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The RPC, or Role Play Council, is a unique feature of Legends of the Jedi. Elected by the playerbase, the RPC are here to serve as a resource to the players. The primary duty is to serve as a method for players to appeal a death based on a violation of the rules of LotJ, however, they are are also here to answer any questions about LotJ you might have.

Voting will close at 11:45pm EST on 5 January.

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I mean, I don’t have too much of a speech, but uh here goes; I’m a helpful, non-biased individual who really, really enjoys star wars. I want to make sure all issues are handled fairly, and honestly as well as make sure all the newbies are properly welcomed, and assisted in learning the game so they actually stick around, get good, and become a staple part of our community. I’m active quite a bit, an so if this is a list of things you like in an RPC toss me your vote! Ah, and remember… a vote for me comes with one free ice cream cone at your nearest Dairy queen.

most evenings CST, and quite a few mornings.


I’m currently part of the RPC and have enjoyed my first term, but I would like to run for a second. I have enjoyed helping out the new players when I can, and getting an insight on the voting process and work done for restores. I look forward to helping out more with new players as we get them, helping enforce the rules, and to continue being an impartial judge on future cases.


(EST) M – F: 6 pm – 11 pm Weekends: Varies but at least an hour.


I have always enjoyed helping newbies, and actively make sure when i’m not paying attention to ic matters to sit on ooc and answer any questions they may have and I want to do more to ensure a smooth and fun for new and players a lot which is why I wish to become your next rpc!

rotating full time schedule either on the morning, afternoon, evening


So, I’ve just done my first term and enjoyed it. I’d like to think I’ve been an okay RPC and have helped when and where able. If y’all want to give me another term, vote Desmind. If you don’t, well hopefully there are no other applicants and you’re stuck with me.

Pretty sure everyone knows my schedule but most days, UK hours.


The following is an adaptation of “The Egg” by Andy Weir. I understand this may seem unorthodox but my intent was to shed some light on the role of the RPC, as I understand it. I wish good luck to all the (understandably better) contenders.

And I sent you on your way. Just as a certain Wookie was denied a medal he much deserved on a gargantuan screen playing a neverending loop of timeless films.

My timezone is America/Asuncion, GMT -3 (also known as Paraguayan Time or PYT). I am online most days in the week from 9 :00 to evening hours. Sometimes, I can be and usually am online using MUDRammer on my phone if I am not at home.


G’day all! Most of you know of me and how I roll. I’ve been an RPC a few times now and know my way around the process, I’m impartial and unbiased with my enforcement of the rules and ruling on cases. You can be assured of the neutral stance as I dislike you all equally. Been playing the game for over a decade now and I still suck at anything but an engineer, but we all have our preferences and playstyles. Been a bit innactive over the last 6 months due to my wedding, but the honeymoons over and now I have spare time again to look after all the children I know and love on this game! 😛 Vote #1, vote Ross Milk. 

5pm untill about 11pm AEST(+10), which means its the wee hours for most of you Americans who try to avoid Des <3 


Been playing for over three years now and for one full timeline. In that time I’ve permed and been permed probably about equally, and been on the RPC a few times. Having experienced both sides, I’d like to think I have some idea of what’s fair when it comes to RPC trials and have a fair amount of experience and gameplay knowledge for answering newbie questions. Also I’m logged in like all day anyway at odd hours and active for most of it so I might as well put that time to good use 😛

Typically available from 4pm EST to 8am EST.


‘Allo. I’ve been a player for over a decade at this point, playing on and off. With my knowledge of the game and understanding of the rules, I’d like to be on RPC to help new players get into and stay with the game. Also, my general impartiality towards the story and other players means I won’t play favorites in appeals. This is my first time stepping in to run for RPC, but I figure it’ll be something interesting to do and help out the mud with.

Generally evenings EST on weekdays, and most of the day on weekends. Work schedule flux could lead to availability in the mornings also.


I’m not much one for speeches, or hyping myself up to the masses. I’ve considered this for a time now, and decided to finally throw my hat in the ring. Those who have played with me, know I’m big on two things. I love helping newbies, and I try to adhere to the spirit of the rules. I’m exceptionally impartial, and think I would make an excellent addition to the RPC. I know I’m the type you generally love or hate, but I’m asking you to give me this shot to prove myself.

I’m generally on between 8-9PM CST until around midnight during the week, with much more open availability during the weekends.

8PM CST-12AMCST Weeknights. Open on most weekends.


Hi, I’m Thermitelogic. Most of you know me by now. I’ve been on RPC a few times and didn’t hate it. I try to vote objectively on each case and keep ooc somewhat in line when I’m on the RPC. I really don’t have much to say other than that, and I don’t have any doggo pics to post to make it look like I’m putting a bunch of effort into my RPC speech but rest assured I will approach your cases with at least as much effort and vigor as I did writing this.

varies, usually between 12pm-12am PST


I’ll keep it short and simple this time and also promise not to pull out last minute again from running for RPC.

I’ve been around LOTJ for a number of years and I’m familiar with the rules, I am comfortable with helping new players and I will have no tolerance for voting shenanigans. As I mentioned last time I’ll vote impartially based off facts of the case not thoughts, prayers, how your friends might want me to vote or how it may influence the story in game. I won’t be influenced by outside factors when it comes to making sure your valid perms are upheld or if the opposite is true and you were permed against the rules I’ll fight for you to get restored.

Thank you for your consideration.

Varies but typically 9am to 4pm EST weekdays with availability during the evening as needed.

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