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A Guide to Legal Botting on LotJ

by Diiroehn


A screenshot of the 'BOT START' and 'BOT STOP' messages.
A screenshot of the ‘BOT START’ and ‘BOT STOP’ messages.

First, to clear up the definition of botting (in accordance with the rules and ‘HELP BOTTING‘):

Legal botting IS NOT using a client’s triggers and scripts to automate everything about your character at all times.

Legal botting IS using a client’s triggers and scripts to automate certain skills for your character while you are not paying attention to the screen (otherwise known as AFK).


Why we Bot

Some tasks and skills in the game are very time-consuming and repetitive. Some of these skills can simply be too much to stare at the screen and monitor the entire time.  Often, botting makes our lives easier by automating these skills.


A screenshot of the [BOTTING] tag in a title. (Character name redacted)
A screenshot of the [BOTTING] tag in a title. (Character name redacted)

How to Bot

Using a series of triggers and/or scripts, botting automates your character for especially time-consuming tasks – especially for the engineering and science-oriented characters.  Botting allows your character to accomplish these tasks while you do not pay attention to LotJ, so you can leave your client.


The command flags your character with [BOTTING], which tells the administrators and other players that although your character is doing a task, it is automated and that you (as a player) are likely not paying attention to the screen.  Once the botting session’s time has elapsed, it will automatically flag your character [AFK] and enter a ‘cooldown’ period of 30 minutes before the command can be used again.


Botting can be paused for any amount of time, and resumed later, or even canceled – canceling it begins the cooldown timer, which will reset the botting timer when elapsed.


A screenshot of the 'BOT STATUS' message.
A screenshot of the ‘BOT STATUS’ message.

Botting Syntax

BOT STATUS’: This command notifies you how long you have been botting, and how long you have left in your botting session (explained in Botting Rules).

BOT START’: This command either starts or resumes your botting session.

BOT STOP’: This pauses your botting session.

BOT CANCEL’: This ends your botting session and begins your cooldown period.


A screenshot of a 'HELP BOTTING' snippet, including bottable commands.
A screenshot of a ‘HELP BOTTING’ snippet, including bottable commands.

Botting Rules

First, you can only bot for two total hours each session, and then you have to wait 30 minutes before you can bot again.  The [BOTTING] flag does NOT act like the [AFK] flag.  Someone with a [BOTTING] flag can be attacked, grabbed, permed (in accordance with pk rules), shoved, and so forth.  Botting isn’t a reason to have any character restored.


Second, botting is only legal using the bot command, and that command is only legal with certain skills.  Those skills are: buildship, study, ponder, makearmor, develop, and research.  Only the commands associated with these skills are allowed to be automated without your attention.  Take note, it is against the rules to bot anything else, either with the [BOTTING] flag or without.  Illegally botting will be subject to severe consequences!


As a last word, it is possible to automate your entire experience on LotJ, but it is not recommended. The Immortal staff is fine with players scripting just about anything for their character when the character is not botting – AS LONG AS THE PLAYER IS MONITORING. Frequently, Immortals will check on players to determine whether or not they are illegally botting (IE, running unapproved commands with or without the BOTTING flag on). Players that do not respond will be dealt with to the fullest extent of internet law.


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