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It’s time to vote!

The RPC, or Role Play Council, is a unique feature of Legends of the Jedi. Elected by the playerbase, the RPC are here to serve as a resource to the players. The primary duty is to serve as a method for players to appeal a death based on a violation of the rules of LotJ, however, they are are also here to answer any questions about LotJ you might have.

Voting will close at 11:45pm EST on 3 October.

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Hey all,

I’ll keep it short and simple. As someone who has not been elected RPC and has been here many years, I’m hoping to bring a fresh perspective to the voting process and helping out the new players. I really enjoy this community and all the time I’ve spent so far, I’d just like to give back and help in some way.


6 am – 9 am and 6 pm – 11 pm M – F. Weekends vary, usually on at least an hour.


There’s plenty I could put here about how eager I want to bring my idiocy to the courthouse, read your mudsex logs for a cheap thrill and stuff but you all know the drill. You vote for who you want to see on the RPC.

I’m only around good fair bit. UK timezone, God Save the Queen, Rule Britannia and all the rest


Vote for me.. I guess?

I go into every case assuming the permer is in the wrong. It’s up to them to prove to me they had a legit reason. If that’s not something you don’t wanna deal with, don’t vote for me. I also give every case a thorough review before voting and am usually the argumentative person on the council.

9am-11(2amish?) EST


Nield for RPC! I figured I’d give this a try again and see how it goes. I’ve been playing LOTJ on-and-off since 2001 and was most recently on the RPC during the Neru Bas era… which was, I guess, over ten years ago? Anyway, I think I’d be a good fit for RPC because I don’t consider myself “pro-PK” or “anti-PK” — I consider myself pro-advancement of the storyline and pro-balanced approach to playing the game. I get that it sucks to lose a character you put a lot of time and effort into, but I also get that the story of LOTJ advances a lot of the time through character death and new character generation, and giving everyone restores under some flimsy pretense or another can derail the story like nothing else. Balancing those considerations, if I’m voting on a restore request and there’s some basic amount of RP or IC justification for the perm and if it doesn’t violate any rules, I’d probably lean against a restore for the good of the game.

I also think I’d be a good RPC member because I enjoy helping new players and like seeing them succeed in the MUD. We were all new players at various points, and it’s good for us all to keep new folks coming in and staying.

I work a standard 9-5, Mountain Standard Time and am active for most of the workday. I’m also around for a lot of weekday evenings. Weekends, not as much, but I still check in.


Hey folks, so I am wrapping up my first go around as RPC and frankly would like to continue. Didn’t have a ton of opportunities to do much because for some reason you guys behaved overall.

For those that don’t know me, I’ve been around since at least 2004 but I honestly don’t know when I started. I’ve taken some breaks off through the years (working overseas, real life stuff, etc) but I’ve always come back. Because, you always come back.

I enjoy helping out new folks and have had several opportunities to pop on over to the newbie academy and help out people who have found themselves stuck. That’s one of my favorite parts of being on the RPC and that’s why I’d like to do it again.

I’m on Eastern time, but my schedule is frankly a little sporadic. I’m wrapping up paramedic school so I’m around at weird times but I try to be on for a few hours every day.


I won’t give a huge speech. In fact, my speech will be very short. I follow 7 principles. Loyalty to the players. Duty to the game. Respect for the rules. Selfless-service of my time. Honor to any code of conduct. Integrity to the story/timeline. Personal courage to break the mold.

If this is what you look for in the RPC then I encourage you to vote for me. Albeit, this is my first time running, I am certain of my ability to adapt and learn.

My schedule of availability rotates from 3:00 PM – 10:30 PM for one week. 10:45 PM – 2:30 AM and 8:30 AM – 12:30 PM the other week. For the weekend, I am available from 9:00 AM – 1:00 AM Saturday and 9:00 AM to 11:00 PM (or 1 AM, at times) on Sunday. I am in EST.


Hey folks. I have been on LOTJ for a while now with experience all over the place when it comes to helping new players, being permed and being the permer. Sitting at the head of a clan, being one of the many helping move things along with the era or just being that character that is an AFK statue for days.

One thing I cannot claim is experience being a member of the RPC so I cannot give you stories of voting on cases impartially or with bias. Getting along or arguing with other RPC members over cases or being an OOC channel wrangler like some of the other RPC candidates will throw out there. Besides you’ve heard those sort of canned election speeches countless times and there are only so many variations of the exact same speech one should sit through.

What I can claim as part of my canned election speech is it is my intention to vote impartially based off facts of the case not thoughts, prayers, how your friends might want me to vote or how it may influence the story in game. I won’t be influenced by outside factors when it comes to making sure your valid perms are upheld or if the opposite is true and you were permed against the rules I’ll fight for you to get restored. I’m very familiar with the rules and like everyone running also have access to the help files if anything needs to be double checked.

While I’m not running to make friends and my primarily reason for running is to make sure the rules are upheld I am also keen on making sure new LOTJ players have a positive experience with their questions answered. I’m fairly active and responsive and will make sure new players get the RPC support they need.

Thank you for your consideration.

varied hours. typically 9am to 4pm EDT. Availability in the evenings are varied.