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Understanding Race, Class, and Max levels

by Telestrial

Why do races vary in cost and levels? Why do some races excel in a class, but are inadequate in another? Help!


To understand the connection between class, races, and max levels, we have a few commands at our disposal. Mainly, ‘SHOWRACE’ and ‘SLIST’, but there is at least one other I’ll detail towards the end of this guide. When you type ‘SHOWRACE’ by itself, you get a list of every race in the game:


A screenshot of the 'SHOWRACE' command.



To look more closely at a race, simply follow ‘SHOWRACE’ with the name OR number of the race as you see it above. If I wanted to look at the human race, the command is ‘SHOWRACE HUMAN’ or ‘SHOWRACE 1’. Here is what comes up:


A screenshot of 'SHOWRACE HUMAN'.

What we’re going to focus on is the bottom half of this readout, starting at the red arrow. The grid you see will show you the range of levels this race will get in each class depending on what main class you chose in character selection.


For example, if you want to find out the approximate levels of a human with a combat main class, you would read the first line of the grid from left to right (the one starting with the red 5). At the top of the grid, you can see which profession each number corresponds to, and at the bottom you can see the range of levels associated with each number.


What’s the benefit of this, you might be asking yourself? Well, when we use ‘SHOWRACE’ to see the range of levels a character gets in each class, we can then use ‘SLIST’ to figure out the character’s true potential. You simply type ‘SLIST’ followed by the class. Note: You must use quotes for “bounty hunting”


Let’s keep with our human combat main example. As you can see from the grid in the last section, they have a light blue 3 under “ESP” (espionage). Reading the ranges, we see that 3 corresponds to anywhere from 71-100 levels. If we type ‘SLIST ESPIONAGE’ we can see what that means:


 A screenshot of 'SLIST ESPIONAGE'.

Remember, the range is 71-100, so that means that a human combat main will always be able to learn sabotage, but will never be able to learn camera_sweep. It’s likely they will have makecamera, but it is unlikely they will learn monitor_camera and so on. This is a great way to understand what you can expect from a race level-wise.


Showrace Abilities

One last thing I want to mention about ‘SHOWRACE’ is that some races have special active or passive abilities that you can view with the command. As an example, let’s look at ‘SHOWRACE ABYSSIN’:


A screenshot of 'SHOWRACE ABYSSIN'.

You will notice that between the stat/point cost/skincolor section and the level approximation there is added text starting in light blue. This tells us that Abyssin are big pieces of meat that regenerate health at an improved rate and, because they only have one eye, sometimes have trouble firing blasters. One important thing to understand is that the races with these benefits typically cost points to buy. Points come from character death or are given out by immortals for great roleplay, submitting bug reports, submitting ideas (only ideas that make it into the mud get points, and helping make content for the mud.



Another great way to test out a character’s levels on something you’ve already rolled is to use ‘MAINCHANGE’ before you hit level 30 in anything. The first thing you need to do, though, is get to level 3 in each class. Before this, your max will be hidden. Once you can see your max, though, you can set your main class and look at what your max levels will be at no penalty to you.



This is a discussion for another guide, but understand that if you have Force and get awakened, you will pick a sub-class that gives you a significant level bump in several areas. ‘HELP SUB-CLASS‘ for more information.


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