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The RPC, or Role Play Council, is a unique feature of Legends of the Jedi. Elected by the playerbase, the RPC are here to serve as a resource to the players. The primary duty is to serve as a method for players to appeal a death based on a violation of the rules of LotJ, however, they are are also here to answer any questions about LotJ you might have.

Voting will close at 11:45pm EST on 24 March.

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If you vote for me for RPC, you’ll be voting for someone who cares about the integrity of the game’s rules and newer players that come to the game. I’ll actively do everything I can to ensure new cases are taken care of in a timely, fair, manner with respect given to everyone involved.

12 PM to 3 AM EST


I always forget to save my speech so I can’t recycle them. I’ve been on RPC several times before, mostly with Fishy, who I have learned quite a lot from. I’ve restored and denied cases both, I’ve judged a wide variety of cases. I’ve been on the RPC end and the player end, where I’ve had cases both restored and denied. So my opinion is that I’m pretty familiar with the process, the values of the RPC and the rules outlined in Help Perm. I believe that the Permer has to make a case for why they permed the victim, but also the victim (to the best of their knowledge) has to make a case for why the perm was illegal. I’m not a fan of ‘let the RPC sort it out’. I understand, however, that sometimes the Permed has no idea who killed them or why, that’s why the permer also has to make a case. My own values and opinions for RPC has evolved since I first started, but I recognize what Zeromus taught me that although LotJ is RP-enforced, PvP is critical to it. It is an ‘RPvP’ game. To the other job of helping newbies, I am very fond of newbies, and help them often. I like to walk with them through the academy.

I’m on pretty much all the time. My time zone is Arizona because DST is lame.


Instead of a lot of words promising a bunch of stuff or pontificating on the nature of RPC or complaining about how much I hate past RPC or whatever like most RPC speeches tend to be, I’m just going to say I’ve been playing this game for ages, been RPC for a lot of terms, and almost didn’t run again because you lot are just that exhausting. But if I can’t put up with you jerks it’s not exactly fair for me to ask anyone else to put up with you jerks either, now, is it? In Fishy RPC Speech tradition, have some dog pics!

Wildly variable activity times.


Hello all, my name is Flint. I’ve been playing LOTJ for quite a while now, but most of you probably don’t know much about me since I like to keep to myself. I’ve recently returned to the game after a bit of a hiatus, but most of the things have stayed the same since I’ve last played. Being that this would be my first term on the RPC, if elected, I would like it to be a learning experience where I can bring an unbiased opinion to the table, help out the newbies and returning players, and hopefully gain more wisdom myself from the other more veteran members of the council. The people who play LOTJ are very important to me, because without you guys, we wouldn’t have anyone to interact with on a regular basis. I hope to bring a positive outlook to the team and look forward to working with them and the playerbase if you find me fit for duty.

I’m active for the majority of the day, as I can connect from work, but I would say that I can provide the most attention on weekdays after midnight and all hours of the weekend.


Ehh. Not much to say! I had a lot of fun being on the RPC and learned quite a bit about the process in my last run. Would love to give it another shot this time. Plus, it gives me another chance to harass Xerakon in private! 🙂

roughly 9am EST until 10pm EST most nights. I work from home so I typically have the mud up on my other monitor.


Been playing for quite a while, most anyone who’s a late player will of heard me or interacted with me at some point. Unbiased and don’t pick sides because odds are I don’t know you well enough to have an opinion, nor do I do the whole “whos playing who” thing. Much love and ross milk for all!

16:00 to 23:00 aest


Been playing for over two years now and for one full timeline. In that time I’ve permed and been permed probably about equally. Had a fair amount of regrets about some of the perms I did. I’d like to think I’ve come out of all that with a better idea of what’s fair when it comes to RPC trials and have a fair amount of experience and gameplay knowledge for answering newbie questions. Also I’m logged in like all day anyway and active for most of it so I might as well put that time to good use 😛

5pm AST to 7am (4pm to 6am EST)


I’ve never been on RPC, but I have on LOTJ for a long long time. About 10 years or more. Not a perfect past as I have grown up a lot since I started as a kid and so forth. Love helping new players and have plenty of moderation experience. Vote for me. Or don’t. Just giving it a shot.

Too often. I’m on most hours and it varies day to day. My schedule is weird. Just expect me to be on most days for the whole day. Work from home.


I know how to RPC. I’ve done it several times. I am a master of OOC appropriateness.

Weekdays 5ish to midnight, Weekends most of the day. EST.


Hey Folks, Long time no speech! So I’ve not thrown my hat in on this in a very long time. I’m a fairly active player who’s enjoyed the game coming up on two decades. I’ve got plenty enough experience being permed and being a permer and I consistently keep my eye on the grand scheme of the game. I’ll be consistent and fair in any judgments I have and I will always be there to help and support new players as they come in. So if you want someone who’s gonna put the best foot forward as an RPC. Vote for Valens 🙂

Pacific Standard Time and it really varies. My schedule mixes it up pretty good between work and school!