST on 22 June.

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Hey there, I’m Bando. I’ve been playing for almost two timelines now and been RPC a few times so I feel like I got a pretty good grasp of the game. I won’t promise a bunch of restores or denies but I will promise that I’ll do my best to be fair.

My hours tend to vary all central time. But i’d lean towards afternoon/evening.



Hi everyone, Calladin here. Most of you know me, I’ve been playing this game on and off for a while, and I always find myself coming back. I hope to offer something in return to the LotJ community after many good times. Regarding the RPC role, people who have been in clans with me know that I am usually pretty good about helping new players. Although I wouldn’t call myself a PVP expert, I’m always looking to learn more and intend to make the best impartial decision based on the rules. Ultimately, I see the game as being about building a fun story and experience for everyone, which is the philosophy I try to take to gameplay and will take to RPC if elected.

Most weekday evenings EST and weekends.



Hey all! I like helping out the newbies when I can and offering advice. I’m looking to give back in some way, since this mud has offered me so many years of fun. I’ve been here a long time, and been through the restore process my fair share of times. I’ll handle the cases as fairly as I can and hopefully I can show some new players why this mud is so awesome. Thanks!

EST Weekdays 6pm-10:30pm, Weekends are whenever



Hi. Most people call me ‘D2’. I’m running again for RPC. This would be my second consecutive term if elected. I’ve been on the RPC twice before, so I have a grasp on what is expected of RPC, what their job is, and how to do it. I know the difference between a good and bad perm, I’ve done both -I’ve had perms restored and stick, I’ve had my own characters restored as well as their restores denied, and have experienced all sides of the RPCtrial process. I take the RPC very seriously and really enjoy it as a way to help try to make lotj the best experience I can. I understand that lotj is RP-enforced, but I also understand that it has PvP as an integral part of that, a lesson that Zeromus taught me. I judge perms based on the outline of Help Perm, and believe that while perming is and always will be a part of lotj. That being said, I do not believe in perming for the sake of perming. Another important part of RPC is helping newbies. I have always helped and will always help newbies, from literally walking through the Academy with them to going out of my way on-grid to teach them.

I work from 6am to 3pm AZ time, though am usually logged and at least semi-active every day for the most of the day. People at work ask me if I’m coding, and I get all flustered.



I should probably just write one RPC speech and save it to recycle over and over again, instead of coming up with a new one every time. Speeches are usually pretty silly. Especially since the sorts of things that might actually be relevant tend to be things that aren’t supposed to be discussed outside the Courthouse. :thinking: Oh well. Here’s my dogs:

Around a lot, hours wildly variable.



I’ve played a while, I like to ask questions about cases before I vote. I believe I’m neutral, and I play constantly now in the evenings once home from work. Free endless authentic tacos and aguas de piña and orchata for all who believe in me.

Evenings. PST. Monday-Sunday.



Hey it’s me again! I’ve been RPC three times now, and I’ve proven to be fair and unbiased in all of the cases. I believe 100% in enforcing the rules to the word. I never decide my opinion on a case until I’ve reviewed the logs, the rules, the statements, and all of the facts. I double check your logs to system logs – which is available to us now. Next to all of that, I also love newbies! I want to help all the newbies! I was a newbie once and I remember what it was like to be one. I never want to see a newbie too frustrated because they aren’t being helped. I love this game (my second job). I’m not claiming to know everything there is to know, but any time I don’t have an answer, I will get it for you! So vote for me, and know that I’m upholding the rules and the game as intended.

Occasionally available weekdays 8am-6pm. Almost always available 7pm-11pm. Usually available all weekend.



Most players probably decide who they’re voting on based on the name alone anyway but here’s a short blurb for anyone on the fence. I have a pretty firm grasp of the rules/mechanics though by no means perfect, have very flexible hours and availability, I do my best to answer any newbie questions, and I’m that dork that tells you in their title to keep OOC PG-13. Think of the newbs!

Typically available between 2pm and 4am EST or thereabouts.



So I’m Quicksilver. I’ve been on the RPC a billion times and I’m generally regarded as one of the best players that can be, because I actually know all of the rules of the game and don’t need three helpfiles and a tilemap to find my own asshole. I’m also more or less completely impartial about perm cases, which seems like it should be a given but really isn’t and is something you want for all of the members of the RPC. Not that I’m officially accusing that last one of having a hurt feefees circlejerk and voting with their widdle hearts on their sleeves in a couple of cases or anything. I’m also a little bit rough with the tongue and I’m no fan of players that have been caught cheating in the past and I suspect, still probably are. So, a vote for me might not be the nicest person, but it is a vote for a pretty honest one that doesn’t let his personal feelings get in the way of helping administrate an aspect of the mud. You’d think that should be a requirement instead of a perk.

I’m around a lot-ish. I’ll be around more often in the next few months because I have a weird interlude on availability. Who sleeps?



I’ve already done it several times, and I don’t think I was known as a bad RPC. I will promptly work cases to their vote, meaning you’ll get your result as quick as possible. I already constantly help new players, something many don’t do. I know the rules, and if anyone knows when OOC has gone too far and needs a timeout, it’s me. I basically have a spidey sense related to OOC getting shut off, at this point. Thanks.

Until August, pretty much all the time. After that, likely 6 pm to midnight EST. More time on the weekends. I basically have no life, if that gives you an idea.