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The RPC, or Role Play Council, is a unique feature of Legends of the Jedi. Elected by the playerbase, the RPC are here to serve as a resource to the players. The primary duty is to serve as a method for players to appeal a death based on a violation of the rules of LotJ, however, they are are also here to answer any questions about LotJ you might have.

Voting will close at 11:45pm EST on 5 May.

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I have been RPC once before, and did not run during the time I had an important character as I didn’t want to be influenced too much by RPC restore cases; I am capable of separating, but I still wanted to remain as unbiased as possible. I believe that both the permer and permed need to justify their case, and I will analyze the logs to make sure that perms are indeed justified. I got a good insight into just how deliberate and careful a good RPC is when pondering a more complex case, and that is something I’d like to do again. I also tend to help newbies if I notice them needing assistance on the Discord. Vote me for RPC. 

GMT-4, though currently my DST’s zone settings seem to have put me on the same time as EST now. Generally around 12 PM to 11 PM every day except for Sundays. 


Hey guys, I’m Bevi and running for RPC. I’ve been around long enough to know the rules and have a desire to help other players out and want to involve myself in the community more, in a positive way. I like to immerse myself in the game and have fun while attempting to include and help others primarily in an in-character manner (especially newbies!). With that said, I am willing and able to listen/assist whenever it is needed and with whatever topic at hand. SoOoOOoo…, yeah! Thanks. 🙂

Atlantic Standard Time (GMT-4)


Hello, Domovoi here. I have been playing LotJ off and on for close to 15 years now. I have played several characters, ranging from clan leaders and Jedi to quiet nobodies. In real life, I also am a manager of an IT team, which will help when managing restores and other various requests. In the many years I have been playing, I have become very familiar with the rules of the game as well as learning how the RPC tends to work. I have served on the RPC previously so I’m aware of the ins and outs. I enjoy helping players when they may have questions about roleplaying. When it comes to restores, the rules are simple and straightforward and all restore requests will be judged according to these guidelines. If I receive your vote, I will endeavor to ensure that I do not drag down the process. Thank you. 

8 AM – 10 PM every day, central time 


Hey there! Lonestar here. I’ve been around for a while, and can only promise to do my best to get the facts and judge impartially as best I can while I eat tacos. I feel like I have a more solid nooddle in the ol noggin these days, so vote for me! 

I’m usually active in the afternoons now, PST. 


TL;DR – I’m newbie friendly, fair, and good at rules. Don’t lie to your RPC case judges – it doesn’t end well if you do. I’ve been RPC quite a bit, so I’m a seasoned vote. I’ve been a member of this community for almost five years now, and I’ve been RPC numerous times. Something that I’ve displayed throughout each of my terms is unbias towards cases, and fairness in enforcing the rules. Speaking of those, I am well versed in the rules and I’m able to help newbies and older players alike better understand them. I’m super newbie friendly and absolutely believe new players are our lifeblood. They deserve to be helped and treated welcomingly, and have always encouraged behaviors that exemplify that. I’m also pretty well versed in how the game operates, and much of the mechanical aspects of the game, so I can answer most questions that might be brought up to RPC. As far as RPC cases/voting goes, I have always followed the belief that it’s the permer’s job to defend their reasoning for the perm, but that if either the permer or permed has lied to RPC, then the case can’t be fairly viewed. Don’t lie to your RPC judge, people! Chances are, your permer knows way more than you’re telling us. That said, I tend towards denying restore requests unless there was an obvious rule break or the reasoning was a far stretch. 

Well, this is Quarantine, so if I’m not sleeping, I’m here. Usually between 9 am and 1 am I’m floating around. 


Been playing for over three years now and for one full timeline. In that time I’ve permed and been permed probably about equally, and been on the RPC a few times. Having experienced both sides, I’d like to think I have some idea of what’s fair when it comes to RPC trials and have a fair amount of experience and gameplay knowledge for answering newbie questions. Also I’m logged in like all day anyway at odd hours and active for most of it so I might as well put that time to good use 😛 

Typically available from around 5pm to 8am eastern time. 


I’ve done this a dozen times. I’m well versed in the how-to, and since I pretty much don’t do anything else these days, I figure I can pitch in again. 

I’m usually active between 3pm-10pm EST, but I’m usually around more often than that. 


Greetings, mudlings. My name’s Bai. During the last RPC election, I decided that maybe I’d like to run for RPC next time. So here’s the next time already. Went by quick. You may not see me on OOC very much, because I’m not. But ever since I really got into actually using the Discord for LOTJ about a year or so ago, I have tried to be active in helping newbies when I can on there in an OOC format. I am more of a … help newbies ICly person, since I /don’t/ keep OOC channels on. If you find me IC and you need help? I will help you with every ounce that I am worth. Whether or not you listen to the information I provide is… well, up to you. Anyway. I was RPC a few times in the distant past. If it’s anything like how it used to be, the importance of trying to gather all relevant information while remaining unbiased during voting times is just as important as ever. I like to pride myself in being someone who gets all information before making a decision, in anything I do… not just on LOTJ. I also try very hard to see both sides of something, because it’s important to realize that how you perceive something may not be the whole truth to a situation. …I also know that it’s hard to see it that way in the heat of the moment when your character just got permed! Also… For what it’s worth, if I say something and it comes across as mean, odds are I’m trying to be funny and it completely missed the mark. So, yup. 

I’m in Central timezone, and can be available for a couple hours every night and when I am off work. Yeah, I still work during the quarantine.


Hello. <insert big speech here> But no really, I’m applying for RPC to take a more active role in the mud. I’ve been playing for well over a decade now at this point, I’ve permed, I’ve led clans, I’ve helped guide clans, I’ve tried to help plot along, I’ve tried to keep things fun and interesting for players, and I always try and help new players. As RPC I’ll be better able to assist new players, and old players alike with how the game mechanics work and stuff as needed. I’ll also be a level headed voice for RPC cases, as I generally just let things flow off like water under a bridge. It’s a game, it’s meant to be fun, so lets keep it fun. Thanks

Weekends and 4-10pm EST most weekdays.



I’m not going to lie, I used to be a pretty annoying piece of bantha fodder so i’m not expecting people to suddenly think that I’ve turned over a new leaf and that I should get a sympathy vote or anything but here goes. I have been on both sides of a legitimate perm, I’ve been on both sides of the spectrum in terms of what’s good and bad roleplay, I’ve seen a lot of things good and bad on my 10 years (ish) on this mud and I’ve always wanted to have a go at not only keeping the peace, making sure things run smoothly from a roleplay perspective but i’d also love to be in a position where we can push the RPC to do more than just vote on perms. We can collectively try to make the mudding experience on LotJ the best it can be to try and make the pbase thrive again, encourage people to come out of their comfort zone to try and push stories forward and give them the confidence in taking a step out from the back seat, to stop people waiting for things to happen to them and empower them to feel as though they can get it for themselves. I guess what i’m trying to say is… can I have a shot at this as it’s probably one of the last things I’ve yet to experience on what is my all time favourite past time. Thank you, Sarac <3

I work from home so i’m on pretty much all the time now, but my time zone is GMT0 


I’ve been around LOTJ for a number of years and I’m familiar with the rules, I am comfortable with helping new players and I will have no tolerance for voting shenanigans. As I mentioned last time I’ll vote impartially based off facts of the case not thoughts, prayers, how your friends might want me to vote or how it may influence the story or overall era in game. I don’t care who you are, what you’ve done in the past or how much I like or dislike you. What matters when it comes to voting on perm cases is if it was within the rules or not. Thank you for your consideration. 

Varies but typically 9am to 4pm EST weekdays with availability during the evening as needed.

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