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The RPC, or Role Play Council, is a unique feature of Legends of the Jedi. Elected by the playerbase, the RPC are here to serve as a resource to the players. The primary duty is to serve as a method for players to appeal a death based on a violation of the rules of LotJ, however, they are are also here to answer any questions about LotJ you might have.

Voting will close at 11:45pm EST on 23 June.

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I’ve been around for a while and know my way around the game well enough to help newbies as they come in and answer questions on the rules. I like to think I have a good head on my shoulders and can choose fairly when it comes down to a ruling and will do everything I can to ensure every player is treated equally.

12 PM to 2 AM EST


I’m running for RPC because apparently if you vote for me, Madelyn, and Zak, we’ll cover the entire alphabet. I don’t quite understand this logic, but okay, whatever makes y’all happy.

Sometime between 12 PM to 12 AM EST. Less available on the weekends.


Hey! Been here awhile and I know a lot about the game, mechanics and rules. I like helping people/newbies out on OOC when I can. Figured I might as well give this round a try. I just try to enjoy the game, and help others enjoy it too. Were all just trying to have some fun in the end.

5 pm – 11 pm EST weekdays / weekends vary


Ya’ll know me and know what to do if you want to vote for me.

Most days except Wednesdays


G’day All, Feel that I did okay on my first time round and wouldn’t mind a second shot at it to try and get the full feel for the job. I’m around and can help those of you who also aren’t on at peak times and weekends when time allows. I’m all for an unbiased and transparent process when it comes to restores and dealing with the RPC as a whole. Its an elected officials spot and should be treated with the respect it deserves and those elected should remain upstanding in all their dealings. Thanks, Ross Milk Man

+10AEST(Sydney, Aus) Anywhere from 3pm till midnight


I’ve been RPC several times now, and definitely have the experience to follow through. My last RPC term was a rough one due to some disagreements with some of the other RPC, but I believe things are going to be different this time so I’m giving it another chance. I want to see fairness and equality in all RPC cases, and that’s something I feel the mud has been missing lately. We need an RPC term that resets the precedence that has already been set for this Timeline, and the only way to do that is to elect RPC members who know the rules and are known to uphold them. We need to elect RPC who will look at a case with complete objectivity as to the situations surrounding the case. RPC who understand that every case is different and you can’t vote the same way every time just because of the case before it, but at the same time consistency in the details. We need an RPC that we can trust, and I believe that I am one piece of that puzzle. I have never voted on a case that I’ve been involved in. I log off the RPC character when a case I’m involved in is being considered. I never look at the players of the characters I’m judging in a case, and only look at the facts surrounding the case itself. I always try to ensure that the players have the chance to defend their side of every perm, and give the necessary accommodations to ensure their case is defended with logs. I am willing to take the time to put together a log and review the log from start to finish with the FACTS for the case only and NOT take the small details of a log as knowledge to be used ICly. TL;DR – Vote for Mads if you want a proven fair and unbiased RPC.

Holidays, evenings and weekends, CST.


What can be worse than running for RPC? Winning! Vote me! #StickToTheMeta #NoMoreBestFriendsRPC #BreakTheCycle #ToongPower #ScaryRPC #FollowTheRulesOrElse #CharSheet110% #NothingIsFree #Accountability2019 #IfGirlsCanIcan #Qhueen2019.

06 am up to 22 PM (GMT -3).


Been playing for over two years now and for one full timeline. In that time I’ve permed and been permed probably about equally. Had a fair amount of regrets about some of the perms I did. I’d like to think I’ve come out of all that with a better idea of what’s fair when it comes to RPC trials and have a fair amount of experience and gameplay knowledge for answering newbie questions. Also I’m logged in like all day anyway and active for most of it so I might as well put that time to good use 😛

Typically available from 3pm EST to 6am EST


Hey Folks, I’ve been playing LotJ for so long I forgot which year I started. My best guess is sometime around 2004. I’ve enjoyed my time on LotJ and one thing I’ve never done is serve on the RPC – so I thought why not give it a stab. I’m very knowledgeable on the rules and would enforce them fairly across the board. Fun fact, I hold the distinct privilege of being the only person that has logged in from Antarctica. I also enjoy getting knew people started and answering questions (and sometimes helping dispel some of the old myths we have floating around). So, vote for me!

I live on the east coast (EST) and my hours vary depending on what I’ve got going on. My work schedule is very sporadic, but I often find myself logged in at work between calls.


While I’ve only recently returned to the MUD after a very long absence, I feel as though it would be a good time to involve myself in the RPC, partially because of that. I’ve been absent long enough that most people don’t remember me nor I them, so I can guarantee an unbiased opinion, with careful consideration given to the rules. I also feel like going skipping through the academy with fresh newbies might be a bit of a laugh, and provide me with some entertainment in my crippling loneliness.

GMT+10 (Melbourne Time), 6pm-10pm on weekdays, likely starting earlier and finishing later on fridays, and with good overlap with the US timezones on weekends.


I’ve been RPC twice before now, have enjoyed doing it each time. I enjoy helping players and figured with my schedule opening up a bit I would throw my name in the hat once more. I’ve a fair handle on the rules and the process for restores. I’ve been playing here for what seems like forever and feel like I get along with most all of you well enough, and even if we don’t I don’t let my feelings towards other players affect decisions when it comes to RPC decisions. Thanks for the consideration.

Usually 6-9PM PST, 4-7 days a week, could be a whole lot more on my days off.


Hey! I’m Thermitelogic, almost all of you probably know me. I served my first term on RPC this timeline, and it was a bit of mixed experience, but I learned a lot about the process and enjoyed discussing and sometimes arguing cases with my fellow RPC members. If elected, the only thing I really promise to do is judge your cases as fairly as I’m able and lend an impartial vote, as well as attempt to keep the peace on OOC when needed.

varies widely. Usually at least an hour or two a day between 5pm-12pm PST on weekdays, and various hours throughout the day on weekends.


I am mostly just interested in seeing different varied people on the RPC. So vote for me or someone else that won’t offer the same ol’

Typically around during the daytime hours EDT. Weekends can be random.


Hey guys! In case you missed it, I’m back! I started mudding when I was 15(9 years ago) and LOTJ is the Mud I learned on and, with a few short-term exceptions, is the only mud I’ve ever seriously played. As such, it(the game itself as well as the playerbase) holds a dear, dear place in my heart, and I want to do everything I can to keep it healthy, growing, and fun for everyone. So I want to be your next RP councilmember. RPC means two things to me: Handling Restores: I’ve been on both sides of a bad perm as well as a restore case and it isn’t fun for anybody(I’m even guilty of submitting for a restore when I probably should not have). In my opinion, the game just runs better for everyone when they follow the rules, which are pretty clear cut. I’ve worked in criminal justice, costumer service, and various security outfits and I know how to handle a bad situation when people start to get heated, and can remain calm, polite, and professional despite that. I’ve also always been a big advocate for changes 1642(You don’t HAVE to perm someone to send a message.). Simply put: follow the rules, and we won’t have a problem. Break the rules, and I’ll work together with my fellow council members to figure out what happened, why it happened, and how we can stop it from happening again. Helping newbies: I LOOOOOOVE helping newbies. I wish I could run a call center just for helping newbies. I want to be on RPC for just that little extra ability to help convert newbies into oldbies, so we can have a larger and more stable playerbase and keep growing as a MUD. There are so many helpfiles and tips that point newbies to the RPC, and I think it’s important that RPC members be active, knowledgeable, and nice(less elitist, more welcoming) for when the new guys come calling. I am SO glad to be back. I missed you guys a lot. I look forward to getting to know all you new players that weren’t around two years ago. Vote for Zakattack!

I am in EST, but I work a stupid shift so I’m usually more active after midnight and well into the wee morning hours(which is great for our UK players!). I log on daily and I’m on discord always.