[JUST IN: Republic Chancellor found dead] Chancellor Ysac Naros, the Mon
Calamari who had steered the Republic through a number of recent crisis, was
found dead near his office in the Republic citadel today. Anonymous officials
confirmed the news, but refused to speculate further. Stay tuned to GNI for
updates on this shocking twist.

A short time later, the Republic addressed the situation.

[Coruscant]: A tall, gangly Aqualish, weathered from age, scarred, and
generally hideous comes to a raised podium above the plaza on Coruscant, where
a sizable crowd has gathered. He wears humble homespun robes, and addresses the
crowd with a somber tone. “People of the Republic, and indeed the Galaxy, today
is a sad day. Ysac Naros, the Chancellor of the Republic, has taken his own
life, for reasons we cannot begin to fathom. He was a personal friend to me,
one who I walked side by side with on his path to election, and a good man. Let
us take a moment to remember him.” He lowers his head in a respectful moment of
silence, wind rippling through his white, wispy beard. After a time, he raises
his head and addresses the crowd once more. “As per the laws of the Republic,
the Vice Chancellor assumed the role of Interim Chancellor until such a time
where the Senate could assemble and elect a new Chancellor to a full term. A
session of Senate had been scheduled for today, and all members were present.
I, Gothrak Oodo, was the only candidate nominated, and was elected to the
position of Chancellor unanimously. I confirmed Senator Iroh of Lorrd as my
Vice Chancellor immediately.”

[Coruscant]: Chancellor Oodo grips the sides of the podium now, and straightens
his head out. “So I stand before you now to pledge my service, and dedicate my
life. I serve the people of the Republic. All of them. Not just the powerful,
the elite. But to the lowest of the low. Your disenfrancised of the galaxy,
your poor, your marginalized, your ostracized.” He raises a clawed, three
fingered hand to the sky. “I pledge to build a paradise, or die trying.” He
then turns that clawed hand out to the crowd gathered on the plaza, silently
scanning the crowd. “But I cannot do that without you, the people.” He clamps
his fist closed. “I cannot do it unless we come together, as one. So I ask you
to join me on this journey. Let us live lives worth living. Let us build the
galaxy we want to see. Together.” The Chancellor then breathes a heavy sigh,
raises a fist to the air for the crowd, and departs the podium. The people of
Coruscant watch their senator go, residents of the Underworld heavy in
attendance. They go berserk.

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